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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (The) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Zelda: Spirit Tracks Guide Details

“Zelda” games are difficult. Sometimes, “Zelda” guides and walkthroughs are even more challenging and confusing than the game.

Lunabean’s Unofficial The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Nintendo DS (NDS) is a clear and concise walkthrough and guide, containing everything you need to earn 100% completion!

What does that mean? This game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of the entire game, a comprehensive MAP containing Rabbit, Force Gem, Warp Point, and Station Locations, tried-and-true strategies for all Boss Fights, solutions to all Puzzles, and a complete overview of game elements and basics. What’s more, it is cross-referenced so you can easily find all Force Gems, Stamp Stations, Items, Songs, and Extra Stations!

And, as a LunaPass member, if you’re still stuck, you have direct access to us!

In other words, if you’re having Zelda troubles, this guide contains the Zelda answer!

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Game info – “Zelda Spirit Tracks”

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Lunabean Rating: 9.0
Platforms: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 12.08.09
ESRB Rating: E 10+ (Everyone 10+)
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Sample Text – “Zelda: Spirit Tracks” Walkthrough

Below you’ll find a sample of the “Zelda: ST” guide, including a small version of our comprehensize map and the first section of the guide.

Note, this is a small version of the map. The complete walkthrough contains a larger version and a detailed “Key” to the map.

Aboda Village

If you don’t skip past the opening conversation you’ll learn about the Tower of Spirits and will meet Niko, your roommate, and Alfonzo, your mentor. You’ll then learn that today is the day that you are to meet Princess Zelda to get your Engineer’s Certificate. How exciting!

When gameplay actually starts, you’ll learn that to move you need to use your stylus to point in the direction you want to move. This is your first indication that everything in the this game is done with the stlyus on the touch screen, well, almost everything.


In the bottom right of your touch screen you’ll see “Menu.” Tap it. The menu is your key to all information in this game.

Map – Note that the top screen is your map. You are the Link head. The map is displayed at almost all times and you can can make notes on it! To do this, select Menu >> Map and then make whatever note(s) you want. The notes will be displayed on your map when you exit. This is very handy for remembering where something or somebody is located.

This guide refers to directions on each screen as North, South, East, and West (meaning up, down, right, and left). Up is always north, no matter where you are.

Collection – The other info available to you in the Menu is “Collection.” This is where anything that you find in the game ends up.

Saving – You can also save at any time. Just tap “Save.”

Feel free to explore the town. If you want to talk with someone, just tap them. You can learn how to roll (when the bees are chasing you, run right and jump into the water), move stones for a Red Rupee, and collect a treasure from the lad near the stairs in the north (the treasure varies). When you’re done exploring, head up the stairs in the north to the train platform. Talk to Alfonzo and select, “Yeah,” to get going.

Driving the Train

Being a train engineer is pretty simple, really, and you’ll go through a tutorial on your way to Hyrule Castle.

To adjust your speed use the Gearbox. There are four speeds: Fast, Normal, Stop, and Reverse (you can use Reverse as an emergency brake). Above the gearbox is the Whistle. Pull this to scare animals off the tracks, and well, to just feel like a real engineer. You can look around as your driving by touching in the direction you want to look. Note that hitting an animal doesn’t ruin your trip, but it does force you to stop and also angers the animal, who will ram you, making you stop again. This wastes valuable time.

The main goal is to get to your destination in the time allowed. Of course, along the way, you don’t want to run into any other trains. If you look at the map, you’ll see the icons of other trains. Any time that you come to a junction you can use the Rail Switch to go left or right. Your decsion, of cousre, is based upon the map and any trains that you may hit. If you do hit another train, your trip will end and you’ll have to start over.

When you apporach Hyrule castle you’ll have to stop at the train station. Slow your speed and then change the Gearbox to stop (Pause icon) to roll to a perfect stop. If you over shoot it, just reverse and try again.

Castle Town

Feel free to explore the town. You’ll run into a Cuckoo guy and discover the Town Shop. When you’re ready, head north. You’ll meet the Postman. He gives you a letter. You can check it out in your Menu >> Collectibles. Tap the letter icon on the right. This is the “From the Postmaster” letter.

Hyrule Castle

Head north and talk to the guard on the left. He’ll let you through. Go through the door.

Floor 1

Go north and talk to the guard. Chancellor Cole will make himself known and will let you through. You will then meet the Princess and receive your Royal Engineer’s Certificate. Yay!

What’s that? Zelda also slips you a personal note and gives you a warning about the Chancellor. I did have a bad feeling about that guy.

Floor 2

When play resumes, open your menu and take a look at the “From Princess Zelda” letter. It asks that you visit Zelda and shows you a secret entrance to her chambers. What you ought to do is copy this secret route to your map. To do so, tap the “Map” icon and you’ll see the map appear on your touch screen. Copy the route shown to you and then exit out of the map. Go down the stairs, back to Floor 1.

Floor 1

Go to the SE or SW corner of Floor 1 and go up the stairs indicated by the red arrow. You’ll end up on the roof and the map where you copied the secret route to Zelda will appear.


Use the map your traced to go to Zelda’s secret entrance. If you failed to do that or can’t read the map, head to the SE corner and then head north along the edge of the roof. Drop down the small ledge and go through the door.

Floor 2

Head to the north middle and go up the stairs.

Floor 3 – Zelda’s Chambers

After talking with Zelda she’ll give you the Recruit Uniform. You’ll put it on automatically, and, well that looks better! Exit out of the room and you’ll be on Floor 2.

Floor 2

It’s you and Zelda. Listen to her explain the three icons that you will see. Don’t worry too much about these.

Path icon – Draw a path for Zelda to walk on. If the icon is blue and spinning, that means she’ll be following you. If it’s pink (tap it to turn it pink), she’ll stay put and you can wander on your own.

Switch Icon – If you get split up, tap it to see where she is.

Call Icon – Tap it to call her to you. This is when you’ve left her behind, aka, you tapped the Path Icon at her feet to turn it pink and she stayed behind.

If you don’t touch any of the icons, Zelda will simply follow you. You may, however, draw a line from her feet to send her along the path that you draw. Either way, you need to avoid the guards. If you take a look at your map you’ll see the location of each guard and their vision cone, that is, the yellow cone which indicates the distance to which they are able to see you. You need to make it down to the SE, where you entered this area. Just be patient and watch the guards closely. Sneak by when they’re not looking and exit through the door.

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Roof and Grounds

Zelda mentions that the guard below can be distracted. Hop down off the roof and talk with the guard. Stand to the right of him. Switch to Zelda by tapping the switch icon (pink Zelda icon) and then draw a line from Zelda’s feet to the space between the two bushes south of where you’re standing. Zelda won’t be seen there.

Switch back to Link (green Link icon) and go talk to the next guard. Stand to the north of him (and a tad to the left) so that his vision cone is pointing north-ish. Again, sneak Zelda by, placing her on the south side of the long hedge.

The next guard requires a bit of trickery. To the north of him are two rocks. Pick one up by tapping it and then throw it at him by tapping him (you simply tap where you want to throw it). This will force him to turn around. Be quick and sneak Zelda past him, leaving her in the middle of the hedge.

There is one final guard to get by, the main guard in the middle. Again, grab a rock and toss it at him. Repeat. The previous guard that you got past will inquire about the ruckus and those two will end up near each other, distracted. Quickly send Zelda through the gate to the south.

Yay! You’ve escaped. All aboard!!! Yes, you end up on the train platform and Zelda requests that you head to the Tower of Spirits. During the conversation, you learn that Alfonzo has a bit of a hidden past.

Hop aboard the train and…holy Spirit Tracks! Chancellor Cole shows his true self and his minion, Byrne, breaks some heads. Zelda is taken away.

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Hyrule Castle

You and Alfonzo have been rescued by the Teacher. Talk to him and convince him that Zelda has been kidnapped. Exit the room.

Floor 1

Explore the area and you’ll see the spirit of Zelda. Follow her. She’ll end up going to her chambers. Backtrack and go to her chambers via the secret path you took earlier.

Floor 3 – Zelda’s Chambers

Talk to Zelda and you’ll be given the SPIRIT FLUTE.

Just a friendly reminder to Save.

Floor 2

Zelda told you that you need to head behind the castle. Exit out to Floor 2 and go directly south through the door. NOTE, TO GO THROUGH DOORS, DOUBLE TAP THEM. You’ll still be on Floor 2, but will have another door on the left. Go through it and go down the stairs.

Floor 1

Head right and open the treasure chest for a Red Rupee. Explore the rest of the area for jars filled with Rupees and then talk to the guard near the door. He’ll suggest that you grab a sword before exiting. Zelda agrees and tells you to go find the Guard Captain.

Make your way to the entry hall (Floor 1, central staircase surrounded by water) and talk with the guard there. He tells you the door that leads to the back of hte castle (which you already know) and also shows you the door to the training room. It’s the East door. Go through.

Training Room

Talk to the guard who is standing with his arms crossed. He gives you the RECRUIT’S SWORD. You now learn how to use it.

Sword Fighting

The most basic attack, the targeted attack, is performed by tapping the enemy you want to attack. The next attack, the side slash is performed by tapping the target and then drawing a horizontal line across the target. The final attack is the spin attack. Simply draw a circle around yourself to perform this powerful attack.

After completing the training, you can leave with the sword.

Return to the door at the back of the castle that leads to, well, the back of the castle.

Behind Hyrule Castle

Because you now have a sword, you can attack enemies and slash bushes. Do so and then talk with the guard. He alerts you to the fact that there used to be a tunnel leading to the Tower of Spirits, but is covered by rocks. He also tells you to investigate the wall. Head up the stairs and, lucky for you, there are bombs nearby. Pick one up and toss it at the north wall, just about in the middle. It’ll blow open a tunnel entrance for you. Go in.

Tunnel to the Tower

Defeat the enemies and then locate the block in the SE. Get on either side of it and tap it. You’ll see arrows appear. Tap the arrows to move the block. To move it north, walk to either the north or south side of it and repeat this process. Move the block so that it covers the floor switch in the north. This will reveal a treasure chest to the right. Open it and grab the SMALL KEY. Head to the locked door to the left and open it.

Floor 2 – Switch Puzzle

Read the stones which give you clues as to the order to correctly hit the switches. To jump over the water patches, simply run at them and you’ll automatically jump. Use the bombs to blow up the blocks blocking the path and then hit the switches in this order: right, top, bottom, left. Do this quickly as they switches are timed. The door will open. Go up the stairs.

Floor 3

Defeat the rats and head up the stairs.

Tower of Spirits

You’ll meet Anjean, the sage of the tower. You’ll learn the history of the tower and the evil demon king, Malladus. You’ll also learn that there are four Rail Maps in the tower. After the conversation ends, head north up the stairs and continue up. Near the top you’ll find a WARP PORTAL PAD which would allow you to warp back to the entrace, if you wanted. But, since you don’t, go through the door.

Floor 1

Head forward and you’ll encounter a Phantom, the guardians of the tower. You can try to run away but it’s going to get you. You’ll be taken back to Anjean who tells you that you need to locate all three TEARS OF LIGHT in order to power up your sword so that you can defeat the possessed Phantom. Pure rotten!

Head back up to the Phantom and you’ll see that he now has a vision cone and that all three Tears of Light are on the map. You need to avoid him as you collect each tear. As you make your way to the first tear you’ll pass through a SAFE ZONE. Safe zones are places where the Phantom cannot see you and where enemies cannot harm you. Nice.

It’s best to grab the west tear first. Then, the north. Hit the switch to the right of the second tear (NE corner) to extend a bridge to the east tear. Go grab it. Once you have all three tears, your sword is upgraded. Run up behind the Phantom and attack its back.

Just when you thought you had defeated it, it will attack. Not to worry, though. Zelda will possess it just in the nick of time and she’ll end up controlling its body. Now you have the Phantom on your side!

You can control Zelda Phantom just like you did when you were sneaking Zelda out of the castle. In this case, draw a line from her to either of the door knobs (rings). You’ll see a cross hair appear on the door ring when you’ve done it right. She’ll go and try to push open that side. Meanwhile, you should double tap the other side and you’ll both push the door open. Go up the stairs.

Floor 2

You can’t get by the floor spikes, so draw a line for the Phantom past them and to the switch. Again, make sure that you see a cross hair on the switch, which means that the Phantom will attack it. This will lower the spikes. Switch back to Link and continue on to the SE corner. Have each player step onto a switch to open the door. Go through and move the block to cover the rat hole so that no more rats come out. Rats scare the heck out of Zelda and she’ll be useless unless you do that.

At the next spikes, have Zelda Phantom walk past the other Phantom and hit the switch. This will lower the spikes. Before running into the area, have Zelda Phantom talk to the other Phantom. He’ll turn around (face north). Switch back to Link and run past him, ending up in the north safe zone, near the stairs. Go up the stairs.

Floor 3

Your sword is no longer powered up. But, that’s okay, because you can just head up the stairs and grab the FOREST RAIL MAP. A blue light will appear. Step into it to be warped back to the lobby.


Talk to Anjean to learn about her people, the Lokomos. There is one Lokomos, Gage, whom you must speak to. Lucky for you, you can find him at the end of the tracks to the west and you’ve been given the Spirit’s Train to ride around in.

Spirit Train

You are now told that you can trace your stylus over the tracks to set your destination. Do so, tracing your route so that the path ends in the west. This doesn’t actually mean that this is the course the train will follow, it’s just a visual reminder to you. Just a note, if you want to change your route mid-course, just hit the “Route” button on the touch screen.

Upon entering the Forest Realm, no matter if you choose left or right, things just won’t work out for you. You need a better plan, as Zelda suggests. Redo your route to take you back to the train stop marked, “???”.


Ah, Whittleton, home to the forest people. You need to chat with them in order to learn about the Lost Woods, where you went astray as you rode the train. Enter the west hut and talk with the gentelman there. He tells you that you need to pay attention to the direction of the tree branches, as they’ll tell you which way to go. Head to the east hut and the gentelman there will tell you to listen to the trees, just not the fourth one.

Feel free to check out the general store. I purchased the SHIELD.

The Lost Woods

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Getting to Lost Woods

After you’re done exploring Whittleton, head back to the train station and set a course for wackiness…erm…The Lost Woods (west end of tracks). After you go through the tunnel, be sure to pay attention to the trees on either side of the tracks. Eventually you’ll see a dead tree with a tree branch showing you the direction you need to go. There are four of these trees in total and you simply have to go in the direction they tell you…except for the fourth one. When you get to the fourth tree, go in the direction opposite of the way it tells you. You’ll end up in Lost Woods.

The Lost Woods

Head to the east and grab a bomb flower. Run, jumping off the ledges, to the left and throw the bomb at the three blocks blocking the stairway. Return to the bomb flowers and head left across the bridge. You’ll see a switch, which extends a bridge, and beyond the bridge, more blocks that you need to blow up. The problem is, it’s hard to get a bomb all the way over there as the bridge only stays extended for a few seconds.

To deal with this, grab a bomb flower and toss it at the switch from as far away as you can. Quickly run back, grab the other bomb flower and make a run for it, across both bridges. Toss it at the the blocks to the left. Head through.

Here you’ll find various Easter Island-looking statues. Take out the chu-chus (red blobs) and then approach the map tablet in the middle of the area. Tap it. It’ll tell you to connect the two statues that face each other. Take a look around and you’ll find that the SE and NW statues are facing one another. Go back to the map tablet and tap it again. This time, draw a line between those two statues. The door will open. Go through.

Meeting Gage of Lokomo

Approach Gage, the guy sitting in the middle, and chat with him. He’ll reveal that you need to know a special song to restore the rail map’s energy (of course). Looks like that Spirit Flute is going to come in handy.

Spirit Flute

It’s time to learn how to play the Spirit Flute. Get your lungs ready! To put the flute to your (Link’s) lips, tap and hold the stylus against the touch screen. You can now move it left and right. Note that as you move it left/right, it’ll pass over the middle line, which indicates which note you’re set up to play.

To actually play that note, you need to blow into the microphone. You don’t need to blow hard. As you blow, you can move the stylus left/right to adjust the note you’re playing.

The notes that you’re supposed to play are shown on the back wall and are color coordinated to your notes.

Gage will take you through a tutorial. Pay attention. When you feel confident, exit out (the arrow in the bottom left) and talk with him again. This time, choose to play for real. Don’t worry about what Gage is playing. When it comes time to do your part (it goes Gage, you, Gage, you, Gage, you), just play what you learned in practice.

Yay! The forest rail map has become active. Your map will fill out with tracks.

Exit out and head up the stairs. You’ll be stopped at the rocketship rock. You’ll see a blue and orange orb spill out of it. Hmmm. Those look like colors of notes. Go to your Menu and tap the flute. Play a blue then orange note. The statue will take off and reveal a BUNNY. You’ll have learned the SONG OF AWAKENING.

Before you leave, you may want to check out the Stamp Station in the north of the area.

Stamp Station

Throughout the game you’ll run into various Stamp Stations. You can’t access them right now as you don’t have a Stamp Book. If you don’t want to forget where they are, you may want to mark them on your map.

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