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LB's Black(TM)
A Lunabean.com Game Guide
Intro, Gameplay Tips, Secondary Objectives (Missions 1-4)

LB's Black(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Intro, Gameplay Tips, Secondary Objectives (Missions 1-4)

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Intro and General Gameplay Tips

Secondary Objectives (Missions 1-4)

Secondary Objectives (Missions 5-8)

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This guide was written based upon the "Normal" difficulty setting. This guide contains general gameplay tips and info as well as the locations of every Secondary Objective. It does not contain a full walkthrough for the game. This is mainly due to the fact that it's hard to get lost as most of the game can be summed up by this phrase: Run forward and shoot.

General Gameplay Tips

Blowing Stuff Up

It seems like this game is set up so that there is something explosive next to almost every enemy; that you can go through the game shooting things that explode instead of enemies. This is a bit of an exaggeration. Nonetheless, always keep a keen eye out for something that will blow up. Usually you'll be alerted to this because that something is red. If it's red, shoot it. It'll blow up. There are also many non-red things that will blow up like gas cylinders, air conditioning units, cars, etc. To aid you in this, keep an eye on your reticle (aiming dot) as it will turn black when aimed at something explosive (see "Aiming" below).

There are several times throughout the game when you'll see something hanging over an enemy. Usually you can shoot the support and make that something fall onto the heads of the enemy. There is one level where you can shoot a church bell down and another level where you can shoot a cargo container to come crashing down on an enemy.

The point is if you can shoot it, it may well explode or cause damage so there's no harm in trying.

Opening Doors and Walls

Almost everything in this game is destructible. In many cases there are doors or walls that need to be destroyed in order for you to proceed. If you're stuck and you don't know where to go, look around for a wall that may be blasted open with a Grenade or a door that will open with a shotgun blast or a Grenade. This is also key to getting all of the Secondary Objectives as many are behind locked doors.


The dot that is used as your crosshairs, or reticle, changes colors based upon what it's aimed at. By default it is white. If you're aiming at an enemy it'll turn red; at a friendly it'll turn green. If you're aimed at something explosive it'll turn black. If you're aimed at a secondary objective that needs to be destroyed (safe, security case, laptop) it'll turn blue.


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You are allowed to carry two weapons at any one time. In most missions you'll have an assault (M16, M5, AK47) as your primary weapon. In some others, you'll have a Sub Machine Gun (SMG) like the Uzi as your primary weapon. Your secondary weapon really doesn't matter unless it's a Sniper Rifle, RPG Launcher, or a Grenade Launcher. Otherwise, pistols and shotguns are fairly useless as most of the killing in this game is done from a distance. The one good thing about shotguns is that they open locked doors for you but you can also use a Grenade.

The Sniper Rifles and other specialty weapons that you come upon are pretty much situational. That is, you'll find a Sniper Rifle in an area where you can do some sniping. Same goes with the RPG; you'll find it when you have to blow stuff up. These are handy secondary weapons, however, so I find it useful to hang onto them instead of something like a shotgun or a pistol.

Grenades are a key weapon in the game. You'll get good at throwing them the right distance the more your practice. The key with Grenades to to shoot them. Yes, you can shoot Grenades so that they blow up before the enemy has a chance to run away. The basic move here is to chuck a Grenade in the general direction of your enemy. Wait for it to get right above your enemy and start firing. It'll blow up, thus efficiently killing your target. Again, you'll get better at this the more you practice it.

You can zoom in with every weapon. When it comes to the Sniper Rifle, when zoomed, you can toggle between zooms by pressing up on your D-Pad.

Speaking of your D-Pad (the cross-shaped pad on your controller), pressing either left or right on the D-Pad will switch your weapons. Pressing up on it will change your rate of fire: single shot, burst (three shots), or fully automatic.

You can equip a suppressor (if you have one) to your weapon by pressing the Triangle Button (PS2) or the Y Button (Xbox). I found suppressors to be useless in the game other than for a few gratuitous stealth head shots. Even if you're being super sneaky, the enemy is going to see you and start shooting. Having a suppressor equipped makes your weapon less powerful, so I don't recommend you use one.

Secondary Objectives

Most objectives simply require that you run over them or run into them to pick them up. There are some items that you have to shoot (destroy). These are safes, laptops, and security cases. You'll know you have to shoot them if you are over them and they're not registering that you picked them up. Stand back and shoot them to get credit.


How this Guide is Organized

This guide covers Secondary Objectives. The Secondary Objectives are organized based upon what Primary Objective you're currently engaged in. This makes for an easy and universal way for you to figure out if you've missed a particular item. If there are no Secondary Objectives found in a particular Primary Objective, then that Primary Objective is not listed. You'll get the idea as you read through the guide below.

Veblensk City Street

Rendezvous with Black Cell

01. Blue Document Roll - Aerial photo of Treneska border crossing - In building on right as you approach the museum; on the first floor. There are stairs in this building.

02. Hidden Weapon - Uzi - In same building as the blue document roll above, on the second floor.

03. Laptop - Details of "Extraordinary Rendition" - On the first floor of the building to the left of the museum.

Assault the Museum

04. Red Folder - Login details to the NSA - On the wall of the first landing of the stairs in the museum.

05. Briefcase - Professor Janek's black box - On the left side balcony of the museum.

Eliminate Reinforcements

06. Laptop - Satellite photos of Papoose Lake - After you fight through museum you'll exit to another road. In a building on the right of this road, not far from the museum.

07. Laptop - Schematics of experimental aircraft, Aurora - In ticket booth of parking garage on the left.

08. Red Folder - Blueprints of NYC subway - On the wall in the parking garage. At the back right of the garage.

Treneska Border Crossing

Cross the Border

01. Red Folder - How to make a dirty bomb - After you enter the fenced in border crossing area with all of the buildings, enter the first building on right. You need a shotgun to blast open the door. On a table.

02. Safe - Covert footage of NK nuclear plants - Second building on the right. Shoot the safe.

03. Security Case - L.A. Airport security - Far end of second building on right. Enter from the back using the shotgun to blast open the door. On a table.

04. Safe - Evidence of domestic wet work in D.C. - Second building on left. Upstairs.

Cross the Vlodnik Canal

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05. Hidden Weapon - RPG - After you exit the tunnel, take the left path through the woods at the first road block. This is instead of going down the main road. The path veers to the right. Follow it and you'll find the RPG leaning against a log.

06. Laptop - Smuggled CCTV footage from Camp X-Ray - Backtrack to where the path veered to the right and go straight. You'll get to a shack on the left. Inside the shack.

07. Red Folder - Phone list for JJ Directorate - First building on the left after you cross the bridge (it's near a guard tower). On a table.

Search the Farm Building

08. Red Folder - Poisoning of L.A. water supply - Facing the main Farm Building, the first building on the right (the bottom right building, if you will), on a wall as you're going up the stairs.

09. Security Case - Evidence of wire transfers - The next building on the right has a silo in front of it. Enter the building to find the case on the shelf. Note: If you destroy the gas canisters near the silo everything will blow up, including the security case.

10. Laptop - List of CIA companies based in Europe - Main Farm Building. On the first floor on a crate.

11. Red Folder - Seventh wave bank accounts in Zurich - Top floor of main Farm Building. On a crate.

Clear all Outbuildings

You have 5 outbuildings to clear. Don't complete this objective or the level will end. Before you do that, you can find the final secondary objective.

12. Blue Document Roll - Sniper movement report from Naszran Town - This is outside the perimeter of the Farm House area, but not that far. Go to the main Farm Building. Put your back to it and run straight ahead, away from it. You'll soon reach the outbuilding that is directly across from the main Farm Building. Go past this outbuilding, staying to the right of it, but still moving forward. Go past the low stone wall and over the small hill. As you come down the other side of this hill you'll see a bright object laying on the ground on the right. This was a small camp. There is a small fire burning near it. Grab the tube.

Naszran Town

Cross Naszran Town

01. Red Folder - Flight plan for "Reverse Rendition" - On the wall as you go up the stairs inside the first building/house you see; the one in front of you where the sniper is shooting from.

02. Safe - Blueprints for Narcissus - In this same building/house there is a staircase going down. Go down to find the safe. Shoot it.

Take Sniper Positions

03. Safe - Covert video tape - To the left of the left side Sniper Position (the round building) there is a shack. Inside the shack.

04. Hidden Weapon - M203 (Grenade Launcher) - Sitting on the window sill of the same shack as the safe above.

Repel Enemy Reinforcements

05. Red Folder - Blueprint for cinema of Ukraine - In the main house, before you drop down into the basement, on an end table near the couch.

06. Safe - Recorded interview with Gen. Y - After you drop down the hole into the basement the safe is in this room, next to a washing machine. If you happened to throw some grenades into the house earlier, you may have already blown this up due to the explosion coming through the floor.

Cross Sniper Alley

07. Security Case - Documents on Cell Phone "Meaconing" - From the first tunnel you go through; go forward to the dead end and hang a left. You'll see an opening in a wall to the basement of an apartment building. There are stairs going up. Go up the stairs to find the case leaning against and end table near a couch.

08. Red Folder - Dossier on Setec Astronomy - On a wall of the top floor of the same apartment as above (note the other set of stairs going down...don't go down them!).

09. Red Folder - Pictures of downtown Las Vegas - From the basement of the same apartment building; exit out the side wall (the smaller of the two openings). Hang a right. Drop down into the pathway and go forward to another blown out basement. This one has destroyed stairs that you can't use. The folder is on a metal shelf.

10. Blue Document Roll - Nazsran foundry surveillance photos - After you clear the area, go back to the apartment with the three floors. Go to the top floor where you found the Red Folder earlier. Here you'll see a staircase going down. Go down and then drop down through the hole in the lower floor. Follow the basement rooms and you'll get to one with the roll underneath a table.

11. Security Case - Intelligence support activity (1981) - Now outside, follow the pathway to the building with hole in the wall (it's before there is a right turn in the pathway). There is an enemy with an RPG at the top of this building. Enter through the blown out wall to find the security case under a table. Shoot it.

12. Red Folder - Infrared photos of Global Thermonuclear War - On the wall of the same room as the security case above.

Naszran Foundry

Find Naszran Foundry

01. Safe - Hacked sealed magnaphone MX20/20 - Fight your way up the main road. Just after you pass the first fence, enter the building on your left to find the safe.

02. Blue Document Roll - Tivliv Asylum Security Camera Shot - From the safe, backtrack to the fork in the road. Take the right path. Cross the conveyor belt bridges to the top floor of a building. Sitting on the table is the document roll.

Navigate Through the Minefield

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03. Red Folder - List of Seventh Wave sleeper cells - In a shack on the right past the first fence in this area. You need to blow open the door.

04. Safe - Schematics of Camp Perry, VA - On the lower floor of the first foundry building you enter. Fight your way all the way around to the small room. Use a Grenade or Shotgun to blast open the door.

05. Hidden Weapon - Magnum - On the table in the same room as the above safe.

06. Red Folder - Details of T-Stas System - Still in the first foundry building, head up the stairs. As you walk along the catwalk look at the left wall. It is hanging on a pillar on the left wall.

07. Briefcase - DVD Trans Alaska Pipeline - After you navigate the two huge oil storage silos (the big orange cylindrical tanks) you'll be back down on ground level, heading along a path. After a while, you'll get to a small bridge where there is an RPG. You'll also be fired on by an RPG. From the RPG, go forward. It's underneath the catwalk stairwell (underneath the building labeled "10"), in front of two green barrels.

Destroy Weapon Machinery Equipment

08. Red Folder - Blueprints for Phased Plasma Rifle - On the wall, at the base of the first stairs near the lower weapon machinery (there's only one on the lower floor and three upstairs). The stairs go up.

09. Laptop - Flight plans for Aero Contractors - From the second weapon machinery (on the second floor) look across to a room where there are enemies firing at you. On a table is a laptop. Shoot it.

Destroy Smelter Control Panels

10. Laptop - Project Suter - Go to the far end, first floor, of the smelter area to find a room with various goodies and a laptop.

11. Red Folder - Seventh Wave/Headstone (2004) - Head up the nearby ramp from the laptop above and you'll see the folder hanging on the wall.

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