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LEGO Batman Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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LEGO Batman Game Guide Details

Lunabean’s Unofficial LEGO Batman: The Videogame Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, PC, DS) covers every detail of this fun and hilarious Batman adventure so that you can not only finish the game, but earn 100% completion.

Bonus: Now with full VIDEO walkthrough that includes Minikit and Red Brick Locations!

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Game info – “LEGO Batman”

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Lunabean Rating: 9
Platforms: Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PC, DS
Release Date: 9.22.08
ESRB Rating: E (Everybody)
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More Info: LEGO Batman Official Video Game Site

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Sample Text – “LEGO Batman” Walkthrough (Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, PC)


1. You Can Bank on Batman

You start out with a tutorial. You can grab enemies with “Z” and punch them with “B” or by flicking your Wii Remote. After defeating four enemies, continue to the right. Locate the grapple point marked by the white circle. Step into it and hit “Z” to grapple up to the upper pathway. Head right and cross the tightrope.

As you approach the corner, you’ll be told how to use your Batarang. Hold “B” to enter into Batarang Mode. Anything that you can hit will be highlighted. To toss the Batarang, release “B”. Also note that when holding “B” you’ll get a small Batman symbol (or an “R” if using Robin) on the screen (on Wii, point the Wii Remote at the screen). Use this to aim at a particular object or enemy. Doing so will cause a small yellow box to appear around the object or enemy, meaning you’re locked on.

Continue around the corner and drop down. Defeat the enemies.

Head right, toward the theatre entrance, and you’ll be told about the suit swapper. Different suits grant you different abilities. To get up there, go left and use the grapple point to get back up to the upper path. Near one of the metal towers are some pieces. Assemble them into a tightrope and use it to cross over to the suit swapper. Defeat the enemy and then hop into the suit swapper.

You’ll end up wearing the Demolition Suit. With this suit on, you can lay bombs with “Z”. They detonate after a set period of time, or, if you want to manually detonate them, hold “Z”. Note that you can lay as many bombs as you want, say four or five, and then detonate them all at once.

Bombs are able to destroy silver lego pieces. There are several in the area, all containing studs. Go ahead and blast them to get the idea.

If you want to learn how to drive a vehicle, head over to the left, to the car next to the truck spilling toxic waste. Punch the car and then assemble the bricks to form the front of the car. You can get into a vehicle by pressing “C”.

When you’re done messing around, head right, through the crater in the road and use a bomb to blow up the cement mixing truck in your way.

Continue right, defeat the enemies that drop in, and then bomb the tractor trailer so that its cargo blows up. Jump over the tractor trailer to a new area.

Head right and go up the ramp. You’ll soon reach a small town square with trees. Defeat the enemies and then destroy the trees. Assemble the bricks on the left side of the town square (switch to Robin to assemble the pieces) to form a suit swapper, this one for Robin.

Hop in and you’ll be wearing the Technology Suit. This allows Robin to operate green tech panels.

Head to the top of the screen to find such a panel, marked by a white circle. Step into the circle and hit “Z”. You’ll now be in control of a small remote control car. Drive it to the right and then onto the green and yellow striped panel on the ground, in front of the window. Drive it under the window and into the hidden room making sure to run into each of the three switches on the wall, turning them from red to green. When all three switches are activated, the blue doors will open. Press “C” to revert back to Robin.

As Batman, head through the blue doors and bomb the blue gate blocking your progress. Continue into the next area.

Boss Fight: Clayface

Run up to and punch Clayface until two hearts are gone, at which point he’ll retreat into the caged area at the top of the screen.

Go up to the left side of the caged area (Clayface is on the other side of the cage from you), and place a bomb. It’ll do one heart of damage to him and cause him to go to the right side. Lay another bomb on the right side to do another heart of damage to him, and to blow open the cage.

Clayface is not standing atop a caged vault. Above him are three red targets. Use your Batarang (remember to aim using the small Batman symbol on the screen) to hit each of the three targets which will cause Clayface to be gassed and will end the level.

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2. An Icy Reception

While fighting enemies, break the boxes and crates on either side of the room, near the bottom of the screen. Assemble the pieces and you’ll form two cannons. Jump onto the platform near a cannon, wait for it to lower under your weight, and it’ll cause a pink cotton candy cannon ball to form in the cannon. Jump on it again to fire the pink cotton candy cannon ball. Repeat for the other cannon in order to destroy each of the two trucks, which will cause enemies to stop coming.

Head to the upper left of the area and smash the crates and boxes. Assemble the pieces into a Robin suit swapper, Magnet Suit. This allows Robin to climb on magnetic walls. Jump into the suit swapper so that Robin is wearing the Magnet Suit.

Go to the middle of the room and use your Batarang to target each of the four yellow clasps on the gate (two on each side). Release the Batarang to hit all four clasps (you don’t need to hit them all at once, although you should get good at targeting multiple targets). The gate will fall and more enemies will stream out.

Take out the enemies and then use Robin to climb the magnetic wall on the left. Pull the lever at the top as Batman pulls the lever at the bottom (on ground level). If playing solo, you may have to try this several times as Batman needs to pull his lever at the same time as Robin pulls his.

The gate at the base of the large snowman will open. Go up the stairs and go through the opening.

You’ll end up in an ice factory. You can’t go very far at the beginning, as you are confined to the small catwalk platform. Break every crate/box in the area and then assemble the paddle switch (the name for the large rotating switch) and the Batman suit swapper, Glide Suit.

As Batman, hop into the suit swapper to don the Glide Suit. Go up the paddle switch and push against the green part of it to rotate it, thus lowering the ice sprayer. You can now glide across the gap (toward the top of the screen) by jumping and hitting “A” to glide. Note, you’ll want to hold down “A” for a longer glide.

Go ahead and glide across the gap, defeat the enemies, and then assemble the gears on the ground to form a bridge for Robin to cross. Head right a bit and locate the two ice blocks hanging by chains. Target each of the chains (where the chain meets the ice block) with your Batarang and let it loose to cut down each ice block. Assemble the remnants of the ice blocks into a stairway so that you can access the two wheel switches.

Jump onto either wheel switch and your partner will jump onto the other one. This will turn off the ice sprays blocking your path to the right.

Continue right by gliding across the pink goo (or you’ll slide off the path) and the purple goo. Fight the enemies and then wait for Robin to catch up to you near the magnetic wall. Switch to Robin (who should still be wearing the Magnet Suit) and climb the wall. Assemble the pieces at the top of the wall to form a grapple point for Batman.

Head right, jumping over the fan, and defeat the enemies (toss your Batarang at the enemy on the upper area at the top of the screen). Head down the stairs on the right and you’ll see a curvy magnetic pipe leading up. Use Robin to climb to the top, break the objects and then assemble the bricks to form a crate. Note that this crate is on a checkered floor. You can push objects that are on checkered floors. Do so, pushing the crate off the ledge.

The crate will smash open revealing a few pieces. Assemble them to form a moving blue platform. Hop onto it and ride it across (down) to another small area with a round magnetic archway. Use Robin to climb to the top of the arch and pull the lever there to open the circular door below. Go through.

In this new area, the pink goo mixing part of the factory, defeat the enemies and move right. Glide across the gap and you’ll automatically grab onto the gray shimmy bar. Jump up and then locate the paddle switch at the bottom of this area. Push it so that the grapple point on the rail moves over to Robin, still stuck back to the left. Wait for him to grapple onto it and then push the paddle switch back the opposite direction in order to bring Robin to you.

To the right is an orange ramp that you can’t get up. Near the ramp is a silver wheel switch. Jump onto it to cause the ramp to turn into stairs, thus allowing Robin to make it up. At the top, Robin will automatically jump onto the wheel switch there so that you can also get up.

Now back together, head right, jumping across the blue platter platforms. Take out the enemies and then slide down the orange ramp to the right. Defeat the enemies and then use “C” to hop into the ice spraying gun. Hold the “Punch Button” to spray ice causing the plugs on both pink goo spigots to break. The vats below will fill with pink goo and will freeze. Continue to spray the now filled vats so that the pink goo freezes.

Get off the ice spraying machine and head right then up. Jump to each pink goo vat in order to continue to the top of the screen. Once there, have Robin climb the magnetic wall and pull the lever to raise the grapple point. As Batman, grapple up and hop up to this upper area and wait for Robin to join you.

On the right are two platform switches. Jump onto either one and wait for your partner to do the same. When they both lower, the ice spray blocking the circular doorway will turn off. Proceed through the doorway.

Boss Fight: Mr. Freeze

Attack the enemies first, and then attempt to get behind Mr. Freeze to punch him. If your having trouble with this, while you’re being attacked by him, quickly switch to your other character and punch his back. If you get frozen, simply move your control stick until you bust out. After hitting him in the back two times, thus doing two hearts of damage, he’ll retreat to the upper balcony and turn on a fan.

Doing this will make the bricks in the middle of the area able to be assembled. Do so to make a cannon. Jump on the platform switch to create the pink cannon ball (you may have to jump on it twice), and then jump on it again to shoot the cannon ball, thus destroying the fan. You’ll also note that each of the pink goo vats on either side of the room have filled up and revealed a green platform.

Use Robin to climb the magnetic wall up to either vat, jump across using the green platform, and then pull the lever. Repeat for the other vat. (If you don’t have the Magnet Suit on, use the suit swapper at the bottom left of this area.)

This will create two piles of brown bricks, on each of the two checkered floors. Assemble the pieces into wheeled carts and first push the left cart and then the right cart forward. This will cause an ice block to drop onto Mr. Freeze, doing two hearts of damage, and will also make him jump back down to the ground level.

Punch him in the back two more times, just as you did at the beginning of this fight, to defeat Mr. Freeze and end the level.

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