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Lunabean's BloodRayne 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

BloodRayne 2 Strategy Guide > 8. Kagan's Tower

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Table of Contents - Review

General Strategies and Info
1. Mansion
2. Meatpacking District
3. Union Station
4. Sewers
5. Wetworks
6. Shroud Tower
7. Twisted Park
8. Kagan's Tower
LB's BloodRayne 2 Review
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8. Kagan's Tower

Kagan's Tower

Eliminate Xerx's Solar Cannon

There are 5 mini solar cannons in this lab room. Turn on your AURA VISION to locate them. Two of them require you to hop back and forth on gratings. The other three are very easy to reach. Simply slash them to destroy them. They won't do too much damage to you, so don't worry about being hit. After they're destroyed, kill off the remaining enemies.

BLOOD HAMMER GUN MODE acquired. This is like a rocket launcher version of your gun.

Battle to the top of the tower

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Still in the lab, go to the open elevator doors and jump to the bar. Drop down to the bar beneath you and then grind and quickly jump to the next bar. Then, use your acrobatics to get up to the next floor. Exit to the lobby of Llewelyn Corp. and go right, through the open door. Go through the cubicle room and into the next hall.

Egad! You have to fight a Horned Monster. Use BLOOD FURY on him until he dies, then feed on the other enemies. Continue through the open door and through the next room and you'll find a staircase. Take it up. A door will open for you at the top. Enter the black floor hallway. Go along the hall, ignore the helicopter outside, then use the bars to get over the collapse floor and go through the door to the right of the electric fence. Continue to the next staircase.

Go up the stairs. At the top, turn on your AURA VISION and find the SECRET DOOR.

Then, go back down the stairs to the landing with the yellow flashlight pointing at a door. Go through that door.

Explore the area

Go through the door to the right of the fire blocking your path and you'll be in a Server Room (computer room) with a Headless Monster. Use your BLOOD FURY to defeat him. Go through the double doors then find the staircase and take it up. Go through the open door at the top. Go along the hallway, take out the guy behind the gate on the left by shooting the propane tank near him, then avoid the next guy behind a gate by quickly going into the door on the right.

Kill the enemy that comes in from the scaffolding outside then go out onto the scaffolding and use your acrobatics to get up two floors, then jump through the red curtains and into the conference room. You'll get have a nasty vamp to fight, a Traujer Elite. This guy has an assault rifle in one hand and sword in the other. Use BLOOD FURY until your Rage Meter is empty, then, use your BLOOD SHOT gun mode to finish him off.

Once that nasty vamp is dead, head back out through the red curtains, except this time, jump to the steaming metal duct work via the left curtains. Get to the horizontal duct and grind it into the next room. Go through the greenish incubation hallway and you'll soon get to a difficult room.

Mini-Boss Fight - 5 Monsters, 3 Turret Guns

In this room are five large monsters (total), three Turret Guns (one upstairs), two staircases, and lots of enemies. This is a rather chaotic fight. The basic gist is, use the Turret Guns on the monsters whenever possible. Feed off of the various enemies to heal, then return to the turret gun and do your thing. Also, feel free to use a little BLOOD FURY on one of the monsters to make life easier and take some damage off of him. Once all five monsters are destroyed you'll get a quick glimpse of the gate opening up above and more guys. Wait for the guys to come out and either feed on them or use the Turret Gun on them. Go through the now open gate.

Mini-Boss Fight - The Unraveller

This is a rather easy, if lengthy, fight. All you have to do is fire your BLOOD HAMMER (gun mode) repeatedly at him until he dies. The problem is, you don't have that much ammo when it comes to this gun mode. Basically, it's shoot 2 or 3 shots, run around to find enemies to refill your dragons, fire 2 to 3 more shots, repeat. There are plenty of enemies to feed on.

BLOOD STORM acquired (Triple Tap the "Blood Rage" arrow).

Restart then Jam printing press

You are now in the Media Center of Kagan's Tower. Work your way down the metal stairs, at the bottom (kind of under the stairs) find the power switch and slash at it to restart the printing press. Next, you have to Harpoon toss three bodies into each of the three main parts of the printing press, the left side, middle, and right side, if you will. Remember, you can Harpoon the Super Minions, just keep re-trying it or jump over the top of them and do so from behind. When that's done the next gate will be exploded open for you.

Follow the path and you'll have to fight yet another Mini-Boss, a Tattooed Face Guy, in a cubicle room. Use BLOOD FURY (not blood storm) on him and simply continue to battle him.

CURTAIN TWICE TORN acquired (Hold "Target Lock" button, then hit "Jump" then "Blade"). This is a very useful one-hit kill.

Defeat Kagan's Traujer Elite

Continue down the hall and you'll soon enter a control room and a TV studio down the stairs. There are two Traujer Elites at the bottom of the stairs. Go down there, activate your BLOOD FURY and focus in on one of them and try to kill at least one before you run out of Rage Meter. Use the enemies around to refill your Rage Meter then go after the second one. Repeat this until they're both dead. Go back up the stairs and exit out the way you came in.

Find a way to the rooftop

You'll be placed in a hallway. Exit through the door at the end of the hallway for a cutscene of the Skybridge that you are on. Run around a bit, feeding, and you'll get another cutscene of the wading pool and the stone globes surrounding it. Activate your AURA VISION to find them and slash the three globes. If, for some reason, one of the globes isn't heading for the drain in the middle of the wading pool, simply run into it to give it a nudge. Once all 4 globes are on the drain, it'll break through and you can jump into the building.

Cross the skybridge to the main tower

You'll land in the Cafeteria. There is a Traujer Elite here. Use BLOOD FURY on him and if you can, try to force him out a window where he will fall to his death for a quick kill. Then feed on the enemies who come out. Go through the open door. You'll now be on the Skybridge itself. You'll have to fight a Tattooed Face Woman. Again, BLOOD FURY, and definitely try to get her to fall out either side of the Skybridge.

Boss Fight - Xerx (Monster Form)

After the cutscene with Ferril getting toasted by Xerx's Sun Cannon, you'll encounter this nasty beast in an arena. There are four white buildings in each corner which you can use to take cover. There is a blue metal staircase at one end leading up to the catwalk surrounding the area. The Monster itself requires a combination of your BLOOD HAMMER gun mode and your Harpoon. Take a good look at the Monster. See the four red/pink patches/scabs on his body, one on each shoulder and one on each thigh? You need to hit each of those patches twice with your BLOOD HAMMER. When successful, a patch will turn green. Once a patch is green you can Harpoon the patch and pull it off. You need to get all four patches off of the Monster to defeat him. The two leg patches are shootable and harpoonable from the ground. Try to use the surrounding catwalk to shoot and harpoon the shoulder patches.

That is all easier said than done. The Monster has several attacks: stomp, fire cannon, and summoning the sun cannon. To avoid his stomps just jump around alot while you're running around. The fire cannon is relatively easy to avoid, just don't stay still for too long. Same goes with the sun cannon.

When you're low on health, go into any of the 4 white buildings and let enemies come to you to feed on. Sometimes you have to be patient because the Monster will take up residence outside the building you're in and will kill enemies trying to get to you. So, move around a bit if you have nobody to feed on.

As far as actually aiming for each of the red patches with your BLOOD HAMMER, well, simply be sure to use your "Target Lock" button to highlight the monster. If you get a clean shot in on him while he's not moving around too much the BLOOD HAMMER projectile will find its target.

I recommend going for the two shoulder patches first, then, harpooning the two shoulder patches. Then, move on to shooting the BLOOD HAMMER at the legs, then Harpoon the leg patches. This way you get the catwalk stuff done first and then can take refuge in any of the buildings while you take out the legs.

Finally, if the Monster does take up residence outside the building your hiding in, he may be still enough and settled enough that you can get some good leg shots in on him through the doorway. And, if the catwalk becomes destroyed, you can simply shoot/harpoon him from the top of the staircase.

Find Kagan

You start in a hallway. Work your way through the hallway, feeding as you go until you enter the Throne Room where you'll get a cutscene with Kagan.

Final Boss - Kagan

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This is a pretty straightforward fight. The twist is that the red pool in the middle of the Throne Room refills both health and rage. Although this helps you, it also helps Kagan. I found the best attack to use on Kagan is the FREEZE TIME power. Make sure Kagan is outside the pool then freeze time. Lock onto him, then use your basic slash attack over and over until your Rage Meter runs out. When this happens, run to the pool. Kagan will follow. As soon as you get in the pool, turn around and defend the pool, not allowing Kagan to get in. When you have a decent amount of Rage built back up, exit the pool and Kagan will follow. Again, freeze time and attack. It will take several rounds of doing this to kill Kagan. If you do, by accident, allow him into the pool and he's recharging, just exit the pool and he'll probably follow you out.

Congrats, game over, enjoy the Extras.

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