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LB's "Batman Arkham Asylum" (AA)
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

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Systems: XBox 360, PS3 and PC

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Batman Arkham Asylum Game Guide Details

  • 100% Completion
  • Xbox 360, PS3, and PC
  • Complete walkthrough
  • Boss strategies
  • All Trophies, Teeth, Riddles, Chronicles, Maps
  • Challenge Mode tips and videos
  • Xbox 360 Achievements
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Lunabean's Unofficial Batman Arkham Asylum (AA) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC is all you need to make it through this mind trip of a Dark Knight adventure.

What's more, it contains locations of ALL Trophies, ALL Joker Teeth, ALL Chronicles of Arkham, and ALL Riddle Solutions. Tips on completing Challenge Mode also included. In other words, this guide is all you need to reach (100% completion)!

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Batman: AA Game Guide (Screenshot Version)

Batman: AA Game Guide (Text Version)

Batman Arkham Asylum Walkthrough

Intensive Treatment


Once you get control of Batman, go ahead and enter your pause menu to view your controls. Give them a good look, exit out (note, I also inverted my look via the Game Options menu), then walk toward the Joker. Step on the lift with your nemesis.

Continue to follow the Joker down the hall until you're told to hit your zoom button (click down on the left control stick on the X360). Do just that to perform a body scan. Once all is clear (kind of), continue forward and ride the second lift down.

Move forward to the cutscene.

Holding Cells

Upon cutscene completion, you'll find yourself surrounded by inmates. Follow the onscreen instructions to "Strike" them ("X" on the Xbox 360). When the first group falls, fight the second. Incorporate the "Counter" punch (hit "Y" on the 360 when you see an enemy's lightning bolts that indicate an impending strike), along with the "Ground Takedown" (pull "RT" and hit "Y").

Once the second group falls, make your way up the ramp opposite the broken window. At this point, Commissioner Gordon's character bio will be unlocked. Go into your WayneTech menu ("Back" button on Xbox 360) and check out said character bio. While there, note the menu at the top. Use it to select "Map and Objectives" (tap "RB" or "LB" on 360). This will come in handy as you play through the game. Exit the menu.

Continue up the ramp and you'll be told how to use your Batarang. Aim ("LT" on the Xbox 360) at the fake teeth in the room next door. When they're in your sights (the reticule will turn yellow), toss the Batarang ("RT" on the 360). Continue down the hall.

Processing Corridor

Make your way forward (ignoring or slicing teeth as you go), until you're told how to run (hold "A" on the Xbox 360). Do just that as you wind your way through the corridor. Fight the men, then make your way to Eddie and speak with him.

Since the door behind Eddie is locked, backtrack and move down the opposite end of the hall, thus unlocking the character bio for Oracle. Continue through the door.

Patient Pacification Chamber

Talk to Zach and the Guard, then move through the open door. Climb the stairs, then wind your way around to the Guards at the end of the catwalk. They are helplessly observing the torture of the guard below. Speak with them (thus unlocking Mr. Zsasz's Character Bio), then enter "Detective Mode". Once enabled, look up and left (or right). Note the gargoyles. Aim and toss your Grapple at either one, then look down at the men below. Note that you can read their state of mind, and whether or not they're armed. This will come in handy later.

For now, grapple to the next gargoyle and look for the pacing guard. When a bat symbol appears above his head, you have the opportunity to Glide Kick. Do just that ("X" on the Xbox 360) to knock him down, then finish him off with a Ground Takedown ("RT" + "Y" on the 360).

Intensive Treatment

Listen to Harley Quinn (her bio will be unlocked), then go into Detective Mode to find an exit. Notice the two Vent Covers. Behind one is a trophy. The other is an exit. Approach the one with the trophy and hit the indicated button to open ("A" on the 360). Tap until Batman releases the cover. Crouch ("RT") and pick up the Riddler Trophy. This will also unlock the Riddler's Character Bio. Move to the exit vent and move through it.

Collect the next Riddler Trophy, then kick open the vent cover. Fall into the hall below and head toward Decontamination. Speak to the guard, then look above you. Grapple up to the floor above.

Move through the next vent shaft and drop down to the room below.


Approach the ledge and save the hanging guard. When that's complete, run and jump over the gap to reach the next guard (simply hit "run" and you'll automatically jump). He'll tell you to save Steve. No problem.

Look up and you'll spot Steve hanging from the above catwalk. Grapple up to him and save him.

Up next, you must decontaminate the room by powering up the extractor fans. Glide to platform below (fall off and hold "Glide"…"X" on the 360). Save the dangling Blackgate Convict (if you care to do so…I did as I take my job as hero quite seriously).

Use Detective Mode to check out the fans below. Examine the wires that connect and power them, and follow those wires to the small room along the right side. Use your Batarang to destroy the power box (or the Extractor Control Point), then drop to the ground.

Find the floor grates, open one and collect the Riddler Trophy, then move through the door at the far end of the room (near the control panel you just sliced).

Transfer Loop - Secure Treatment Transfer

Follow the arrows to the two bad guys and take them down. Move through the doors to meet Joker, and his monster friend.

The first skill you'll be taught here will be to evade. Follow the on-screen instructions to do just that (on the Xbox 360, double tap "A" then move in the direction you want to go). Evade, take a hit or two, and the big guy will go down. Hmm. Odd.

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