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Fastest DoD Supercomputer Made of PS3s

Apparently the Air Force has better things to do with 1,760 PS3s than set up a huge multiplayer “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” battle. Actually, that may be good training for them. Hmm?

Okay, okay, so it’s pretty cool that the Air Force has made a “supercomputer” out of PS3s. They did, however, have to use the older (bigger) PS3s so that they could install Linux on them. It does beg the question, where did they get nearly 1,800 old PS3s? Was there an Ebay rush? Were Gamestops all over the country visited by three-star generals. I think we need to issue a FOIA request.

via Popular Science


  1. Wags says:

    “We already bombed their country, what else should we do?”
    “Why we can steal all their game consoles, rip out the programming, and make an epic computer of course”

  2. jason says:

    ps3 ftw sweet picture

  3. ps3succks says:

    Hmm, well I wonder how this super computer is working now, since geohot wreaked havoc on the playstation network. That’s like a $720,000 blu-ray player now, and we wonder why the country is in debt.

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