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Beyond Good & Evil
The Moon (Selene)

Beyond Good & Evil
Beyond Good and Evil

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Beyond Good and Evil >
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review

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1. Introduction
2. The Lighthouse and Hillys
3. Black Isle
4. Hillys, the Pedestrian District and Gaining Entrance to the Factory
5. The Factory
6. Pearl Collecting in Preparation for the Slaughterhouse
7. The Slaughterhouse
8. Preparing to Leave Hillys
9. The Moon (Selene)
10. Pearl Location Guide
11. LB's Beyond Good and Evil Review
12. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
13. Beyond Good and Evil Ad-Free Guide with SCREENSHOTS

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The Moon (Selene)

You've just arrived in outer space and snapped your last Animal Photograph. Time to finish this game up! Locate the moon and fly toward it. You will automatically be sucked in. In front of you will be the Lunar Base. Fly to the top of the shield and locate the tunnel behind the large radar. Enter it and you'll be in the Transmitter Entrance.

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Immediately upon getting control of Jade there will be an e-mail telling you of the locations of the Alpha's Activities. Good to know. Look around. Buy items from the Bups Machine, if you like. Notice there's an area you can't quite cross to and a button to push near it. Don't worry about either of those things right now. Save at the Reader, and check out the "Animal Species" MDisk sent to you for completing all animal photographs. It's just a nice little catalog of all of the pictures you've taken. Once you've done all this, go into the room behind the Reader. Step on one of the circular pads and command Double H to do the same. You'll be taken down to the level below.

Look around this room and notice the locked in area with a greenish light. There's nothing you can do about it yet, so run toward the thin ray of light coming your way. You will discover a pillar that is reflecting light from above. And you will find that it can be moved. Stand behind it and and hit "Action" to move it around. Aim it far right and a door will open...but not the door behind it. Something is missing. Face the pillar from the front and notice the glowing object to the left of it. Pick it up and you will find it's a Mirror. Again, face the pillar radiating light and now look to your right. You'll find a little pedestal with an arched structure on top. Place your Mirror on it and a new pillar will rise up. Go over to the first pillar and aim it and this new pillar. When the light catches the mirror, a new ray of light will appear.

Your first impulse with this new light may be to aim it directly across the way, but that would be the wrong thing to do at this moment. Instead, aim the new light back toward your entrance to this area and to the locked in area emitting the greenish light that I had you take note of earlier. The light will open the area up for you. Run over to it and collect the Mirror inside. With this all done, run back to the pillar and now aim the light through the two doors across the way. Pass through the newly opened doors and place your Mirror on the pedestal. Here, another pillar will come to life. Get behind it and first aim it right to unlock the door behind which a huge credit crystal resides, then aim it left and all of the way down the hall until you hear the "clink" of the light catching something. Run to meet the light and you'll find three odd new pillars with wings. The wings allow you do move the mirrors atop the pillars with your Disk Shooter. Hit the pillar emitting the light once, so it hits the pillar directly across from the open door you haven't passed through yet. Then, hit the wings of this second pillar until the light hits the door across the way straight on, so the light, itself, moves along a straight path. You don't ever have to deal with the third pillar.

Go through the open door and move across the bridge (which should have light spanning the entire length). At the end you'll come to a room where you'll find Pey'J. Pey'J is trapped behind a series of walls. The walls all have mirrors on them and pillars on each side. Turn the first pillar to the left until it hits the mirror and pillar. Go to the pillar on the left and do the same thing. Work your way around the circle making sure each mirror on the outer wall is touched by light. When they are all "enlightened" they will drop. Once the first barrier wall is down, it's much easier to take out the next two. Just deal with the pillar emitting light and aim it at the mirror in front of you. Your pillars are positioned so with one simple turn of the main pillar, the second sets of wall will fall, and with one more turn, the third set of walls will fall. Once they're all down, approach Pey'J and command Double H and head butt the crystal in which Pey'J is trapped. Pey'J will be let out of the crystal...but things don't look too good for the little guy. Hmmm....

Move across the room to the Reader. Save and snap a picture of the Map on the door. Analyze it so it goes into your inventory. Notice there's a little opening in the glass door with the map on it. You can slip through that. Do so and step into the blue beam behind it. You'll be sucked up. At the top, move to the first platform and go left to collect credits. Once you have those, head across the central platform to the right. Be careful, as there are two guards here. Take them out, collect the credits, then step into the blue tube. You'll be sucked down. Move forward, then right around the structure in front of you. Go through the open door and enter the Great Crypt.

Run forward and enter the tube in front of you. You'll be sucked down. In front of you is a series of tubes. You need to make your way to the green one. So, run straight to the tube in front of you and get sucked up. Head left and down the next tube. Exit out and the green tube will be on your left. Run to it and go all of the way down. Run across the platform and into the hole. Here you'll see a meeting of the Domz and the Alpha leader. They are definitely in cahoots. Snap a picture and send it to IRIS. You are given a new mission of transmitting the report. Exit out and make your way back to the Cloister (via the tubes), then back to where you last left Double H and Pey'J.

With Double H run across the bridge and head back to the Transmitter Entrance. Along the way you'll get some good news: The chief has transmitted a report to IRIS. He's alive! Pey'J is alive! Yeehaw! After a reuniting cutscene, your mission remains the same, you need to get to the transmitter, which is up past the Beluga. So, work your way back to your ship.

In the Transmitter Entrance, make your way over to the mechanical unit with the switch on it. Climb up to the top of it, then continue making your way up, as high as you can go, to the crate waiting for you at the top. Jump up onto it, then command Double H to hit the switch below. This will move you and the crate above the Beluga. Drop down on top of your space ship then look across the way. To the left of the door is another switch. Shoot at it, then quickly get out of your first-person view and jump onto the crate. You will be carried over to the opposite side. Move to the right, collect the credit crystals, then climb up to the cog to lower the bridge. Your friends will cross and meet up with you. Command each one to step on a circular pad outside of the door, and step on one, yourself. Make your way down the hall avoiding the gun (the sides provide excellent coverage) then step into the tram to the right. Once all three of you are inside, the tram will move.

Exit out. Save your game here. Also, this would be a good time to take back the PA1's you may have lent to your partners. You'll need them in a bit...and they really won't. Move down the steps and to the machine. Snap a picture of the red console screen and send it to the governor. She'll get back to you with the code: N5Q8. Enter the code. After a bit of rigmarole, your report will be transmitted for all of the world to see. Everyone will see the evils of the Alphas, and you will be given 1:30 to leave the moon. No problem. Simply run back to the Beluga and get inside. Once your friends join you, your ship will leave the base.

Outside it seems Mr. Alpha Pants doesn't want to let you go so easily. He'll beam the Beluga and drag you along. You need to separate from him, and you need to do that by targeting and shooting out the red lights. Once you clear them all out, he'll zap you with some beams. He'll charge up before doing this, so try to get to one extreme side to avoid being hit. From here, it's simply repeating the process while avoiding lasers and beams. Just remember, you can move all directions, so if you think the lasers are preventing you from hitting a target, just keep moving around until you have an opening. The Spider will eventually crash, but the tractor beam will remain active. Get your ship low, then disengage the hovercraft. Use the torpedoes that are being sent after you to clear out the large sea mine blocking the Spider entrance, then enter the Spider.

Inside, dock, Save if you'd like, then run down the hall and take out the four guards. Pass through the open door and travel up the beam. Here you will meet the Alpha leader. He'll give you a cheerful speech, then he'll die on you. He'll also warn you of the Domz leader's eye for you. When he dies, hit the switch and exit out. Get to your Hovercraft, then to the Beluga. The landing strip will be ahead of you, but first there's a little Star Wars action to attend to. You'll be attacked by the Domz. Simply avoid their attacks and target them instead. After a bit of this the Hillyians will come to help you out. Once they're there, head to the landing strip and land.

Run to the central platform and you'll see a pad for you and your two friends to step on. Do so and you'll be taken down to the Great Crypt...and the final boss.

The bad guy will let you know that you are the source of his powers and he wants the human part of you dead. Pey'J is sucked up, but you have Double H for a little protection. First, fight off the Domz minions. Once they've been cleared out, the eye will start shooting some lasers at you. Avoid the lasers and start shooting disks straight into the eye. Two or three shots will make the Domz leader change attacks.

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Next, little Pey'J clones will come after you. Use Double H's "Super-Action" to pound the ground, then swing at the clones and aim them at the crystals protecting the leader. The goal is to take out the crystals so you can target the eye again. Once you hit the eye with a Pey'J clone (and take out the little Domz monsters) Double H will be sucked up. Quickly run to the center of the platform as the surrounding water rises, and you'll drown if not in the right position.

Here you'll have to fight the eye one on one. Don't try to go house on it. One hit every time it "appears" is all you need, and if you're in the middle of a hit, you won't be able to move fast enough when it changes position on you. Just, hit, wait, hit, wait, hit. It gets tough when it hovers above you. At this point "Run" then "Block" when it charges, then hit it once with your staff. You will have to repeat this process a few times before you are required to fight the Double H clones. These guys are just like fighting the guards. Tease them, wait for them to strike, block, then toast them. For each one you kill a Domz monster will appear. They're easy to kill. After you kill three Double H's, the big Domz will start shooting things at you. Use this to your advantage as his attacks will take out your enemies, too. Once they're all cleared out, things are going to get wacky.

You are told you are losing control of your spirit. More like you're losing control of your controls, as your directions are now backwards (up is down, left is right, and so on). First you must take on the three Domz monsters in front of you. They're easy enough. Once you have them down, move over to the platform as the waters will again flood in. It's more challenging this time, as is your one on one dual with the Domz eye. This is exactly what you did before: Hit, wait, hit, wait, hit. You'll find a pattern in your directional stick, so it's not that difficult, but it does get tough when he hovers. Just remember run in the opposite direction from which you want to go, block right before he attacks, then whack him but good, then whack him again. It's all about striking him after he hovers above you. I wish I could give you more help, but the fact of the matter is it's all about using your controls. Once you defeat the boss, you have completed the game!!! Beautiful! What a great game! Nice work. Carlson and Peters!

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