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Summer in the vineyard


Perhaps the winemaker would care to blog about the hot summer’s effects on the grapes. Reminiscent of ’03? Expect high alcohol? Too early to tell? The people want to know…

2009 Beatrice Rose Pinot Noir – Winemaker’s Cuvee


Insert your wine description here.  If the wine is vineyard designated, you can easily add a map. If someone cares to shoot a quick video of someone describing the wine as they taste it, said video can easily be embedded. The possibilities of what to do with this space are endless… purchase now Video Review [...]

Veraison is upon us

veraison vineyard

Here is where you could write about the state of the vineyards at any given time.  Put it in both the “vineyards” category and the “featured content” category, and it will appear on the front page of your site, as well as on the vineyards page, where it will be automatically archived.