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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

A Lunabean Exclusive Game Guide

Lunabean’s Unofficial Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Pt. 1) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and DS) is the most complete guide available for this latest HP adventure. In this guide you will find:

  Detailed Walkthrough

  100% Collectable Chests – Potterwatch, Daily Prophet, and Quibbler

  Screenshots of all Chest Locations

  Deathly Hallow Symbol Locations

  All Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies

  All Spell Book Pages and Golden Snitches (DS version)

  Lunabean exclusive

  More HP:DH Help? – Please post any questions below



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Harry Potter 7 Game Guide Details

Lunabean’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and DS contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

The console/pc version contains a detailed Walkthrough of all levels, the locations (with screen shots) of all Chests (Daily Prophet, Quibbler, Potterwatch) and Deathly Hallow Symbol locations so you can take Stupefy and Expulso your way toward your showdown with Voldemort.

The DS version is a 100% completion game guide and contains All Spell Book Pages and Golden Snitches.

In other words, if you feel like Confundo has been cast at you, this guide will answer all of your questions.

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The Seven Potters

Chase through the skies above London and reach safety.

The entirety of this level is aiming and shooting. This will give you a good opportunity to get used to looking around and locking on to enemies.

If anything feels weird when looking around then go to the Pause Menu >> Options and adjust as you please.

To lock on to a target, press and hold the “Aim Mode” button while looking in the general direction of the Death Eater you’re trying to target. When you get a lock on your target will turn red. At this point, rapidly press the “Cast Spell” button to shoot at them.

Note that if you take too much damage the screen will turn black and white and you’ll fail the mission.

Keep this up until you see Voldemort attack. He’ll be the flying character with the black smoke coming out from behind him (he also doesn’t use a broom…so cool!). You need to repeatedly attack Voldemort until the level ends. Be sure to pick off the other Death Eaters that are still bugging you so that you don’t take too much damage.

After you take out Voldemort the level will end and you can watch a cut scene.

The Wedding

Explore The Burrow and discover what you can about Harry’s quest to destroy the Horcruxes.

Ahh, a wedding. Walk forward and head a bit right to trigger a brief cut scene. You’ll learn about Four-Points.


Four-Points is a spell that you can cast at any time to show you the most direct route to your next objective. Be aware, though, that it may not be the safest route.

Go ahead and give it a whirl by pressing the “Four-Points” button. You’ll see a puff of light and then an orb shoot off in the direction you should go. In this case, it’ll head to Luna Lovegood’s father, Xenophilius, the guy in white. Head over to him and “Talk” to him. He’ll inform you Mr. Weasley is looking for you.

Cast Four-Points to find your way to Mr. Weasley. In case you’re having trouble following the orb of light, head to the right of Mr. Lovegood (to the other side of the garage) and find the path leading away from the wedding.

Head up the path and you’ll see wedding guests apparating. You’ll also begin to jog. If you want to run, press and hold the “Run” button. You’ll soon reach a dead end. If you do, you’ve gone a tad too far. Hang a left at the shed and you’ll find him on the left side of the shed.

Talk to Mr. Weasley to receive the three items that Dumbledore left to Harry, Ron, and Hermione (gold snitch, de-illuminator, and “The Tales of Beedle Bard”).

The wedding will be attacked. When play resumes, you’ll learn about cover.


When near a wall or object you can press the “Cover” button to take cover. To leave cover, press the button again (or just walk away from the cover).

While in cover, you can aim (press and hold the “Aim” button) and then cast a spell (hit the “Cast Spell” button). In this manner, you can stay relatively protected while attacking enemies.

Use this cover technique to eliminate enemies as you make your way to the wedding tent. Note that if aiming feels weird to you, you can adjust settings in the Pause Menu >> Options.

After taking out a few Death Eaters, you’ll learn about Protego.


Protego is a defensive spell. It essentially creates a shield at the end of your wand. To use it, press and hold the “Progtego” button.

Use this spell to your advantage in heavy combat. If you are taking a lot of damage, cast Protego and then use this time to switch between spells or select potions to ready yourself for your next attack.

When you reach the bottom of the hill, you’ll be whisked away…

A Place to Hide

Make sure there are no Death Eaters nearby then find somewhere to hide.

It’s time to learn how to use your Invisibilty Cloak and how to effectively sneak around!

Death Eaters could be anywhere. Take Ron’s advice and check out the Newspaper Seller.

Invisibility Cloak

You now have the ability to use the Invisibility Cloak. To put it on, hit the “Invisibility Cloak” button. Hit the same button to take it off.

When you are under the cloak, you’ll see the “Stealth Meter” in the lower left of the screen. The more likely you are to be seen, the more the border of the triangle meter will disappear. If you bump in to somebody, you’ll be discovered.

To fill the meter back up, stop and be quiet!

In this mission, you can’t let anybody see you. Put on your cloak and head down the road to the white van on the right. Do not go down the road to the right. Instead, head left, through the opening in the fence (the crosswalk). Veer right and continue down the sidewalk to the newspaper seller.

If your meter is looking dire, just stop (make sure nobody will bump in to you) and wait for it to fill back up.

Sneak back to Ron and inform him that the Newspaper Seller is a Muggle.

Head back to Ron. When you get to him, take off your cloak and then talk to him for a new objective.

Sneak over to the woman with the sign and see if she’s a Death Eater.

Repeat your actions of before, crossing the crosswalk. This time, though, go straight instead of veering to the right. Head to the woman (use your Four-Points if you can’t find her) and then head back to Ron.

Tell Ron this person isn’t a Death Eater

Head back to Ron and talk to him.

Head to the Cafe so you can hide out for a while.

You do not need to wear the cloak now. Use Four-Points to lead you to the cafe. Approach the door for a cut scene.

Defeat all Death Eaters

Switching Spells and Impedimenta

Upon entering the cafe you’ll be told that you have a new spell, “Impedimenta.” This spell can stop enemies in their tracks and if cast repeatedly, can make them unconscious.

Note that this is your second spell meaning that you’ll now have to learn how to switch between your spells. There are two ways to do this. The first is to tap your “Spell Select” button. This will cycle through your spells and you can stop on the one you want. The other way is to press and hold the “Spell Select” button to pull up your Spell Wheel. Keep holding the button and then use your control stick (or point at it on the Wii) to select the spell you want.

Now that you know how to switch between spells, take cover at the tables and then use either of your spells to attack the enemies. Remember that you’ll want to lock on to them. After defeating four enemies, the level will end.

Kreacher’s Tale

Harry, Ron, and Hermione need a plan for finding the Horcruxes, maybe Grimmauld Place holds the clues they need.

Find the kitchen.

You are in first person view now. Head through the door near the stairs and go directly across into the dining room. Open the suitcase on the table to find a POTTERWATCH PASSWORD (Pals of Potter).

Exit and head down the stairs. You’ll find some Doxies (faeries).

Find some Doxycide to clear out the Doxies.

There will be a bevy of Doxies to clear, but at first, it’s just two. Grab the potion (it’s glowing near the two Doxies) and then select it by following the on-screen directions (on the Xbox 360 it’s Right on the D-Pad). Once it’s selected, aim below the Doxies and throw the potion the same way you’d cast a spell.

The cloud from the potion will temporarily stun the Doxies. You can now target them and use your spells to elminate them. There are two more sets of Doxies to deal with and two more potion locations in the kitchen.

Note, it was during the final round of Doxies that I earned the Petrificus Totalus charm.

Petrificus Totalus

This spell will stun enemies. Once stunned, you can switch to another spell (like Stupefy) to eliminate them.

Once all of the Doxies are toast, you’ll get a new objective.

Search Grimmauld Place

Head up the stairs to the ground floor and then up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Go through the only door that will open at the top. This is a bedroom with Doxies. Clear them out (there is some doxycide on a desk) and then exit back out. You’ll find Ron and Hermione waiting for you.

NOTE – I experienced a glitch here where I became locked in the bedroom. The door to the bedroom shouldn’t close. If it does and you are stuck, simply exit out to the main menu and hit “continue” to pick up where you left off.

Find Kreacher the house-elf and discover where the Horcrux is.

Head back down to the basement kitchen and you’ll find Kreacher. After the cutscene, follow the on-screen directions to give the locket to Kreacher. He’ll disappear to find Mundungus and the real locket.

Search Grimmauld Place

Head back to the ground floor and go through the door across the hall. You’ll see an armoire shaking. Approach it and…Dementor!!!

Patronus and Dementors

To cast your Patronus, double tap and then press and hold the “Patronus” button. In other words: Tap, then Tap and Hold.

Casting your Patronus will ward off Dementors. You’ll know a Dementor is in the area when you see ice form on the edges your screen.

Go ahead and use your Patronus spell repeatedly until the Dementor disappears.

Investigate the crashing sound.

Head back down to the basement and you’ll see that Kreacher has found Mundungus Finch. Use Petrificus Totalus on him until he talks to you. He tells you that Umbridge has the locket.

Talk to Hermione

Do so and you’ll be presented with three tasks that you can do in any order.

Complete the Encounters in any order.

The Abondoned Substation

Rescue the Muggle-borns

Head forward and go through the gate. Head forward and on the ground in front of the lamp post you’ll find a gold bag on the ground. This is an Exploding Potion.

Exploding Potion

Your potions are all accessible via your D-Pad. In this case, the Exploding Potion can be accessed by pushing Up on the D-Pad. You can think of this potion as a grenade.

Continue exploring the area (use Four-Points if you like) and you’ll soon encounter a band of Death Eaters. Take cover and eliminate them. Among them is what appears to be a statue. It’s actually a frozen Muggle-born!

Once it’s clear, head up to the Muggle-born that needs rescuing and hit the button shown to you to cast Finite Incantatem to free her. (1 of 5 rescued).

Use Four-Points to lead you to the next battle area, among the barrels and crates. The best place to take cover is behind the large crate on the left, just as you enter the area. The smaller crates and barrels do not provide enough protection. The enemy in the black cloak is fairly powerful. I recommend that you first take out the two lesser wizards. Once they’re clear, either stay in cover and Stupefy the black cloaked one until he is toast or step out and use Protego and then attack.

One of the enemies may have dropped Garroting Gas.

Garroting Gas

Garroting gas is another offensive potion. It’s mapped to Left on the D-Pad. This potion creates a cloud of gas that renders enemies unconscious.

Use Four-Points to lead you up the metal stairs and to the catwalk. You’ll soon be attacked from below. Stay in cover behind the metal plate. Peek out to fire four or five Stupefys and then retake cover to heal. Repeat until all four enemies are eliminated. When they are, head along the left side catwalk (watch out for another enemy) and open the chest at the end for POTTER WATCH – Just Your Luck!.

Clear the other side of the catwalk and then head down the stairs. Be ready for two more enemies. Eliminate them (don’t forget about Protego) and then free the second muggle-born. (2 of 5 rescued).

Use Four-Points to lead you toward the third Muggle-born. Along the way you’ll encounter a number of enemies. Be sure to pick up anything they’ve left behind after they’ve been eliminated. You may get lucky and get a Felix Felicis Potions (good luck potion).

A little later on, you may find the fourth and final potion mapped to your D-Pad: The Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder.

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder

This potion makes it nearly impossible for enemies to see you, thus making it hard for them to cast spells at you.

You’ll soon find yourself outside a large smoke stack structure. Under the stack are Dementors. Clear them out using Patronus and then rescue the third Muggle-born. (3 of 5 rescued).

Use Four-Points to guide you out the other side. Fight your way to the next smoke stack and head under it to find the fourth and fifth Muggle-borns. (4 + 5 rescued).


  1. Jacquelyn says:

    Everytime I try to download the HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 walkthrough, it tells me not found, error 404. What’s going on?

  2. lunabean says:

    Hi Jacquelyn. I’ve been working on the guide all day and I haven’t uploaded the In-Progress PDF version yet. Give me a few hours and it’ll be up there. Thanks for your patience!

  3. Mandy says:

    I’m trying to download guide and am receiving error 404. Is this going to be working soon?

  4. jeremy says:

    I apologize. There was a misspelling in the link. It is working now. I’ll upload the latest version tonight, and every night, until it’s complete. Thanks!

  5. Colleen says:

    I realize that this walkthrough is still under construction so I don’t know if you have fixed this yet but under “Investigate the crashing sound.” the last name of Mundungus is Fletcher not Finch

  6. jeremy says:

    Thanks, Colleen. Yeah, I caught that earlier and have fixed it in the download guide. I’ll fix the version above when I get a chance.

  7. Nicki says:

    I’m stuck in the cafe. I’ve defeated the four Death Eaters and now it won’t let me do anything else. I can’t leave, I can’t talk to Ron or Hermione, I’m basically just standing in one area while intense music plays in the background as if something is supposed to happen. it didn’t say I gained the spell “Impedimenta” when I entered the cafe, either. the sentence “Use your ‘middle mouse’ for Spell Wheel’” keeps popping up, but I only have “Stupefy.”

  8. jeremy says:

    @Nicky – The game wants you to learn how to use your Spell Wheel. You need to pull up your Spell Wheel by following the instructions the game is telling you. The Spell Wheel pops up and allows you to chose from your spells so that you don’t have to scroll through them. It’s just another way of changing up your spell. Once you pull up your Spell Wheel, the level should end.

  9. Nicki says:

    I did pull up my spell wheel, and I’m still stuck. lol

  10. jeremy says:

    Hmm? I got a glitch similar to that earlier in the game. I had to go to the Pause Menu > Quit and then hit “Continue”. I replayed through the section where I was stuck (a room locked that wasn’t supposed to) and it was fine. Give that a try. Best of luck!

  11. Nicki says:

    that worked! thank you so much. :)

  12. Justin says:

    Hi. When do you think that all the collectibles will be up on this page?

    Hey, will you guys ever accept Interac for a LunaPass subscription?

  13. Anoeska says:

    How do you use your ‘spin wheel’

    Because i play this game on the wii and i never saw something about a spin wheel

    please help me btw I need the spel confringo

  14. lunabean says:

    Anoeska, I believe you’re referring to the “Spell Wheel.” To pull it up on the Wii, press and hold the “+” (that’s the plus sign) button. If you have the guide, please refer to the “Controls” section.

    As for getting Confringo, again, please refer to the guide and use either the Bookmarks to find it or use the search feature.

    - Jeremy

  15. Paul Aman says:

    In the ruins, I’ve defeated all the snatchers, found the deathly hallows symbol, quibbler, and have searched the entire site. How do I finish the task?

  16. lunabean says:

    Do you have our guide/walkthrough? If so, can you please tell me what page you’re on? In general, though, see if casting Four-Points gives you any clues.

  17. Ericka says:

    I’m stuck on the cafe level….i defeated 2 death eaters. then we all just stand there? what am i supposed to do after? i also dont know how to pull up my spell wheel. im playing this game on PC .

  18. lunabean says:

    Hi Ericka. There are two things that could be happening. First, you do need to pull up your spell wheel to end this level as this is basically where the game wants you to learn about it. I’m not sure that the PC controls are, but usually there is a place in your game where you can view your controls, or if you have an instruction manual, that should help. If pulling up your spell wheel doesn’t help, then you may have encountered a known glitch. To get past it, exit the game and then go back to the main menu and “continue” the game. You’ll start back up near where you left off and this time you should get past it.

  19. Ericka says:

    thanks! i found out how to open up my spell wheel! and i did it, but nothing happened. so i exited the game, and continued but it just keeps starting back up and i have to defeat the death eater all over again!

  20. lunabean says:

    Ericka, when you say that it keeps starting back up and you have to fight the death eater again, are you still getting the glitch? Or, have you just not defeated the death eater yet?

  21. Rene says:

    Hi, lunabean, seems that you are the perfect person to ask this question, since you seem to be quite knowledgable in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Prt 1 video games. My question is the following: Do you have any clue as to somehow extending the time on making potions, because it only gives you 40 seconds to complete it?

  22. lunabean says:

    Hi Rene,
    There is no way to extend the time. The best thing you can do is get better at each of the individual tasks. Are you using the guide? If so, many of the tasks have tips to make you more efficient.

  23. Ericka says:

    yes,i’m still getting the glitch! it just starts me over, and i have to defeat both the death eaters again.
    is there only 2 death eaters right? i still open the spell wheel, but i also dont get the new spell were supposed to get? i have no idea! but im still stuck there and its driving me insane :’(

  24. lunabean says:

    Hi Ericka. To confirm: You’re in the cafe and two death eaters attack, right? I believe that there are a total of four there. You defeat the first two and then two more appear. If you’re still having the glitch then I’d recommend that you start your game over (you’re not too far in) and see if you can get past this area. Keep me updated.

  25. Ericka says:

    yes,im in the cafe.i ended up restarting the game, and finallly the other two death eaters show up! so i got a little farther in it! but, after i defeat the last two, they alll still stand there. i try to quit,and then continue and it just restarts the level all over again :(

  26. Tony Holland-Smith says:

    Re Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows. Please can you give me a hint on how to kill the Three Headed Serpent which comes out of the Lake into which the Gryffindor Sword and Locket have fallen

  27. Angela says:

    As we get to the maze outside Luna Lovegoods house my DS freezes. I can’t get the pause menu, there is no life, no power. Is there a way to unstick the game?

  28. Angela says:

    Re: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows – Nintendo DS. After beating the snake it takes us to Luna Lovegood’s house. After the dialog my game freezes with Harry and Ron at the edge of the map. There is no life and no power. I cannot use any spells or potions and cannot even pause the game to quit and continue. It has literally completely frozen the DS. I have turned it off and gone back in to resume the game and after the dialog I freeze back up in the same spot. Any suggestions?

  29. Eden says:

    im stuck in the room with doxies too. ive tried to throw the potion at them and i tried to do the hint but the door is still closed. any ideas??

  30. lunabean says:

    You may have experienced a glitch. Are you in the upstairs bedroom? If so, exit the game, go to the main menu and choose “continue”. Then, try it again.

  31. Eden says:

    Ive tried to do that twice but when i turn around to look at the door it was closed

  32. Eden says:

    ive tried that twice but the door was still closed.

  33. isabel says:

    hi, in the part after finding the kitchen, that says find grimmlaud place, when i enter the room upstairs that have the doxies there’s no doxycide, i play on the pc, what do I do?! help.

  34. Mike says:

    Hi, I’m playing the game for PC and I’m stuck at the cafe. When I walked in it didn’t say that I got the spell Impedimenta. And when I checked my Spell Wheel it wasn’t there. Also I’m able to fight the first two Death Eaters but after that I’m stuck. I know more are supposed to come but they don’t. I’ve tried quitting and restarting the level but I get the same result every time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  35. Michael says:

    Do you know if there are 10 Deathly Hallow symbols in this game, I know it says there are on the pause menue but I simply cannot find more then 9 and it’s really bugging me. On your guide there are also only 9 sybols that you have managed to find, and no one on the internet seems to have found all 10. I’m woundering if EA made a mistake and forgot to add one in to the game, or put 10 on the puse menu instead of 9. Anyway woud just be good to know, cheers.

  36. lunabean says:

    Hi Michael. The game does say there are 10 Deathly Hallow symbols but I have played the game three times now, scouring it for the 10th, and have only found the 9 written up. I also have looked around the internet and continue to do so in hopes that somebody finds it. I’m beginning to think that EA messed up somehow. If you happen to find the 10th or find somebody who knows where it is, please let me know!

  37. Mike says:

    Hi, I’m playing the game for PC and I’m stuck at the cafe. When I walked in it didn’t say that I got the spell Impedimenta. And when I checked my Spell Wheel it wasn’t there. Also I’m able to fight the first two Death Eaters but after that I’m stuck. I know more are supposed to come but they don’t. I’ve tried quitting and restarting the level but I get the same result every time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  38. Colav10 says:

    The 10th Deathly Hallow symobl has been found! It is located in Godric’s Hollow; as you walk down the street (heading towards cemetary) you will see two snowmen on the sidewalk toward your left. When you reach the second snowman, backtrack to the house before the snowman and walk inside. Enter the room to the right and there’s the 10th Deathly Hallows Symbol!

    Hope this helps!

  39. lunabean says:

    Yay! The last Deathly Hallow symbol! w00t!!! Thanks so much!

  40. Harrry Potter says:

    Hi Lunabean
    I am stuck at the ruins. i deafeated all the death eaters and non of the muggles was captured.but that level wont end.
    NotE: i am playing on PC

  41. lunabean says:

    Hi Harry Potter (is it really you ;) ). That usually means that there is still one deatheater out there that you have to find and defeat. Keep looking all around the area…in the swamp, in the ruins, etc. to see if you can find him. If that doesn’t work, I’d try restarting the level.

  42. Harrry Potter says:

    ive restarted it a hundred thousand times
    and ive searched everywhere but i cant find any death eaters

  43. Lisa says:

    Hi to all, Can someone help me defeat the three headed serpent. I have tried everything I know to do. Thanks Lisa

  44. sharon says:

    How do I find the potion or spell to protect me from fire in the dragon cave?

  45. Mouse says:

    Hey, LunaBeam, Komo Tale Vu?= How Are You
    In the kitchen (in Sirius’s/Harry’s house) I fight 2 Doxies but it just stops. I looked at EVERY INCH of
    that STUPID kitchen and……… NOTHING!
    VERY FRUTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I literally restarted the game like what number… oh yeah 184 times.
    1/184 times it worked but stopped again past the next Doxies came. Plus it quit itself when i
    FINALLY managed to get past. i started the game 97 times and all fails!
    PS Does it cost money to get the guide or a memberthingy on this website
    Paris France and know 200/ about 400,000 english words.
    Helped right now with comment


  46. mariainuk says:

    Hy lunabean
    I have the walkthrough for the pc game but I think there is a deathly hallows symbol not accounted for. I can only count 9 of the 10 in the walk through. Do you get the 10th one as a reward for obtaining the preceding 9 do you know? I have been informed that if you get all 10 deathly hallows symbols and an accumulation of 9 of the potter watches etc that you can then replay some of the levels.
    I may of course have just misread and missed on
    Can you shed any light on the matter?
    mariainuk :-)

  47. lunabean says:

    @mariainuk – The last (10th) Deathly Hallows symbol has been found. It is located in Godric’s Hollow; as you walk down the street (heading towards cemetary) you will see two snowmen on the sidewalk toward your left. When you reach the second snowman, backtrack to the house before the snowman and walk inside. Enter the room to the right and there’s the 10th Deathly Hallows Symbol!

    Hope this helps!

  48. lunabean says:

    I’m not sure what could be happening. Are you using the Doxycide to stun them and then using a spell to defeat them? Maybe there is one Doxie floating around somewhere? And, yes, there is a $4.95 fee to join the LunaPass for a monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time.

  49. lunabean says:

    @sharon – They are on the ground/rocks scattered throughout the caves. Our guide has all of the locations:

  50. lunabean says:

    @lisa – What troubles are you having? What tactics are you using?

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