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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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  • Complete Single Player and Co-Op Walkthrough
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SC: Conviction Guide Details

Lunabean’s Unofficial Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360 and PC contains everything you need to untangle the mystery of your daughter’s death and Third Eschelon’s involvement!

What does that mean? This game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of every area, provides 100% Stealth solutions (where applicable) and includes a Co-Op Walkthrough.

In other words, if you’re having Sam Fisher troubles, this guide contains the answer!

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Game info – “Splinter Cell Conviction”

Lunabean Rating: 9.0
Platforms: Xbox 360, PC
Release Date: April 13, 2010
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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More Info: Splinter Cell Conviction Official Video Game Site

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Sample Text – “Splinter Cell: Conviction” Walkthrough

Reach Robertson’s Office

Enter the elevator and “activate” it by going up to the buttons and hitting A.

It opens to a scene of horror…horror I tell you! Anyhoo, head left and go to the Weapon Stash. You’ll get a new gadget, the Sticky Cam. The sticky cam is great because you can use it to mark targets, cause explosions, or cause a distraction. Nice!

Note, if you haven’t upgraded your Five-Seven pistol so that you can mark and execute four enemies, do so now.

Go through the door next to the weapon stash and jump out the window. Shimmy left, open the window, and pull the enemy out. There are four enemies here. One on the left and three shooting scientists. Mark all four and execute them.

Note, from the elevator door opening to getting to the window, you’ll have to be pretty quick. Don’t run, but don’t lollygag. You need the three enemies that are grouped together to be killing scientists, not nearer to you where they’ll see you pull the guy out the window.

Hop in through the window and head forward through the offices. You’ll soon reach a staircase leading up and will hear some guards talking. Near the staircase there are two light switches, both on columns. One is near the base of the stairs, the other is more under the stairs. Turn off both and wait for a guard to come down to turn them on. Sneak up and hand kill him. If a guard doesn’t come down. Try turning either switch on. Wait to see what happens. Then, turn it off, and wait. Be methodical here. If you go turning the switches on/off willy nilly they’ll know it’s you.

On the other side of the staircase is a pipe. Climb up so that you’re hanging above the four remaining guards on this floor. Target three of them. DO NOT target the guy in the small room. We’re going to hand kill him so that we can execute the next set of guards.

So, go ahead and mark and execute the three guards. The guy in the small room won’t be the wiser. Head toward him on the pipe and drop down near the door so that he doesn’t see you drop down.

Don’t go through this door as he is most likely facing you. Instead, crouch and make your way around to the door on the other side, open it, sneak up behind him and hand kill him.

This floor is now clear. There are two pipes you can climb. Climb up either one and mark the four guards on this floor. You may have to wait for the one who is patrolling to be in the area. When all four are marked and in red, execute them.

Nice. This floor is clear. Hop up and go through the door into the lab area. You’ll get a call from Grim and some words like “Mistrust, Hope, and Danger,” will appear as you talk to her.

When the conversation is finished, head to the door where the destination marker is pointing.

Wait for the guard to move and hop out either window. Quickly shimmy around the corner of the building and go to the second to last window. It is closed. Open it. Wait for the guard to come up to it and pull him out.

Shimmy left to the last window where you’ll see four guards. Mark and execute them while hanging from the ledge. Nice. Hop in and go through the door leading to the catwalk bridge.

Cross it and you’ll see a pipe on the right you can climb. Do so and drop down into the next area.

Here you’ll see a guard patrolling the lab area. You’ll know he’s coming because there are motion lights in the lab (you know, to save electricity). Wait for him to patrol away and run across to the windows. Open one and hop out. From here, watch his patrol routine. He gets near one of the windows when he makes his rounds. Open this window when he is away and wait there for him. As he turns the corner of his rounds, you’ll get a split-second prompt to pull him out the window. Do so.

Shimmy right and mark the two stationary guards. Open a window (to be silent) and execute them. Hop back in and head toward the next area.

This area is rough and you’re going to have to read this very carefully as it sets up the next kills (when doesn’t it?).

The only dark spot is at the end of the row of bookcases (bio-sample cases) separating the previous room from this one. There are four guards in the area, one patrolling.

From the dark spot, watch him and wait for him to be as close to you as he gets. Use your EMP backpack to turn out the lights and then hand kill him. Quickly “jump” (aka, climb) the glass wall of the lab area so that you’re on the ceiling (well, as much as this can be called a ceiling).

From here you’ll only have three guards to deal with. As tempting as it is to mark and execute all three, the plan is to mark two and then drop kill the third.

To do this, mark two guards and then follow the third, unmarked one around (from above, obviously). When you get the “kill from above” prompt AND you have red markers on the other two guards: 1) Execute the other guards by pushing Y and 2) Immediately push B to do the drop kill.

The result? All three are dead and you have another set of executes waiting for you.

Once this area is clear, head to the other end of the lab where you’ll see double doors. Hop out the window to the right of the doors.

Shimmy right and you’ll see five guards in the next area. You can mark and execute four. Rats! The plan here is to go ahead and mark four of them and then aim for a head shot on the fifth. Take the head shot and then immediately hit Y to perform the execute. You’ll end up with all five dead.

Note, if the head shot guard (the first one) didn’t die, finish him off.

Hop up through the window and go through the door leading to the catwalk bridge. Cross it and go up the stairs. Make your way around the area and you’ll soon get a checkpoint and be told to use some remote detonation mines to buy yourself some time while you access the computer.

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