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Beyond Good & Evil
Preparing to Leave Hillys

Beyond Good & Evil
Beyond Good and Evil

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Beyond Good and Evil >
8. Preparing to Leave Hillys

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

Beyond Good and Evil >
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

1. Introduction
2. The Lighthouse and Hillys
3. Black Isle
4. Hillys, the Pedestrian District and Gaining Entrance to the Factory
5. The Factory
6. Pearl Collecting in Preparation for the Slaughterhouse
7. The Slaughterhouse
8. Preparing to Leave Hillys
9. The Moon (Selene)
10. Pearl Location Guide
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review
12. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
13. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free Guide with SCREENSHOTS

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Preparing to Leave Hillys

Upon exiting you should get an e-mail from Francis in the Akuda Bar. He seems to want to challenge you again in the table hockey game. Good to know. Move forward and you'll be attacked again by the Domz boney dragon character. Shoot at him just as you have several times before. Collect your PEARL upon defeating him.

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You should still be on the outside of the red laser barrier. If you're not, get back there as you have a few Pearls to collect. Looters' Caverns 3 and 4 are in this area. If you look at your Map, Looters' Cavern 3 is actually on the red laser barrier NE of your Slaughterhouse exit. Looters' Cavern 4 is in the large island, directly west of the Slaughterhouse exit. Enter both and collect the two PEARLS. Upon exiting Looters' Cavern 4 check your Animal Map and locate the diving whale nearby. Snap its PICTURE. Check your Animal Map again and note the indicator North of Looters' Cavern Number 4, east of the large land mass. Sail to the area and as you are warned of leaving the area, zoom in on the huge Manta Ray hovering above the water in front of you. Snap its PICTURE. With these little missions complete, head to the Main Canal.

In the Main Canal, you're heading north to the Akuda Bar. However, before going in there, notice the little blocked in area to the west (right before the path to Races 1 and 2 if heading north). There are some lasers blocking the area. Go ahead and jump those and make your way back into the canals, as far west as you can go. Here you'll find a crate. Blow it open to reveal a PEARL. Now, head to the Akuda Bar.

Once in the Akuda Bar, go ahead and rechallenge Francis. He has been practicing, so it is a bit tougher, but you can beat him for another PEARL. After that, head to the IRIS Den. Here you'll meet the governor and be given the Star Key. You'll also be let in on the fact that Pey'J is alive and is the chief of the IRIS Network. Not only that, but he's been taken to the moon. You're going to have to find the ship Pey'J told you about in the "For Jade" MDisk. Before leaving, don't forget to pick up your multiple PEARL reward in the back room.

Exit back out into the Pedestrian District. You need to make use of the Star Key down by Fountain Square, so make your way down there and locate the Star Pad by the red lasers, across from Ming-Tzu's. Hit the pad and make your way to the Alpha Sections' HQ. Call the elevator down, then command Double H to hit the button to send you up.

You are presented with one huge sneaking around scenario. There are several guards in the area and you have to get past each and every one without calling any of them to your attention. First, make your way around the corner and crouch under the bridge. Ahead of you is a guard. Simply get your back up against the wall and scoot along it around the corner and behind the guard to the ladder. Look above you. There's a stationary guard and one walking back and forth. When the one walking back and forth has his back to you, jump up and get your back against the wall in front of you. Wait for the guard to come back and turn around again. At this point, crouch and follow closely behind. Move into the little area to your right, then continue forward and press yourself against the wall. When the guard turns around and walks the other way, he won't see you. Slip out from behind the wall and crouch walk forward to the next ladder. Jump up to the ledge, then to the next ledge. Crouch and make your way forward past the two moving guards (they'll both turn with their backs to you) then past the third stationary guard. Jump up to the next level. Climb over the pipe and make a big lead over to the next ledge. Pull yourself up. Look around the corner to your right. When the guard has his back to you, quickly jump over to the ledge he's guarding and pull yourself up. Sneak past him and the next guard, then climb up the dumpster and the electrical box. You'll be next to a window. Look through the window and you'll see a single guard making circles. Don't let him see you through the window. Wait until he passes by before you scoot past it. The second window is safe, but wait again at the third. The fourth window is also safe, but the fifth one, after turning the corner, is wide open. Be careful here. As soon as the guard passes by, step onto the balcony and enter the room where the guard is circling. You should be behind him. As fast as you can, hit the switch on the right side and slip through the door.

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Inside is your reward: PEARLS 29 - 38. Nice. Save if you want, then exit out the opposite door. Roll over then obstacle then enter the next room. Roll over the fiery obstacle and you'll be discovered. Here will be another chase scene. Just head forward rolling over and avoiding all obstacles. Make your way forward along the open path and over the glassed in area. Run right toward the end. You'll make a huge jump and Double H will catch you "Don't Break Up The Team!".

Return to Fountain Square and enter Ming-Tzu's. Purchase his third PEARL, then go into the back room and collect his last MDisk for you, "IRIS 514". Exit out and look at your Pearl and Animal Maps. There should be none left in the Pedestrian District. Leave and enter the Main Canal. If you look at your Animal Map, you should see an indicator behind the laser barrier behind the Black Isle, which is North and West. Go to it and snap a PICTURE of the whale behind the barrier. After taking this one you should have four more paws on your screen. Once at the lighthouse (which we'll take care of momentarily), two on top of the Black Isle, and one far north. You should also see one more mass of Pearls, also on top of the Black Isle Volcano. Time to head to the lighthouse.

Ah home. You're in the Hangar. Dock and run up the ramp. At the top, look at the bulletin board in front of you and to the right. Walk up to it and push it to the side. A computer terminal will be revealed. Before logging on, check out Pey'J's shoes which are in your inventory. Examine them and look at the bottoms of them. Here are two codes: R7J9 and Z7G4. The Z7G4 was the correct code for us. Find your correct code then exit out of the Hangar and enter the Lighthouse. Work your way up the ramp to the next level. In front of you is a switch. Hit it and climb the next ramp to the top of the Lighthouse. Walking in a circle at the top is an otter-like creature. Step out onto the ledge and get his PICTURE (this was a hard one...I just stayed aimed a little left and zoomed in to catch him right as he rounded the edge). Once you have that, return to the second level of the Lighthouse. There's a PA1 in the small switch room across the way. Collect it, then go into the room to the right of it. Here is another bulletin board. Open in up and enter the second code into the console. Return to the Hangar.

In the hangar, return to the first console you exposed and hit the red button. The Beluga will be revealed. Collect the "Beluga Check-Up" MDisk and run it over to Pey'J's Workshop across the way. It seems you need Flight Stabilizers and a Stellar Motor. There is mention of one Flight Stabilizer. Return to where you found the MDisk and pick up the Flight Stabilizer sitting right next to where the MDisk was and walk it over to either one of the Beluga's "legs". "Put" the Stabilizer in. You can enter the Beluga now and try to fly, but without the other Stabilizer, you have no shot at it. Off to Mammago's!

At Mammago's you should have enough PEARLS to buy both the Flight Stabilizer and the Space Engine. But, my guess is most people don't. So, just purchase the Flight Stabilizer now, otherwise the order in which I'm going to have you do things will be a little messed up. Exit with your Stabilizer and return to the Lighthouse. On your way you'll see the Lighthouse has been destroyed. Run up and check it out. You'll find the kids have been taken to the moon, but your dog still loves ya. Once you get a hold of yourself, exit out. Fight the mean hovering bots by tossing a few disks at their tanks (stand directly underneath them to best avoid their attacks) then go to the Beluga (you'll have to re-open the door) and "Put" the Stabilizer into the other leg and step into the blue lights. Hit "Action" and you'll be sucked up.

After a quick cutscene you'll be told how to connect the hovercraft to the ship. Do so and fly around. Of course, you'll be immediately attacked. Shoot the Domz dragon monster just as you did before...but this time flying through the sky. Once you defeat him, collect your PEARL. Next, check your Animal Map. There should be an indicator up north, by the Factory. Make your way over there. You weren't able to get over the huge pipe blocking this section of water before, so now's the time to get to it and snap a picture of the huge flying Manta Ray. With that PICTURE taken, all that should be left on your Animal and Pearl Maps should be on the Black Isle Volcano. Fly to the top of it and you'll see a small crater with a little pool of water in it. Fly over to it, get close to the water, then disengage your hovercraft, then make your way into the tunnel.

Dock at the Volcano's Treasure and Save, if you'd like. After saving, look left. There's a glowing object against the wall. Snap a PICTURE of it. Here is one of your animals. Move down the tunnel to your right and jump up the two levels. Jump over the gap to the left then put your back up against the wall and shimmy to the other side. Use the orange blob creature to lower the bridge for Double H, as you have done several times before. Continue to the next area.

Here you'll encounter your first round of PEARL toting flying centipede monsters. Have at 'em and collect their dropped PEARLS. Continue forward and collect the credits from the Purple Crystal and toast the Crochax here. Collect his PEARL then continue forward and use the orange blob ball to take down the bridge across the way. Backtrack and you'll meet some more Crochax. Toast them and collect the PEARLS. Once this is done, make your way over to the purple amoebas, whack them to pass by and fight the four Crochax. Again, collect their PEARLS. Cross the bridge and prepare for the great Crochax onslaught of 2004. Do what you have to do and reap the PEARLY reward. If you have been following this guide that's ALL OF THE PEARLS!!! Your reward is a promotional game transferred to you via MDisk from Mammago! YAY! The game actually isn't much fun, but it's the point that counts.

While it looks like there's one more creature for you to photograph in here, it just isn't so. You'll get this last photo on your way to space. So, with that being said, fly on over to Mammago's Garage and land your ship. Run inside and purchase the Space Engine. Return to your ship and fly into the sky. Activate your new Space Engine then continue working your way up into the atmosphere. When you get to "outer space" you should immediately see a large blue blob in front of you floating right. This is a whale trapped in ice. Shoot the ice away from the body then snap a PICTURE. That's all of them. Nice work!


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