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LEGO Harry Potter (Years 1-4) Game Guide Excerpt


Year 1

The Magic Begins

Begin by learning the basics. Hit the indicated button to switch between characters (“Y” on the Xbox 360), and take control of Hagrid. Next, you’ll be told to cast Wingardium Leviosa. Do so by finding a pink glowing object, then holding the indicated “Cast” button (“B” on the Xbox 360). This will raise the glowing object. Run around the room raising glowing objects to see if you can realease studs and, possibly, a House Crest (below).

As you’re moving around the room, you’ll find a fireplace that is missing a handle. It is suggested you find it. Good idea. Go to the tiled section of floor in the back right corner. Note that it glows. Wait until Harry steps upon the glowing tile, then raise it with Wingardium Leviosa (which we’ll refer to as “WL” from here on out). This will lift Harry to the upper level. Switch to Harry, then guide him along the balcony to the handle. Grab it with the indicated button (“B” on the Xbox 360).

Drop down to the fireplace and place the handle with the same “B” button. Switch to Hagrid (you need a strong character to pull the handle), and pull by casting WL. Move through the door.

Once in the back room, cast WL on the glowing bricks, then move through the back wall to Diagon Alley. Awesome.

Make your way down Diagon Alley, casting WL any and everywhere, collecting all the studs you can (this will be assumed from now on). You’ll also want to break what you can with your “quick cast” button (tap “X” on the Xbox 360), also for studs, also assumed from here on out.

At the end of the alley is a cauldron. You are asked to look for ingredients. Begin with the ice cream cart to the left of the cauldron. Cast WL to release an ice cream bar. Pick it up (“B”), then place it in the cauldron (also “B”). Back up to the nearby spider web. Pluck up the spider, place it in the cauldron. Do the same with the nearby flower, and BOOM, the path will be cleared.

Continue forward and have Hagrid pull the chain from the wall. Enter Gringotts. Run to the goblin at the end (Griphook), and stand in the glowing light before him. Hit the indicated button (“B” on the 360).

After the cutscene, you will take control of Gripbook. Lead him to the glowing lock and unlock it. Enter the protected area, then find the handle across the way. Switch to Hagrid and pull. Enter the cell and have Griphook unlock the safe in the corner. Switch to Hagrid and use WL on the bricks and build a painting. Stand in front of it and wave, thus revealing a new area. Enter.

Immediately move left to the handle. Pull it to make the fire bat disappear. Have Griphook move to the lock and do his work. Enter.

After a cutscene, you’ll find yourself back on Diagon Alley, your pockets now full. Work your way back up it until you spot the green arrow, which is pointing to the doorway of Ollivander’s Wand Shop. Enter to collect your wand and complete the level.

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