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Lunabean's BloodRayne 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

BloodRayne 2 Strategy Guide > 7. Twisted Park

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Lunabean Rating: 7.1
Platforms: Xbox, PS2
Release Date: 10.12.04
ESRB Rating: M - Mature
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Table of Contents - Review

General Strategies and Info
1. Mansion
2. Meatpacking District
3. Union Station
4. Sewers
5. Wetworks
6. Shroud Tower
7. Twisted Park
8. Kagan's Tower
LB's BloodRayne 2 Review
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7. Twisted Park

Twisted Park

Explore the area

Follow the path, go through the gate, kill the Super Minion (girl with big electric sword and throwing stars). You can Harpoon the Super Minions, you just have to keep trying until she lets down her defenses or get her from behind. Also, you can feed on Super Minions, again, you have to get her from behind. To do so, use SUPER SPEED. Finally, you can fire your Blood Bomb into them, wait and they'll explode. Use all of these methods to your advantage throughout the level.

Continue along the path, go through the next gate and soon you'll reach a park with a crashed helicopter and more Super Minions. Use the endless stream of Super Minions (along with the feeding method above) to regain as much health and rage as possible. Remember to fill your rage first, or you won't be able to use SUPER SPEED.

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Yes, these Minions are hard to Harpoon, but that's what you need to do. You need to Harpoon toss 4 of them into the blades of the crashed helicopter. Just keep targeting and harpooning and, if they let their guard down, you'll be able to Harpoon them. Don't waste your opportunity. Make a good toss toward the blades. After four of them are tossed into the blades, jump over the helicopter and proceed through the gate. Alternate Method: Run behind the building to the right of the blades and just wait there and the Super Minions will try to run to you and get chopped up in the blades.

Follow the path and kill the regular minion. You'll soon see two more Super Minions. Avoid them, kill the next normal enemy, and then go through the Zoo gates.

Mini-Boss Fight - Double Sword Minion (x2)

You have two double sword minions to kill. I had some decent rage meter at this point so I simply activated BLOOD FURY and went at them. Otherwise, if you're out of rage meter, you'll have to do some crafty fighting. Try to get them from behind and block a lot. When they're dead, go up the stairs into the Reptile Building.

Upon entering, Rayne mentions a special insect exhibit. Kill the enemy and go through the exhibit hall and you'll soon get a cutscene of Rayne shooting one of the human insect pods on the wall. This will unleash an insect beast. Simply avoid him until you get another cutscene of explosives dropping near two Super Minions. The insect beast will break through the next gate. Go through the now open gate and watch as the insect beast explodes along with the two Super Minions at the end of the hall. Head there.

Now you have to fight a Double Sword Minion and a few Super Minions. If you can, target the remaining explosive cylinders and lure the enemies near it then shoot them. If that doesn't kill them, go into BLOOD FURY and attack them for as long as you can. OR, try to lure the Double Sword guy as far away from the two Super Minions as possible so you can take him on one-on-one. Once these enemies are defeated, you'll see some explosives open the next gate for you.

As you go through the gate, Severin will tell you to avoid using your Guns. Go up the ramp and enter the next gate into a large exhibit hall. Here you will find another insect beast, a Double Sword Minion, a normal enemy, and a couple of Super Minions who are busy with the insect beast. If you have any Rage Meter, attack the Double Sword Minion with your BLOOD FURY. Otherwise, feed on the normal enemy to either regain health or rage and then keep attacking the Sword Minion. When he's defeated go over to the insect beast. Target each of the two Super Minions and Harpoon toss them into the fire nearby.

Mini-Boss Fight - Dhampir

You'll get a cutscene and a Dhampir will drop from the ceiling. At this point I had very little health and rage left. There will be a normal enemy that you can feed on, do so. The Dhampir is tough. If you don't have enough health or rage (like me) you might be best served by restarting the level and getting to this point with better stats. That's what I had to do.

This is a hard fight. It took me many tries. I targeted the whole time, had about 1/2 health and almost full rage. First, go over and feed on the normal enemy with the gun. Then, turn on your BLOOD FURY and go after the Dhampir with everything you got. You'll probably run out of rage meter and the Dhampir's health may still be over half. Target her and alternate your kick/blade button attacks, rapidly hitting the buttons back and forth. This should allow you to slowly wear her down. While you're doing this, your Rage Meter will be filling back up. As soon as it is up a little, activate your BLOOD FURY again and go at her. Repeat this process until she is dead. I barely made it out alive. That is the most effective way I found of fighting her. I tried FREEZE TIME, I tried shooting her with a BLOOD BOMB (a version of your Guns), I tried every variation of blocking and dodging. Again, to repeat, go at her. Don't let up. Use BLOOD FURY when you can and if you simply don't have enough health/rage going into the battle, restart the level and go into the battle more prepared.

BLOOD FLAME acquired. This feature shoots an exploding flame good for killing Insect Monsters.

Find a way past the wood chipper

You've received a cutscene of the wood chipper. Run around a bit and some enemies will come out. Some will be distracted by the Insect Monster. When they are, Harpoon toss them into the wood chipper. Do this three times and the wood chipper will explode. Take out the remaining enemies (SUPER SPEED, jump over them, feed on them from behind) in whatever way you please. Go through the gate opening. You are now in an area with a Carousel and an animal pit where there are enemies fighting the Insect Monsters.

In the animal pit you'll find a SECRET DOOR! Hop down there and turn on your AURA VISION to find it and go in. Yay! Full health, rage, and ammo!

Explore the Area

Turn on your BLOOD FURY and attack and kill the enemies then enter the Aquarium. Rayne doesn't like water. This place is full of water. Be careful and try to stay out of the water. Find the climbable pole (use AURA VISION) on the back side of the display, climb up, and grind the rail down to the hallway.

A Turret Gun will fire and destroy the tank, flooding this area. Jump to the now open tank and shoot a BLOOD FLAME at the enemy manning the Turret Gun. This will quickly destroy him. Go forward and man the next Turret Gun as the three enemies rush you. Shoot them and/or shoot out the water tanks on either side. Continue through the hall until you get to the main exhibit hall.

Find a way through the aquarium floor

You're going to have to drop the Blue Whale model to the floor below. Hop over to the staircase and go up. You'll see three support wires holding the Whale up. Jump onto the Whale and slash all three. Hop down the hole in the floor.

Explore the Area

Make your way through the sewer/drainage-pipe. At the end, jump to the branches in front of you and grind down. Above, on the overpass, you'll see a teetering big rig. Harpoon it and make it fall, thus opening the next gate for you. Enter, work your way around to the Turret Gun, take it over, and shoot any remaining enemies. After that, the ceiling will fall and a Supervisor (Hammer Monster) will drop down. You have several options: Good ol' BLOOD FURY, your newer BLOOD FLAME, or the Turret Gun. I prefer the good ol' BLOOD FURY. When he is dead you'll earn a new trick.

SHIVA ASPECT acquired (Hold "Target Lock" button and hit "Jump" then "Kick"). This is just a new special move.

Defeat Ephemera's minions

Go through the open arch near the Turret Gun. Follow the path and kill the enemies.

Boss Fight - Ephemera

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Ephemera uses Shadow Portals to recharge her energy. The first thing you need to do is take out the Shadow Portals. Shadow Portals are the black foggy stones, except for two of them. One is a Pagoda where you have to slash the supports around the Pagoda to destroy it. The other odd one is in a pool of water. You need to Harpoon toss the statuette above it into the pool. Use your AURA VISION to locate them then slash each one of them. When all the Shadow Portals are destroyed, turn on your BLOOD FURY and go at her. She isn't hard at all.

ENTHRALL acquired (Triple tap the Aura Vision arrow). Enthrall will confuse your enemies.

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