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Lunabean's BloodRayne 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

BloodRayne 2 Strategy Guide > 5. Wetworks

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Release Date: 10.12.04
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Table of Contents - Review

General Strategies and Info
1. Mansion
2. Meatpacking District
3. Union Station
4. Sewers
5. Wetworks
6. Shroud Tower
7. Twisted Park
8. Kagan's Tower
LB's BloodRayne 2 Review
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5. Wetworks


Explore the Wetworks compound

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Go forward and you'll get a quick cutscene of enemies locking the place down and mentioning that the sun is rising so the vampire patrols will be over soon. Speaking of the sun, if you stand in it, you'll lose health. Stay in the shadows! Enter the building and quickly go left to avoid the Turret Gun. Go around to the other Turret Gun and take out the two enemies. Man the Turret Gun and fire at the crates on the left. There is a propane tank there that is hard to see that will blow up and kill a few enemies at the other Turret Gun near the entrance.

Go back to the entrance and this time, go right. Go around to the locked gate with the "A" above it. If you turn on your AURA VISION, you'll see the switch on the other side of the gate that will open the gate. An enemy will be standing there shooting at you. Harpoon him and toss him into the switch to raise the gate.

Go through. You'll be in the large Tesla Coil (electric turbine) room. Fight the enemies in there. When they're defeated you'll get a cutscene of two minions talking about the Gargantua Monster who has gotten loose. When you restart, kill those two minions, and then go through the gate. You'll drop down into the blood pool where the Gargantua Monster will attack you.

Mini-Boss Fight - Gargantua

Activate your newly acquired BLOOD FURY and go after the Monster. There are four enemies lining one side of the area. If your health gets low or you want to increase your Rage Meter, kill them, then attack the Monster again. If your Rage Meter is full, you should be able to get half of Gargantua's health down. Then, after refilling your Rage Meter using the four enemies, you should be able to take off the 2nd half of the Monster's health, again, using BLOOD FURY.

After you have killed Gargantua, go to the open door where you'll see an enemy or two coming from. Go into that control room and work your way to the metal stairs and go up. Work your way through this control room and out to the catwalk. Cross to the other side of the catwalk, go through the rooms, and you'll come out on a broken catwalk overlooking the blood pool below. Turn on your AURA VISION and grind the pipe down, across the blood pool to the lower level. Go through the rooms here, up the metal stairs, and to the ledge where you can jump to a bar. Jump to the bar, to the next bar, to the pipe, and then to the partial curved catwalk, and go to the Tesla Coil through the door labeled "B2". Kill the enemies, go to the other door across the way and make your way to the next staircase going up.

Disable Both Tesla Coils

At the top you'll find a control room with a large control panel. Slash at the control panel to lower the fence around the Tesla Coil. Break the glass and jump down to the catwalk below and Harpoon at least one enemy into the Tesla Coil. This will cause the Tesla Coil to explode. After that, you'll get a quick cutscene of a gate opening near the control panel you just used. Go back up using the same stairs, and at the top of the stairs, go right and into "A3". Lower the Tesla Coil fence the same way and hop down and Harpoon an enemy into this Tesla Coil. After that second Coil explodes, you'll end up in a lower hallway. Go down the hallway and enter the service elevator on the right.

Enter the next building

When you start back up, you'll be at the bottom of the elevator. Go out into the open area and quickly target the large gas cylinder behind the Turret Gun and shoot it to blow up the enemies nearby. You'll notice that you're losing health because you're in the Sun. Quickly get into the shadows. Kill the enemies and find the bars near the "Dehesto Chemicals" sign. Use your AURA VISION if you don't see the bars. Go up the bars, swing to the pipe on the corner (you'll be exposed to the sun) then jump to the bars around the corner and swing until you land on the other side of the fence.

Stay in the shadows, climb the light pole, jump to the other light pole, and onto the catwalk. Kill the enemies in the area, then go back down to ground level and locate the "Dehesto Chemicals" sign on the brick wall. Near it is an opening in the fence that you can go through and then through the next opening toward the Tractor Trailer. Make your way around the Tractor Trailers and enter the building.

Move deeper into the compound. Discover its purpose.

Go through the shelf hallway, killing as you go. At the end of the hallway, target and shoot the large gas cylinder to create a hole in the wall. How lovely, hanging body parts. In the kitchen kill the enemies then go to the double doors which will open for you. You are now in the Dining Hall.

Mini-Boss Fight - Supervisor

Here is a huge hammer-wielding monster. I have named him the "Supervisor" because that's what the minions where referring to him as. Turn on your BLOOD FURY and attack him from behind as much as possible. I was able to take him out before my Rage Meter emptied. Alternate Method: use the pole to get up to the catwalk above. Push each of the three propane tanks onto the monster below you.

Still in the Dining Hall, on the ground floor, go through the open double door and enter the elevator shaft. Turn on your AURA VISION. Hop up the first two fences, and on this floor you'll see a SECRET DOOR. Go in and refill yourself. After that, use your acrobatics to get up the shaft. Go into the shelf room and kill the enemies then go through the double doors to the outside.

Boss Fight - Tattooed Face Guy

He is really easy. Simply make sure that your Rage Meter is full (if not attack the other enemies), turn on your BLOOD FURY and go at him. I quickly dismantled him.

QUIET THUNDER acquired (Do a circle with your Control Stick + "Fire Weapon" button). This is a spinning, gun firing move.

Shut down the Wetworks

Go down the console-lined hall.

Mini-Boss Fight - Supervisor

Oh, man, another hammer-wielding monster. Just like before, use your BLOOD FURY and attack him from behind to quickly take him out.

After he is dead, a gate will open. Kill off the enemies and go through. Work you way to the metal stairs and go up and kill the two guys shooting at you. Go up to the door near them and you'll discover that it's locked but you'll get a cutscene of the pipe running near the door suggesting to you that you can blow up the pipe from down below. The cutscene showed you the blue-lighted console on the catwalk below you. Jump down there and enemies will rush you. Use your Harpoon to send 6 enemies into the vat of red chemicals. Go back up the stairs and through the now open door.

From where you begin again, take out the three enemies below using your Harpoon to toss them off the ledge. Then, grind the wire down and you'll end up on the metal stairs. Go all the way down the stairs, kill the enemies, then enter the elevator. It'll take you up. Kill the enemies here, and the gate will open. Go through.

Mini-Boss Fight - Supervisor (x2)

You know what to do. BLOOD FURY, attack from behind.

Continue through the control room and go down the stairs. At the bottom, you'll find a large turbine, sucking objects into it. If you can, lure the 2nd Supervisor near the turbine and he'll get sucked in. This is also an efficient way to kill enemies, Harpoon them and toss them in that direction. When that's over, enter the elevator.

Boss Fight - Tattooed Face Guy 2

This isn't too tough of a battle but it does require you to do some health/rage management. First, go into BLOOD FURY and start attacking the Tattooed Face Guy. When you are about to run out of Rage Meter, find other enemies and kill them for Rage Points. When your Rage Meter has some more juice in it, attack the Tattooed Face Guy again. Repeat this process of Feeding to Heal/Gain Rage then attacking the Tattooed Guy.


After you kill him you'll get a cutscene of some doors opening. Find them at one end of this control room and go through.

Shut Down the Wetworks (cont.)

When you begin again, you'll be in a closed-off hallway. Jump down to the level below into the room with the Conveyor Belt Crushers. Before you take on the crushers, kill all of the enemies to regain health and rage. To get by the crushers you're going to use your SUPER SPEED (Double Tap the "Dilated Perception" arrow). Upon getting through the first set of crushers, the gate door with open giving you quick access back here. Kill the enemies and go through the second set of crushers. Be careful! Don't drop off the very end of the belt or you'll be sliced. Instead, drop off to the right at the end of the belt. Then, kill the enemies and enter the elevator.

The elevator will take you up. Enter the Furnace room. Locate the metal stairs and go up. Turn on your AURA VISION and locate the five furnace flames. You need to Harpoon toss five enemies; one into each of the five flames. You should be pretty good at this by now. If not, this is a good place to get better. Once that is done, jump down to the floor below and locate either of the two furnaces. Harpoon toss five enemies into the furnace to make the pipes explode thus opening the door above for you.

Go through the newly created door and up the metal stairs, go along the balcony and through the double open doors. Go down the stairs. Kill off all of the enemies then go into the elevator.

Mini-Boss Fight - 2 Monsters

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You now have to fight two large Monster guys. I'm not calling them Supervisors because they don't wield hammers. Anyway, the sunlight will hurt you AND the sunlight will hurt the two monsters. You never have to touch them. Just avoid them. So, run to the two Turret Guns and quickly kill the two enemies. Go into the door/little building near the Turret Guns. Fight off the enemies inside and notice that the two Monsters' health meters are dropping. They're not so smart.

From this bunk (cot) room, continue forward, killing, and go up the metal stairs, around the outside of this small building and up the stairs.

Gain access to loading chute

You are now in the Loading Bay. Kill off the enemies in this area. You can target the shipping container and make it fall if you like. After that, find the metal stairs, go up and follow the path to the tram platform. Activate the tram by slicing it and ride across to the other side. Go into the control booth and you'll get a cutscene of the tram coming to you. Exit the booth and ride the tram back over to the other side. Go into the now open control booth here and you'll see a cutscene of the loading chute being blown open. Hop down and go into the loading chute.

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