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James Bond 007: Blood Stone Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

A Lunabean Exclusive Game Guide

  • 100% Completion
  • For use with PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (DS version below)
  • All 50 Intel Items and Locations
  • Written on “Agent” difficulty
  • Achievements and Trophies
  • Stealth tactics when possible
  • This guide exclusively available on

DS Version is a 100% completion walkthrough of all 8 levels.

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007 Blood Stone Game Guide Details

Lunabean’s 007 Blood Stone Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and DS contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

The console/pc version contains a detailed Walkthrough of all episodes, the locations of all 50 Intel Items and Stealth Tactics so you can take out enemies in true super-spy fashion.

The DS version is a 100% completion game guide for all 8 levels.

In other words, if you’re having an international crisis over this game, don’t worry, this guide contains everything you need to know.

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Level 1

Stop Greco’s attack

Find Greco

First missions are always a bit of a tutorial, so follow along closely to learn all of the ins and outs of gameplay.

You start behind cover. Cover will play an important role in this game and, generally, you’ll always want to stay behind cover. You can aim and shoot from behind cover. To do so, press and hold the “Aim” button. You’ll see your crosshairs (reticule) appear. Adjust your aim so that you are aiming at the nearby enemy’s head. Press the “Fire” button to shoot. Nice. Your first headshot.

To leave cover, you can either press the “Cover” button or simply walk away from it. As you walk along the deck of the ship, try out taking cover a few times so that you get the hang of it.

Enter the bridge (the control room) and head down the hall. Take cover on either side of the hall near the end and eliminate the guard in the central room. Head through the room to the back of the boat and go down the ladder.

You’ll be right next to an enemy…

Stealth Takedown and Focus Aim

When you are close to an enemy you can perform a stealth takedown. To do so, hit the “Takedown” button when you are next to an enemy and you’ll see a quick sequence where you annihliate the enemy. Stealth Takedowns fill up your Focus Meter.

You can fill your Focus Meter with up to three Focus Aims. These allow you to slow time and perform deadly accurate shots. To use it, press and hold the “Focus Aim” button. You’ll automatically zoom in on an enemy’s head. Press the “Fire” button to shoot.

If you have more than one Focus Aim you can chain them together to take out up to three enemies. Much of this walkthrough will be based upon getting Focus Aims so that you can easily clear rooms/areas.

Please note: I will be using the abbreviations “ST” and “FA” for Stealth Takedown and Focus Aim.

Okay, so you’re at the bottom of the ladder. Use a Stealth Takedown (ST from here on out) to take out the enemy next to you. You now have a Focus Aim. Wait for the other two guards to enter the central room. Go to the doorway of the room and use your Focus Aim (FA from here on out) on the second enemy. The first will come to you to investigate. Use a ST on him to earn another FA.

Go down the hall and enter the next room to find Greco.

Chase Greco

After the cutscene you’ll be attacked. Wait for the first enemy to walk to you and do a ST. Quickly re-enter cover. Shoot the second enemy.


You can now pick up their weapons, the MP5, a sub-machine gun. You can switch weapons using the “Toggle Weapon” button and you can reload weapons using the “Reload” button. Crazy, I know.

The little lines next to your weapons are the number of bullets you currently have in that magazine (clip) and the number under the weapon indicates how many total bullets you have. Note that your silenced P99 has infinite ammo.

Head into the server closet and up the ladder. At the top, quickly move forward and use a ST on the enemy. Take cover. When all is quiet, head down the hall and take cover near the end. A helicopter will fly in and shoot up the boat. Just stay in cover and a cutscene will play.

When play resumes, you’ll be in a boat.

Driving Boats/Cars

Press and hold the “Accelerate” button to go. Press the “Brake” button to stop. Press and hold the “Brake” button to reverse. You can also use the “Handbrake” button. Steer with the control stick.

You will see a radar in the lower right. This shows the route you should take (when in a car) and the distance to the target (the target is the yellow dot).

Boat only – When you get close to an enemy time will slow down and you can shoot. Do so with the “Fire” button which is the same as the “Cover” button when you are on foot. Aiming is automatic.

Car only – You can toggle your view (look behind you) with the “Toggle View” button and look left/right using the Right Control stick.

Chase after Greco keeping an eye on your radar so you don’t lose him. Near the end of the case, when the helicopter turns to face you and fires a missile at you, be ready to shoot (see above for controls) to destroy the missile, and the helicopter. A cutsceen will soon play.

You’ll end up back on foot in a courtyard with jet skis. Here you’ll learn that you can move from cover to cover by holding the control stick in the direction you want to go and pressing the “Cover” button (you’ll automatically move).

In this courtyard there are two enemies. Stay behind cover and pop them in the head when they are reloading.

Head up the stairs and take cover at the door of this hotel. Use two of your FAs to take out the two enemies inside. Enter and go down the right hallway. You’ll reach a door that you can kick (you’ll be prompted to do so).

Go through the door to the pool area, head across the bridge and you’ll learn how to sprint by holding down the “Sprint” button.

Hang a right at the end of the bridge and an enemy will pop out. Do a ST on him and then immediately take cover behind the low wall. Use a FA on the enemy on the stairs.

Head up the stairs and follow the hall up to a room where you’ll automatically get 3 FAs. If you have yet to chain FAs together, now is your chance to take out two enemies in one quick move.

Enter the room and kick open the next two sets of doors. Head outside to the parking area with many cars and immediately head right, to the wall and take cover. From here, wait for two of the enemies to get pretty close to you…near the red car and then use your MP5 to shoot the car. It’ll blow up and take them out.

If you have an FA, use it to take out the other enemy or just head shot him.

Carefully move along the right wall, taking cover behind the empty planter walls. Three more enemies will attack. Two are pretty agressive, so pump them full of lead. The third, up on the stairs can be picked off from cover.

Be sure to grab the enemy’s ammo and then head up the stairs. Go into the cafe on the right for a cutscene.

Catch the S.U.V.

Please see “Driving Boats/Cars” above for the controls. There is nothing terribly complicated here, you just need to catch up to the car with the bomb in it and ram it. If this is hard for you, you simply need to keep practicing your driving technique…you’ll be needing it later.

Once you catch up to the S.U.V. and ram it the level will end. Watch the cool opening credits.

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