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Beyond Good & Evil
The Factory

Beyond Good & Evil
Beyond Good and Evil

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Beyond Good and Evil >
5. The Factory

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

Beyond Good and Evil >
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

1. Introduction
2. The Lighthouse and Hillys
3. Black Isle
4. Hillys, the Pedestrian District and Gaining Entrance to the Factory
5. The Factory
6. Pearl Collecting in Preparation for the Slaughterhouse
7. The Slaughterhouse
8. Preparing to Leave Hillys
9. The Moon (Selene)
10. Pearl Location Guide
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review
12. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
13. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free Guide with SCREENSHOTS

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The Factory

Inside the Factory dock your hovercraft, then make your way up the platforms to the top. Move toward the flying centipedes and snap a PICTURE of the blue one. Fight them, then turn around and climb the ladder to the code entry system. As mentioned before, you have to snap a picture of the red circle above the code entry area so the governor will decipher the code for you. Do so and you will receive the code by mail. Enter the code and the door next to the console will slide open. Step on through to the Elevator Room.

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Have Pey'J cut through the gate, then go ahead and use your "Action" button to break through. Take a PICTURE of one of the rats. Here you should also get a message telling you your mission objectives are now highlighted with triangles on your Map. Good, good. Kill the rats by kicking them, then head right to the red lasers as the other door is blocked. Roll over them with your "Roll/Block" button, then crouch under the next set. Finally, roll over the last set and move into the next room.

Hit the button to your left so Pey'J can meet up with you. Then, move around the crate in the middle of the room. Push toward the opposite wall from which you emerged, and Pey'J will help you. When you can't move it any farther, move it left into the electrical block. Once the crate is in the electrical block, climb the crate to get to the other side.

Save at the Reader then check out the area. There's a mechanical area to the left of the elevator. Take Pey'J over to it and he'll tell you you need a Fuse. At this point, there are two open doors for you: The Laboratory or the Electrical Room. Start with the Laboratory (West Wing).

Move forward and enter the first room. Press the button to bring down the Service Elevator, but be prepared, as with the elevator comes some spider bots. These are not organic creatures, so a photo of them won't do a thing, so just focus on toasting them with your staff. Once they're out, step into the Service Elevator and have Pey'J hit the button outside. You'll move up the elevator by yourself. Head forward into the next room and a bot will drop in on you. Your job is to hit him into one of the poles at either side of the electrical beam. This will toast him and the beam. Once this is done, pass through into the next room.

Here you are shown a cutscence of Double H having his brains sucked out. Snap a picture of the poor guy and send it to IRIS. Publish the report, then walk over to the console in the corner of the room. Snap a picture of the red circular screen and send the picture to the governor. She'll then give you the code: G5G6. Use it on the locker with the red screen on it. Take what's inside the locker: The Gyrodisk Launcher. This thing is your best friend. Use it just like you do the camera in terms of pointing, aiming and zooming. However instead of using your "Photo" button to take a picture, use the "Use" button to toss a disk. You get to try this out right away. Turn around and face the capsule in which Double H is trapped. Look above it and note the spider creature. Shoot a disk into it's eye three times and Double H will be saved.

After the cutscene, collect the PEARL in the torture machine, then go ahead and hit Double H's "Action" button. He'll break through the grate for you and open up the path. Move forward and shimmy along the thin pipe. Double H will fall. It's just fine. He does that. Continue forward and jump the gap. Save at the Reader if you'd like to, then head right and out of the room (you'll have to get your back up against the wall to do so).

You'll emerge back in the elevator room. Jump up to the main path and head for the Electrical Room door. On your way, you'll run into another Boss. First, take a PICTURE of him, then run up to him and whack him with you staff. This will damage him a bit and he'll jump up to one of the areas above. Before he gets a chance to shoot his green laser balls at you, go ahead and go into camera mode and shoot a disk his way. A pink glow will radiate from the monster indicating you hit him. He will then jump back down to your level. Run so he doesn't land on you. The second he lands, face him and, again, shoot him with a disk. This will stop him from attacking you and he'll cover his eye. At this point run up to him and whack him with your staff. Repeat this process five or six times and the monster will fall to the water below. If you didn't get your picture before, you can get it now. Also, the monster has a PEARL for you, but don't worry about it at this point...you'll get it when you leave the area in your hovercraft.

After defeating the monster you'll get an e-mail. Double H is fine, you don't need to worry about him, either. Nothing else to do here but enter the Electrical Room. Do so and you'll find many swinging electrical wires. Simply run through them when they swing out of your way and move into the next room. Directly across from the entrance to this next room is the Map. Take a picture and analyze it. Buy what you want from the Bups Machine, then look up and the electrical party going on above. Notice a fan blade catching the electricity. You need to get that blade to turn so the electricity hits the TV like contraption on the opposite side. To do this, use your Disk Shooter and shoot a disk at the blade. Continue doing so until the blade is in the correct position. Hit the button on the now powered "TV" and the door next to it will open. Go through.

You will find yourself in a room with a huge generator of sorts. To your left is a door blocked by a stream of electricity. On the large generator is a pad with a triangle on it. If you try to hit the pad, you'll be told you don't have the right key. Lucky for you, the key is behind the generator. Run behind it and pick it up...but be aware that when you do the pedestal on which the key is sitting will turn into a bot. Take it out with your staff, then pick up the Triangular Key it drops. Approach the key pad and prepare for another battle: This time you have to fight several bots. Take advantage of Pey'J's "Super-Action" to stun the bots, then whack away at them with your staff. Be sure to aim at least one at the stream of electricity to take that power out. Once you've defeated them all, step into the room the stream of electricity was blocking and collect the PA1. Once you have that, reapproach the Triangular Key Pad and hit it. This will momentarily turn off the electricity, allowing you to pull the two fuses from their spots on the generator. One fuse is right next to the Triangular Pad. Grab it, then hit the button again and run around to the back side. Opposite from where you got the Triangular Key is Fuse #2. Grab it. You have what you came for, so head back to the Elevator Room.

In the Elevator Room, run over to the Elevator and place either of your fuses in position to the right of the elevator door. Now, you just need to get some electricity flowing into it. Notice the fat wire coming out of the fuse area. Follow it up and notice it's being held up by two chain cables. Shoot a disk at the cable to the right, and a section of the fat wire will fall into the electrical beam below, powering the elevator. Once you have it working, hit the elevator button and enter.

In the Upper Hall Pey'J will give you an MDisk. Ignore it for now and walk out. At the door with the two pads, hit yours and command Pey'J to hit his. Pass through the door and you'll be attacked by some Domz minions. Snap their picture, then start fighting. They're easy to toast with your staff. Once they're out, climb the structure to the right of the door (from the right side if you're facing it), and kick open the grate at the top. Climb through the opening and enter the X-Ray Verification area.

Walk across the bridge into the next room, then drop down to the bridge to your right. Go to the far end. If you missed the Map earlier, you can snap a picture of the map through the bars. Otherwise, turn around and sneak a PICTURE of the mouse in the grate (the zoom will help). Believe it or not, this is all you do here, so backtrack to the room where you left Pey'J. You'll get a cutscene of your uncle being taken away. Bad news. You must follow him.

There's a new tall crate in the room. Push it against the door, then left. Jump to the top of the crate and peer through the opening. Notice the switch to your right. Use your Disk Shooter and shoot a disk at the switch. This will open the door for you. Pass through it. Use the Reader to your left to Save and read the MDisk Pey'J gave to you, entitled "For Jade". Pey'J seemed to know what was about to happen to him, so he's left you with this MDisk with your history, and the story of the "Beluga", a spaceship. He tells you of a code you'll have to enter on two consoles to get to the Beluga. And he shows you the consoles are hidden behind some bulletin boards. Noted. Once you've read the disk and saved, break through the grate to your left as you're facing the lasers in front of you. Crawl through and enter the Shipping Room.

Continue forward and climb the ladder. Here Double H will warn you of guards. Continue along the path. You'll pass some guards through a grate. Don't worry about them...just keep moving forward. In the next area will be some rats with a couple of guards above you. Take out the rats with your disks, then once the guards have settled down, continue forward. You'll pop out in a room with some flies. Get your back against the wall and shimmy across the thin ledge to the other side. Here you'll have your first true encounter with the guards.

Notice on the guards' backs are yellow tanks. If these yellow tanks are damaged, the guards won't harm you. However, if you damage one, the other guard will go to fix it, but he'll only do it once he's checked the area. That's why the two little shoots are in the corner. Once you hit the first guy, drop into one of the shoots. If the guard spots you and sends the beam spreader your direction, simply avoid it. Wait until he says "False alarm" or "Partner in distress", then climb out of the shoot and hit his yellow tanks as he is fixing his partner's. Once both guards have their tanks damaged, they can't hurt you. Approach them and give them both a kick. They'll float away and leave a little purple crystal for you.

Now, look at your map. Notice the triangle in this area. Strap on your camera and focus on the X-Ray machine above the crates. As a crate is x-rayed, snap a picture of the skeleton above and send it to IRIS. You need another picture before processing the report, so go through the next door.

Here you'll have more guards. One will be directly in front of you at the end of the hall, the other is walking back and forth to the right of him. Pop the guard in front of you, then drop down the shoot behind you. If you're lucky, the other guard will fix the first guard's tank with his facing you. If not, you may have to do some cat and mouse and keep letting him spot you until he gets in a position where you can get his tank. Also, keep in mind that you can fight these guys. So, if you get sick of waiting, pop the first guy then run at the second. "Block" his attack, then immediately swing your staff at his back. This will put him out of commission. Kick them both out of the way and continue forward.

Follow the path and you'll come to two more shoots with a hall to your left. Walk down the hall with your back against the wall. Watch as the guard approaches. When he turns around either quickly kick his tank or toss a disk at it. Pass through the next door and make your way to the room with Double H in it. He's blocked by the flames. Below each of the flames is a switch. Hit each one to extinguish the flames and let Double H reach the other side. Go to meet him and Save at the Reader, if you'd like. At this point, Double H will have a "Push" option. Have him push the switch in front of him to get rid of the lasers in front of you. Speak to Double H then continue down the hall.

Again you'll have two shoots and a hall to your right. Sneak down the hall and climb the little area with the "35" block on it. Climb the block, walk left over the platform and drop down. A guard will be right in front of you with his back to you. Kick his tank and exit out the next door.

Move forward and down the hall to your left. There will be a guard turning circles along the right side of this hall. Sneak along the hall then crouch. Watch the guard to your right and when he turns his back, kick his tank. This will alert the guard next to him. Run back toward the shoots and if he comes after you, jump down. However, it's more likely he'll scan the area (note the pink beam), then say "Partner in distress". At this point sneak back a pop a disk at his tank. Kick these boys out of the way and enter the small room they were guarding with the safe in it. Open the safe and collect the PA1, the Set of Pods and the box of K-bups. Exit the little room and continue through the next door into X-Ray Verification.

If you hit the switch to your right to take out the beams to your right then move right, you'll find yourself right next to the room from which Pey'J was taken. We couldn't get by this way earlier because of the red lasers. However, this is not where you're heading now...I just always like to know where I am in relation to where I was. So, back in the X-Ray Verification room there will be an announcement of an intruder (you). Don't worry about it. Instead, use the crates moving down the line as protection from the guard's eyes across the way. Keep the crate between you and the guard as you move forward and then to your right, into the room of crates, which is the Closet.

In the Closet move forward then right. Buy what you want from the Bups Machine, then open the little safe. Inside the safe is an insect for you to take a PICTURE of. However, for you to get his picture, you'll have to place a Starkos in the safe. He'll then come out for it and you can get his picture. Once you have that, exit out and go right into the next room. Climb the crates and go into the next room: Nutripils Vat.

In front of you will be the large vat. Crouch and sneak over to the switch on the right. Hit it and the guard behind the vat will become aware of your presence. Run left and make your way to the opposite side. If you do it correctly the guard won't even notice you and you can just continue moving forward to the next room. Here will be a few crab-like creatures scurrying along the floor. Snap a PICTURE of one then approach the little machine next to the locker. Hit the switch and you'll receive and MDisk. Next, open up the locker. Here you will find Pey'J's shoes. While you can't use them for their Jet-Boot capabilities, you can examine them. Go into your S-A-C in your inventory and get the info on the shoes. Flip them over and you'll see two codes written on the bottom. Remember earlier when he spoke of the two codes necessary to get to the Beluga? Well these are them, so remember that.

Grab the Starkos from the locker and continue into the next room. Here you'll be attacked by some bots. Hit the bots into the electrical barriers (one in the room you're in and one in the room behind you with the locker) to take the barriers out. Once the barriers are out, the bots will stop generating. Head up into the Computer Room across from the locker first. Collect the "Hillyan Army Databank" MDisk then use the Reader to read it and the "Surveillance Camera" MDisk you received a second ago, downstairs. The Databank Disk tells you of some enemy weak spots, the Surveillance Disk will show you Pey'J as he's being shipped away. Save, go back downstairs then go right through the next broken electrical barrier to Routing.

In Routing you can't go right, nor through the door to your left, so make your way past the blue beams in front of you by rolling and crouching. You'll get to a bridge and a switch to your left. Hit the switch and the door across the way will open up, and some lasers will appear across the bridge. Simply make your way across the bridge and under the door before it shuts again (roll under the door).

Crawl under the next set of beams and stay crouched as you watch the guard up above. Wait until he turns around and quickly toss a disk at his back. Crawl through the tunnel to the opposite side, then turn around and jump up onto the platform where the out of control guard is located. Give him a kick, then step into the blue beam. It will suck you up to the next level. Go through the door in front of you.

Ahead of you will be a couple of guards making rounds. Hit one with a disk, then hide yourself behind the machinery right by your entrance to this hall. Wait for the other guard to fix his tank and toast him, or simply fight him. Pass through the next two doors and there will be a guard in front of you. Don't do anything. With his back turned sneak forward and drop down into the shoot to your right. Move forward along the shoot and look up. The guard will be right in front of you, with his tank accessible. Disk it, then run forward and around the corner to hit the two guards who will come to help him. Keep moving between these two end shoot holes to take out all three. Once they're out of the picture, climb out and wait for a crate to slide into place in front of you. When it does, grab on and you will be carried along with the crate to the other side of the blue lasers. When it stops, unhook yourself and move along the conveyer belt to the next area.

In the Control Room you'll have to do some quick moving. Roll over the blue lasers, then duck under the electrical barrier. Get to the platform to the left and work your way around. Save at the Reader then continue along with you back against the wall, just below the window of the evil man above. Ahead of you you will see a platform that will slide back and forth once activated. Activate it by hitting the switch above with a disk. Step on to the platform, hit the switch again, then immediately duck so you aren't harmed by the electrical barrier. Crawl through the opening to the next room.

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Here will be a guard. Simply crouch and move forward then right. Wait until his back is turned and disk him. Pass through the next door and make your way along the bridge of lasers moving up and down. Turn the corner and you'll find Double H. He tells you to take a picture of the man across the way (the evil man you snuck under a few minutes ago). Take the picture, and with the skeleton one you took earlier, publish the report. From here move to the end of the little bridge and point your camera down. Take a PICTURE of one of the fish swimming around the pool below, then turn around and go through the passage to your right.

Duck so you're not spotted by the guards and take them out (this set was easiest to take out one then fight the other). Go through the door and continue to the room with the circling guard and beams. Either take him out or follow directly behind him so he doesn't see you and continue through the next hall. This next room is pretty tough, in my opinion. I ended up taking out both of the below guards by fighting them. It was just too tough to disk them. If you find an easier way, go ahead and use it. If you opt to fight, remember block before they whack you, then whack them. If nothing else, this room will help you perfect your fighting skills. Once the guards are toast, open the safe in the corner of the room and collect the Square Key. Use it on the lasered door to exit this area.

Back in Routing use your Square Key on the door in front of you and pass through to X-Ray Verification. Save then move forward and approach the red beams in front of you. Be aware of the guard on the other side of the beams and use your Disk Shooter to take him out...then hit the switch to lower the lasers. Turn the corner and notice the code panel to your right. Snap a picture of the red circular screen above the code panel and wait for the governor to send you the code: Q7R5. Use it on the panel and pass through. Head forward and you'll get to the Loading Dock.

Move forward and pull out your camera. Aim it toward the action above and you'll get a cutscene. Watch as Pey'J is taken away, evil guy is toasted, and the giant eye gives you something to battle. Defeating this creature really is easy, you just have to move fast. Avoid his lasers and run to one of his feet. Give it a whack and Double H will join in battle. The goal here is to knock out the enemy's feet so you can shoot a disk at the Pearl in the middle. To do this approach one leg and wait for Double H to get to the opposite one. Command Double H to perform a "Super-Action" and he'll hit the enemy's foot. You swing at the foot at the same time and the enemy will go down. Run to either the front or back, pull out your Disk Shooter, and shoot one right at the Pearl. Repeat this four times to toast the enemy. Note that toward the end the timing of the Pearl being exposed is shorter. You may want to whack a foot, run, then have Double H whack the other so you have time to make it into position. Once this Boss is defeated, collect the PEARL and read your e-mail.

Exit through the open door and collect the PA1. Turn the corner and hit the switch to bring up the elevator. Enter and head down to the West Wing. Continue forward then hang a right. Drop off the walkway and fall to the floor below. Check your map and take the south door to the Laboratory. Here will be a room with two fuse-like towers and an electrical barrier blocking your path. Push each of the fuse towers to either side of the electrical barrier and back. The towers will take on the electricity allowing you to pass through. Kick the rats and snap a PICTURE of the mosquito sucking on the dead cow. Then hit the switch and collect your PEARL. Exit back out and return to the West Wing, then to the Elevator Room.

From the Elevator Room, jump back over the crate and make your way to the Factory Entrance. Before heading down to your boat, cross the bridge and use Double H's "Action" to break through the bars. Pass through and insert the second Fuse. This lifts a garage. This also triggers Double H to have an attack of sorts and beg you to take him to the IRIS Network...and you only have four and a half minutes to do it. Alrighty then. Head down to your Hovercraft and hop in. Your exit is left, but first move into the area in front of you. Grab the PEARL in the water (the one the first Boss dropped), exit out, then exit out to Hillys. Race back to the Main Canal (avoid the red mines), the Pedestrian District, and room number 3 in the Akuda Bar. Take Double H in through the secret closet entrance and you've completed your task. WOOHOO!


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