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LB's Area 51 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Part III

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Area 51 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
3. Part III

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LB Review: 8.2
Platforms: Xbox, PS2, PC
Release Date: 04.25.05 (Xbox, PS2), 05.23.05 (PC)
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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Area 51 Table of Contents

  0. Introduction
  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
  4. "Area 51" Review

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Area 51 Strategy Guide - Part III

Buried Secrets

When the elevator comes to a stop, exit and you'll get another floating body message. Kill the Mutant and then go into the mine shaft where you will encounter a new enemy: Parasite Balls. This is not the official name, but the name I have given them, so deal with it.

The Parasite Balls break apart into smaller parts when shot. I find the Shotgun is quite effective against them. Continue through thmine shaftft until you get a cutscene and are told that you need to destroy the Turrets.

CHECKPOINT: The Refinery

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The first thing you need to do is clear the area of enemies. Take out the first two by luring them into the mine shaft; watch out for grenades being tossed at you. Next, go out into the main area and find the two Black-Ops Leaders and then the Sniper above the Turrets. Take them out and then, being careful not to trigger the Turrets, take out any other enemies that you can. Once that happens, you need to take out the Turrets.

Turrets can be destroyed by firing at them. You need to shoot the actual gun itself, not the red part above it. So you don't waste Ammo, I suggest using the BBG Alien Weapon. The best place to take out the Right Turret is to go to the left of this area, behind the fence. You'll be protected here but can fire through the fence at the Right Turret. Do so until it explodes.

To destroy the Left Turret you'll need to find a good spot to hide behind where you can pop out, fire a few shots at it, then hide again so the Turret doesn't shoot you. I found that the right side, near the pipes that extend out with the Health on it, was a good spot. I hid behind the generators on this side and then poked out to the left, fired, took cover, repeat.

There may be one more Black-Ops Leader in the area. Kill him then find the fenced in area where the control panel is that you need to get to. Facing the Turrets, go right, over the dirt mounds and find the ladder. Climb up (this is where the Sniper was earlier) and walk across the beam and then jump into the fenced area and hit the switch to open the gate.

Exit out by using the fence ramp. Three Mutants will attack. Kill them and then kill the many more Mutant Leapers that attack. When you have cleared them out, go up to the gate and it'll open.


Cross the bridge, kill the Mutant, and then enter the mine shaft. When you exit out you'll have a whole new battle to deal with. Here there are several Snipers shooting down at you and various other Black-Ops in the area. Make sure you kill any enemies on the ground first, then look up to Snipe the Snipers. Also, if you have any JB Grenades, you can launch them at the Snipers for an easy kill. Work your way forward, using this technique: worry about ground first, then snipers.

When the area is clear, you'll be able to see the control panel that you need to reach through the window of the security compound. To get in there, go to the pipe that is nearest the security compound. Look along the left edge of the cliff for a Ladder. There is also some Ammo and Health near it. Climb down the Ladder. You are on a lower catwalk. Find the corner of the catwalk with the broken railing. Drop down to the pipe below, crouch, and then work your way under the catwalk, up the ramp, and then up the Ladder. You'll be in the security compound. Hit the switch on the control panel.

You'll be attacked by more enemies, but this time, the tables are turned and you're inside the security compound. Watch out for grenades and blast the four enemies. When it's clear, go under the half-open door and through the door across from you; it's now unlocked.

Now Boarding

Work your way along the mine shaft until you get to the two doors. Look through the window on the right to talk to the Scientist, who will open the door for you. Enter and kill the Black-Ops Leader and the two Mutants who crawl out of the shaft. Move along the path, cross the bridge, kill the enemies using the exploding canisters to your advantage, and carefully enter the large open cavern.

You have a split stone pillar in front of you. If you go left you'll be blown up by a Turret, if you go to the middle you'll be hit by another set of Turrets, and if you go right you'll be sniped. First, take out the Sniper by sliding out to the right and locating the sniper on the yellow catwalk off in the distance. He'll run back and forth on it, so be aware of where he is, zoom in and snipe him.

Crouch and head right then go forward, taking cover behind the crates and then the pipe. You'll be able to go into the room on the right without getting hurt. From here, you can take out both of the enemies manning the Turrets. Shoot them and then hit the switch to extend the bridge.

Cross the bridge, kill the enemies who come out and then go back and grab the Scientist by going up to the window and hitting your "Activate" button.

CHECKPOINT: Hold Off the Enemy Forces

You need to defend your position. You can go out to either Turret, but I recommend the left one because it's easier to hit the bridge control box. Anyway, you have to fight off wave after wave of enemy. About half way through the battle, you'll be told that the bridge has been extended. You need to shoot the bridge control box, down and to the left...just follow your green arrow. Fire several rounds at the control box to retract the bridge. Continue battling the enemies, if the bridge gets repaired, blow up the control box again.

You'll get an indication that the door had been hacked and that you need to defend the area for just a bit longer. Continue firing until all of them are dead. If you need Health of Ammo go up the ladder and grab some. Go down to the door and it'll open. The Scientist will thank you.


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Pick up the Dynamite on the right. Kill the two Black-Ops Leaders. Grab the Ammo at the end of the hall and then place the dynamite on the rock. Get to a safe distance and shoot the dynamite. Enter the tunnel and kill the two Mutants. Jump down to the exploding canister laden battle arena, kill the Mutants (try not to hit any exploding canisters because you'll use them) and you'll get a cutscene of a huge monster.

Boss Fight - Theta

There's really no secret to beating him, just lots of firepower. Here is a case where I found the BBG Alien Weapon to work quite well. Try to avoid using your Grenades at this point as you'll need them later. First, try to get in between Theta and any set of exploding canisters. When Theta nears the canisters, shoot them. Repeat this process as best as you can, attempting to blow up Theta with the canisters. In between running around blowing up canisters, fire your BBG Alien Weapon at Theta. When all of the canisters are gone it's simply a matter of survival. Continue to use your BBG, but use it wisely so it doesn't run out of Ammo too quickly. There are various Healths around the area, so keep an eye on your meter and run and grab Health if you need it. Throughout the battle you'll encounter several waves of Mutants. The best bet is to kill the Mutants ASAP, then refocus on Theta. About 3/4 through the battle, my BBG was depleted and I didn't have time to wait for it to regenerate, so, I switched to the Shotgun. With the Shotgun, aim for Theta's head and fire away. Keep this up until Theta dies.

The Grays

Jump out of the transport car and go through the hallway to the room with the control panel. Hit the switch. This unlocks the door to your left. Enter the room on the left and operate each switch to open the Dispenser. Grab the JB Grenades and the Health. Go back to the room and go through the right door, but don't go too far.

You'll see two purple wall cannons emerge. Don't waste your JB Grenades. Instead, use your BBG Alien Weapon on them. To destroy them, wait for the cannon to pop out, fire at it until it looks like it'll fire at you or until it goes back into its shell. Repeat this until it's destroyed. Do the same for the other cannon. Go through the door that the cannons were protecting.

In this room you'll see two purple orbs land and turn into Black-Ops soldiers. Kill them. There is a door to the left and one to the right. Go through the door on the left if you want a scan of Theta, but you'll have to deal with a few Parasite Balls (use your Shotgun). Otherwise, go through the right door, kill the Black-Ops that spawn and then activate the switch on the console on the right to raise the platform on the other side of the glass. Then, go through the next door.

Here, you'll see some Grayexperimentingng on someone. Continue through the hall to the door and go through. Kill the Grays on the balcony on the right. In this room there are four purple wall cannons protecting the door below. Go to the left side of the area (near the upper door) and, using the Theta Chambers for cover, take out each of the four cannons using your BBG so you don't waste any real ammo. When the four cannons are destroyed, go through the upper door, activate the switch to dispense some Health, and grab the other Ammo in the area. Exit and go down to the lower area and through the door.

CHECKPOINT: Alien Experiments

Go up the elevator and activate it. At the top you'll have to fight the Gray. This is a very tough battle as there will be many distractions, ie, the many Black-Ops firing at you. I played it about 10 times before I got it, so be patient. It's best to have as many Grenades as you can at this point. I have 5 JB Grenades and 5 Frag Grenades. There have been at least 5 JB Grenades in the previous areas, so as long as you haven't used any, you should have some. There is a Health station on the left and on the right, inside the area behind the Gray.

The Gray is shielded and can launch purple orbs that spawn Black-Ops soldiers. At first, there is one enemy on the left and one on the right. Kill each of them and then launch 5 Grenades at the Gray (if you have 5 JB Grenades, then that's what you'll throw). Move around wildly whilst so doing as to avoid any enemy fire. At this point, there will be more Black-Ops soldiers and you'll notice that your Health will start taking a hit as they are all firing on you. Don't worry about the ones up above, just worry about the ones firing at you from the area behind the Gray. Jump into this area, grab either the right side or left side Health, and then kill the four Black-Ops who are back here. As soon as they're dead, jump back out and toss your 5 Frag Grenades at the Gray. As you're doing all of this, you'll watch his shield go from Green to Yellow to Red. After the Frag Grenades it should be Red. Depending on your Health, fire at the Shield using your BBG, or if you're suffering, jump back into the area behind the Gray, grab the other Health and kill the Black-Ops that are here. Then, jump back out and continue to fire on the Gray until the shield is broken and he dies.

If you don't have as many Grenades as I have, then toss every one you have at the Gray and then use your BBG after that, repeating the same process of getting in a good stream of shots, watching your Health, and jumping into the area behind the Gray for Health and to clear out the Black-Ops. Then, jump back out and continue to fire. If you get low on BBG Ammo, I found the Assault Rifle did a good job on the shield.

If you're having trouble, it's probably because you don't have 10 Grenades. Load up a previous Save and go from there, saving your Grenades.

When the Gray dies, there are still various enemies around. I recommend jumping to the area directly behind the Gray, where you'll find that a door opened. Run like a banshee to down the hall until you get indication that you reached the next checkpoint. At this point, you're safe if you die because you'll restart right there. You can go back into the Gray area and kill off the soldiers.


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This is another nasty room, full of Parasite Balls. There are three control panels in this room. Go up to the one directly in front of you and activate the switch, grab the Meson Cannon in front of you, and then watch as the Parasite Balls emerge from the left and right containment canisters. Fire a Meson Cannon shot in the middle of the room and then back up into the hallway and arm your Shotgun. Kill any Parasite Balls which get by the Meson Cannon with your Shotgun.

Next, go up to the left control panel, have your Shotgun armed, and operate the switch. You'll see the canister open in front of you. Charge it while firing your Shotgun to quickly dispose of all of the Parasite Balls that emerge. Do the same thing with the right side control panel. Note: JB Grenades also work well on the Parasite Balls.

After all three panels and all Parasite Balls are destroyed, the door will open. You should still have one Meson Cannon round left (you only got two originally). Go through the door, kill the Parasite Balls in the tunnel and go up to the transport car. Chapter end.


Go forward and kill the three Black-Ops. Go through the next door into the hallway, grab the Health on the left, kill the Black-Ops Leader at the end of the hallway, and then go through the next door. Get on the elevator and activate it to go down. Turn around for Health and a Shotgun.

This is another nasty area, where you will see a Gray spawn in the middle of this platform room. As soon as the Gray takes shape, take cover behind one of the support pylons (green and blue structures lining the bridge), do your best to ignore the Black-Ops who are spawning and fire away at the shield with your BBG Alien Weapon. As soon as the Ammo runs out, switch to your Assault Rifle and continue firing on it until it blows. The Meson Cannon does little to help here, so save it.

As soon as the shield on the Gray explodes, focus your attention on the Black-Ops soldiers. When the platform is clear, go to the end of it. Before you go down on the elevator, pull out your Sniper Rifle and pick off the enemies firing at you from below.

CHECKPOINT: Infiltration

At the bottom of the elevator, collect the Health and then extend the bridge and cross it. It will retract. Kill the enemy at the end of the bridge and then re-extend it, cross it, and then look back at the bridge to find more enemies coming your way. Use the control panel to retract the bridge and send them to their deaths.

Go down the elevator and get ready for two Grays to spawn. Again, they'll be inside their shields. This is another very tough area which will take you several tries to get through. Note that there is Health/Ammo to either side of the path.

Here is where the Meson Cannon comes into play. The Meson Cannon doesn't damage the Grays, but will damage any Black-Ops that have spawned. Take cover by the right side Health Station, so if you get low you are near it, and start firing on the right side Gray with your BBG or Assault Rifle (save any JB Grenades for the other Gray). When there are several Black-Ops soldiers firing on you, quickly switch to the Meson Cannon and aim it at the middle of the area and fire at one of them or at a support pylon. This will take out many of the Black-Ops. Fire another shot if there are still more. Note that there is more Meson Ammo on the right side of the path/platform a tad bit ahead of the Health Station. Quickly switch back to your previous weapon and continue firing on the Gray until he dies. The right side Gray is easier than the left because of your ability to take cover.

Move on to the left side gray, trying to take cover where you can, using your Health wisely, and using any JB Grenades that you have. Use the Meson Cannon to clear the Black-Ops, or if you're out of ammo, use your Shotgun. Continue firing on the Gray with your Assault Rifle or BBG until it explodes. Then, kill the remaining Black-Ops. Go through the door for thChapterer to end.

The Ascension

Activate the control panel dispensers and go between them into the glass floor room to grab Health and JB Grenades. Go down either tunnel. You need to destroy two generators. Follow your green arrow to the purple orb near you. Fire on it until it explodes. This will cause some enemies to enter. Kill them and then go through the door they came out of. Kill the enemies in here and grab the Health before you go through the next door.

Clear out the Black-Ops Leaders in this orange cylinder room (big central orange cylinder with a Theta inside it, aka, Theta Transfer Room) and then go through the next door. Kill the enemies here and then find the control panel near the two green and red beds and activate it to lower the containment field. You can also activate a few dispensers...look for the extended dispenser along the wall. Go through the now lowered containment door and kill the two enemies here. You'll soon see the second Generator. Shoot it.


Backtrack to the orange cylinder room (Theta Transfer Room). Great, now you have to fight Super Theta! He is not easy and I've read that many people had success using the Mutant variation of yourself. Again, I prefer not to and I didn't have too much trouble beating Super Theta using the BBG Alien Weapon and some Grenades.

First, it is highly recommend that you have at least 3 JB Grenades and it's best if you have 4. If you don't, load up a previous save and collect them and don't use them until you get to this fight. Second, you'll need to use your BBG Alien Weapon wisely. That is, don't let it run out. Fire away but give it some time to recharge in between shots.

On to the actual battle. You'll always want to stay fairly close to Super Theta or he'll charge or jump on you causing a ton of damage. Stay near him and start firing on him with the BBG while circling. Try to hit the yellow/orange pods on his back. Keep circling and firing on him until he jumps up to one of the four cylinders holding the Parasite Balls.

Watch as he breaks the glass on one of the cylinders. As soon as the glass breaks, throw a JB Grenade. The JB Grenade will annihilate all of the Parasite Balls and may even do some collateral damage to Super Theta himself. Super Theta will return to the ground where you can continue the circling/shooting thing. Soon, Super Theta will jump up to a second cylinder and break it open. Again, toss a JB Grenade in the area and repeat. Do this until all four Parasite Balls have been released. When I played, I only had 3 JB Grenades, meaning that I had to shoot the Parasite Balls from the fourth cylinder. I made sure I had about 20 BBG rounds and as soon as the glass was broken on the cylinder, I fired at the Parasites and took out most of them straightaway, but two made it to the ground, where I killed them.

Now you'll enter the second stage of this battle. Continue to circle and fire on Super Theta, making sure to recharge your weapon a bit in between shots. Soon, you'll see Super Theta start to glow and he'll stand still for a moment. If you have any Frag Grenades, chuck one at him while he is still. Then, repeat the circling technique and he'll start to glow again. Any time he stops, throw a Grenade at him, or if you're out of Grenades, get some good shots on him while he's still.

After the second time he glows you'll be pretty close to killing him. Continue to fire on him while circling and if you're BBG has puttered out go ahead and switch to the Shotgun and then the Assault Rifle, if you need to. After he is dead, go through the open door and you'll get a checkpoint. Phew!


Grab the Health by the door, kill the four Black-Ops, then continue into the next room where you'll see Thetas being transported in cylinders. There are several Black-Ops in the area, a few on your level and a few up above. Kill them all and then go through the door in the upper area. Continue through the hallway to the Mag Lev (transport car). End of chapter.

The Last Exit

This is a nasty marathon of survival and killing as it takes quite some time to get to the next checkpoint. Be patient, take cover often, and don't do anything stupid.

Hop out of the Mag Lev, grab the Health and two JB Grenades on the left and then kill the four Black-Ops Leaders and the four Black-Ops. Continue forward and you'll see two purple wall cannons. Take them out. The door will open and two more enemies will emerge. Kill them, go through the door, head to the end and then hop into the Mag Lev.

Hop out of the Mag Lev. Go through the spinning door. In this room you'll have many enemies to deal with. Also, there is a large half-cylinder shield that is very handy for protecting you. Try not to pick up any Health or Grenades in this room as you'll be in this room later and will need them. If you need Health now, though, go ahead and use it, but try to grab the Health that is not near the half-cylinder shield. Kill all of the oncoming enemies and be aware of the two Snipers up above on the left and the right. When all the enemies are cleared, take out the two purple wall cannons and then go up the elevator.

Go along the tunnel/hall, taking cover when necessary, and using your JB Grenades to help you clear out the many enemies. Continue to the next room where you'll have even more enemies. Take cover and poke out to fire and watch out for grenades.

Finally, when all the enemies are clear, go up to the control panel to extend the bridge.

CHECKPOINT: Unlock the Core

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You just extended the bridge. Watch as two enemies run along the bridge. Hit the switch again to make it retract, thus killing the two enemies. Re-extend the bridge. Backtrack, making sure to grab the JB Grenades and Health to the left of the door, and then to activate the item dispenser (which opens many dispensers) in the next room. Go back along the hallway/tunnel, kill the Black-Ops who comes up the elevator and then go down.

Time for another big battle. This time, there is a Gray who will spawn behind the half-cylinder shield that you used to your advantage earlier. If you are facing the shield there should be some Health to your left and there is also some Health at the other end of the area, near where the elevator is located. Your number one priority is to kill the Gray. To do so, run to the back of the room, behind the Gray. There is a purple Turret under the Gray. As soon as it is active, toss a JB Grenade at it, and then finish it off with your BBG Alien Weapon. Immediately run to get some Health as you'll probably need it.

If enemies have spawned, go ahead and use your Meson Cannon to clear them out and then turn your sights to the Gray. As is the case with all of the Grays you've fought, your best bet is to toss any Grenades you have at the Gray. When you're out of Grenades, keep up your fire on the shield with either your Assault Rifle or BBG Alien Weapon. As always, try to pick off the spawning enemies as soon as they spawn and then fire on the shield. Repeat, remembering that your Meson Cannon can clear out many enemies at once. You'll probably have to play this section several times before you get it. When you defeat the Gray, take out any remaining enemies. Go through the door and into the spinning door.

CHECKPOINT: Road to the Core

Take out the enemies on the bridge that you extended, grab the JB Grenades to the left of the door, and then cross the bridge. Enter the core. You'll see the core spinning. You'll also see blast/heat shields rotating around the core. You have to shoot each segment of the core until each segment is spewing fire. You'll need to stay behind the blast shield in order to avoid taking damage. Simply walk behind it as it rotates and fire around it when you have a clear shot at the core. Note that there are several sets of Health scattered around the area.

After all of the core segments have been destroyed, you'll have to take out the two purple Turrets that come out of the core. This is fairly easy, especially if you have some JB Grenades. Stay behind any blast shield and toss your JB Grenades when you see the Turret. If you run out of Grenades, fire on the Turret when you get a clean shot, making sure to stick behind the shield.

After the Turrets are destroyed you need to get the heck out of there! You have 50 seconds. This isn't too hard. Run across the bridge and through the door, killing as you go. Run towards the light. That's it. Congrats!

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