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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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“LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars” Guide Features:

  100% Completion – All Minikits, Red & Gold Bricks, and Extras

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  PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and DS versions

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Guide Details

Lunabean’s LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

The console version guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of all levels, the locations of all Minikits, Red Bricks, Gold Bricks, Characters, and Extras, and details of how to unlock and complete all Bonus Levels. We even tell you what to do with all of those red sparkling items!

In other words, if you’re having trouble, don’t rely on the Force, rely on us!

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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars eGuide Table of Contents

0. Gameplay Elements and Prologue

See Below.

1. Count Dooku

2. General Grievous

3. Asajj Ventress

4. Epilogue

5. Hub Areas (Red Power Bricks)

6. Separatist Missions

7. Minikits, Bounty Hunter Missions, Secrets, Cheats and Extras

Gameplay Elements

Story Mode vs. Free Play Mode

This is the most basic thing you’ll need to know. When you first play through a level, it can only be in Story Mode. The game restricts you to certain characters and you simply must get through the level. Completing a level earns you a Gold Brick and unlocks characters (and sometimes ships/vehicles).

After you’ve completed a level in Story Mode, you can replay it (as many times as you want) in Free Play mode. In free play mode, you can select the characters to bring with you and switch between them at any time. You’ll need to do this to find Minikits as you’ll need a variety of character skills to get them all in a level. You simply won’t be able to get but a few in Story Mode.


There are 10 hidden Mini-Kit Canisters waiting to be found in each chapter. Most must be found in Free Play, as they require the special skills of characters not provided by Story Mode characters. Once you find each of the Minikit Canisters in a mission, you will be rewarded with a Gold Brick and a Minikit Character (found in the Minikit Character room in your Hub, the Resolute).

Earning 100%

In order to earn 100% in this game, you must:

  • Earn all 130 Gold Bricks
    • Complete all Story Mode chapters (22 gold bricks).
    • Earn True Jedi status (studs) in each Story Mode or Free Play mode (22 gold bricks).
    • Find all minikits (22 gold bricks).
    • Complete all Challenges: Republic Assault, Separatist Assault, Space Combat, and Bounty Hunter levels (4 challenges x 16 gold bricks each = 64 gold bricks).
  • Build the secret ship in the Superkit Hangar from gold bricks (in Resolute) after earning 130 gold bricks
  • Find all Red Power Bricks
  • Unlock and purchase all characters
  • Unlock and purchase all ships (hangars) and vehicles (Ground Assault staging areas)

To read the entire Introduction, including explanations of Red Bricks, Gold Bricks, Jedi Status, Vehicles, Characters, and more, please join the LunaPass!

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Geonosian Arena

You begin play as Obi-Wan Kenobi, chained to a column. Follow the on-screen directions to HOLD your “Force” button to make the large praying mantis (Acklay) come toward you. It will eventually swing and break one of your chains.

Turn and face the column so that you see it begin to glow. This means that you can use your Force power on it. Once again, press and HOLD the Force button to transform the column into a set of stairs. Jump up the stairs using the “Jump” button. At the top of the column, look left and you’ll see the column to the left (the one where Anakin is chained) will glow. Nice! Use your Force power on it to reveal a Grapple Point.

The game now tells you how to switch characters…using the “Switch Character” button on your controller, crazy, I know. Tap the Switch Character button and you’ll take control of Padme. Use the Grappling Device button (the same as the Force Power button) to climb the column. At the top, you’ll see the Grapple Point that you revealed will be targetted, that is, it’ll have a crosshair on it. Facing it, use your Grapple (again, the button is shown to you over the Grapple Point) on the Grapple Point to pull up Anakin. You may have to do this repeatedly three or four times.

Once Anakin is freed, you’ll all be freed. w00t! Now it’s time to learn how to ride an animal!

The Reek is running around like, well, a wild animal. He’s the Rhinocerous-looking thing. Anyhoo, as Padme, wait for the Reek to run by and you’ll see a button prompt appear on the Reek. When you see it, use your Grapple to chain the Reek. Quickly switch to a Jedi Character (either Anakin or Obi-Wan) and get near the Reek. Make sure that you see a glow around it and use your Force Power to subdue it. Now you can ride it!

To get on it, press the Switch Character, aka, Enter and Land Vehicles/Animals button.

Defeat the Nexu

You are now in control of the Reek and must ram the Nexu (the animal that is pointed out to you with the red arrow if it’s off-screen and shows a four-heart health circle when you’re near it). You can speed up to get a good charge in on Nexu by holding down the Jump/Charge button.

Defeat the Acklay

Great, you’ve defeated the Nexu and now are back on two feet. You now have to attack the glowing legs of the Acklay (Praying Mantis). Use a Jedi character and repeatedly tap your Attack (Lightsaber) button. There’s not a lot of variety in your moves right now, so just enjoy the button-mashing that it is as you go after its glowing (front) legs.

Once the two legs are lightsaber toast, you’ll be told to switch to Padme…a good idea. On the front shoulder of the Acklay you’ll see a glowing target that Padme can Grapple. Move around until you see the crosshair on it and then let your Grapple rip! It’ll attach to the Acklay. Quickly switch to a Jedi and go to the front of the Acklay, where, on the ground you’ll see a blue Jedi Symbol. Step on it and hit the Attack button (or whatever button it shows you). You’ll automatically go through an attack sequence (no buttons required) which will do damage to the Acklay (you can see his heart(s) go down). Repeat this sequence of Grapple >> switch to Jedi >> use Jedi Symbol, until the Acklay is defeated.

Now is a good time to have a little fun. Run like a mad man in to the sea of droids and start swinging your lightsaber. During this time you can get in a little practice with a Jump Attack (jump and then press the lightsaber attack buton) and using the force to toss droids (press and hold the Force button…a droid will rise…aim in the direction you want to toss him and let go of the button).

Defeat Jango Fett

Once you’re done messing around with droids, you’ll want to focus your attention on Jango Fett. The key to defeating him is the Lightsaber Toss. To do this, press and hold the Attack/Lightsaber button. You’ll see a green crosshair appear on the screen. Move the crosshair onto Jango Fett and you’ll see a green lock-on indicator. Once you see this, let go of the attack button and your lightsaber will home in on him like a heat seeking missile. Of course, if Jango is near you, you can simply attack him with regular attacks of your choosing.

Load the Ships

Once Jango has been sent packing, you’ll see three Republic Gunships come in. These are friendly ships and you need to use them to help rescue your friends. Run up to each ship and use the Force to open its doors. You need to wait until each ship has three characters in it (this happen automatically, so just wait until you see three people in a ship). Once a ship is loaded, use the Force to close the doors and it’ll fly off.

Geonosian Arena – Extras

For all Extras, Red Brick & Minikit locations, True Jedi Status, Character Unlocks, and so much more, please join the LunaPass!

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Hub – Battleship Resolute

If you’ve played any of the LEGO games in the past, you’ll be familiar with the “hub” or “home base” concept. It is here that you can select your missions, see your current completion stats, buy characters and cheats (red bricks), etc. Please see the “Hub – Battleship Resolute” section in the Introduction for more info.

For now, go up to the main circular desk and build the broken bricks next to it (hold the Force button). A blue hologram will appear and you can now step on the button in front of the circle desk. Do so and hit the prompted button to launch the mission select.

You’ll have three options: Christophsis, Ruusan Moon, and Geonosis. It doesn’t matter in which order you play these, so just hover over the one you want and start it up. Then, simply find that chapter below and follow along. FYI, I’m going from the upper left in a clockwise direction…you didn’t really need to know that, but hey, full disclosure here.

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  1. Rachel Smith says:

    Been a Luna pass member for a while now and it’s brilliant. Love all the Lego games, but sometimes they hide extras in such weird places I’d have no chance of finding them without a guide. Keep up the good work, well worth my money.

  2. lunabean says:

    Thanks, Rachel. We love writing them and helping people through these games!

  3. Donna Haddad says:

    Love your guides! I know that it takes a while after a game comes out to create a guide but is there one in the works for LEGO Star Wars lll: Attack of the Clones for the Nintendo DS? I have not been able to find one on your site. Thanks for the great guides!

  4. lunabean says:

    Hi Donna! Thanks for the compliment. The moment we complete the console guide, we’ll begin work on the LEGO Star Wars 3 Guide for the DS. Normally we have these going simultaneously, but a new baby in the family has slowed the process a bit.

  5. Tomas says:

    I am only 11 years old and I have to admit I am a computer nerd and I have star wars lego 3 clone wars and thanks to you I have finished the whole game 100%.Thanks for the help :D .

  6. Tom Fader says:

    where is the DS guide to the lego star wars clone wars game. the only guide you have available is for gamebox, ps3 and pc. there is not a single mention of DS in that guide and the guide is not for the ds version. couls you please either correct the text on your site or tell me where on your site i can find the DS version.

  7. lunabean says:

    Hi Tom,
    I’m sorry, but mention of the DS guide was a typo and has been removed. A DS guide is coming, but not here yet, as we were temporarily sidelined.

  8. Becky says:

    Any update on teh DS version?

  9. Bobby says:

    Still waiting patiently for the Lego Star Wars III guide for DS. Is it ever going to be done???

  10. lunabean says:

    Sorry for the wait. We’re working on it and hope to have something next week.

  11. Nanook says:

    Dear Lunabean;
    Is there any update on the DS version of the SW III guide?

  12. Bobby says:

    Still no DS guide???? It’s been almost two weeks now, AAHHHH!!!!! I might have to go to the darkside…..they have cookies…..

  13. jeremy says:

    Crap, the dark side has cookies? I’m so sorry for the delay everyone. We recently had a new addition to the family and have a slew of other work that we’re trying to complete. We do plan to pump out a DS guide as soon as we have a spare week or so ;) .

    In the meantime, please know that ANY LunaPass member can feel free to use the contact form to send us a question about the game if they are stuck or can’t find a particular collectible or if they just want to say hi. We’ll be able to help you out.

  14. Terrance says:

    I use this guides all the time. I keep them on my iPhone, and when I’m playing a game with my son and we get stuck, he always says “Ask your phone!” Little does he know I’m asking Lunabean, and I always get the right answer.

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