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LEGO Harry Potter (Years 1-4) Game Guide Excerpt

House Crests

1. The first crest is found in the Leaky Cauldron. In the front left corner (bottom of the screen), cast WL on the object that looks like a table. Hold WL until the bricks form a plaque (1/2). Next, go to the table in the back left corner, cast WL on the candle and table until another plaque is formed (2/2). Finally, cast WL on the sparkling benches between the two plaques until they create a ramp. Move up said ramp and jump for the Crest Piece.

2. Upon entering Diagon Alley, approach the window to the left. Hit the indicated button (“B” on the Xbox 360) to wave to the shop owner. This will release a Crest Piece.

3. On the right side of Diagon Alley is a barrel you can empty. Do so with WL and build the broom vehicle. After you blow up the cauldron at the end, hop on the broom and clean up the mess.

4. Inside Gringotts, use Reducto on the locked gate at the far end. Have Hagrid pull the handle for the Crest Piece.


Tom the Innkeeper – After Griphook opens the gate, go right and blast the lock on the trunk with Reducto.

Mr. Ollivander – Same as above, opposite side.

Griphook – After passing through the portrain in Gringott’s, blast open the trunk to the right.

Student in Peril

As you’re moving down Diagon Alley, look for a table on the right. Step on it and a teammate will use WL to lift the table (and you) up. Get close to the student to free him.

Out of the Dungeon


Locate the green arrow that is pointing to your exit. Above the door are a couple of spider webs. Aim your wand by holding holding the indicated button (“X” on the X360), then guiding your blue circle over the webs’ green circles. Release to strike the webs. When they fall, move through the door.

Move toward the Gryffindor Common Room exit and you’ll be introduced to a moving bureau. Strike the object to the right of it to reveal a painting. Shoot a spell at the paiting by tapping your quick cast button (“X” on the 360), then exit out.

Follow the ghost and his trail of ghost studs to the green arrow and staircase. Move down it.

Here your path will be indicated by the ghost again. Unfortunately, the indicated path will not be an immediate option. So, climb the stairs. Switch to Ron, then hit the indicated button (“B” on the 360) to make use of Scabbers. Lead the little rat into the glowing pipe hole, and climb the the bell at the top. This will scare the man in the painting. Follow him back downstairs.

Move down the now available ghost path, all the way to the base of the stairs. Exit through the door to the left, then continue until you meet Professor Flitwick. Enter the classroom with him.

Here you will be taught Wingardium Leviosa (again). Begin by approaching the object to the right. It’s a weight. When that weight glows pink, cast WL, thus raising the object, releasing the studs, and freeing one of Harry’s classmates. Two more to go.

Head left. Stand on the basket in the back corner so one of your friends can cast WL upon it, thus raising you so you can reach the high studs. Nice.

Return to the ground, then start playing with the nearby bricks. Your goal here is to make a staircase using these bricks. Start by picking up the green brick via WL. Guide it as directed by the game (left control stick on the X360 while holding “B”). Place it just right of the raised brick in the middle. Next, place the blue brick to the right of the green, thus forming the staircase. Note, the pieces will make a clicking noise when placed correctly. Climb the staircase.

Cast upon the painting by holding the indicated button (“X” on the X360), then guiding the blue cicle over the painting’s green circle. Release the cast button, and, if successful, bricks will be released from the painting. Build from these bricks (hold “B” on the 360), then raise the weight. Your built object will hold the weight, allowing the second classmate to be released. Continue right.

Here you’ll discover three small bricks: A body, a head, and a spear. Note the legs attached to the block. Pick up the body with WL, hover them over the legs, then release. When the body locks into place, pick up the head and place it. Finish up with the spear (right side), then raise the weight to the left. Your new little man will toss the spear, thus freeing your third classmate and earning you Wingardium Leviosa. You will also earn a Gold Brick.

Return to the lower level and exit out the door, where you’ll find many new things glowing pink. Use WL upon them, then follow the ghost to the right. Continue following him to the entry, and watch as he slips through the gate.

Notice the colored bricks. Also notice the plaque to the left of the gate that idicates the order in which you should stack the bricks. Do just that, placing the bricks on the base just beneath the plaque (first blue, then green, then yellow). Move through the gate and follow the ghost upstairs.

Here you will find another blocked exit. Note the green floor pad before it. Hmm…seems to be missing a few pieces. Locate them inside the small trunk just to the left. Use WL to free and build them. Move through the door to the Great Hall.

Hit something next to spider webs in dormitory.

Out of the Dungeon

Head right and you’ll spot a troll. Watch as he hits the wall, revealing a series of pipes. Switch to Ron and release Scabbers. Have him enter the pipes and hit the button high and left, follow by the one high and right. Doing this will stop the green gas spouts from blocking Harry’s and Ron’s path. Continue right.

Watch as the troll drops a globe in front of you. To move it, release the blue and yellow bricks in the corner (hit them with your wand). Place the two bricks on top of the purple pad, one on top of the other, then jump to the top of the stack. From here, jump to the upper level. Jump the gap to the right, then use WL on the torch. This will light the little gold man on fire and release some bricks. Use WL on the bricks until a triton is formed. Use WL again to place the triton in the mermaid statue’s hand. Head right.

Use WL on the dancing bricks, thus creating a light for the wizard in the portrait. Quick cast a spell on the portrait, then let the wizard hit you with his magic. He’ll temporarily turn you into a witch. Quickly run to the door to the right and activate it before you switch back to a wizard. Move through the door.

In the bathroom you’ll have to fight the troll. Do so by standing far from him and letting him have his little tantrum. When bricks eventually fall in front of him, use WL on them. They will strike the big guy, and the fun will begin.

Mr. Troll will begin throwing things at you. Your goal is to simply catch them with WL before they hit you. My recommendation is to try to hit your “Cast” button a split second before he throws. Once you have the object, move it back at the ogre to stun him. While in his dazed state, grab the broom at his feet and guide it above his head. When it’s in position it will drop automatically and take the troll out.

House Crests

1. Find the 9 flower vases. Quick cast to put flowers in all of them.

  • In the entryway.
  • In the entryway.
  • Just right of the blue and yellow bricks
  • Up the blue and yellow bricks, to the left.
  • Just left of the mermaid statue.
  • Just left of the mermaid statue.
  • To the right of the mermaid statue.
  • To the right of the mermaid statue, in the corner.
  • To the right of the exit.

2. Light the seven torches.

  • High and left of pipes.
  • High and right of pipes.
  • One high and just right of the mermaid statue.
  • One high and left of the witch exit.
  • In the bathroom (3).

3. In the area where the troll blocks you with the globe, locate the three brown fish on the floor. Use WL on all three to move them back into place, thus revealing the third House Crest.

4. In the same area, use Reducto on the metal thing in front of the fountain, then use WL on the result. The final Crest Piece will appear here.


Ron (Girl Disguise) – Have Hermione (or a character carrying a book) use the bookcase near the entrance to the level.

Harry (Hogwarts) – Before moving through the witch door, use Reducto on the locked desk to the right.

Madam Malkin – When fighting the troll, move right. Use Reducto on the locked locker.

Student in Peril

The student will be sitting in his stall. Approach to free him.

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