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Alice in Wonderland Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Alice in Wonderland Game Guide Details

Lunabean’s Unofficial Disney Alice in Wonderland: The Video Game Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii and PC contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

What does that mean? This game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of every area, the locations of all Chests, Big Chests, Chess Pieces, Roses, Clocks, and more!, solutions to all Puzzles and Boss Fights.

In other words, if you’re having Alice troubles, this guide contains the Alice answer!

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Game info – “Alice in Wonderland”

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Lunabean Rating: 7.0
Platforms: Wii, PC
Release Date: March 2, 2010
ESRB Rating: E-10+ (Everyone 10+)

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Sample Text – “Alice in Wonderland” Walkthrough (Wii and PC versions)

Round Hall

You begin as The White Rabbit. Destroy the table for your first impossible idea. You now have to figure out through which door Alice went. She went through the tiny open door, approach it and hit the prompted button to go through.


Find Alice

Area Before Maze
– 2 Fish Statues (need March Hare to repair)
– 1 Chest (appears between the fish statues)

Hop down and destroy grass and objects if you wish to collect some ideas (the white lights). When you’re ready, approach the swinging gate and follow the instructions to freeze it. What you have to do is aim your Wii Remote at it so that the hand appears on it. Then, press and hold the “Z” button. You’ll see a clock appear. Now, rotate the Wii Remote in a tight circle in the direction shown to you (counter-clockwiseÂ…you are slowing time, afterall) to freeze the gates. When they’re frozen, head through.

The Maze

– 4 Chests (March Hare required, 3 between start and red vine monster path, 1 just before rose gate area)

On the other side, continue to destroy objects and then destroy the brambles blocking the path.

Head through and use your freeze time ability again (if you forgot how, look two paragraphs above) on the sign posts. They’ll tell you what direction to go. Keep up the smashing of objects as you go.

You’ll soon reach an area with a winged statue. Freeze the sign next to it and it’ll tell you to climb the ladder. The ladder is on the backside of the statue. From this vantage point, you can see where you need to go: along the path with the attacking vine.

Wondering how to get past that vine? Why don’t you freeze it? Do so and continue on for a cutscene with Alice.

Find Absolem


This is a good place to tell you about the map. Press “2″ on your Wii Remote to pull up a very helpful map. You are the shiny dot and you can see that you are currently in the maze.

Press the “-” (minus) button and you’ll home in on your Objective. As you can see, it’s to the west. You’ll be taking the long way around, to the north.

Pull up the map anytime that you are confused and it will help to guide you.

If you really want, you can climb another flat statue in this area, however, the path is fairly obvious what with Alice basically telling you what way to go and the sign that you can freeze which does the same.

Red Vine Monster
Continue on your way and you’ll be attacked by a large red vine monster! You can’t defeat him, but you can outsmart him. If you try to run away from him, he’ll just block your path. If you did that, make sure that he is back to his original position, freeze him, and then run away from him. With him frozen, he can’t chase you and you’ll get a brief cutscene and will have escaped him.

Continue on to the next winged statue, freeze the sign, climb up the ladder and you’ll spy the path to the side that will lead to the exit gate. Go there and you’ll have to fight your first Red Knight. This is no big deal, just keep swinging at him until he’s defeated. Repeat for the next two.

When they’re toast, head up to the rose on the gate and press “B” When prompted. Hmm? Seems like she’s asleep.

Head to the right side of the area and speak with the other rose (not the tall flower, but the red rose). This rose will tell you that in order to wake up Rose Mary, you need to sing the song, “Jabberwok,nup”.

Approach this gate rose again and hit “B” when prompted. You’ll automatically sing the song and she’ll allow you to pass.

Here you’ll learn that you can call Alice with the “+” (plus) button. Do so.

The rose will now need to be frozen in time, that is, to reverse her aging a bit. Do so and she’ll kindly open the gate for you.

Head forward and you’ll see a SAVE POINT, the yellow pillar on the left. Use it to save your game.


Anytime that you see a yellow pillar save point you should save. However, don’t keep saving over the same file. Make use of all five slots. This way, if you need to go back to a certain area or previous save, you have some options.

Continue on and you’ll learn about the Alice Thread.

The Alice Thread

When Alice is in your company, you can press the “-” (minus) button to cast the Alice Thread. You’ll see a shimmering line appear which shows you the path to your objective. You can do this as much as you like as the thread quickly dissipates.

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Treasure Chest Area w/ Mosquitoes and a Door

– 19 Chests Total (March Hare req. for a few)
—— 5 in first area (south area)
—— 5 in middle area (need to drop down to two of them)
—— 9 in north area (area w/ the doorÂ…in NE of this area, need to drop down to three of them)
– 1 Shop
– 1 Chess Piece (Rook)

Continue on and you’ll soon enter see a CHESS PIECE (ROOK). Grab it and enter a central area with many a treasure chest, mosquitoes, and a shop (on the left when you enter the areaÂ…the glowing blue light with the chess board atop).


Items are unlocked in the store by finding secret items in the game. In this case, you just picked up a chess piece which unlocks a freeze upgrade for McTwisp (the White Rabbit). Your unimaginable idea (white things that come out when you attack something) are your currency. In this case, it’ll take 250 ideas to buy the upgrade. Do so. If you don’t have enough, just start opening treasure chests in the area.

Go through this area breaking everything that you see, treasure chests (freeze the spinning ones), mosquitoes, etc. When you’re ready, open your map to see where you are and then head North.

Switching Characters

Although you’ve had this ability for some time now, you may have yet to discover it. At almost any time during the game you can switch to another character by hitting the “C” button. In this case, your partner is the Dormouse, Mallymkun. He is an excellent fighter so you may want to use him for battles.

Continue on until you are attacked by about five or six Red Knights. Take them out and know that you can switch to the Dormouse, Mallymkun, at anytime by hitting the “C” button. Mallymkun is a better fighter. However, because you just upgraded your freeze attack with the White Rabbit, you may want to give that a whirl, too.

When they’re all defeated, head up the ramp on the tree in the north of the areaÂ…you need to make Alice big so that she fits through the door. From the end of the ramp, jump up to the ladder in front of you and you’ll leap up even higher.

You’ll soon be overlooking an upper area with copious mosquitoes and cake on a table on the far side. You need to defeat the mosquitoes. Feel free to freeze and attack them, or, as I did, switch to the Dormouse and attack like crazy taking not into account any worry about your health.

When they’re all toast, go up to the Upelkuchen cake and hit “B”. You’ll get a cutscene and the door will now be open. Hit “B” near it and go through.

Through the First Door

– 1 Chest (before destroying red mushroom and falling down)
– 1 Broken Clock
– 3 Roses
– Save Point

There is a SAVE POINT on the left. Use it. Open your map and you’ll see that you are now in the NW part of this area on the map. You need to get to the south.

NOTE: Please make sure to get the chest here BEFORE you drop down. It is very difficult, if not impossible to return here later.

The first task is to get the large red mushroom to fall. To do this, destroy each of the smaller red pods on the mushroom. Do so and it’ll fall allowing you to proceed.

You’ll soon encounter a BROKEN CLOCK. Fix it using your freeze time ability.

Head forward and you’ll see a small door that Alice can’t fit through. You need a potion. Head left from the door and you’ll see a “?” sign. Freeze it and then freeze the next three that pop up to make a potion spawn.

Before you grab it, you may want to heal the three ROSES nearby.

Grab the potion and drink it. You can now fit through the small door. Do so but, oh snap! More Red Knights!

The first Red Knight attempts to drag Alice away. Run up to him and hit “B” when prompted. Then, be ready to rapidly tap “B” to save her. After, defeat all of the Red Knights that join the party.

When all is quiet, head through the door.

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Through the Second Door

– 3 Chests
– 1 Large Chest
– 4 Roses
– Save Point
– March Hare

Take a look at your map. You are now in the SW of the area, not far from your objective, on a semi-narrow path! Head along the path (use the ladder) and you’ll soon get a cutscene of The March Hare.

You can now control The March Hare. His ability is telekinesis, that is, he can move things with his mind. You do this much in the same way as you freeze time. The only difference is you can tap “Z” to make interactive objects flash white momentarily (so you can see what you can mess with) and, once you are locked onto an object, you simply flick your Wii Remote in the direction of the purple arrows.

Note that in this area you can use your new power to lift sunken treasure chests and lower floating ones. Also note that there are four ROSES and a SAVE POINT.

Before you open the wall to the south, leading to the large circular area, head to the west (to the right of the save point) and you’ll discover a secret wall. Move it to find the LARGE CHEST.

When you’re done with these tasks, switch to March Hare and highlight the wall. Use your skills to lift it up and pass under it.


– 4 Chests

This is actually a wee bit tricky. What you need to do is freeze the Bandersnatch as he is running at the middle sun dial. With him frozen, you have time to raise the column and he’ll smash into it.

To do this:
1. Use March Hare to throw two rocks of any kind at him. This will make him angry and he’ll run around (you could freeze him first, if you want).

2. Switch to the White Rabbit. When you see him getting ready to charge through the middle (you’ll see him digging and the game will tell you to get ready), freeze him.

3. If you froze him at the right moment, quickly switch back to the March Hare and use telekinesis to lift up the column.

4. When he unfreezes, he’ll run into the column. Not sure if I had to, but while he was down, I got in a few shots on him.

5. Repeat this so that he hits the middle column a total of three times and you’ll be launched into a mini-game where you have to hit the right buttons to defeat him (if you don’t get this on the third column-hit, just keep having him hit the column until you get this scene).

6. That’s it he’ll run away!

After the cutscene, use telekinesis to throw rocks at each of the four columns with treasure chests. They’ll fall and you can open them up.

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