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Toy Story 3 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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01. Train Rescue – Loco Motives

Ride down the path learning the timing of jumps and avoiding obstacles. Make your way through the mining tunnel jumping all the gaps. Don’t worry if you fall, the game is very friendly.

Upon exiting the mine you’ll catch up with the train and will start up the next part of the chapter on it.

Rescue the orphans

Now on the train, move forward to learn that “?” capsules tell you important information. Head in the train and grab the “?” capsule on the left. It’ll show you how to get through doors using the “Action” button. Go ahead and give this a whirl to smash through the door.

Note that you can now smash anything around you. Most crates and boxes contain bouncy balls (ammo). A rare few contain special items like Townspeople.

Head forward and Buzz will zoom in. You need to rescue the orphans. Approach the first orphan in front of you and hit the “Talk/Pickup/Action” button to rescue him (the button is shown to you).

Head forward to the next “?” capsule and you’ll learn that you can Double Jump by hitting the “Jump” button twice in rapid succession. Do so to get over the crates.

Make your way to the next “?” capsule to learn the Running Double Jump. You can use this to clear large gaps like the one in front of you. Run to the edge, jump and then while in the air hit the jump button again.
Head forward using your new skills and you’ll soon be faced with hitting a target. This will be slightly different based upon your console (Wii vs. X360 and PS3) so just follow the on-screen directions.

Basically, you’ll need to hold the “Aim” button, aim at the target and then hit the “Throw” button…not terribly complicated.

Do note that if the left/right or up/down feels weird to you at this point, you can go to the start menu and adjust your controller options.

Go ahead and hit the target to rescue the second orphan.

Head forward and you’ll be attacked by an alien. Throw a ball at him or attack him with your smash move to stun him. While he’s stunned, approach him and you’ll get a prompt to “Pick Up.” Do so and then throw him to get rid of him completely.

Continue on and take out the two aliens. They are guarding the third orphan. Rescue him and then bash through the door.

Head up to the top of the train cars and work your way forward as you dodge and jump over the barriers: gates, crates, switches, and water filling pipes.

At the end, drop down to the hay stack below, toss the cows for fun, and then shoot the target to lower the catapult. Quickly step onto it and you’ll be tossed. Upon landing you’ll find the fourth orphan.

Head forward taking out aliens and you’ll soon reach the evil Porkchop (the flying pig). Aim at the bullseye hanging down from him and throw a ball at him. He’ll fly away.

Head forward, defeat the aliens, and rescue the fifth orphan.

After doing so, you’ll need to double jump up the rock blocks. To do this, hop onto the small wooden crate and double jump up to the left. You’ll automatically grab the rock’s edge and pull yourself up.

Double jump your way across the hot coals of the next train cars to the sixth orphan.

The final part of this level will have you work your way forward taking out aliens making your way to Porkchop again. Just like before, target the bullseye under him and throw a ball at it to defeat him.

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02. Andy’s House – Hold the Phone

Get the Cell Phone (Andy’s Room)

You can now choose your character. Although, this really doesn’t matter because you can switch characters at any time during gameplay by hitting the “Switch Character” button. Crazy, I know.

Head forward to the “?” capsule. If you are not already Buzz, switch to being Buzz. You’ll be shown how to throw a character. In this case, you need to throw Woody onto Andy’s bed.

This is just like throwing Aliens from the previous mission. You just pick up Woody and toss him. The only thing you need to do is get Woody to the spot shown.

Once you pick up Woody, you’ll see a green arc showing you the path Woody will fly along. Make sure it’s pointed at the bed and let ‘er rip!

Switch to Woody (now on the bed) and jump over the box. You’ll learn how to Ground Pound. Jump up in the air, and while in the air, hit the “Action” button (this may be different on the Wii, so just follow the on-screen directions).

Now you have to get back up the box. If you’re ever played a “Prince of Persia” game, this will be easy for you. If not, then just know that you’re going to jump from wall-to-wall, back and forth. Watch the “?” capsule hologram to get the gist of it.

Basically, jump toward either side of the wall (box) and then hit the “Talk/Pickup/Action” button as you hit each side of the wall.

And, henceforth, this will be known as the Wall-to-Wall jump.

You need to get both Buzz and Jessie up to the top. Once both are at the top switch characters to Buzz and throw Jessie to the left, so that she lands on the dresser.

Switch to Jessie and use the “?” capsule to see a hologram of her jumping from dart to dart. I’ll call this the Precision Jump. To do it, jump toward a dart and then hit the “Talk/Pickup/Action” button while in the air to precisely land on a dart.

Jump from dart to dart until you get to the cell phone. You’ll get a cutscene.

Get the Cordless Phone (Basement)

Head forward to the “?” near the Sergeant and “talk” to him. You’ll be shown the locations of four army men that you need to rescue. Note, there are several ways to do this. Below you’ll find detailed instructions for the way I did it.

Get the Four Army Men to the Cordless Phone

It doesn’t matter in what order you do this. So, let’s start with the washing machine.

Army Man 1

Have Buzz toss Woody to the top of the washing machine. Grab the army man and pick him up. You now need to toss him toward the cordless phone. When you do, you’ll be in control of the army man, guiding his parachute. Guide him around the balls and hanging rug. When you are over the phone’s shelf, cut the parachute by hitting the “Drop/Cancel/Back” button.

Army Man 2

As Buzz, head over to the shelf with the orange/red boxes and step into the “?” capsule. You’ll see that you can jump up and shimmy along the boxes. Use this skill to get up to the second army man. Toss him toward the phone and guide him to it just as you did before.

Army Man 3

Still as Buzz up on the shelf, head left by double jumping up the blue Rubbermaid bin. Double jump the gap to the next shelf and you’ll see the army man hanging in the window well. Grab ahold of the red bar on the window (press and hold the “Talk/Pickup/Action” button) and move to the left to slide it open. Grab the army man and toss him.

To get him to the shelf, press forward on the control stick as you steer (to gain speed) and direct him to the left, around the pink pool float and then toward the shelf.

Army Man 4

As Buzz, from the window well shelf, double jump to the work bench (over the shiny hook). Landing on the work bench will make the boxes near it fall.

Switch to Jessie and hop up the boxes to the work bench. Use her Precision Jump skill to make your way up the darts. At the top, turn the corner and jump across the shelf brackets (double jumping the final gap) to the army man.

Toss the army man and guide him left, around the green innertube, balls, and rug. Upon landing you’ll get a cutscene.

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03. Buzz Video Game – To Infinity and Beyond

Flying through the Canyon

This starts as a flying mission as Buzz. If the flight controls feel weird to you, adjust them in the Start >> Options menu.

Fly along shooting your laser to blow up asteroids. You’ll eventually learn how to dodge left/right by pushing your stick in either direction and hitting the “Jump” button. Use this to avoid obstacles.

You’ll have to get pretty good at flying and shooting at the same time. It’ll take a few tries, but you’ll eventually exit the canyon.

Survive the Asteroid Shower

When you end up on land run forward avoiding the asteroid shower. You’ll eventually get conked and will end up underground.

Note, Buzz can extend his double jump with a boost from his jet pack. To do this, hold the “Jump” button on the second press when you’re double jumping.

Continue moving forward and jumping your way up. You’ll soon exit back out to solid ground. Head forward and a huge meteor will crash down.

Navigate the Floating Platforms and Get to Zurg’s Base

After the brief cutscene you’ll be faced with jumping from floating platform to floating platform. Grab all of the coins near you and then jump your way forward until you see a “?” capsule. It’ll tell you to ground pound the platform. Do so to break it up to create more platforms for you.

Use your double jump hover move head across them and then ground pound the last one to create more platforms.

You’ll soon get to a large circular platform where you’ll be told how to aim and shoot your laser. Aim at the rock crystal in the middle of the area and shoot it until it blows up, creating a huge column of air for you.

Before you jump in and ride it, take out the enemy robots.

When all is clear, jump into the column of air. Push forward to the platform that you couldn’t reach without this column of air (opposite of where you came from). When you land, it’ll break apart and you can carry on in your normal manner.

When you’ve gone as far as you think you can go (you’ll see you first red sentry bot on the right), look left to see a crystal on a far away platform. Target it and shoot it until it blows up, thus breaking up the platform that you can now jump to.

Continue on until you reach another ground pound platform. Here there are two paths: left and right. To the left is a health token and past it, a crystal. Destroy it to break up its platform and then ignore it.

Be sure to ground pound the platform you’re on and then head along the right path. You’ll see another crystal (and a Special Card). Blow up the crystal and then make your way along the platforms (if you don’t blow up both crystals, you won’t have a path) toward the next large platform where you’ll see some coins.

Destroy the central crystal on this platform to create another air column. However, in order for it to be as powerful as you need it to be, you’ll have to ground pound the two rock plugs that rise up as well. Do so. Take out the nearby enemies and then ride the air column, making your way to the semi-large circular platform. Upon landing, it’ll break apart.

This next area is full of moving platforms. Carefully make your way forward (sometimes you’ll have to go back a tad to go forward, if you know what I’m saying) to the next air column platform.

Again, take out the enemies and shoot the air column crystal. This time many rock plugs pop up. Take out the enemies and then begin ground pounding the plugs. When you can’t reach any more, use the air column to get to each one.

Upon ground pounding the final rock plug you’ll be attacked by several robots. Destroy them and then use the now fully blasting air column to float to the crater across the gap.

Upon landing, target the switch that appears and then drop down through the opening. You’ll get a cutscene.

Inside Zurg’s Base

Head along the path avoiding the spiked smashing walls and ceilings. You’ll eventually see an alcove on the left with some coins in it. There is also a grate that you can smash through. Do so.

You’re now in a room with a red force field guarding a crystal. Shoot the crystal (yes, your laser can go through the force field, duh ;) ) and it’ll blow up, destroying the force field.

Go through and hop down the hole behind where the crystal was. You’ll now be in a top-down view in a hallway. Head along the hallway, jump the electricity, and then ground pound through the grate at the end.

You’ll end up in a 2D-esque side scrolling area. Head right and carefully jump over the electricity. You’ll soon see a large rotating cylinder. Double jump up to the screw ledge when it’s at its lowest point and work your way up by shimmying right as it rotates. When you get near the top, double jump up to the to the top.

Head right and get over the electricity using a double jump hover. You’ll fall down into a lower hallway and will have a top-down view again. Head along the hall jumping over the electricity. At the end, ground pound through the grate in the floor.

Get ready to run!!! There is a spike wall coming at you. Run towards the screen as soon as you drop down and you’ll make it through the door.

Up next? A colored platform area. Each time you jump on a color, the corresponding colors will fall. Therefore, you can only jump on each color once. There is a ‘safe’ platform in the middle. To get by do the following:

1. Jump to purple.

2. Jump to yellow.

3. Jump to safe platform.

4. Jump to green (on the left).

5. Jump to blue.

6. Jump to the safety of the path.

Go through the door and smash through the grates. When you get to the smasher wall do another charge/smash to quickly zip by them. Repeat for the next smasher ceiling. Next is a smasher wall and a smasher ceiling together. Great. Wait for them both to be retracted and then double smash/charge your way past them (push forward and hit the “Action” button twice). Continue down the hall and through the door at the end.

You’ll enter a room with four wall turrets which fire slow moving pink puffs (yes, threatening, I know). Target each one and fire your laser at it (once the first two are toast, two robots will appear…eliminate them) to close them off.

Hop across the platforms to the other side taking out enemies. Continue to clear enemies until all is quiet.

Now you can shoot the two crystals below the platforms (look for the pink electricity).

After they are destroyed, take a leap of faith and drop down into the abyss. Locate the grate and smash through it. You’ll end up in another top-down view hallway.

Navigate the hall and ground pound down through the grate at the end.

This time you’ll find yourself in a 2D side scrolling area heading to the left. Work your way to the rotating cylinder and work your way up it with some very artful shimmying.

At the top, head left, jump over the electricity and you’ll fall down to another top-down hallway. Head to the end, drop down, and run like a banshee toward the screen to avoid the smasher wall, this time avoiding the rotten obstacles.

Hey look, it’s another colored platform area. This time you’re going to use some double jump hovers to get to the following platforms:

1. Purple

2. Safe platform

3. Safe platform

4. Yellow

5. Green

6. You’re across

Head through the door and you’ll be in a room with wall turrets and robots. Defeat them all and the floor will open. Drop down and you’ll have to navigate past the electricity as you float down. Note, I pressed the “Jump” button to fire my jet pack (not sure if this happened automatically).

Boss Fight: Zurg

Target the crystal under Zurg and fire at it until he sinks and the target and fire at Zurg himself. You’ll see him blow up momentarily and a chunk of health will come off.

Robots will now begin spawning. Take them out until Zurg reappears. The robots will continue to spawn, so do your best to get them down to two or three (so they’re not much of an annoyance) and then attack Zurg in exactly the same way as before.

Note, you’ll want to target him so that you’re locked on to him. That way, you can shoot at him while strafing left or right to avoid the robots’ firing at you.
After this second round, it’s simply more of the same, but with more robots making it increasingly difficult to get a steady beam in on Zurg. Again, clear as many robots as you can as quickly as you can and then focus in on Zurg.

After this third round he’ll be defeated and the level will end.

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04. Sunnyside Daycare – Fair Play

Horseback Balloon Pop

Head down the ramp and talk to the insect to start this game. You need to pop 25 balloons within the time limit. You get a bonus prize if you pop all 40. This will take a few tries as you learn where all the balloons are located and the various laundry baskets necessary to jump up to them. I didn’t have to use the “sprint” feature at all although you will have to wait until the last second to jump to clear some of the gaps. Note that you’ll need to go up into the play treehouse and that there are two paths leading off from it.

Alley Throw

You need to prevent the aliens from crossing the line by throwing balls at them. If three pass you’ll fail. In order to get the bonus, you’ll need to hit 100 aliens. Do note, that you can simply hold down the “throw” button, which does make this easier on your finger. Also, you can still hit an alien who has slightly crossed the line, so don’t give up on them! The bonus will appear next to Chunk when you’ve won.

Teeny Racer Challenge

Head to the back left of the room to find Sparks, the robot. You’ll be shown the controls for driving. You need to drive through 10 sets of blocks. This isn’t too tough…you’ll need a good deal of speed to do the upside-down one and you’ll need to instantly brake on top of one of the tables so you can drive to the other table. Don’t miss the blocks near the tunnel. When you’ve run over all 10, go grab your bonus near Sparks.

Once all three tasks are complete, you can talk to Lotso (the bear) to end the level.

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05. Bonnie’s House – Witch Way Out

Escape the rising coffee

The room is flooding!!! Quickly jump to the stool and then wait for the green chair to float by. Continue in this manner, waiting for various floating objects to jump to until you reach the bookshelf.

You’ll now have to navigate to the right using your various moves: wall-to-wall jump, charge, ground pound, etc.

When you get to the corner and you hear the witch say, “Jump, jump, jump” wait a second or two for the suitcase to the right to begin floating. Jump to it and continue hopping right. Stay on the path and you’ll soon have to deal with floating objects.

Jump to the first floating object (a piece of toast?) and hang from its side. Continue in this manner as pieces form together. When you get to the ruler, shimmy right and drop down to the green piece below when it moves into place.

The green piece will move you forward. When it rises up, drop down and go under it, jumping to the next green piece. Do some jumping to the left until you get to a walkway of suitcases.

Continue to use your moves and when you see the helicopters on the left (there is a piece in that direction) jump up and head right. Make your way up the mail slots and then shimmy/jump left.

Continue in this manner, winding your way up by going right and left, right and left. Be quick as the water is rising all the time.

You’ll eventually get to a hamster habitat. Head through it and make your way to the next floating object section where you’ll jump to and hang from books as you jump left. After the hanging and jumping to the left part, you’ll be on a floating path. Use the side platforms to avoid the witch wall that comes at you.

Finally, head right (quickly!!!) and head up (forwad) to the paper plates.

Find the Four AA Batteries

Battery 1

Slide down the rails watching the game for directions on jumping between rails and ducking. You’ll soon get inside the rocket. Grab the red battery on the ground and place it into the pod on the right. The engine will power up.

You’ll see three more pods rise up, all needing a battery.

Battery 2

Ride the elevator up and hop onto the rainbow rail. Hop to the green rail as soon as you see it. Continue on and you’ll end up in an asteroid. Head through it and continue on the green rail path. You’ll be dumped onto an asteroid and you’ll see the battery taken away from you by the witch.

Below you is a cracked floor. Ground pound it and quickly hop along the broken pieces to the battery. Grab it and then ride the green rail back to the rainbow rail (jump over obstacles) which will dump you out inside the rocket. Place the battery into any of the pods.

Battery 3

Take the elevator up and hop onto the rainbow rail. Jump to the yellow rail when you see it and to the next one. You’ll end up on a rainbow and coin path (is this Mario related?).

Head across the flipping coins and ride the rail. The next trial will be some hard candy platforms that flip randomly. They light up just before they turn. Use your double jumping skills and head across them. Finally, hop across the buttons to the battery. Grab it and make your way back to the rainbow rail which will lead to the rocket. Place the battery in either of the two remaining slots.

Battery 4

Take the elevator up and hop onto the rainbow rail. Jump to the purple rail when you see it and make your way from purple rail to purple rail. You’ll eventually be dumped out on the colorful drawing pad.

Jump to the chair and follow the path to the next drawing pad where you’ll find the battery. Grab it and ride the rails back to the rainbow rail. When you get back to the rocket, place the battery in the last pod.
Go Down the Rocket
When you place the fourth battery a new door will open. Go through and ride the red rail, jumping, ducking, and rail hopping past the obstacles.

When you re-enter the rocket, be ready to transition to the purple rail. Stay on it to exit out.

Soon thereafter the camera changes and you’ll be looking behind you as bugs come your way. Rail hop to safety as you slide along. Continue doing your thing, eventually transitioning to the green rail which will take you inside the rocket again.

Find the Three C Batteries

Battery 1

Upon entering the rocket you’ll see this battery in front of you. Grab it and place it into its pod.

Battery 2

Hop across the red and green pistons to the central platform and then cross the bridge to the lettered floor. Cross the rotating block bridge and grab the battery.

Once you have it, you’re going to need to throw it up the first ledge (pick it back up) and then go to the edge of the rotating block bridge. From here, wait until the second (pink) block is about to peak, turning into place. Throw the battery. (In other words, throw the battery to the pink block as soon as you can without it sliding off). Run to it, pick it up, and run it across.

Place the battery in the pod and the central platform’s platforms will become active. Head there.

Battery 3

Now on the central platform, hop up the rotating platforms and then wall-to-wall jump up. Jump past the red half-moon rotating obstacles and then wall jump off the right wall to the flipping platforms. You’ll soon reach a floor button. Hop onto it to make the nearby wall recede. Wall-to-wall jump up and then ride the rail. You’ll be dumped off and will have to jump past the electricity when it’s off.

You’ll reach the battery. Backtrack, throwing it past the electricity when it’s off and following it through. At the end of the path, drop down with it to the lettered floor below. Place it into its pod.

A bridge will extend. Cross it. This will end the level.

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06. Prison Break – Hide and Sneak

Oh no! Buzz has been reprogrammed as a sentry and you need to rescue Rex, Slinky, Hamm and Jessie.

From the start, head up the ramp and jump to the vent. Talk to the mysterious voice to learn what I just told you above. The gate will unlock.

Tip: You can switch to Buzz to watch his route.

Rescue Jessie

As Woody, slide open the gate (if it’s locked, you need to go up the ramp and talk to the mysterious voice) and then head down. You’ll see your first red light on the floor.

The red lights are where the prisoners are kept.

Head past it to the red button and push it to turn off the light. Go through and you’ll find Jessie! You don’t get any confirmation that she’s saved, she just is where you reach her.

Rescue Rex

Switch to Jessie. Push the red laundry basket out toward the furniture blocking the path. Use it to hop up to the top. From this vantage point, survey the room. You’ll see more red lights. We’re heading to the one straight across.

Double jump to the table and then face the red light cage that you’re trying to get to. You’ll see that you need to get through the opening guarded by two swirling lights. You can jump past them from this table, but you have to watch the timing. More or less, jump when the lights are together.

Once inside this area you’ll see darts leading up a cabinet. Use Jessie’s skill to get up. Wall-to-wall jump up, avoiding the light and head right to the switch.

Work your way back left, again, avoiding lights and shimmying/jumping. Drop down to Rex’s cage and “Talk” to him to rescue him.

Rescue Slinky

Switch to Woody and watch the lights to exit out (or just get caught to reset yourself). We’re going straight ahead to the cage on the sink. To get there safely, hop up to the next table and you’ll see another protected area just like the previous one.

This time, get on the ground and watch the two lights come together and then go out together. When both lights are together, jump over them and into the protected area.

Use Woody’s skill to swing up and over to the shelf. From there, hop up the mail slots and jump right to the ledge at the top of the door. Shimmy right and jump down.

You now have four spotlights between you and the switch. Watch the pattern and then do this:

1. Wait for the first three lights to go dark.

2. Run under the third one.

3. As soon as you see the second one go off, stand under it because the third one will light up in a moment.

4. Soon, lights two, three, and four will go out and you can quickly run to the switch.

Backtrack over to Slinky’s cage and “Talk” to him to rescue him.

Rescue Hamm

It’s time to work your way over to the final protected area. Drop down, jump past the lights to exit this protected area and then use the tables’ relative safety to get close to it.

Once again, this area is protected by two spotlights which are pretty easy to pass by…just run/jump past them when they’re both spread out.

Once in, head up the ramp and work your way right and up by jumping to the various ledges while avoiding the lights. Once you reach the ledge on the window, jump up to the next higher ledge and then shimmy left, jumping and dropping down to the switch. Turn it off.

Drop down, head over to Hamm, and “Talk” to him to rescue him.

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07. Junkyard – Trash Thrash

Keep the Three Aliens from getting Pulled into the Shredder

Repeatedly pick up and throw the three aliens to prevent them from being shredded. After a few minutes of doing this you’ll be told to throw them into a bin.

The bin is at the top of the screen (the yellow/black doors open to reveal the bin). Throw each of the three aliens into the bin.

You now have to outrun the conveyor belt.

Rescue your Friends

You’ll be doing some character switching in this level, so carefully follow along.

Turn off the Flames

As Buzz, head right and charge through the vent. Hop down, head right, and push the block out of the way. You’ll reach a bridge that you need lowered.

Switch to Woody and smash through the vent (he’s behind it, so pull down on your control stick and charge through it). Head right and use your special move on the power lever to pull it, thus lowering the bridge. Note, this is timed and the bridge will rise back up, so be quick.

Switch to Buzz. Cross the bridge and stay there…don’t go any farther.

Switch to Jessie. Bust through the vent, head right and then precision jump to the red handle. It’ll spin, but not really do anything. Jump forward (toward the screen) and head around to the ledge. It’s too high for you to reach…you’ll need some help from Buzz.

Switch to Buzz and drop the block down through the opening created by the raised bridge.

Switch to Jessie and use the block to get up the ledge. Double jump across and make your way to the second red handle. Precision jump to it and it’ll spin, thus causing the steam near Woody to stop.

Switch to Woody. The steam is now gone. Head past it and do some climbing and shimmying to the red switch. Push it to stop the electricity.

Switch to Jessie. You can now get past the electricity because Woody turned it off. Jump to each of the three red handles to turn off the flames.

Turn off the Crushers

Still as Jessie, continue around and jump to the yellow slider switch which will open a hatch above.

Switch to Buzz. Head all the way along the path until you reach a dead end between two yellow/black walls. Jessie opened the hatch above for you. Wall-to-wall jump up. At the top, you’ll see two blocks and two fans. Throw a block into each of the fans to destroy them.

Switch to Woody and shimmy back to the right, jumping to the ducts. Follow the path (past the fans you destroyed) and use Woody’s special move to swing from the power lever. This will lower the bridge for Buzz.

Switch to Buzz. Head along the path, over the crushers, and jump up to the upper catwalk. Here you’ll find a block. Push it to the left to stop the first crusher. Cross under it and push the block on the left to the right to stop the second crusher.

Turn off the Shredder

Switch to Jessie. Head right and precision jump across the flames (when the flames are not there, obviously). You’ll end up on a red handle. It’ll spin and turn off the steam above.

Switch to Woody. Use your skill to swing across the gap and then make your way to the yellow switch. Push it to make a swinging bridge.

Switch to Buzz. Jump to this swinging bridge and head right along it, jumping off of it to the catwalk on the right. Push the red button to create two more swinging bridges.

Switch to Woody and backtrack along the blue path. At the end, jump up to the ledge on the right where the swinging bridge is moving back and forth for you to jump to. Do so, jump to the next one and then jump and push up toward the wall to grab onto one of the black/yellow bars. Drop down the bars, shimmy right and jump to the duct. You’ll see a power lever. Use your skill to pull it. This will raise a black/yellow wall below.

Switch to Buzz. Head toward the screen on the path to find two blocks. Throw a block down to Jessie.

Switch to Jessie. Buzz just dropped a block for you to use to get up the ledge. Do so and make your way over to the yellow slider switch. Precision jump to it. This will open a hatch under the wall that Woody raised.

Switch to Buzz and grab another block. This time, carry it up (top of the screen) and to the right side of the catwalk where you can throw it down. Don’t do that yet, though.

The reason? You need to get both the wall raised and the hatch open at the same time so that Buzz can throw the block into the opening. By this time, one or both have probably moved back into place.

With this in mind, quickly switch to Woody and Jessie and make them reactivate their switches.

When both switches are reactivated, use Buzz to throw the block into the hole.

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08. Haunted Bakery – Muffin to Fear

Defeat the Muffins

Use your laser blaster to take out the muffins. Watch the on-screen instructions to learn how to enter into “aim” mode. You can run around in this area and collect health tokens if you are getting low on health. Otherwise, just blast away.

Get to and use the Cannon

Run over to the nearby cannon (the huge rocket-shaped thing) and “Use” it. You’ll now be in a first person mode. Hold down the fire button and aim at anything that moves.

What the? You can run out of ammo? Yes, watch your ammo count. When you run out you’ll be thrown out of the cannon (or you’ll automatically be thrown out if you shoot everything) and will have to run around town looking for more. The ammo pod are the blue balls…you can watch your ammo count go up as you grab them.

When you have 400 (the max) you’ll be told to go to the Cow Launcher.

Get to and use the Cow Launcher

Head over to the cow launcher, the large gun, using the jump pad to get there quickly. “Use” it and attempt to shoot the large witch. Each shot uses anywhere from 1 to 21 rounds of ammo…it depends on how long you wait between shots. Wait a while for a more powerful shot.

If you run out of ammo go collect more.

Use the Cannon and Cow Launcher to defeat the Witch

After four or five good shots in with the cow launcher on the large witch, you’ll have at your disposal both the cannon and the cow launcher. You can quickly jump back and forth between the two using the jump pads.

The strategy here is pretty simple: use the cannon to clear the small witches (which will do damage to the large witch), the green bubbles, and the muffins.

Once you have defeated all of the small witches jump back to the cow launcher and use its power to pummel the large witch.

Note, the cannon cannot harm the large witch and the cow launcher cannot damage the small witches, which is why the above strategy is recommended.

Repeat until the witch is defeated. Congrats!!! The story mode is complete.

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