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Where the Wild Things Are Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Where the Wild Things Are Game Guide Details

Lunabean’s Unofficial Where the Wild Things Are (WtWTA) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 is all you need to help Max on his attempt to save the Wild Things from the shadow creatures.

What’s more, it contains detailed locations of ALL Stars, Skulls, Eggs, Honeycombs, Turtles, Model Huts, Seeds, and Geodes. That’s all 515 collectibles and the cheats that they unlock! In other words, this guide is all you need to reach (100% completion)!

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Game info – “Where the Wild Things Are”

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Lunabean Rating: 8.0
Platforms: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3
Release Date: 10.13.09
ESRB Rating: E-10+ (Everyone 10+)
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More Info: Where the Wild Things Are Official Video Game Site

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Sample Text – “Where the Wild Things Are” Walkthrough (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Arrival – Walkthrough

You are Max, hero of this game. After arriving on shore, move around a bit to get used to the controls. You’ll be told how to move the camera so give this a try. As opposed to many games in this genre where you can look around you 360 degrees, this game limits your view a bit so just get used to it.

Head forward and pick up the glowing scepter. Once you have it you’ll be shown how to swing it. Note that if you hold down the “Attack” button you’ll perform a more powerful attack that will knock down some enemies.

Head up (forward) and you’ll reach some flower bushes where you’ll be prompted to smash through them swinging your scepter. Do so.

Soon you’ll reach a stream that you’ll need to jump over. You’ll be shown the “Jump” button. Run forward and jump over the stream. If you fall in, just jump out and try again.

Head forward and smash through some more bushes. You’ll see a Wild Thing toss a rock at some exploding pods. Jump the stream and you’ll encounter a few FIREFLIES. These bugs glow red and can burn you. You’ll be shown how to block. Hold down the block button and let one attack you. It’ll deflect off and be momentarily stunned. Attack it in this state until it blows up.

Clear the fireflies and head forward to be told that you can regain health by breaking lanterns. There are two in this areaÂ…one in the middle and one near the ledge on the right. Break both to see health emerge from them and then approach the ledge on the right.

You’ll be told to climb the ledge. To climb a ledge, simply push against it and jump. You’ll automatically grab on to the ledge. You can shimmy left or right if you wish. To pull yourself up, simply push up or hit the “Jump” button again. To drop, push the “Pick Up” or “Cancel” button.

Once up, climb the next ledge, hop up the small step, and then climb the ledge on the right. Continue forward climbing the next few ledges until you are at the top. You’ll know you’re there because you’ll be attacked by fireflies.

Beat back the fireflies and head left along the path. Continue taking out fireflies and you’ll soon reach a bridge. As you cross it you’ll notice a few SILVER BUGS. These bugs are hard to destroy but can be lured away by PURPLE FRUIT. You’ll actually see this happen off to the left as a Wild Thing stomps a purple fruit.

After crossing the bridge, head left. Jump the two streams and then cross the next bridge. As you head forward you’ll see the Wild Thing smash the path creating a ramp. Jump to it and slide down.

Defeat the fireflies and bust the lanterns for health if you need it. Proceed forward to the ivy and you’ll be prompted to climb it by simply pushing against it. At the top, head forward, note the happy bunnies, and climb the next ivy wall.

This ivy wall has a gap. To clear gaps in ivy walls push in the direction you want to go and push the jump button.

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The next ivy wall will require you to climb it and then jump off of it to the left. Do so and continue up.

At the top head forward, break the lantern and then cross the bridge to the right. Soon, a huge meteor will fall through the forest. Follow its path and you’ll be told to destroy the firefly hives, the glowing rocks. There are two hives on the path and three blocking the path at the end. Destroy them all and proceed.

Load Screen

After the load you’ll be on a path with silver bugs. You can try to destroy them with a POWER ATTACK (hold down the attack button) but you’re better off just avoiding them by waiting for them to enter their caves. You can see the path they take looking at the dark lines in the ground.

In the next area you’ll see another purple fruit be smashed, thus luring the silver bugs. This time, however, as the silver bugs hover around the purple fruit you can attack them with a power attack to destroy them. Do so.

Climb the ledge near the purple fruit and proceed along the path, destroying firefly hives as you go. You’ll soon get to a ledge where you’ll automatically shimmy. When you’ve gone left enough, and the hive below you explodes, jump up to the ledge above and continue a hanging shimmy to the left. Pull yourself up and continue along the path to the next ledge.

This time you’ll encounter a rock obstacle and will have to drop down using the “Pick Up” aka “Cancel” button. When you drop down you’ll be hanging from the ledge. Simply move left past the obstacle and then pull yourself up.

Turn the corner and you’ll find an ivy wall near a lantern. Climb it and make your way left on it avoiding the silver bugs and jumping any gaps.

Once back on solid ground, destroy the firefly hives and head right along the path to the ledge. Jump up to the branch above and use it to cross the gap in the ledge. In the next area avoid the silver bugs and then jump to the branch that is hanging over the gap. Don’t worry if you miss, just follow the ramp back up. Once on the branch, push forward and jump from it.

You’ll now have to repeat this feat for two branches in a row. When you land, head right and climb the stairs of the ledge. Continue up the ledge and then forward. Jump the triple branch and then destroy the hives in this area.

The hive at the back of the area is hiding a POLE. Jump onto the pole and climb it by pushing up. At the top, rotate around to that your back is facing where you want to go and then jump to get to the next area.

You’ll soon reach a pole that you can slide down. Jump to it and you’ll slide down by pushing down.

At the bottom destroy the fireflies and then grab a hold of the tree stump using the button shown to you. Push the stump forward to the ledge and use it as a step to help you climb the ledge. To release the stump, hit the “Pick Up” aka “Cancel” button.

Follow the path and it’ll collapse beneath you thus triggering a cutscene and the end of the level.

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Arrival – Collectibles


1. After the meteor hits, on the main path in the crater.
2. Just past the hives and bushes blocking the path. In the middle of the path.
3. After the load, and the path with the silver bugs, you’ll see Bull smash a purplefruit. The star is in the right side of this area, among some bushes.
4. After swinging across the first branches, head directly left to find a star.
5. In the area where you have to move the tree stump, move the tree stump to the ledge to the left to gain access to the star sitting there on that ledge.

1. On the right side of the beach.
2. On the beach, near a log, near the first bushes you have to break through.

3. After jumping the first little gap over the stream, to the left.
4. After the cutscene where you see Bull throw a rock at the hive, go up to the lantern in the middle of the beach to find a skull near it.
5. As you climb the ledges break the bushes to find a skull on the ledge where you see Bull running in the distance (technically, the third ledge you jump up to).
6. After the ledges you take a path to the left. On the left side of this path.
7. After cross the first tree bridge, you’ll see a waterfall. The skull is inside a pod in front of the waterfall.
8. After sliding down the rock wall you’ll be in an area with a lot of fireflies. Find the skull to the left of the ivy wall in this area.
9. After climbing the ivy wall, head all the way left to find a skull.
10. You’ll soon climb another ivy wall. Before climbing the next one, head left and toward the screen to find a skull.
11. Climb the next ivy wall to get to an upper path. Before heading forward, head right and toward the screen to find a skull near a tree.

12. Now, continue forward on the path to find another skull not far away, on the left.
13. Soon after you’ll see Bull watch from a ledge on the left as a meteor crashes. It’s on that ledge.
14. Not far away you’ll encounter your first hives. It’s in the second hive, the one on the right.
15. Just after this the path is blocked by hives and bushes. To the left is a lantern. Break it for a skull.
16. After the load, instead of heading forward, head right to find the skull.
17. On the path just after the silver bugs who come out of the walls.
18. Soon after you’ll see Bull smash a purplefruit. To the left of the purplefruit.
19. Just after climbing the ledge above that same purplefruit, smash a bush to the left.
20. Just past this is an area with several hives. At the end of this path, on the left.

21. Not far along you’ll have to shimmy on a narrow ledge. The skull is on this ledge.
22. Just to the left of the second ledge that you shimmy.
23. After this you’ll climb a few ivy walls and jump off to the left. After you jump to the path, head toward the screen to find a skull.
24. Just past the hives and large hive that gets destroyed, you’ll see a lantern. Next to the lantern is a pod with a skull inside.
25. Continue on to the three tree stumps with silver bugs coming in and out. The skull is in the middle of those three stumps.
26. Head directly right of those stumps to find a lower area with a skull (this is where you end up if you fall while swinging from the branch).
27. On the right after you swing from your first branch.
28. After swinging across the first branches head directly left to find a skull.
29. You’ll climb some ledges and then swing across three branches in a row. Break the hive on the left for a skull.

30. In this same hive area, on a rock on the right. To get to it climb the pole and jump back to it.

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