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Lord of the Rings (The): Aragorn’s Quest Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

A Lunabean Exclusive Game Guide

In this guide:

  • 100% Completion
  • PS3 and Wii versions
  • Complete Walkthrough
  • ALL Side Quests, Palantirs, Tokens, Artifacts, Lore
  • ALL Shire Treasure Pots and Mushrooms

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Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Game Guide Details

Lunabean’s LotR: Aragorn’s Quest Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii and PS3 contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

The game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of all levels, the locations of all Palantirs, Tokens, Lore, and Artifacts and how to complete every Side Quest.

In other words, if you’re having trouble in Middle Earth, this guide contains everything you need to know.

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Prologue – The Black Gate

You are thrown right into battle at the Black Gate…no training regimen for you! Well, that’s not entirely true.

At the start you are shown how to move (the analog stick on the Nunchuk) and how to attack with your sword (swing the remote as if it were a sword). After doing this a few times, you’ll have to thin the ranks of the enemy. There is nothing to this other than swinging your remote like a crazy person. After taking out the three trolls you’ll get a cutscene.


Speak to Sam

You are now playing as Frodo Gamgee, Samwise’s son. There are a few things that are introduced here that you should take note of:

1. You can hit the “Find Path” button shown on the screen (“A” on the Wii) and gold dust specks will go out from you in the direction that you need to go.

2. The Pause Menu is your friend. For now, you’ll want to take a look at the gold star “Quests” area by pointing at it and hitting the select button. Here you can see all of your current and completed quests.

3. You’ll also want to take a peek at the map. You can move the map around and zoom in/out. You can point and hover over any icon on the map to learn more about it. For now, you’ll only see the one icon: a gold star for the “Speak to Sam” quest.

4. In the future, when you have more than one icon on the map screen, you can select an icon which will set the path to it. With it set as your path, you can then re-enter gameplay and use “Find Path” to show you the way there.

Head to Samwise near the tree, which is a straight line from where you begin. Upon arriving Sam gives you a new quest.

Sword Stall

Use the “Find Path” to find your way to the gold star marking the Sword Stall (or use the map…it’s not far away so you really shouldn’t get lost). Once there, talk to the hobbit and you’ll be tasked with knocking over all of the dummies.

Here you’ll learn the four basic sword attacks: downward swing, side swing, stab, and upward swing. There is nothing tricky here, just mimic these actions and the on-screen directions will help you. You’ll earn two silver pennies.

Shield Stall

Head over to the marked hobbit. He’ll challenge you to an obstacle course where cabbages are thrown at you. This is where you learn to use your shield. Follow the on-screen prompts to use the shield (hold “Z” on the Wii). With your sword up you’ll be protected. You can move while your shield is up, but you’ll be slow. It’s best to simply move normally and use the shield when necessary as you make your way through the course.

You’ll earn two more pennies and will be off to the Dwarf Stall.

Dwarf Stall

It’s time to learn some evasion. The first thing to know is that by pressing and holding the “Shield” button you lock on to your target. Keep it pressed and you can now keep your enemy in front of you. Locked on, move left or right and when the Dwarf attacks, hit the “Evade” button (“A” on the Wii) to roll out of the way. Do this three times.

The second thing you’ll learn is the Shield Bash and Strike. While locked on, flick your Nunchuk to perform a Shield Bash where you break the block of your opponent. As he stands defenseless, quickly slash at him with your sword. In practice, it’s basically a quick flick of the Nunchuk and then a quick flick of the Remote (make sure you’re locked on, of course).

Lastly, you’ll have to defeat the Dwarf using what you just learned. Use whatever skills you like. Personally, I used evade and then attack a lot.


Upon finishing the previous quest, Fastred, a young hobbit, will tell you about a sidequest he has for you. Sidequests are marked as silver stars on your map and in the game.

People who give you sidequests are marked with speech-bubbles on the map. This is a handy way of seeing what else there is to do.

In order to play Fastred’s sidequest, “The Watcher in the Water,” you need a second Wii Remote and Nunchuk…and a second player, too. You can find full details in the “Sidequests” area at the end of each level.

Co-Op Play

At this point you have also triggered the ability to play as Gandalf or Elanor (it’ll be Elanor in the Shire and Gandalf everywhere else…you don’t actually get the choice).

Hobbiton Sidequests

You have completed all of the main quests in this area and you can talk to Sam if you want to get Aragorn’s tale going. Feel free to do what you wish. Below are the sidequests in this area.

Party Stalls

Note that each of three party stalls (sword, shield, dwarf) that you went through earlier can now be played again for money. Complete each one three times to officially “complete” it. You’ll know you did it when each stall’s icon disappears from the map.

Note, for the sword stall, I found that locking on to each one (except for the side swipe) helped.

The Watcher in the Water

You need to have a second player join you for this one. You’ll end up in Mushroom Woods. Pay attention to the variety of new skills as this is basically a Player 2 (P2), aka, Gandalf, tutorial.

The high notes include shaking your Nunchuk for a staff strike, aiming the Remote at the screen and hitting “B” (on Wii) to shoot fireballs, pushing down on the D-Pad to heal your partner (as shown on-screen), and holding down “A” to charge up a lightning attacka nd unleashing it by swinging the Remote down.

Note that Gandalf (Elanor) has a magic meter, the Flame of Anor Gauge, which depletes when magic is used. You can only do a lightning strike when it’s full.

Your meter refills slowly. To speed it up, you can collect White Orbs which drop from enemies that Aragorn (Frodo Gamgee) defeats.

To get through this particular quest, run forward until you trigger the monster in the water. At that point, use Elanor (Gandalf) to shoot fire balls at it’s tentacles as Frodo defends P2 from attack. Once that phase is complete, you’ll need to use the lightning strike by holding down the “A” button to charge and then moving the Wii remote down to initate it (note, you need a full magic meter to begin charging).

Note that I completed the “Mount Doom” sidequest before this one, which unlocked the bridges to Mushroom Woods. I would bet that this quest would do the same if you do it first.

Hide and Seek

Talk to your mom (Rosie) to the north of the main party area and she’ll task you with finding Merry and Pippen, your brothers. Open your map and look for the silver star labeled “Hide and Seek”. Go there and talk to your brother (he has a silver star over his head). Once you have him, open your map again and find another silver star labeled “Hide and Seek”. Repeat the process and return to Rosie for two silver pennies.

Plague of Moles

Play whack-a-mole with the moles by using a downswing on their heads. Whack five to complete the quest.

Morning Treasure Hunt

Talk to the hobbit down by the river to be alerted to a treasure hunt. You’ll need to smash 15 treasure pots, each containing a map fragment. The pots are brown and can either be tall and slender or short and fat.

  1. From the man fishing where you got this quest, head due east to find a pot on the left side of the path.
  2. Return to the main north/south path and you’ll spy a bridge on the left that runs east/west. The pot is near the bridge.
  3. Just north of the previous one, in the yard of the house on the right.
  4. Follow the fence to the north (well, the fence runs NE) from the previous one to find it behind a few boulders.
  5. On the right side (north side) of the archery area which is on the west side of the map near the river.
  6. In the goat paddock, NW of the party field.
  7. On the blocked bridge in the north that runs NW/SE.
  8. On the path running from where you started this level (your house) in the north of the map down to the party tree. It’s on the right side of that path if heading south.
  9. In NE of the map, third house on the right.
  10. To the south of the Sword party stall, near a big tree, in the corner where the wooden and stone fences meet.
  11. Behind the big tree, just south of the Dwarf party stall.
  12. Just south of the entrance to the Shield party stall (literally on the right side of the entrance, on the other side of the entrance fence), near the gear that raises the gate for said stall.
  13. In the “Plague of the Moles” whack-a-mole area (area is marked by a pink banner with a horse on it).
  14. At the base of the large party tree in the middle of the party area.
  15. South of the party tree, near a hobbit sawing wood.
  16. Upon finding all 15 map fragments look in the SE of your map for the treasure chest in the bee area. Head there and open the chest for some money.

    Mount Doom

    You’ll have entered Mushroom Woods. Run forward avoiding or attacking the imaginary enemies. When you get to the base of the hill you’ll see a green spotlight (the gaze of Sauron in this pretend game). If it gets near you, stop moving and wait for it to go away. When it’s not near you, head up the hill to the well and hold the button shown to you to drop the ring in.

    Head back to Hobbiton. Note that this sidequest has unlocked the bridges leading to Mushroom Woods.


    Bilbo’s Book, Parts 1, 2, and 3.

    • In Bag End on the north side of the map. In the west near the stone fence.
    • Near the big tree, just south of the Dwarf party stall (east side of map). It’s near where a wooden fence meets a stone fence.
    • Along the river in the south of the map. It’s just north of the bridge that runs east/west, between two boulders.


  1. kasey says:

    this guide is good, but its missing one thing…a complete upgrade section for all the equipment upgrades. im playing the ps3 version of this game, and all i need is ONE upgrade for equipment for ONE trophy to be at 100% trophies. where can i find an upgrade list or can you add one?

  2. lunabean says:

    Hi there. If I recall, equipment upgrades are “Artifacts,” correct? If that’s the case, then doing all sidequests and main story quests (as detailed in the walkthrough) will earn them for you.

    Also, can you see the item that you’re missing? If so, please search the guide for that word or phrase to see if it is detailed specifically.

    Good luck!

  3. omer says:

    Can I use the Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
    also for the version of my portable PSP from Sony?



  4. lunabean says:

    Hi Omer. No, sorry. The guide we wrote is only for the Wii and PS3 version.

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