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LB's "Bioshock" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Bioshock Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360 and PC is the only survival guide necessary to make it through the creepfest that is Rapture. Splicers and Big Daddies beware!

Not only does this guide provide an easy to read level by level walkthrough, it also includes ALL Audio Diary and Gene Tonic locations. To Xbox 360 gamers, this means all Achievements can be obtained (even the Secret ones) with this LB "Bioshock" Game Guide. To PC gamers, that means 100% completion. Leave no room unsearched, no item unfound!

In other words, if you're looking for Bioshock help, you need not look any further.

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Free Bioshock Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

1. Welcome to Rapture - Medical Pavilion (below)
2. Neptune's Bounty
3. Arcadia - Farmers' Market
4. Fort Frolic, Hephaestus, Central Control
5. Olympus Heights, Point Prometheus, Proving Grounds
6. Diaries, Tonics and Secrets

BioShock Game Guide

After your plane crashes into the middle of the Atlantic, you'll find yourself in the middle of a fiery mess. Welcome to BioShock.

Controls: Go into your Pause Menu and select "View Controls" to see your controls. Study them.

If you're a gamer who prefers to play with an inverted Y-Axis (pressing up makes you look down, pressing down makes you look up), select "Options" from the Pause Menu and switch "Invert Y-Axis" to "On".

Swim forward through the opening in the fire, then right. Ahead you'll spot a lighthouse. Swim to the flashing light at the base of it. Climb the ramp just past the light and enter the open door to your left. It will close behind you. Wait for the lights to go on and look around. Absorb the words, artwork and sounds as you move to the opposite end of the room. Work your way down the many flights of stairs to the pod at the bottom. Enter the pod.

Approach the lever at the back of the pod. When it tells you what it is (the Bathysphere Lever), hit the indicated button to pull it. With this, you'll be on your way to Rapture. Enjoy the ride (and the entertainment).

Welcome to Rapture

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Your arrival in Rapture will pretty much set the tone for the game. As you remain locked in your pod you'll be witness to a Splicer ahead. There's nothing you can do but sit and be horribly uncomfortable.

Eventually the Splicer will leave. When this happens you'll regain control of your body. Look left and collect the Radio. This will put you in communication with Atlas, who gives you a goal.

Get to Higher Ground

Exit the pod (Bathysphere) and slowly move forward, along the red carpet. Hang a left at the end and move up the stairs. Head left and you'll witness a Splicer ahead. He'll be chased away. Move to the area from which he fled.

As you move you'll run into a low obstacle. Follow the on-screen instructions to jump ("Y" on the Xbox 360), and do so. Walk into the spotlight and look down. Note the WRENCH. Collect it and practice your swing (Right-trigger on the Xbox 360). Next, move to the rubble ahead and break through it with your swinging Wrench. Follow the on-screen instructions to "Crouch" (click down the the left control stick on the Xbox 360) and move through the small opening.

Quickly move to avoid the fiery furniture coming your way down the stairs (the left side is clear), then hit "Crouch" again to stand back up. Move up the stairs while keeping your finger on the trigger.

At the top of the stairs you'll be attacked by a Thuggish Splicer. Use your Wrench to beat him silly (note his arched health meter with every hit). Once he goes down, look at his body. You will get the option to "Search" it. Do so (hit "A" on the Xbox 360) and collect whatever he has on him (First Aid Kit and EVE Hypo for me). If you need health at this point (you shouldn't, but you never know) hit the "Use First Aid" button ("B" on the Xbox), OR, better yet, run forward into the room ahead and collect the Pep Bars and/or Chips from the couch and table.

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Always search bodies: Always search the bodies of your victims, as most will have something for you to collect from them. I will not tell you to search bodies from this point on (unless the prize is big), as it will be assumed.

Explore the room and examine the broken door control. Turn around and face the door from which you entered. Note the stairs leading to the balcony above. The path to the right is clear, so take it to the top. Once there, locate the Trash Can to the left and search it for goodies, then approach the glowing vending machine. Highlight the ELECTRO BOLT and hit "Power Up" ("A" on the Xbox 360). Watch as you, without hesitation, inject yourself with the syringe you just picked up. Enjoy the cutscene.

When you wake up you'll have a new ability via the Electro Bolt. The Electro Bolt is one of many different Plasmids that will be made available to you in this game. You fire a Plasmid just as you do a weapon, but with the "Fire Plasmid" button (left trigger on the Xbox 360). Try it out on the broken Door Control to the left of the closed door. This will open the door. Move down the tunnel ahead. When the plane breaks through, enter and quickly exit right. Continue along the tunnel to the end, where a door will automatically open for you. Move through it.

Your exit here is the red lit door across the way. However, there is some exploring to be done, if you'd care to do it. In the room to the left is some Merlot. Drink it if you need health (but note you'll lose a bit of EVE). There is also an EVE Syringe. Grab it, then examine the glowing tube. This is a Vita-Chamber.

Vita-Chambers: If you should ever die in the game, you will reappear in the last Vita-Chamber you passed. You will be blessed with some health and a bit of EVE. Note, they work automatically (i.e. there's no need to activate them).

Food and items: From this point forward it is up to you to examine various rooms for food and various items. With that being said, if there's an item of interest or if there's an area where you may really need food, I will certainly point it out.

Once your work in this room is complete, cross over to the other room for some Chips, Cigarettes, Arcadia Merlot, EVE Syringe, and Corpse. Consume what you want, then search and collect from the Corpse. Head for that red door.

As you make your way, you may spot a Splicer in the area. Atlas will tell you to give it the "One Two Punch". This means use your Plasmid (Electro Bolt) on it to stun it. Immediately follow up the stunning with a whack of the Wrench. One or two hits should do it.

Look out for another Thuggish Splicer as you move through the red lit (now green) door, eliminate him and move up the stairs. After the explosion, look out for the fiery Thuggish Splicer ahead and "One Two Punch" him. Run through the door in front of you, then enter the elevator to the left. As you ride it up, Atlas will provide you with a new objective.

Go To Neptune's Bounty

At the top head left and collect the Pep Bar and First-Aid Kit, then head to the Kashmir Restaurant to the right. Note the shadow of the baby carriage and the comforting words of a worried mother. Enter the hall and you'll see the pair. Slowly approach them and EGAD! Kill the evil mom. Do it now!!!

Collect the REVOLVER from the baby carriage. It will automatically replace your Wrench. (Tap the "Switch Weapon" button if you'd like to return to Wrench, which I did as I like to preserve ammo. You can also hold the "Switch Weapon" button to select the weapon of your choosing). Move through the next door and head to the table in the back left corner for some Whiskey and a First-Aid Kit.

Move down the hall to the right and you'll run into the restrooms. Look to the phone to the left to collect the First-Aid Kit and Money from the open purse on the floor. When you're ready, enter the restrooms marked "Gents". Run to the far end and through the hole to your left.

Atlas will ask that you lower your weapon, and it is done automatically for you. Step through the broken railing and move across the trusses as Atlas talks to you about the evil little girl (or Little Sister) below. Oh fun...she sings, too.

Once across, move right and down the stairs. Stand at the window and watch the events on the other side. Here you'll be introduced to the Big Daddy. Big Daddy keeps Little Sister safe. Fantastic. Search the Splicer for some Pistol Ammo, then approach the locked fence. Shoot or hit the lock with your Wrench (I went with Wrench...no need to waste Ammo) and move through the gate. Enter the room from which the Little Sister and Big Daddy left and search the Corpse here, then exit out.

Examine the Corpse to the left of the Vita-Chamber and collect the Revolver/Pistol for Ammo. Arm your Pistol and move toward the blue-lit hall. Shoot the Leadhead Splicer as she emerges, then collect from her Corpse, along with the other one at your feet. Move down the blue lit hall, then slowly step out into the next hall. Stop and look left. Note the nearby Splicer. Once he spots you he'll come barreling in your direction. When this happens, step back into the blue lit hall and wait. When the Splicer enters the hall, zap him with your Electo Arm then whack him with your Wrench. Beautiful.

Return to the hallway ahead and move left. Examine the corpse on the ground and approach the stairs. At the bottom you should spot two Splicers who are ankle-deep in water. Use your Electric Arm on the water to fry the enemies. Move down the stairs and gather from their remains. Also, look out for a nearby corpse that has quite a bit of cash on it. Jump down to the area below.

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To your right is Neptune's Bouty, your destination...however, don't go there quite yet. Instead, move forward and enter the bathroom marked "Gents". Note the Bandages by the toilets. Use them now if your health is low, or keep them in place, as you may need them momentarily. Move to the other side of the bathroom and collect the First Aid Kit from the sink area.

Make sure your EVE meter is full and your Electo Bolt is ready to go. When you're ready, move to that door that leads to Neptune's Bounty. Once you reach it, the door will shut. Quickly move away or be burned by fire.

Six Splicers will come your way from the above path, although they'll, most likely, come two at a time. The easiest way to deal with this is to wait near the Vita-Chamber and watch as the Splicers drop down into the water in front of you. The moment this happens, zap the water. The Splicers will fall. You may need to run around a bit to trigger the next set, but, when they come, repeat the process again...and again.

Once all is calm, Atlas will tell you the path to Neptune's Bounty is blocked and you'll have to make your way through the Medical Pavillion. No problem.
Move down the hall marked Medical Pavillion

Collect the various items from the bodies (be sure to look out for their dropped Pistols). When that's complete, move through the door marked "Medical Pavillion" (opposite the Neptune Bounty door) and run down the hall. Approach the door at the end and...oh jeez. Wait for Atlas to tell you he's unlocked the door then move through it. Open the next door to enter the Medical Pavillion.

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Medical Pavillion

Use Emergency Access Route

Enter the new area and move right. Around the corner to the left is a Vending Machine. Purchase what you'd like, if anything (I bought an extra EVE Hypo so I'd have 5). Move to the desk across the way and collect the many items upon it. Finally, move to the Emergency Access to the right of the Vending Machine.

Caught in the doors of the Emergency Access is a fallen Security Bot. Security Bots are wonderful because you can hack them to work for you.


The Security Bot will now follow you as you move. Go through the Emergency Access door and follow the hall around to the desk. Let the Security Bot take out the Splicers in the area, then head into the blue lit room and search the corpses. Then, move up either of the two metal staircases. On the landing, "Use" the Emergency Access Control. The door behind you will open (you'll see a Splicer run by) and you'll get a new goal.

Get the Key from Steinman

Go through the red doors behind and head down the hall to the left. At the end, take out the Thuggish Splicer, grab the Machine Gun, and search the Storage Crate for items. Approach and "Use" the Electrical Override Switch to open the locked gate in the Medical Pavilion (goal completed: Get into Medical Pavillion).

Wonderful. Not only did that open the gate, but it caused about four Splicers to come charging in. They'll soon make their way to you. I recommend you exit this room via your entrance and go to the end of the hallway, which is a dead end. From here, wait and use your Machine Gun to blast any Splicers who enter either from the room you were just in, or from the door on the left.

After everything is quiet, search all of the corpses. Also note that by now, your Security Bot may have taken a fatal blow. If he's still with you, great. If not, don't worry about it.

Backtrack downstairs and re-enter the Medical Pavilion Foyer. Upon so doing, a Thuggish Splicer dressed as a doctor will come charging at you. It was at this point that I took out my Revolver and was informed about Special Ammo.

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After taking out the Thuggish Splicer dressed as a doctor, head up either staircase (be alert as a couple Splicers may attack as you go) and go through the gate you opened, which allows access to the Medical Pavillion. Search the Corpse ahead and look for Pistol Ammo and/or money is the area. Collect it.

Continue forward and you'll encounter another Splicer Ghost near the red doors. Go up to the doors and "Use" the Door Control on the right of it. Go through and you'll find yourself in the Medical Wing which consists of the Crematorium (Funeral Services), Dental Services, and Surgery Wing. Atlas will chime in and let you know that Dr. Steinman is near, in the Surgery Wing...just follow the blood. Egad!

Go around the wall (to the left or right) and you'll encounter a Turret Gun firing at you. Zap it with an Electro Bolt and then Hack it. A successful Hack will make it so the Turret attacks enemies (and you may need it immediately as Splicers may begin to trickle in here). To the right of this turret, in the "Supply" room, is another Turret Gun. Hack it as well (you may encounter a Splicer on your way to it).

With the two Turrets ready to take out enemies, run forward and trigger as many Splicers as you can. Run back to where you entered. The Splicers will follow and become Turret bait. If any make it past the Turrets, finish them off yourself.

When this is complete, follow the arrow and head through the door marked "Surgery". Enter the Surgical Foyer and move forward. A Splicer will run right and there will be a small explosion, which, unfortunately, blocks the remaining path to Surgery. Great. Atlas will chime in and give you a new objective, which will help fix this problem.

Find Telekinesis

Backtrack out of Surgery to the Medical Pavillion Foyer. Take out the two to four Splicers waiting for you and then enter the Crematorium, aka, Eternal Flame. You'll see another explosion and a Thuggish Splicer will emerge. He has Grenades. Shoot him several times or the Grenade Box he's holding to blow him up (or take him out however you wish). After he's dead, explore the area for various items, then continue into the office.

Go through the door in the back and slowly walk forward. As you approach the red light on the floor you'll be alerted to the fact that there is a Security Camera nearby. Quickly back up, so you're out of the camera's sight, and wait for the alert to die. (Note, normally you can identify a camera by a moving red light. However, the red light on the floor that is being emitted from the fireplace disguises the camera light a bit, making it hard to find.

Security Cameras:

Detailed info included in LB Bioshock PDF Guide

Looking for Diaries, Tonics, Secrets, and all of the Bioshock goods?

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Security Bots:

Detailed info included in LB Bioshock PDF Guide

Hack the Security Camera (on the other side of the fireplace, attached to the ceiling) and then head right where you'll find a desk with Armor Piercing Rounds. Examine the Cabinet and Corpse, then continue forward and up the stairs.

Kill the Splicer upstairs, then check the area for items. Locate the locked office and the small opening to the left of the office. Crouch (click down on the Left Analong Stick on the Xbox 360) and crawl through it.

In front of you is the INCINERATE PLASMID. Grab it and it will become your default Plasmid. (Hold the "Switch Plasmid" button to view the plasmids in your stockpile. Select one just as you would a weapon. Tap the "Switch Plasmid" button to quickly switch plasmids.) The Incinerate Plasmid allows you to burn things. Fun.

As soon as you pick up the new Plasmid, three Splicers will emerge outside. They can't get to you while you're in your the office, though, so there's no need to panic. What's more, there's a very easy way to take them out. Look at the small opening and note the puddle of oil spilling through. Use your new Plasmid to set the oil ablaze and watch as the Splicers catch fire. Perfect.

Crawl back out through the small opening. Your time here is complete. Backtrack to the Medical Pavillion.

Note: Twilight Fields Funeral Home

Gene Tonics:

Detailed info included in LB Bioshock PDF Guide

Return to the main desk (look out for the Splicer!!!) and return to the Medical Pavillion. Per usual, look out for any lingering Splicers, stock up on any health/EVEs you need, then get ready for a little dental work. Yes, it's time to head down the stairs to the Dental Services area.

Use you new Incinerate Plasmid to melt the ice. Take out the Splicer who charges you, then move forward and right. Pick up the glowing SHOTGUN on the floor. Uh-oh.

Once the darkness turns back to light you'll face a Splicer ambush. Thankfully your new Shotgun can take out each one in one shot. So, keep moving and shoot any Splicer that gets in your way. When they're all dead the lights will return in full. Collect from the surrounding bodies, as they're hiding some good prizes.

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Check out the surrounding area. If you're facing the fallen clock then the hall directly behind you leads to the Vita-Chamber. Behind you and to your right is the "Painless Dental Office", which is locked. At this point, you don't want to continue down that hall...but we'll be back. Back at the clock, on the other side of the wall is a Health Station. Hack it, ignore the locked Supply Room, then collect the Useless Experiments diary on the floor and enter the office marked "Dandy Dental".

Jump the counter and collect the various items behind it. Move through the doors, then through the sliding glass door to your left. Note the Ball Launcher Switch in front of you, then look left. It's a Gatherer's Garden and a TELEKINSIS PLASMID! Grab the Plasmid and you'll discover you still only have two Plasmid slots, meaning you must give up either the Incinerator or the Electro Bolt. I am a big fan of the Electro Bolt (and it will come in handy in the near future), so give up the Incinerator.

Read the instructions on how to use the Telekinisis Plasmid (On the X360, hold the Left-Trigger to grab an object, then release the Left-Trigger to toss it. If you don't want to toss it, hit "X" to drop it), then practice by activating the Ball Launcher behind you (collect the Testing Telekinisis diary nearby).

Clear the debris with enemy grenades

Now that you have the Telekinisis, you are back on track to Surgery. However, before heading out, there are a couple of things to do.

Painless and Chompers Dental Offices:

Detailed info included in LB Bioshock PDF Guide

Backtrack all of the way out to the Medical Pavillion, then to the door marked "Surgery", taking out Splicers as you go.

Move to the end of the Surgery tunnel and enter the room where you were so rudely blocked before. Upstairs on a balcony a Splicer will toss Grenades your way. Use your Telekinisis to catch a Grenade, then toss it at the rubble in the doorway. This will open up the path for you and complete the objective.

Before moving through the door, go ahead and use your Telekinisis to toss the Grenades back at the Splicer above. When he goes down, move forward.

Head left and note a Splicer on the other side of the fence. He may or may not send a Security Bot after you. If he does, take care of it. If he doesn't, don't worry about it.

The Splicer will run away and the fence will open up, revealing a Turret Gun at the far end of the hall. Zap and run (fast) at the Turret Gun. Stay left, or you'll risk opening the doors to the right of the gun and revealing yourself to a Security Camera. Next, head toward the "Viewing Rooms" at the end of the hall. You may care to use the Health Station to the right before you do.

Boss Fight: Dr. Steinman

Upon entering the Viewing Room you'll be shown a scary little operation on the other side of the glass. Use the time to arm your weapon of choice (I went with the Shotgun). Move away from the center of the glass, because the scene will end with a few bullets coming through it. It's showtime.

I opted to enter the Viewing Room through the door to the left. Here you'll be able to spot a tank in front of you, at the front corner of the stage. Wait for Steinman to get close to it and shoot it. This will do a decent amount of damage to the good doctor. From here, I played a game of zapping him with my Electro Bolt to stun him, then getting as many Shotgun shots in as possible. Repeat.

You may take some damage, so monitor your health and use your First-Aid Kits as necessary. Also, there's a First-Aid Kit in the back left corner of the room, along with one below the stairs (where you'll also find a Health Station). Overall, it's an easy battle if keep on him and don't let him get a shot off.

A better way to kill the doctor: Use telekinesis on one of the two tanks in the room and toss it directly at Steinman. This will burn him, taking off about half of his health. This will also cause him to run for the water in the lower portion of the room. When he does, zap the water with your Electro Bolt to remove the remaining health from his meter.

When the doctor goes down, collect the EMERGENCY ACCESS KEY from his body (along with everything else).

Open the Emergency Access

Clean up any items remaining in the Viewing Room, and exit out.

Prepare for and ambush and move down the hall. There is a bit of water on the ground, so you may care to electrify it. Otherwise, take out the Splicers as you desire.

Make your way back to the Medical Pavillion. As you move through the Surgery tunnel there will be a collapse. Move through the open door to the left and watch as a Big Daddy goes flying across the room. Enter the room to the right for a cutscene.

After witnessing a Splicer go after a LITTLE SISTER you will have a choice to make. Are you going to save the Little Sister, which will result in less ADAM, but a promised reward from Dr. Tenenbaum (OH, and you'll be able to sleep at night), OR, are you going to harvest the Little Sister (Atlas's preference), which will result in more ADAM, and many, many nightmares. For the sake of this walkthrough, we're going to save each and every Little Sister we can. So, approach the girl, wait for the prompt, and select "Rescue".

Grab what you want from the area, then move across the room to the Gatherer's Garden. Purchase what you want, as there's an ENRAGE PLASMID you may care to purchase. I, however, did not. I'm saving for an extra slot, so I went with the low cost ARMORED SHELL TONIC (COMBAT) and replaced the Wrench Jocky Tonic.

When all is complete, exit via the red doors, check the crate, then exit the next set of doors. You'll find yourself back in the Medical Pavillion.

You may care to pop into the Vending Machine room to stock up on Health and/or EVEs and/or Ammo. Arm what you want (I went with the Antipersonnel Auto ammo for the Machine Gun) and walk out. Quickly kill the two Splicers who come your way (this is why I went with the Antipersonnel Auto ammo), then prepare to battle your first Big Daddy.

First, make sure your health is full. If it isn't, use a First-Aid Kit or a nearby Health Station. Next, arm yourself. I went with the Electro Bolt Plasmid and the Shotgun armed with the Electric Buck. Finally, walk toward the exit until you are shown the Big Daddy. Don't let him see you. Instead, sneak around so you can approach him from behind, but remain distant (even though he won't come after you until it feels threatened). When you're ready, zap him with the Electro Bolt.

This will stun the big guy momentarily. Use the time to lay into him as many Electrified Buckshots as possible. When he charges, simply move back and zap again (if he does hit you, your Static Discharge should push him away from you, and do a bit of damage). Overall, it's not a pretty process, but it gets the job done. And, like before, keep an eye your health, but, if you keep moving and keep him stunned, you shouldn't need much (particularly if you equipped the Armored Shell Tonic, as suggested).

Approach the LITTLE SISTER and rescue her, then search the Big Daddy Bouncer for a nice chunk of change.

Follow the arrow out of the Medical Pavillion, down the stairs (look of for the grenade weilding Splicer), and through the Emergency Acces door. Take out the Grenade Splicer and make your way up the stairs, back to the Emergency Access Control. Pull the lever and move through the open door below. Collect from the Storage Crate, enter the Bathysphere, and pull the lever. Select "Neptune's Bounty" as your destination.

LB Bioshock Game Guide
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