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LB's "Alice in Wonderland - The Video Game" Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking for the Nintendo Wii version please go here:
LB's "Alice in Wonderland" Walkthrough - Nintendo Wii, PC

  • 100% Completion
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  • All Armor Pieces
  • Nintendo DS
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LB Alice in Wonderland DS Game Guide

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Alice in Wonderalnd Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Disney Alice in Wonderland: The Video Game Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the DS contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

What does that mean? This game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of every area, the locations of all Chests, Puzzle Pieces, Armor Pieces, and more!, solutions to all Puzzles and Boss Fights.

In other words, if you're having Alice troubles, this guide contains the Alice answer!

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Sample Alice in Wonderland Game Guide


Lots of Lessons

Begin your game by going through the door marked "Play", then hopping through either of the two "New Game" rabbit holes. Once in the game, lead McTwisp to Dum and Dee. Do this by placing your stylus near the Rabbit in the direction you want him to walk. Continue holding and leading the Rabbit.

Lesson 1: Vortex

Upon reaching the Tweedles, you'll be notified you've left Alice alone too long. She'll be trapped in the Red Knights' vortex. Quickly return up the stairs and tap Alice with your stylus to free her. Phew! Lesson learned: Don't leave Alice unattended or she'll be sucked into evil vortex land. Head back down the stairs, as Alice will follow you this time.

Lesson 2: Follow/Unfollow

Continue left. As you go, you'll be taught another in game lesson. Tap Alice and you'll see a "II" icon ("Pause" button) appear. This means you've released her from following you. Head left to confirm. Note the Alice head icon. Tap it, you'll see an arrow icon (like a "Play" button), and Alice will run toward you. Move, and you'll discover she's locked into following you again. To make her stop following you, tap for the "II". To make her follow, either tap the head if she's far away, or tap her body for the arrow icon. It's that easy.

Lesson 3: Fighting

Continue left and Dee will teach you about fighting. To do so, move your stylus on the screen and draw a line up or down. Slash the nearby plant to reveal a Life recharge. Red ones give you health (the heart meter). Green ones give you...well, we don't know yet. Continue practicing your slashes, then head left.

Lesson 4: Obstacles

Continue left and Dum will introduce you to a block obstacle. Simply run at it to automatically jump it. Approach the next obstacle, the large hat. Place the tip of your stylus at the top of it and hold it in place. Eventually McTwisp will jump up. Once up, tap Alice and she'll join you.

Move left and jump over Dee by placing and holding your stylus left of him. Jump over, then tap Alice to guide her over.

Move up the stairs and to the large gate. Call Alice over to you, then tap the door icon to pass through.

Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

Strange Garden

After a bit of conversation, you'll learn your goal is to reach the Diamond Door. Before heading off, tap the arrow icon on the top right to go into your menu (and see your map), then the eye icon on the top left to see your Quest Diary.

Guide Alice right and you'll arrive at a Mailbox. You can save your game at mailboxes. Do so by getting close to the mailbox and tapping the icon. Once complete, head right.

Lesson 5: Block and Roll

Fearsome flower!?!?! The goal is to get past the flower so you can slash the eye at its base. To do so, tap McTwisp and hold your stylus on him to put him in block mode (he can't be hurt when his shield is up) then move your stylus diagonally (down-left to up-right) across the screen. McTwisp will roll. Slash the eye three times (move your stylus up and down), then move right before the flower wakes up. Continue right, and don't forget to slash the plants as you go to fill up on health and green stuff.

Jump the gap and you'll be shown some strange grass. Approach and slash before it damages you. Continue right. Save if you desire.

Tap the puddles you cross to reveal more Life Recharges. Continue up the stairs and to the door to complete the objective.

Inspect the Fountain

Since the door is a no-go, return left and examine the fountain. To do this, hold down any button on your DS (I went with the control pad), then tap with your stylus the resulting "Pause" button. Doing so will Pause time, thus revealing the "Edge of the Mushroom Forest" Puzzle Piece. Guide Alice over it to collect it. To use it, tap the "?" icon to go into your map screen, then the glowing Puzzle Piece at the top. You'll find a new puzzle map. Drag and drop the glowing puzzle piece so it connects to the right side of the piece with Alice in the middle.

Find Absolem

When you return to the game you'll discover the diamond door is active again. Make your way back to it and you'll encounter your first Red Knight. Tap and slash it until it falls. Continue to the Diamond door and move through it.

Mushroom Forest - Edge

Step into the mist to the right, thus creating a blue "?" above your head. The blue "?" means you're near an object that can be someone, but not you. Go into your map screen, then touch and drag the "?" to your location. This will help you remember the location of this mysterious green mist. Head right, press any button (control pad works), then grow the purple plant by touching the double right arrows with your stylus. Cross and make your way to the next Vortex/Red Knight.

Alice will be immediately sucked into the Vortex. Quickly take down the Knight (or hit him until he gets out of the way), then tap Alice to get her out before the timer runs out. Finish off the Knight, if you didn't already. Move down the stairs (look out for bugs). Stop at the bottom to find another Purple Plant. Hit a button, then grow the plant across the gap. Cross it.

Continue right to the Cup. Flip it (move your stylus in a horizontal line left to right) to earn your reward. Continue right and fight the bugs you encounter. One has a hard shell. Note that he looks like he has a cup on his head. Flip him, just as you did the Cup, then slash him.

Eventually you'll run into a waterfall. Time for McTwisp's watch. Pull it up (hold any button), then tap the backwards double arrows to turn back time. Fall down into the pit and collect the "Core of the Mushroom Forest" Puzzle Piece. Go into your Puzzle Menu and place it directly beneath the piece you're currently exploring. This will active the Black Club door on the right side of your map. Exit the pit, pull Alice up, move right and Save.

Take down the Cup Bug and pass through the second green mist. Mark it on your map and continue right to the third which point you'll be flipped to the top. Continue to the right, then use your stopwatch to pull back the Purple Plant (hold any button, then tap the backwards double arrows. Jump up, then pull Alice up to meet you.

Move right and Alice will be taken hostage. Charge the Knight (as you do Cups...straight line left to right), then eliminate both Knights. Continue right and fall down into the pit (with Alice).

Move left to the Mushroom. Turn back time to shrink the shroom, then fall into the pit. Make your way to the Black Club door and move through it. .....

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