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CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

A Lunabean Exclusive Game Guide

Lunabean’s Unofficial CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC) is all you need to solve the latest five crimes given to the CSI team. In it you will find:

  Detailed Walkthrough – Complete step-by-step walkthrough for all five episodes

  100% Completion

  How to get 100% Thoroughness, Skill, and Cunning

  All Lab Equipment explained in detail

  All Awards / Xbox 360 Achievements / PS3 Trophies

  Guide exclusively available on

  More CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Help? – Please post any questions below



LB CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Game Guide

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CSI Fatal Conspiracy Game Guide Details

Lunabean’s Crime Scene Investigation: Fatal Conspiracy Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and PC contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

The game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of all 5 episodes, how to get 100% Thoroughness, Skill, and Cunning and how to earn all Awards (Achievements / Trophies).

In other words, if you’re having some crime-fighting trouble this guide contains everything you need to know.

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Episode 1: Flash Baked

Superla Spa

This first case is a bit of a learning experience so I’ll be quite thorough in describing what to do and in what order. Obviously, things can be done in a different order, but the following is fool proof and will earn you 100% Thoroughness.

Take a look around the spa and you’ll see a man standing there. Place your cursor over the man and you’ll get a “?” icon. Hit the “Select” button to talk with him. Keep talking to him until you only have the option to “Talk to him later.” He’ll give you his business card.

Your PDA

Your PDA, or crime fighting iPhone, is always in the lower left of the screen. You can select it at any time to pull it up. The PDA contains files and options for everything that you’ll do in the game. These include: Evidence, Locations, Case File, and Options Menu.

I’ll be referring to it often, for example, “Open your PDA > Evidence and blah, blah…” or “Open your PDA > Locations and go to blah, blah…”.

Open your PDA and note that you have yellow number “1″ next to Evidence and Locations. This is because you have two new pieces of info: Baxa’s business card and Baxa’s office location.

Select Evidence and select the business card. You can now rotate and examine it. You’ll be doing this with much of the evidence that you gather to determine if there is more to it than meets the eye. In this case, move your cursor over the side of the business card with the writing and you’ll see a TOOL KIT ICON (move the cursor around a bit if you don’t see the icon).

Tool Kit

The Took Kit icon will appear automatically over any piece of evidence that you can interact with and use a tool on. When you see the icon over an object, simply select the object and your Tool Kit will open.

Once the Tool Kit is open you can choose from different categories: Collection, Fluids, Fingerprints, or Casting. You don’t really have to worry about what’s right or wrong to use. This is because if you’re using the wrong tool, the game will tell you and you simply have to try a different one. Plus, this guide will tell you what to do, of course!

Okay, back to the action. With the Tool Kit icon on the business card, select it (hit “A” on the Wii). This will open up the Tool Kit.

Select Fingerprint and then move the bottle over the place on the card where you saw the tool kit icon. Press the select button to use the bottle which will then give you the fingerprint.

Nice work! You found your first piece of evidence!

Dead Body – Part 1 of 2

Now it’s time to explore the spa. Move the cursor so that you get the arrow icon and move up to the two mud baths. Move the cursor over the left one to get the Tool Kit icon. Select it for a quick conversation where Catherine will bring an ultrasound device for you to use later.

Dry Wall

Still in this view of the mud baths, look down and right, to the base of the right side mud bath. Here you’ll find some broken dry wall that you can use the Tool Kit on. Make a Casting of the hole in the middle of it.

Dead Body – Part 2 of 2

As soon as you examine that dry wall (or really, any other piece of evidence if you have done this out of order), Catherine will come in with the ultrasound machine. Move your cursor, which is the wand, over the mud bath toward the top until you see a human skull. Dun, dun, duuuuun!!!

You’ll get a brief conversation with at the morgue. There’s nothing to do here right now, so open your PDA > Location and select the Spa to return.

Soot Wall – 1 of 3

Look behind the mud baths and you’ll see a dark gray-ish section of wall. Move your cursor over it, approach it, and you’ll get the Tool Kit icon. Use Collection to take a sample of the soot.


Make your way into the next room, the kitchen. Examine the toater oven on the counter and open the door. Grab the Muffin.

Ceiling Tile

Still in the kitchen, back out a tad so you’re no longer in the close-up view of the counter and then adjust your view so that you can look up, above the cabinet. You’ll see an arrow icon in the corner of the ceiling. Collect the ceiling tile.

Soot Wall – 2 of 3

Still in the kitchen, look to the left for the faintly glowing dark blue section of the wall. Approach it and you’ll get the Tool Kit icon. Choose Collection and take a sample of the soot wall.

Soot Wall – 3 of 3

Follow the red hose on the ground into the boiler room. On the right wall, to the right of the hot water heater, you’ll find another sooty wall. Take a Collection of it.

Cut Gas Line

Still in the boiler room, look at the bottom of the left hot water heater and you’ll find a cut gas line. Take a Casting of it.

After collecing this final piece of evidence you’ll get a quick message saying, “Location Searched.” That means you’ve found everything. Nice work! Off to the lab!

Main Lab

Open your PDA > Locations and select “Main Lab.”

Welcome to your lab. There are two rooms: One on the left (Data Lab) and one on the right (Materials Lab). Feel free to explore and learn about each station. I’ll be telling you exactly where to go, so don’t worry if you are confused at this point.

Great, time for some evidence analysis!

Substance Analysis

Go to the Materials Lab, the room on the right. Select the computer to the left of your partner. This is the Substance Analysis.

Select Chemical and then choose Evidence. All available evidence that you have will open up in a menu. You’re going to analyze the composition of the three samples of soot.

Chemical Analysis

Time for a crime fighting mini-game! Choose any of your three soots and you’ll get a nice spectrum graph. Hit “Search”. This will result in a number of partial matches on the right. You need to select the search results with the lines that together match the lines displayed for the evidence.

The search results are listed from top to bottom and I’ll assign numbers to them in that order: Top being “1″, the next down being “2″ and so on.

The fewer mistakes you make, the more Skill points you’ll get.

Soot from near mud baths at spa

Please note that the soot name is at the top of the screen so you don’t get the three samples confused. In this case, you have four options. Choose: 2 and 4.

The lines now match so hit, “Confirm Match.”

After a brief explantion of what you’ve found, select another soot sample. Note that when viewing the evidence menu you’ll see a green check mark over the first soot sample. This means you’ve analyzed it and are finished with it.

Soot from break room at spa

Please note that the soot name is at the top of the screen so you don’t get the three samples confused. In this case, you have four options. Choose: 1 and 3.

The lines now match so hit, “Confirm Match.”

Soot from boiler room at spa

Please note that the soot name is at the top of the screen so you don’t get the three samples confused. In this case, you have six options. Choose: 1, 2, and 3.

The lines now match so hit, “Confirm Match.”

UPDATE – After analyzing the three samples of soot, Dr. Robbin’s will call and tell you that the autopsy is complete. You can ignore that for now as we have two more pieces of evidence to analyze.

Burnt muffin

Continue to do the same thing you did for the soot, that is, use the Chemical Analysis machine. In this case you’ll get 8 options when you search. Choose: 1, 5, and 6.

Ceiling tile

Again, use the same machine. You’ll have six options. Choose: 1, 5, and 6.

Okay, that’s it for the lab. Time to go visit Dr. Robbins at the Morgue.


To get to the morgue, open your PDA > Locations and select Morgue. Talk to Doc Robbins and keep talking to him until you need to take a picture of the bruise on the arm.

At that point, move your cursor over the victim’s head to zoom in and then move your view so that you can hover over the bruise. You’ll get a Tool Kit icon. Use Collection to snap a picture of it.

Before leaving, however, continue to talk to Dr. Robbins to learn some more interesting facts: The victim had cancer and was a pot smoker.

Keep talking to him until he has nothing else to say.

Main Lab

Now that you have the victim’s finger prints and DNA it’s time to head back to the Lab: PDA > Locations > Main Lab. Go into the Data Lab (left room) and use the Database Computer > Fingerprints. You’ll learn that the victim is not in the system.

Head into the Materials Lab (right room) and use the Substance Analysis Computer > DNA. Do a search and you’ll find out she isn’t in the DNA system, either.

Hmm, time to talk to Pete Baxa.

Barber Shop, Pete Baxa’s Office

By now, you should know how to get to different locations, so head to the Barber Shop and talk to Pete. Keep talking to him and he’ll offer to go with you to identify the body.

Interrogation Room

You’ll automatically end up here. Talk to Pete and you’ll eventually run into the Refute Button.

Refute Button

Sometimes during an interrogation the game will offer you the chance to refute a statement by the suspect. Select the button to be shown a menu of evidence from which you can choose to refute the statement. If you have not yet collect and processed the correct evidence, then you cannot refute the statement. Also, sometimes the suspece is simply telling the truth and you cannot refute the truth.

Successfully refuting a statement will increase your Cunning score.

In this case, with Pete, you can refute his knowledge of the asbestos by showing him the ceiling tile.

Go through all of the speaking options until you have no other options. This will result in you getting Portia’s address.

Victim’s Loft

Open your PDA and head to the Victim’s Loft. You’ll find a person there, Brian Reid, Portia’s boyfriend. You’ll automatically be taken to the Interrogation Room.

Interrogation Room

During this interrogation you’ll get the chance to refute Brian with the picture of the bruised arm of the victim. Talk to Brian until you have no other talking options.

Victim’s Loft

Foot Print

On the front step is a foot print. Take a picture of it and collect a sample of the mud.

Door Handle

The front door handle has been damaged. Take a casting of it.

Hammer (Denver Tool)

Grab the yellow hammer on the kitchen floor. It’s a firefighter’s tool and Brass will chime in with a message that Reid was a firefighter.

Spa Financial Records

In the broiler (bottom drawer) of the oven in the kitchen.

Black Hair

To the left of the refrigerator, among the broken beads on the floor, you’ll find the black hair.

With the firefighter’s hammer, you have enough to talk to Reid again, but first you better stop by the Lab.

Main Lab

Hammer (Denver Tool)

Head into the Materials Lab on the right move your view to the right so that you can access the Microscope. Select Macroscopic Comparison.

Choose Evidence and then choose the hammer. It’ll load onto the screen. Choose Evidence again and then choose the casting you made of the wall at the crime scene (spa). You’ll get a match.

Repeat this, but this time choose the hammer and the casting you made of the door knob at Portia’s loft. They are also a match.

Shoe Print Dirt

Use the Chemical Analysis computer on the sample (not the picture) you took from the shoe print. You’ll have four options. Choose: 2, 3, and 4.

You’ll discover it’s the same composition as the mud in the spa. There’s nothing you can do with this information right now.

Interrogation Room

Now that you have a match from the hammer to both the victim’s loft and the crime scene, it’s time to talk to Brian Reid.

Go through every option. You’ll have two refute opportunities. The first one you can refute with the match of the Denver Tool and the door knob. The second you can refute by showing him the match between the Denver Tool and the drywall you found at the spa.

After he goes off about being accused of the fire, talk to him again to learn that the spa wasn’t making much money and Portia was keeping her own records.

Sounds like you need to talk to Pete Baxa.

Barber Shop, Pete Baxa’s Office

Knock on the door and talk to Pete. He tosses a piece of tissue on the ground. Talk to him and he’ll go back inside.

Bloody Tissue

Grab the tissue that Pete threw out…it’s to the left of the door near the broom.

Open your PDA > Evidence and select the tissue. Rotate it around until you see the spot of blood and then collect a sample from it.

Main Lab

Head over to the Materials Lab and use the Substance Analysis > DNA.

DNA Analysis

This is a bit of a complicated mini-game. First, you can always do a search via the button on the right. If that doesn’t work, you can try to match up two pieces of DNA. In this case you’ll want to match up the black hair found at the victim’s loft and the DNA from Baxa that you got from the bloody tissue.

To do this, you need to choose a section of the known DNA and drag it over to the unknown DNA. Make sure that you press and hold the select button grab it. With the section of DNA in hand, you need to match up the color sequence with the other sample. Note that you can move it both left/right and up/down. It’s the up down part that makes things a bit complicated.

As you move a sample up/down it’ll often run over into the next column. This is good because it helps you match up the sequence. What you need to look for is a matching pattern in the unknown sample.

One tip is to choose the largest section of known DNA first, as it’ll help when you get to the smaller sections. Once you have a section that matches, choose another section and line it up correctly. Repeat this until the unknown sample is all filled in.

At this point, you have a match. In this case, you have matched the hair at the loft with Baxa’s DNA. That’s enough to get a warrant!

To get the warrant, simply talk to Brass and choose the barber shop pole icon. He’ll ask what evidence you have. Select the hair. You’ll get your warrant.

Barber Shop, Pete Baxa’s Office

Choose PDA > Locations > Barber Shop. Baxa isn’t there but you can go in anyway because of the search warrant.

Leather Portfolio

Head to the computer desk and grab the portfolio. Open your PDA > Evidence and examine it. Hover over the white part of it and grab a fingerprint from it.

Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Also on his desk is this bag of muffins.

Computer Hard Drive

Sitting on his desk next to the bag of muffins.

Tax Forms

In the file drawer to the right of the computer desk.


In the storage room, on an upper shelf.


On the floor in the storage room. Once you have them, open your PDA > Evidence and take a sample of the mud from the soles. Then, continue to examine them and you’ll get the Tool Kit icon near the top of the right side of the right shoe (near the laces). Take a fingerprint.

Hammer (Denver Tool)

Just like Reid’s. You can find this in the right corner of the storage room. Once you have it, examine it’s handle (the black part) for a fingerprint.

Pipe Cutting Shears

On the right side of the shelf in the storage room. Inside a black case.

Main Lab

Hard Drive

Use the Database Computer in the Data Lab and choose Computer Analysis. Select the hard drive and hit Search. You’ll discover it’s Portia’s hard drive from her computer.

Fingerprint Analysis (Easy Method)

The easy way to compare fingerprints is to make sure that you have a full fingerprint of a person and then a fragment that you’ve found via your evidence gathering. Drag the partial print to the quadrant on the known, full print, that matches up with it.

Fingerprint on Shoe

Use the Database Computer > Fingerprints and select Baxa’s fingerprint. Next, choose the fingerprint you found on the shoes. Drag the partial print to the upper right quadrant. You’ll get a match which means that Baja was at both the scene of the crime and Portia’s apartment.

Fingerprint on Leather Portfolio

Select the fingerprint of Portia…yes, Portia. Compare it to the fingerprint you found on the Leather Portfolio you found in his office (see Leather Portfolio above). Drag the partial print to the lower left quadrant for a match.

Fingerprint on Hammer (Denver Tool)

Using the same computer, select the fingerprint of Portia…yes, Portia again. Compare it to the fingerprint you found on the Denver Tool you found in the storage room of Baxa’s office. Drag the partial print to the lower left quadrant for a match.

Chemical found on shoe from barber shop

Use the Substance Analysis computer on the sample of mud you took from the shoes you found at the barber shop. Choose: 2, 3, and 4 to get a match.

You’ll discover that it’s the same mud and acetone as that of the shoe print you found outside Portia’s loft. You can now compare the two samples by selecting one of them and then, instead of searching, hitting the Evidence button again to load in the other sample. The two samples are a match!

Shoes from barber shop

Head over to the microscope and do a Macroscopic Comparison of the shoes and the picture you took of the shoe print. They are a match.


Head into the Materials Lab and use the good ol’ Substance Analysis computer on the jug of acetone you found. You’ll have eight options. Choose: 1, 5, 7 and 8 for the match.

Package of vegan blueberry muffins

Run this through the same Substance Analysis and choose: 2, 3 and 4 for the match. This confirms they are the same as the muffin used to ignite the fire.

Plumbing Shears from toolbox in barber shop

Head over to the microscope and use the microscope. Select Evidence and choose the shears. They’ll load into one window. Load the casting of the severed gas line into the other window. Change the microscope to x60 magnification and adjust the slider lever until the image becomes clear. You’ll get a match.

Portia’s Denver tool

Just as you did before with Reid’s Denver tool, use the Macroscopic comparison to confirm that Portia’s Denver tool fits with BOTH the drywall holes found at the crime scene and with the marks on the door knob at the loft apartment.


Once you do all of the above you’ll automatically receive an arrest warrant and you’ll get a cutscene. Beatriz Salazar will enter the scene (the woman who is apparently wanted by the FBI and is some sort of criminal kingpin). You’ll have to interrogate her.


Go through all of the options and you’ll have the opporuntity to refute her. You can show her the “Pad of financial records showing that Superla Spa did little business.” After the interrogation you’ll be taken to the barber shop where you’ll find Pedro…dead!

Barber Shop, Pete Baxa’s office

Egad! Pedro (Pete) is dead and there is a video camera pointed right at him. Time to do some investigating!

Video Camera

Examine the video camera to find out what happened to Pete.

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  1. alicia n says:

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  2. jeremy says:

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    when doing the DNA analizis, the only choices are the black hair, and the victims DNA but it doesnt show Pete’s bloody tissue. i htink im missing something but i cant figure it out and i cant figure out how to do the DNA test if it doesnt show the bloody tissue up. HELp!!!!! im so frustrated

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    Hi CSI Freak. Are you using our guide? If so, can you please refer to the page number of the guide where you’re stuck and I’ll be happy to help!

  8. lunabean says:

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