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Lunabean's James Bond 007: Nightfire Strategy Guide

James Bond 007: Nightfire
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Lunabean Rating: 8.0
Platforms: PS2*, GCN, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 11.18.02
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
Official Site: James Bond 007: Nightfire
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Codes and Cheats

Strategy Guide

007 NightFire Tips & Tricks

The Decryptor

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A lot of people seem to be having problems with this gadget. It seems that people think the decryptor will give you numbers that you have to punch into the keypad. This is not the case. All you have to do to is equip the Decryptor, point it at the keypad and press whichever button you have set to fire a weapon. This will trigger the decryptor to begin searching for the code. When it finds a number, don't do anything, just keep pressing the button. Eventually it will find the entire code, and the door will open for you.

Paris Prelude


Simply following the directions given to you in this very easy level.

Bond Moves

Shoot out the tires of one of the two first cars for a BOND MOVE.

Shoot out the tires of one of the two second set of cars for a BOND MOVE.

Shoot out the tires of the other car in the second set for a BOND MOVE.

After the first two sets of enemy cars, you swing around and Dominique is coming straight at you with an enemy car pursuing her. If you can blow up that car before the scene ends, it's a Bond move (practically impossible in 00 Agent mode). (Thanks Javil!)

Successfully use your Turbo to jump the gap for a BOND MOVE.

Gas the cars behind you for a BOND MOVE.

On the driving part of the mission you will come across two of your enemy cars both facing each other. All you have to do is use the Q-Wedge to go between both of the cars for a BOND MOVE. (Thanks Matt from the UK!)

007 Bonus
*Please note, 007 Icons/Bonuses can only be found if you've earned a Gold in the level.

When you begin driving the first 007 ICON is on your left.

In a bench area up the stairs and to your left.

Right in front of you on a jump before the big bridge.

Right after you turbo jump the bridge, the 007 ICON is on your left.

The Exchange


Breech the Castle Wall
Head down the stairs behind you, kill the guard and pick up his Winter Covert Sniper. Use the Sniper to kill the guards up the hill in front of you (don't miss the one in the guard tower above). Pick up one of the dropped SG5 Commandos and continue on. At the bridge, take the path to your left instead of crossing. After walking along the wall locate the hook. You're taking the path above it around the castle. You'll come to a wire above. Jump up to catch it and go across. Walk up against the wall. Avoid being detected by the guards inside for a BOND MOVE. You'll come to a grappling hook. Use your Grapple to cross and walk on. Head through the hole in the side of the wall, go up the stairs and through the door.

You can also opt to jump in the back of the truck that stalls below you right at the beginning. If you remain quiet back there they'll let you straight in the front door. This will also be a BOND MOVE.

Find a way inside to the party
If you took the long way around, shoot the guard and go through the door. At the bottom of the stairs, open the door and kill the guard above and to your right with your Sniper. Take a left, then another left. The entrance has broad stairs leading up to it. If you entered the castle via the truck, head through the opened door and shoot the two guards. From up where they were, go through the door. In front of you there are two guards in a building. Take care of them and enter for Body Armor. Open the control panel and cut the green wire with your laser. This shuts off the lights and gives you a BOND MOVE. Exit the building, go right and right again, under the bridge. Turn right through the opened door, then left and up the broad stairway.

Rendezvous with Undercover Agent
Work your way through the opened doors and get to the stairs. Go upstairs and listen/spy on Drake's speech. Afterwards, head to the library and meet up with the agent.

Spy on the Secret Meeting
You're no longer under cover, so shoot at will. Head back to the stairs and through the other door. Take care of the guards. Continue going on, go up the stairs and through the door on your right.

Retrieve Guidance Chip from Safe Room
Head out the windows and take the zip line across for a BOND MOVE. Take care of the guards and pick up the Deutch M9K and jump down through the skylight. Go through the doors directly across from you and work your way up the stairs. Open the control panel to the door on the stairs and use your laser to destroy the panel. This is the safe room. Take out the two guards inside (banking grenades into the room is fun). Use your laser on the hinges of the safe door to open it and collect the goodies.

Escape with Zoe in the Gondola
Head back to the Gondola station and down the stairs. In the Gondola, use your 420 Sentinel to blow up the chopper. Done.


If you take the long way around to enter the castle, you can earn a BOND MOVE when you walk along the wall with the windows and avoid being seen by any guards.

If you take the truck in successfully, you've earned a BOND MOVE.

Zapping the green wire and shutting off the search lights will earn you a BOND MOVE.

Taking the Zip line from the area where you exit through the window to the next roof will earn you a BOND MOVE.


Take care of the first guard, then take the small path to the right. Fall down the cliff to obtain the first 007 Icon.
*Tip: It's really easy to get that first guard that you meet after you go down the stairs to surrender for some bonus points. Also, once you've taken care of him, if you turn left and go under the archway past where the truck starts, there's another guard down there and another 007 bonus under the archway behind him. Also, if you go back up the stairs to where you started and jump up onto the parapet next towards the castle, there's a ledge there that you can follow around so that you don't have to fall down a cliff to get the armor and the 007 bonus at the bottom of the ravine. (Thanks for the tip, Pez!)

If you took the long path around, upon entering the castle area a guard will exit the door. Take care of him. Instead of going through the door go straight ahead toward the door in front of you. There's a 007 Icon.

In the corner of the wine cellar is a 007 Icon.

In the library where you meet up with the agent is a 007 Icon.

In the piano room, in front of the fireplace.

After exiting out the window, to your right is a 007 Icon.

Down the stairs from the Gondola is a small room with guards. There's also a 007 Icon in there.

Right after you kill the first guard, go down the road in the direction the truck came from. All the way down, there is a guard. Kill him and go in the tunnel. There it is! (Thanks Luke!)

Alpine Escape


Escape from Drake's Castle Compound
Shoot the bad guys as Zoe starts the snowmobile. Once she gets going, just continue shooting the men.

Evade Drake's pursuing forces
Just go and shoot. It seems to be the theme for this objective. When you get to the big gate, either get through it by shooting all of the guards before they get a chance to shut them, or shoot them out with your missles to pass.


While you're stalled, watch for the Gondola to come down on your right. Shoot it down for a BOND MOVE.

Still while stalled, when two men come at you from the front, shoot the light on the oil tank to blow it and them up.

When you're moving down the hill, shooting the gas cans at the second camp (with the beam structure) will earn you a BOND MOVE.

Shoot out the gate you break through under the road for a BOND MOVE.

Kill the guards before they close the big gate on you for a BOND MOVE.


Shoot out the gas tanks in the first camp you pass on your right before you pass it.

After you brake through the grate there's a single guy that heads straight for you. Shoot him dead before he passes you so you can collect the 007 Icon.

Use your missles to kill the men at the big gate.

Enemies Vanquished


Rendezvous with Q at the extraction point
Just drive. You have five minutes. Don't harm the police. If they're on you, use your Smoke Screen to get rid of them (and get a BOND MOVE). After heading down the road and through the tunnel, avoid the police blockade by taking the path on your right.

Dispatch all enemies
Simply use missles and guns to kill the bad guys here.


Use your Smoke Screen on the first cop that chases you for a BOND MOVE.

Jump over the patio area up the stairs, instead of following the road for another BOND MOVE.

Use your Smoke Screen on the second cop.


In a cafe area on your left.

Through the gated area...right after you jump over the patio area.

On the jump you make right before landing on the ice.

On the ice, stay left and you'll pick up a 007 Icon.

The last one is located in the extraction zone.

Double Cross


Escort Mayhew to Bunker
Just follow, protect, and clear the path ahead of you when he stops.

Destroy Mayhew's Computer
Upon exiting the bath house out the side door, head to the house across the two bridges and to the right. Shoot the computer.

Rescue Geisha Girls The first GG is located in the bath house. The second can be found after destroying the computer. Open the door into the building. Down the hall and to your left is the kitchen. The second GG is located there. Shoot the guard standing next to the GGs first in order to rescue them.

Find door to servents quarters
Locate the large door with circles on it down the hall from the kitchen. This is the door.

Retrieve Dragon Safe contents
Upon entering the living room with the white couches, look for the Dragon Safe. Hit your action button to collect the Code Key.

Rescue Mayhew's Servants
In the bedroom (next to the living room), locate the secgret door with the blue vision goggles. Open the door, and the next door to save the first hostage for a BOND MOVE. The second hostage is located in the room next to the dining room in the house across the way. You can get there through the skylights in the roof if you care to.

Find the door leading to Mayhew
In the hallway with the ladder there's a wooden door with two circles. This is the door.

Defeat the Assassin
Don't let the Ninja get close to you and avoid his grenades. A few good head shots with the Firensi should be enough to kill him.


Around the bath house, crouch down and work your way to the grate below the bath house. Pop up for a BOND MOVE.

While saving the second Geisha, you can earn a BOND MOVE by sneaking up on the guard pointing his gun at her, then shooting him in the head then walking away.

Save the first servant by locating the secret door in the bedroom with your blue glowing glasses. Go through that door and the next and take care of the guard. Stay where you are until it registers a BOND MOVE.

You can get a fourth BOND MOVE by shooting the guard covering the second servant from the skylight on the rooftop. Don't let anyone else see you.

Beside Mayhew's house there is a line going across to the house with three white paper lanterns hanging from it. Shoot out the three lanterns with a silenced gun, and wait a few moments for the sparks to stop falling from the second lantern (they will burn you). Jump up onto the rock under the line, and hand-over-hand across for a BOND MOVE. (Thanks Jessica!)


On the walkway right when you begin.

On the second level of the statue room which leads to the bunker.

By the big gong by the bath house.

After saving the 1st Geisha Girl, and exiting the bathhouse, head right instead of left to the end.

Behind the screen in the dining room.

On the balcony of the roof.

In the cleaning supply room.

Night Shift

Don't let the security guards raise alarm
Easy enough.

Get to Lobby and activate the main elevator system
This is located in the security room. You can see it from the main lobby. While in the security room, activate the other console, too. This will shut off the laser system upstairs.

Take main elevator to office floor
Do just this.

Install Q-Worm on Office Computer Systems
If you did not turn off the laser system, use your blue glasses to spot the trip lasers and avoid them. The room you need to enter has a security camera to the left of it. If you head right from the copier at the entry you'll eventually run into it. Enter and use your Q-Worm on the red glowing computer.

Find security center and unlock exterior door
From the beginning, be sure to obtain the keycode from the green glowing computer on the first set of offices on your left. After the Q-Worm/red computer room, exit out the door and use the key code on the key pad to your left. Head through the door, then through the unlocked door and make your way to the mainframe room across from the water cooler and white couch. Get your next key code and use it on the door to the right if you're facing the security camera. Activate both computers inside. One will complete the objective, the other will turn off the laser system upstairs surrounding the NightFiles.

Find door to outer balcony
On the other side of security cam door, by the vending machine.

Install Q-Worm on Mayhew's computer system
Use top of elevator to ride to top floor and enter via vent (your action button will open it up). Fall down and exit area. There are two cameras. Run to the far one and enter door nearby. Use decryptor on keypad. You hold the decryptor on the keypad until the code is found and the door will open up for you. Enter and install Q-Worm.

Locate the Secure Terminal Room
Upon falling down vent exit area, ahead and to the right a big grey door. Use your keycard to open it.

Retrieve NightFiles
If you didn't turn off the laser grid, use your blue glasses to check the trip lasers in this room. Avoiding them will give you a BOND MOVE. Activate the computer to obtain the files.

Escape to the roof
Use the stairwell to run up. Before you head up, you may want to run around so you can get a good gun after killing th guards that come after you.

Acquire parachute from helicopter and jump off tower roof
There are some very bad guys on the roof. Use your Commando on them and crouch behind rocks and ledges for protection. Grab the chute and run off the helipad.


Across from the office where you install the first Q-Worm there's a a closet. On the ceiling there's a vent you can open. Open it up, grapple into the vents and work your way into the next room. (Thanks Yaz!)

You'll receive a BOND MOVE when you make it to the Secure Terminal without beind hit by lasers.

Shoot down the helicopter on the roof that tries to take off (using the Scorpion found in Mayhews Office). Thanks Ken!


The first 007 Icon is locate in the basement, along one of the walls.

There's one located in the building's main entryway.

Upon arriving up the elevator into the offices, turn left, then turn left again into the windowed hallway. At the end is a 007 Icon. (Thanks Grant!)

In a back "office". The office door is the one closest to the security camera by the keypad door.

One is located at the dead end of the hallway upstairs. It has glass on one side and a metal grate along closing off a door nearby.

In the large meeting room on the top floor, on the big table.

On the edge of a pool on the roof.

Chain Reaction

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Investigate Building ST-1
Using your Sniper Rifle, take care of the Snipers around you. Next, use your Laser to zap the hinges on the grate on the roof. This is a BOND MOVE.

Photograph the Jetpack Prototype
Kill the enemies, head down one flight, and take a photo with your micro-camera.

Advance through Warehouse TR-2
Exit ST-1, via the 1st floor. Take care of the Snipers around. Go up the ladder on the silo-looking thing and cross back and forth via the overhead cables to get to the door. Take care of the people inside, work your way up to the beam, and cross it to access the exit.

Investigate Building ST-3
Upon exiting, shoot the Snipers. Get down from your location, via the wall ledge and crates. There will be a few guys on the ground to kill. Continue shooting the Snipers. Be sure to get the two shooting you from inside the building (behind broken glass). Climb up the crane...this will trigger some rooftop Snipers. Either kill them from above or take the zipline back down for protection while you take care of them. Once you've killed them and are back on top of the crane, grab the line and get over to the other crane. Activate the crane so it turns. Now you have a path to the door. Enter. There's Body Armor on the left. From control area, kill the men shooting at you from below. Go downstairs and to your right and you'll see laser diagrams.

Photograph the Laser Prototype
Hit controls to move the catwalk above. Use your Grapple on the hook, so you can land on the moving catwalk. Jump off when you're near the laser images. This is a BOND MOVE. Take a picture.

Destroy Door C-5 With Mounted Laser on Catwalk
Next to laser images is a laser gun. Hop on and blast the bad guys and the door.


Use your lasers on the grate on top of the building where you start. Drop down for a BOND MOVE.

Watch the forklift moving back and forth. Get on top of it and one of the crates it picks up. From here, you will be able to grapple up to the side of the building with a broken ladder and some ammo.

Use the moving catwalk in the final area to move along. Just get it moving with the controls and grapple up there.


On top of the forklift in the building with the Jetpack Prototype.

Inside the hangar parallel to the one you start on top of is a small room. Grapple up to the catwalk, then jump on top of it. Use your laser on the grate with the broken fan. Drop in for a 007 Icon and a Phoenix Ronin.

There's another one in this hangar. To get to it you must get up to the roof of TR-2. Just get close to the building's entrance as you normally would, then grapple to the roof. Zip line down to catch the 007 Icon.

Behind the big generator in TR-2.

After you've killed all of the snipers in the crane area, get to the second crate and run along the wall of the building, then up the ladder. Jump on the pipe and wall walk across to the broken glass area. There's a 007 Icon in this room.

Get on top of the moving catwalk in the last building. There are two beams holding up the catwalk. At the end of one is the last 007 Icon. Just jump onto the beam to get it.

To get the 7th 007 token in Chain Reaction, go to building ST-3, hammersmash everyone and then go in the room right by the C-5 door. Jump on the boxes with the body armor and then jump straight across to one of the shelves where the enemy is located (after you kill them) the 007 token is behind that crate. (Thanks Rob!)

Phoenix Fire

Escape from Tower
See below.

Gain Access to Lower Office Floor
Head out down the stairwell and work your way to the bottom while taking care of the enemies. In harder levels you'll have to retrieve the key code for the keypad to the stairwell. You can get this from Mayhew's computer...the one you installed the Q-Worm on.

Activate Elevator Override Control in Security Center
This is the office you needed a key code for before. Toss a couple of grenades to toast the rail gun. Enter and activate. In harder levels, you'll need the key code again. You can either go back to the computer where you originally use the Q-Worm to get it, or you can just blow out the glass of the room you need to enter. I opted to blow out the glass as fewer guards came after me this way.

Escape through Elevator Shaft
Before leaving the room, hit the skybridge shutter controls. Go back to where you entered and take the open door on your right. Head right, toss a couple more grenades into a room on your right and hop onto the elevator.

Gain Access to Lobby
Just head down on top of elevator shooting anyone who shoots you. Time bombs will be dropped. Disarm them with the laser. You can pretty much avoid being hit if you stand against the wall where men are opening the elevator doors to shoot you.

Raise Security Gate and Escape through Front Entrance
Just go back to your security room and raise the gates. Go out the front.


From the start there's a blown out side to the elevator. Jump out to the side and grapple onto the top. Go through the vent system for a BOND MOVE.

Blow up the helicopter.


Exit the elevator via the blown out panel and walk along the side of the building to grab the first 007 Icon.

In the large meeting room with the large table and body armor.

Same place it was last time...at the dead end of the hallway. This time you have a helicoptor shooting at you through the glass.

In the Cafeteria/Dining Room.

In office 70A.

One is in the security office in the lobby area.

The last 007 Icon is just sitting on the lobby floor.

Deep Descent

Make it to the Beach Undetected
See below.

Find Alternate Way to Drake's Base
From the getgo, veer right. After cutscene, enter the sunken ship.

Destroy Communications Node
After cutscene, go right again. In the fan room, use remote torpedos to get the node at the other side of the big fans. This is a BOND MOVE. Head left, shoot the sub with your torpedos, then use remote torpedos to blow up the control box past the laser grid on the left. Avoid the mines. You'll come to another laser grid door. Use your remote torpedos again to destroy the control box far ahead on the left side.

Plant Charges on Missiles
Go around dropping the charges on the flashing areas. There are 6 charges to place in a circle. Escape in time. The door you need to exit from is above you.

Follow Sub into Base
Do just that. Once you have completed the objective, just continue on forward.

Place Q-Charges on Docked Sub
There are 3 docked subs in the structure above you. Approach the lights and activate the Q-Charges.

Destroy Enemy Attack Sub
As soon as you get the cutscene, start hitting it with the remote torpedos. This way it can't find you as you attack it.


Disable the Communications node by firing a Remote torpedo through the fan system and at the node.

Use a torpedo on the first sub you encounter. Have it hit the tanks below the sub and it will blow the sub up.

After you chase the little sub thats dropping mines behind it through the doors, quickly kill it after you get through the last door so it can't alert the subs in the next section. Than before going past the bend in the tunnel (so the subs can't see you from a distance)....launch a remote missle and guide it towards the 3 subs docked at the far end. Simply crash it into one of the gas tanks next to a sub to blow up the sub and get the BOND MOVE. (Thanks Branden W.)


At the start inside of the ship, to the right.

Next to the Communications Node.

At the bottom of the second mine area.

While you're chasing the sub there's one on a rocky platform above and to the right.

On top of the sub dock, where you're being attacked by the subs.

Still looking...

Island Infiltration

Dismantle Drake's Island Defense Systems
See below.

Download Defense System Code from Compound
As you're driving, look for a path on your right. Take it. Enter the compound and defend yourself. Drive up on the helipad and hit your action button to download the code.

Disable Island Defense Sentinels
Head toward the main road and go right. Shoot the enemies as they approach. At the gate, use your action button to use your code. The sentinels will rise up. The first one will be on your right after the gate, but you can sit behind the gate and shoot it with your missiles. The next one will be on your left after the 2nd gate. Sit back and shoot this one too. You'll get a code icon when you pass a small building. Activate the code to bridge the gap in front of you. While going through the tunnel, look out for a path on your left. There's Body Armor there. Head back down. Sentinel number 3 will rise up from the center. Shoot your missiles at it. Now you're flying. Sentinels #4, 5, 6 and 7 are on your flying route.

Disable Primary Access Route
Right when you start in the plane, shoot your rockets in the bridge.

Protect Alura
As the tank exits, shoot the oil tank on your left for a BOND MOVE. Shoot down the sets of planes for 3 BOND MOVES. Use your secondary weapon (not pulse) to destroy sub when it appears in front of you.


At the compound gate, wait for the arm to raise, don't crash through it.

When your driving after you've blown up the second sentinal. To the right of the path is a hidden trail just before the left turn. Blast through the rocks to reveal a trail that leads a jump which will get you a BOND MOVE. Then grab the body armor on the path to the third sentinal. (Thanks again D. Meincke!)

When the trucks are attacking you and you're flying above them, shoot out the bridge they cross while they're crossing it.

At the end, shoot out the oil tank on your left as the tank exits.

Shoot down the first set of planes that comes from your left.

Shoot down the second set of planes coming from your right.

Shoot down the third set of planes coming straight at you.


Before you move forward, back up. There's a 007 Icon behind you. (Thanks Andy Borden)

On the Helipad in the compund.

On the right side of Sentinel #3.

Destroy Sentinel #4 in time to fly through the destruction and gather the 007 Icon.


Infiltrate Drake's Facility Undected

Fall down the grate and go through the door. You should put down two guards.

Follow Kiko to Security Control Center
In A-3, disable the laser system by using your laser on the green plate in the control panel. In A-4, take the security cameras off-line, by using your laser on the green plate in the control panel. There is also Body Armor in this room. Kiko is in A-8, A-12, then A-16. Continue going where you're told until you locate her entering the security control center.

Sabotage Base and Escape from Room
At the far end of the room, at opposite sides, are two control panels. Zap the green plates in the control panels with your laser to sabotage the base. Check red computer on top and the door will eventually open. First door on your right is Body Armor. Also, in this room is an ammo closet. Use your Decryptor on both keypads and gear up.

Prevent Rook from Cutting Power to the Delta Sector
Head toward Delta door, and Rook will pretty much find you. Hit him with a few grenades and he'll go down.

Take Exit to Delta Center
Do just this.

Find the Exit to Omega Center
Blow up the lasers to get through them. And, go through the path of open doors.

Reach Drake's Launch Silo
Go upstairs in side room to get Body Armor and unlock the door. Move through it and straight ahead.

Prevent Kiko from Launching Into Space
Run into the room behind you, to the left, before the doors shut to protect yourself from the fires. You will be attacked by some assassins once the rockets launch. Both times, use your grenades on them. Kiko will head up, and she'll be behind a door. Instead of shooting her, hit the button next to the door. She'll fall and burn. Yay!


Get the alarm system offline by disabling the laser system in A-3, disabling the security cameras in A-4, and the security safety in A-8.

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Please note, all of the following 007 Bonuses were provided by the ever so kind Cameron. Thanks Cameron!

In the Ventilation Shafts in the first room. When you drop out of the vent go to the other side of the room and grapple into that vent, if you go all the way to down the left side, you'll run across the 1st Icon.

Once you disabled the first two panels, you enter the cargo room so as not to upset the guards going down the hallway. In the FIRST cargo room you come across, right after you enter, there is a crawl space to your right behind some crates that has a body armor and the 2nd 007 Bonus Icon.

In the missle silo area, one is behind one of the two doors that you must unlock with your Q Decryptor. I belive it's the second. I might be wrong on the exact placement of this one though.

The next 007 Icon is right in front of the door mark "Omega Sector". It's right in front of you, unable to be missed. You have to go through this door to get to the 3rd area so you can't miss it.

In the third area of the level, or the Kiko area, the first room you enter is the main "standoff" with a bunch of men on the upper walkway. Kill all the men, then proceed up the ramp. Turn left. Then in the first room in front of you, there will be the 5th Bond Icon. Do NOT leave this area till you find it. It's upstairs in the 1st of the two adjacent rooms you come to.

When you start the last part of the level under the Rocket that's getting ready to go off, the other 2 Bond Icons are located under the other two rockets...on their launch pads. I got one right away before entering the first room to wait in. Then after killing the first set of guys, I went out and got the 2nd one that was under the other rocket's booster with the 60 seconds they give you.


Disable the Missles before the are Launched
It's Bond in Space! The first thing you have to do is kill the two bad guys that Drake sends after you. Once this is done, it will trigger the launching of the missles. You'll see a map of the missles that are activated. When there is a green dot, go to that missle and wait for the green clamp to be revealed shoot it out until your indicator shows a red X. Continue shooting the bad guys and disarming the missles until they are all disabled.

Kill Drake
Once you've disabled the missles, the space station will start to go. Try to float yourself just below where you disarmed the missles. Drake will drop down from where he was. Shoot him a few times and you've killed him. Congrats! You're done with the game.


There are no BOND MOVES in this final level. Thanks for the info, steve!


There is one on each corner of the platform you float around on. Then there is another one that is in the center of the spinning contraption above Drake's control center. (Thanks D. Meincke)

In the path of the main laser beam heading to the satellite. You have to get it before fighting Drake because the laser will never shut off after that. (Thanks Cameron!)

The last one (if facing the satellite) is to the left of the one mentioned above. (Again, Thanks Cameron!)

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