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Beyond Good & Evil
The Slaughterhouse

Beyond Good & Evil
Beyond Good and Evil

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Beyond Good and Evil >
7. The Slaughterhouse

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

Beyond Good and Evil >
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

1. Introduction
2. The Lighthouse and Hillys
3. Black Isle
4. Hillys, the Pedestrian District and Gaining Entrance to the Factory
5. The Factory
6. Pearl Collecting in Preparation for the Slaughterhouse
7. The Slaughterhouse
8. Preparing to Leave Hillys
9. The Moon (Selene)
10. Pearl Location Guide
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review
12. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
13. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free Guide with SCREENSHOTS

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The Slaughterhouse

You will first have to race through the little obstacle course that is Slaughterhouse Road. Don't forget about your new "Jump" feature, as you'll need it to jump gaps and obstacles. Simply move along the crooked road and you'll get to the Slaughterhouse Quarter. Drive forward then drop down to the pool of water below. Notice the hovering bot here. If you get under his white light he'll send a torpedo after you. You will need to take advantage of that, but first get yourself a PICTURE of one of the swimming eels. Then check your surroundings.

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Locate the tunnel blocked by a red water mine. The only way to get rid of the mine is to use the torpedo the bot sends after you. So, scoot under the light, then quickly zoom toward the mine. At the last second, veer one direction and the torpedo will take out the mine for you. Move down the tunnel and notice that you have a few more of these mines in front of you. Take them out the same way (and don't forget about your Boosts which will help you escape the torpedoes).

Once the last big mine is taken out, move straight through the narrow tunnel. Go all the way to the back and hang a right. Here will be a couple more smaller mines that can easily be taken out by your own fire. Continue forward and dock your hovercraft.

Purchase what you want from the Bups Machine. Now would also be a good time to offer your partner one of you PA1's. They aren't all for you, you know, and if he dies, you die...so share the wealth. Move up the dock and Save at the Reader. Head toward the split gate in front of you and prepare to be attacked by some Domz monsters. Just keep toasting them. They'll continue to regenerate. Remember, too, the trick of holding your "Fight" button down for a little more "umph" to your fight. Once they're cleared out, walk between the gap in the gate, lean right and push. Double H will get the other one. Once this gate is open, return to the hovercraft and drive it up the ramp (rock formation to your left if facing the door you'll be passing through) and through your newly opened gate.

Moving forward you'll hit the Exterior Moats. These look immediately ugly. You're supposed to use the blocks to block you from the rotating lasers. This was more trouble than it was worth, in my opinion, so I just plowed through, taking and accepting any and all damage. Next up you'll be blown by a fan toward some mines. Target the mines as best you can to take them out. Sadly, they do regenerate quite quickly, so again, I did my best to avoid them, but happily took the damage to simply pass through them quickly. Make your way up the two ramps then move along the metal structure. Reenter the water just past the vent blowing up steam then head left (avoiding the mines) into the opening between the two fans. Continue forward until you drop down a level.

Here will be some doors, a large crate and an entry blocked by the nasty mines you encountered before. This time, however, there are no torpedoes coming after you. So, you must use the crate. Shoot it toward the mine and the mine will blow. Sadly, there's another mine behind it, and no more crates. That's what the open passages are for. There are two right next to one another. Go through either one and head left. When you run into a path decision, continue straight and up the ramp. At the top of the ramp is a box. Shoot it down and carefully make your way onto the ledge it was on and make your way across to the other crate. Push it off and fall down to meet the two crates. Guide them to the entrance with the remaining mines, then shoot them down the path toward them. Shoot the two mines behind them, then continue forward to the Slaughterhouse Entrance.

Drive up to the closed gate and dock. Look across the way and up at the glassed in area. Locate the switch and shoot a disk at it to open the gate. Pass under. Here you'll be shown a code entry panel and you'll get an e-mail from IRIS telling you that the positions of the Alpha's activities that you have to photograph are now on your map. Continue forward to the Surveillance Room. Again, you'll have a closed gate. Dock and work your way up the platform. Double H won't be able to squeeze like you can, so he'll be left behind. Your goal is to change that.

At the top defeat the mean little bot that emerges by hitting both of its tanks with your disks, then purchase what you want from the Bups Machine. Next, make your way across the circling lasers to the opposite side. Over here, Save at the Reader. Notice the switch here hidden behind the rotating cog. Hit it now for fun. It will temporarily raise the gate blocking your hovercraft. There's no way you can make it down to your craft in time from here, so run back to the opposite side, move to the edge and aim your disk shooter at the switch. Wait for an opening in the rotating cog and disk the switch. Now, run back down to the boat, hop in and drive it through to the opposite side. Dock on this side. Now Double H can work with you.

Make your way back up to the rotating laser area and command Double H to shut them off. Do so by crouching and walking toward them. When Double H's "Super-Action" is offered, use it and he'll head butt the lasers. Nice. Now go through the door to the Trolley Entrance.

Inside snap a picture of the Map for your inventory, then push the large crate under the opening above (with the help of Double H). Climb up, move through the little tunnel and drop down. Collect the P-O-Ds and Meca-Impulser from the safe. Move forward and you'll be blocked by an electrical barrier. You're shown an opening above you that you must access. Return to the Surveillance Room and to the left side. To the left of the Reader are some huge pipes you can climb. Make your way up there and all of the way over to the platform on the gate. Stand on the platform and command Double H to hit the switch below. You will be carried up with the gate. However, before heading to the hole, check your Map of the third floor and notice there's an animal to photograph on the opposite side of the raised gate. So, run to the north side. When the gate stops, jump up to the hole above and enter Ventilation. Move along the pipe, kicking the rats off as you go. There will be a switch on your right side, atop the spewing flame. Shoot it with your disk and the flame will stop spewing. Across the way is a little orange creature of sorts. Snap its PICTURE. Your job here is complete. Exit back out and command Double H to raise the gate again. This time, run across it at its highest point and jump to the highest ledge across the way. Then make your way over and down to the hole in the wall. Again, you'll be in the Trolley Entrance.

Drop down and fight the bot. Destroy him and the electrical barrier by smacking him into it. With the barrier gone, return to the Surveillance Room to collect Double H, then bring him back to the Trolley Entrance and use his head-butting skills on the bars so you can pass through. Move down the hall and you'll find a guard. Guards are easy to defeat when Double H is with you. Simply distract the guard so his back is to Double H, then command Double H to use his "Super-Action". This dislodges the guard's tank and puts him out of commission. In this room you'll also find one of the trickiest animals to photograph in the game. He's giving off the blue bubbles. As soon as you pull your camera out, he'll hide behind some crates. When he does this, shoot some disks at the crates to upset him. After a few hit, he'll quickly hop over to the set of crates by the switch. Hit these crates and he'll return to his position behind the original crates. Your goal is to snap the PICTURE when the speedy little bugger is in transit. Once you get his picture hit the switch and step into the trolley. Hit the switch and travel to the Central Hall.

Step inside and purchase what you want from the Bups Machine. Behind the machine is another switch. Aim your camera at the machinery behind the switch, then have Double H hit the switch. Snap a PICTURE of the glowing amoebae that appears, then move down the hall. Some bots will be dropped down on you. Use them to get rid of the electrical barriers surrounding you (including the one on the opposite side of the doorway) and pick up the dropped Triangular Key. You already have one of these, but Double H does not, so go into your inventory and give this extra one to him. If you didn't clear out all of the barriers, hit the purple switch to drop more in order to complete the task. In the room to your right is a PEARL. Collect it and Save at the Reader. Then, both you and Double H use your Triangular Keys to get through the next door.

Move down the hall and you'll have some lasers to contend with. Luckily, Double H isn't harmed by lasers. Stand at the lasers and Double H will get a "Push" icon. Activate it and he'll run through the lasers to shut them off for a few seconds. Use this time to make your way across. Repeat this process through two more halls and you'll come to the room with your objective highlighted. Take out the guards however you'd like then aim your camera through the glass and snap a photo of one of the people being sucked up and send it to IRIS. Two more shots to go. Collect the credits and the items in the lockers then exit the room. You can now hang a right instead of dealing with the lasers again. Make your wall all of the way back to your hovercraft and head south and west to the Interior Moats.

Continue forward and jump the barrier. You'll get a quick cutscene showing you the entrance to the next area. It looks like you are climbing the spine of a dragon. Ride up the ramp and dock at the pool on top. Go through the door and you'll find yourself in the North Wing. Save at the Reader to your right. You can't pass through the lasers at the bottom of the ramp, so you'll have to go solo as Double H can't squeeze through the opening to the left. Once through the opening turn left. Notice a guard on the opposite side between you and the electrical barriers. To his left is a switch. Hit it with a disk to bring the platform he's on closer to you, and simultaneously fry his little brain. Step onto the platform, hit the switch again and avoid the beams yourself by ducking and rolling.

This next room gave me a ton of trouble on my initial play through. I tried and tried and tried to take all of the guards out. I didn't realize at the time that sneaking would work. So, sneaking works here and is, in fact, what you need to be doing to get through this area. Peer around the corner. When the first two guards in your line of sight are facing opposite walls, sneak across the area to the left side and hide behind the pipe. Wait until the face the opposite walls again and sneak between them crouching. Continue to work your way forward in a crouch position. Watch the remaining guards and simply make sure that if they are facing you, you are in one of the lower fogged in areas so they can't spot you. The closer you are to them, the better. When the last guard is facing right and you're near him, feel free to stand up and run into the next room.

In front of you is a dead elevator and a socket for a fuse. You need a fuse, so, head right down the hall with the blue lasers. At the end of the hall is a Fuse. However, if you reach to grab it now, you'll get a shock...and no fuse. So, return to the empty fuse socket and face it. To the right of it is a metal box. Kick it to cut the power. Now run to that fuse and grab it. Place the fuse in the empty fuse socket and your elevator is powered. Step inside and hit the button.

Exit out and fight the bots. Use them to take out the surrounding barriers. Collect the Starkos and K-Bups from the safe and go down the next hall. Here you'll be blocked to the left with some lasers, so go right. Avoid the little mines on the ground and turn the corner. Go all of the way to the end of this hall and duck. A guard will come from your left side and he'll turn around just left of you. Stay crouched and follow closely behind him. He'll go to the end of the walkway and pause for a second before he turns around. Use this second to sneak under the opening in the wall in front of him. Inside, collect the PEARL and the Starkos from the safe. You can also hit the switch to turn off the red lasers, as these were the lasers blocking you before. However, you're going to be crawling back through the hole from which you came.

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From the hole, you're going to need to move left. I found it easiest to take out the guards with my disc from the crouching position behind and under the opening. The red zappers have a difficult time getting you in this position, and I so love watching the guards run around in chaos. So, take them out (it may take a little time). Once they're all out of commission, pop out from your hole and head left and through the open doorway.

If you move straight through the open door you'll come to a door that lifts up as you approach it. Taking this route will bring you back to the beginning of this little area, so, instead, go right and through the next lifting door. Go into the first room to your left, Save at the Reader, then push the tall crate out of the way, revealing the hole behind it. Go ahead and check out what's behind it. Collect the credits, jump over the lasers and notice the Fuse. Now, crawl back through your hole and notice the little mechanical box. Kick it and the current going to the fuse in the other room will temporarily die. Quickly make your way to it and grab the Fuse. Crawl back through the hole and return to the hall. Look to the far end and notice the electrical barrier that was once blocking the elevator is now longer there (thanks to the removal of the fuse). Step into the elevator and hit the button. Down you go.

Exit out and crouch along the short wall. There's a guard above you. He's very easy to deal with, though. Continue sneaking around until you are at the bottom of the ramp leading up to him. Here you have a clear shot at his tank. Take it then go into the room directly behind him. Collect the credits and the PA1 from the safe. Exit out, move down the ramp, then pass through the open door to your left. Crawl through the hole to the right of the lasers and make your way through the tunnel. On the other side you'll find yourself on a little ledge. Across the room is a guard walking back and forth. Sadly, the guard has no tank on him. However, when he's farthest left (he pauses here for quite some time) he's on a moving platform like the guard you encountered earlier. There's also a switch right behind him that moves this platform. The trick is hitting the switch without letting him see you. This isn't hard at all once you realize you can easily hit that switch if you're in the crouched position and peering around the corner. Knowing this, target the switch, and the moment the guard steps onto the ramp. disk it. The guard will fry and you'll have a platform. Step onto the platform, duck, and hit the switch again, avoiding the barrier. Go right and through the door.

The next room has three easily toastable guards. Get rid of them and move on. Here will be a door that seems stuck. Slip your Fuse into the slot to the left of it and crawl under. This is where you'll meet up again with Double H. You sure had to go through a lot of rigmarole to get back to the beginning. At least now you're on the right side of the lasers. Save your game at the Reader then pass through the next door to the Central Hall.

Inside the Central Hall jump up to the ledge and you'll see the room you need to be in to get your next photo for IRIS. There are three guards inside. I suggest popping one with a disk, then tag teaming the other two with Double H's "Super-Action". Once they're clear, step up to the window and take your second photo for the report: Human Traffic. OK. That's it for this part of the Slaughterhouse. Off to the third and final section.

Return to the Interior Moats and make your way to the far NW side as you have to access the final area via a long tunnel which brings you back to the central core. Push a crate into or draw a torpedo to the large mine blocking the entrance, then work your way through the group of smaller mines. Dock at the end and buy what you need from the Bups Machine. Pass through the door to the East Wing. Move down the hall and look through the barred door. Use Double H's "Action" to break through the door and take out the guard's tank in one move. Enter the room and go left. Climb the little ladder and break through the grate. Crawl forward and break through the next grate. Drop down and continue forward. Pop the guard blocking the door, then hit the switch behind him. Go through the newly opened door.

Move through the hall and up the ramp (collect the goods from the safe to your left). Pass through the opening and up the next ramp. Cross to the far side and speak to Double H through the beams, then, back up a bit and, when the guard below's back is turned, drop through the hole in the rail and down to the level below. Quickly run for cover behind on of the mechanical boxes, then make your way to the right of the screen and down the ramp. You need to get to the door at the far end of the room. Use the cylindrical vats for protection as you make your way. When the circling guard moves to the right, move with him to the vat to the right. His body will protect you front the sight of the other guard. Move to the right side of the vat and use it for protection as you wait for the guard to circle again. Again, walk with him, this time, forward to the next vat. As soon as the guard at the door faces left, start moving in a crouch, then make a quick break for it just before you think he'll turn back to face you. He may notice you, but you'll have already run by him.

This next room provide many directional options. First, head right. Push the tall crate onto the elevator and hit the switch to go down. Take the Fuse from its slot (kick out the power first) then climb the crate to get back to higher level without the powered lift. Return to the area of many paths, and step into the blue tube across the way. This will suck you up to the next level.

This next room has two guards roaming and one that will come when they hear trouble. I simply took one out with a disk, then fought the other two. Go through the next door and left. Collect the PEARL and the credit, then Save. Pass through the door to the right of the Reader, then through the next door. Hit the switch to turn off the lasers, then place your Fuse in the slot in front of you. This turns on power to the switch. Hit it and crawl through the tunnel.

Exit out and you'll find yourself in a cargo sorting room. Simply run to the other end and go through the open door. Head left and under the door that lifts for you, kick the power box and drop down the ledge the electrical barrier was blocking. Here is Double H. Save, then walk with him down the hall lined with little mines. At the bottom of the ramp you'll get into a battle with several small, but annoying, ray-like creature. Snap a PICTURE, then beat the pulp out of them with Double H. Once those little rats are out of the picture, climb the pipe and hang from the electrically charged ledge above. From here, command Double H to hit the power box, then pull yourself up while the electricity is down.

Move through the hall to the next room with three guards. Two are stationary, one is roaming. Take them out as you do best, then continue forward to the Central Hall.

Collect the credits and Save, then go through the open door. Make your way onto the overlook bridge and onto the small section that juts out. Face the guard, disk his tank, then hit the switch and continue forward. Buy what you want from the Bups Machine and carefully round the corner to easily disk the guard here. Hit the next switch and move into the next area. You will eventually come to a socket begging for a fuse to your right, and a corner that needs turning to your left. Peer left and you'll get a quick cutscene. This is your picture taking platform. Take out the two guards. Climb under either one of the pipes either one of the guards was blocking and drop down to the perfect picture snapping platform. Focus your camera across the way and catch the image of the Domz Sarcophagi. Send it to IRIS and publish your report. OK, now you just need to exit the area.

Climb back up and grab the fuse from the central console. Just over the lasers and stick the fuse into the slot across the way. Crawl through the tunnel and hit the switch at the next set of lasers. Hit the purple switch and you'll be transported to the East Wing. Nice. Break the power box to your left if you want to Save at the Reader, otherwise go right and around the lasers (pass the little ladder right on by) and exit out into the Interior Moats. Work your way back to the exit and to the orange triangle on your map.

The orange triangle indicates a closed gate and the code console you spotted upon first entering the area. Snap a picture of the red circular screen above the console, then send it to the governor. She'll send you the code: D5B4. This will raise the gate, allowing you to exit.

Make your way through the Exterior Moats. You'll find yourself in the little pool you had to drop crates down into earlier. If you face the double doors, go through the tunnel to the right and you'll emerge at the entrance to Races number three and four. Exit out.


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