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LB's "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Brothers in Arms: HH Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) provides a detailed walkthrough of fool-proof strategies for every chapter in the game. It also includes all Kilroys and Recon Points!

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"Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway" Game Guide


Your first decision to make is whether or not you want Training enabled. Go ahead and say yes to this as it's quite helpful. You'll then be asked to look up at Hartsock's face. Depending upon which way you push the control stick (up or down), the game will figure out if you want the Y-Axis inverted. You can change this later, so don't freak out.

Get Out of the Hospital

Follow Hartsock and duck under the blocked doorway by clicking down on the Left Control Stick (Crouch). Continue to follow him by sprinting. To do so, hold down the "Vault/Sprint Button".

Dig-In (take cover)
The game will then tell you to Dig In. Digging In is new to "BIA: Hell's Highway". Essentially, it's just another way of saying "take cover". In this case, move to the white circle on the screen and hit the "Dig-In Button" to take cover behind the over-turned gurney. You can dig-in on almost any solid surface in the game. While dug-in, you're protected from enemy fire and your threat level is reduced. To get out of being dug-in, just tap the button again.

While behind the gurney, you'll see a German soldier appear. Press up on your Left Control Stick to aim over the gurney. When your crosshairs are on him, fire away.

Note, that if you click down on your Right Control Stick, you'll enter into Iron Sights mode, where you're looking down the barrel of your gun. This will give you a more accurate crosshair and it is easier to perform head shots this way.

After he's eliminated, you'll see another soldier appear with a red circle above his head. This is a suppression icon (Please see "suppression" in the introduction above for a full explanation). Fire in the general direction of the icon until it turns gray. When it does, the enemy is suppressed and it's safe to move.

You'll now learn how to "Vault" or jump over an object. To do so, push up against it and hit your "Vault/Sprint" button. As soon as you clear the gurney, head left and work your way around to where you were firing on the Germans. When you arrive at them, feel free to trade out your gun for their MP40. Simply stand over the weapon until you see the "Swap Weapon" icon appear.

Continue to follow Hartsock and you'll soon encounter four enemy soldiers. Slowly work your way behind them and take cover...two of them are in the hallway. Pop out and shoot them. Clear out the other two enemies and then continue to follow Hartsock.

You'll soon want to take cover on either side of a doorway leading into a large open room (like a ballroom). From the cover of the doorway, pick off the two enemies on the left and then enter the room, taking out the others that join in.

When it's clear, continue west and you'll trigger a cutscene and the title screen. Dun, dun, duuuun....

Chapter 1 - Operation Market

Command Tutorial

MG Team
At the start of this mission, you'll be introduced to your MG Team (Machine Gun team). They are ideal for suppressing enemies. You can command them to MOVE, FIRE, or FOLLOW. Use your Directional Pad (D-Pad) to issue commands.

Fall In (aka, Follow) - Press down on the D-Pad to make your team Fall In. That means they'll assemble around you and follow you. Note that the MG Team icon moves from the outer ring of your compass to the inner ring.

Secure LZ (Landing Zone) 'W'

Note the arrow on your compass. It is telling you in what direction to head. Follow it east.

Walk into the nearby white circle to do some target practice. First, you'll be asked to toss a grenade. Hold the "Throw Grenade Button" so that the red grenade ring appears. Move the red ring with the Right Control Stick so that it is over the sandbags and release the button to toss the grenade.

After the sandbags explode, you'll be told about the Command Ring. Hold the "Command Button" to bring up the white ring. Move it with the Right Control Stick. When you release, your MG Team will run to the area you have designated. In this case, place the command ring on the left side of the sandbags, where you see the blue arrow. Move them again, and one more time to the marked areas to the right of the sandbags.

You'll next learn how to make your team fire on a specific target; the Assault order. Hold the "Command Button" and move the white circle so that it is over the marked cart. You'll see the MG Team icon turn to a crosshair (yellow for non-enemies, red for enemies). Release the "Command Button" and your MG Team will open fire on the cart.

Note, you can cancel a command without issuing an order by pressing the "Fire Button" (that is, while holding the "Command Button", hit the "Fire Button" to cancel out).

Finally, you'll be told about supplies. There are various dropped supplies throughout the area. In order to resupply your ammo and grenades, go to one and hit the "Use/Reload/Get Button".

Locate Dutch Resistance

Mmm. Edam. I love Dutch cheese. Well, too bad you're not looking for cheese. What you are looking for is the Dutch Resistance.

First, call your MG Team back to you by pressing down on the D-Pad (Fall In). Then, notice the white arrow on your compass. Head in that direction (south). Head through the opening in the hedgerow and you'll see a civilian in a hat waving at you. Go up to him for a cutscene.

Eliminate German Patrol

Tactical Map
Press the "Tactical Map Button" to pull up an overhead view map of the area. Here you can see a recon report (if one is available), your objectives, your team(s) (friendly), and your enemies. You can use this map to help you plan your attack.

When you start up, the game will suggest that you Move your MG Team up to the wall to ambush the Germans. You'll see a blue arrow in the distance, near the wall. Send your team there (hold the "Command Button" and move your Right Control Stick to the area, then release the button).

With your team on the wall, you'll want to issue an Assault order. To do so, hold the "Command Button" and move the cursor until you see a red crosshair over the German. Release it and your men will take out the Germans for you. You'll then be launched into a Flanking primer.

Flanking is really the key to success in this, and all BiA games. The basic plan is to use your team(s) to suppress the enemy. Meanwhile, you sneak around the side of the enemy and take them out.

Your team should already be firing on the enemy. You'll know the enemy is suppressed by the gray circle above their head. If your team is not firing on them, simply place your command icon over the enemy until you see a crosshair and then release the command button.

When the enemy is suppressed, head right and go through the small decorative archway (with a bike leaning against it) so that the low wall is on your left. Crouch and head forward (east). Just as your about far enough along the wall to flank the enemies, you'll see two more enemies running to the left, emerging from behind the barn.

Head to the right side of the barn and take cover at the corner of it so that you're looking at this new duo of Germans. Try to head shot one and then eliminate the other. Return to the original ground you were to ambush and take them out however you see fit (tossing a grenade works well).

Clear Germans from Farm

This is a good time to open your map. Take a look at the "Objective" by tapping the button shown to you. Between you and the "Clear Germans from the Farm" objective is an "R" icon, for the "Windmill". This is a Recon Point. Have your team "Fall In" and head there.

Kilroys and Recon Reports
On the way there you'll most likely run into a Kilroy drawing. These are markings left by fellow soldiers to let you know they had been there. All of the Kilroys in the game are found in this walkthrough. Please look at the end of each mission chapter for a list of the three Kilroys.

When you arrive at the windmill, climb the stairs to the top and look out over the enemies below. Tap the "Recon Area" button shown to you in order to unlock a Recon Report (1/2).

Open your map and select "Recon Report". This is simply a bit of a bonus, giving you a historical account of the invasion that you are reliving. It is of no use to the game, other than pointing out good places to get a good view of the area below.

Looking out over the area you'll notice four Germans patrolling. Head back to ground level and head south to the woodshed. Send your MG Team south, to the low wall. They'll probably alert the enemy. If so, have them suppress whichever enemy you please.

Meanwhile, you'll want to head east into the haystack field. Work your way south through the field, taking cover behind some hay bales not far from the farm house. Here you'll be able to see two enemies taking cover behind some sandbags. Toss a grenade at them or shoot them.

If they scatter, continue to suppress them yourself as you have your team move up toward you. Locate any remaining enemies (one or two, depending upon if your MG Team took any out).

Clear Germans from Farmhouse

Continue south and send your MG Team to take cover behind the low wall looking directly at the farmhouse. In the second floor window of the farmhouse there is an MG42 (machine gun). Have your team suppress it.

With it suppressed, sprint to the right (west) and work your way south. You'll pass a supply parachute, so grab ammo and grenades. Head south a bit more and you'll be able to flank a few of the enemies in front of the farmhouse. When they're eliminated, make a run for the farmhouse itself. Enter and head upstairs. Take cover in a doorway and toss a grenade into the main room. There are two enemies here, so make sure to take out both.

When they're eliminated, grab the MG42 and head downstairs. Watch out for two more enemies who may have taken cover in the house. Using the MG42, rip through them.

Locate the final enemy team (use your map if necessary) and take them out.

Repel German Counterattack

Head to the back yard of the farmhouse and you'll be told that the Germans are mounting a counter-attack. The game will point out for you an MG nest (a mounted Machine Gun surrounded by sandbags) nearby. If you stay in this protected nest, you'll have unlimited MG ammo. Go there and grab the MG42 if you didn't already pick one up.

Take cover as you normally would and then push forward on the control stick to fire from cover. In this case, because you are using an MG42, you'll see its legs pop out on top of the sandbags and you can spray the whole area with rapid fire.

Continue to do this, taking out the many enemies who rush in. Be sure to duck for cover (just stop pushing forward on the control stick) when necessary and reload when it tells you.

Patrol to Landing Zone

Continue south, hopping over the sandbags and onto the main road.

Defend Glider Crash Site

Switching Between Teams
As you start this objective, you'll be in control of two different teams, an MG Team (who you already know and love) and an Assault Team, who is best at flanking the enemy, although they certainly can be used for suppression.

The game will have you go through a little training to teach you how to switch teams. Essentially, you simply toggle back and forth between the two teams using the "Switch Teams Button". Be aware that the team that you currently have selected will have a yellow circle around its icon in the compass.

You can move each of these teams independently of another...often using one to suppress and one to flank.

You'll be able to put your new teams into action immediately. In a few seconds, two groups of Germans will be coming down the road...one down the main road, the other a bit to the left.

Send both of your teams to the low wall on the left (it doesn't matter if it's the closer or farther one) and join them. Wait for the group on the main road to get close and then spray them with your MG42. You'll be able to wipe out the bulk of them.

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The remaining enemies will take cover behind the low wall in front of you. Use your MG Team to suppress them. When the circle is gray, send your Assault Team to the hay cart on the right of the road, up the road a tad. From this position, they'll be able to flank the enemy. Help them out by picking off any enemies who pop up from behind the low wall when they get flanked.

Have everybody fall in once the enemies are eliminated. Your next enemy is manning an MG42 up the road a bit. You'll see him firing down on you. Have your MG Team suppress them. Meanwhile, have your Assault Team follow you to the right (west) to the wooden fence. Use the fence for cover (make sure you're crouching) and head south along the fence. Head behind the barn and then take cover behind the water trough. From here you can easily pick off the MG42 enemy, and his buddy, using your rifle (you may want to have your Assault Team fire on them, too).

Have your teams Fall In and follow you across the road to the low wall. Near the crashed glider you'll see two more groups of enemies. Suppress them and pick them off. You may need to go to the barn and pick off one or two yourself.

When they're eliminated, have your men Fall In, continue through the barn and take cover behind the water trough and the fence that runs next to the trough. Send your MG Team to the first downed tree (log). Provide some cover while they do this. With them in place, have them suppress anybody that they can. Then, send your Assault team to the second log. Again, help suppress while they run there.

You'll now have your two teams positioned so that one is at each log. Have them each suppress anybody that they can.

While they're doing that, sprint west and then south, to the west side of the crashed second glider. From there, continue sw to the hay bales. Take cover and pick off (or toss a grenade) at the enemies who take up position south of you, behind a hay bale (they'll have retreated from a low wall on the left).

When they're eliminated, you'll notice that you're in a good position to start flanking enemies to the east (left). You'll get a better angle on them if you continue south a bit and take cover behind the moss-covered low wall. Before you go there, reassign your two teams to suppress the two nearest enemy teams near you. This will make it safe for you to go that low wall.

Once at that low wall, pick off enemies using your rifle. When they stand up, your teams will help eliminate them. When you're down to only one enemy team remaining, feel free to have your teams move closer and help you eliminate them.

When all is quiet, and you get the next objective, head back to the crash site marked on your map to find a supply parachute and a Recon Point (2/2) (just pick up some ammo from the supply parachute and you'll get credit for the recon).

Rendezvous with Hartsock

Just head south along the road, toward the jeeps, until the cutscene ensues.

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Chapter 2 - Five-Oh-Sink

You start this mission with an Assault Team and a Bazooka Team. You control these two teams exactly like you did in the previous chapter, however, note that the Bazooka team can really do some major damage. They can take out sandbags and elevated MG positions.

Recon the Town

Head SE to the windmill and climb up to the top of it. Look out the window and hit the prompted button to "Recon". This is a Recon Point (1/2).

Exit out of the windmill and position your two team behind the low wall to the west of the windmill. Don't issue any orders yet. With them there, head west, to the tree covered area and work your way south along the wall. You'll soon be able to see two duos of enemies patrolling. They don't know you're there yet.

Issue a suppression command on one enemy group, switch teams, and issue them to fire on the other group. Amongst the chaos, pop up and pick off a few enemies yourself.

The Germans will retreat into the barn. Have your teams continue to fire on them as you make your way closer to the barn. When you are near enough, toss a grenade or two into the barn to clear it out. If anybody survived, pick them off.

Egad, man! There's a lady hanging from the rafters of the barn. What is this, "Condemned 2"?

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Carefully have your Assault Team enter the barn (leave your Bazooka team outside) and position them on the back porch, providing cover fire. You can then run upstairs and either pick off or toss a few grenades down on the enemies behind the fence. When they're cleared out, you'll have to deal with more Germans in the next barn (horse stables).

Rejoin your Assault Team on the back porch and have them suppress whomever inside the horse stables. Call your Bazooka team to you and have them do the same. Pick off any enemies who pop their heads up.

If there is anybody remaining who you can't hit, exit the porch on the right and head down to the right side of the barn. Vault over the gate and you'll be in the stables. Make your way through the stables, taking out any enemies you see.

Exit out the backside of the stables for a cutscene.

Follow Alternate Route

From where you start, note that you are behind a brick wall with two large entry ways on either side. Have your Assault Team fire suppressing fire out the right side of the wall. Meanwhile, assign your Bazooka Team fire out the left side, due east down the road. They will blow up the sandbags and the enemies hiding behind them.

Still behind the left side of the wall, send your Bazooka Team to the low wall near the gate. Have them fire at any team that you see. They will blow them up, one after another. Just keep reassigning them to fire at the different teams.

When this garden area is clear, head south with your teams to the large garden shed near the truck (it may be a destroyed truck if your Bazooka Team fired at it). Send your Assault Team to the low wall to the right of the shed. Look up to the church steeple and have them fire on the MG up there to suppress it. Meanwhile, have your Bazooka Team Fall In behind you and go to the left side of the shed.

Move forward to the tall brick wall and have your Bazooka Team join you there. If they are not positioned against the wall, move them there. The man with the Bazooka will position himself in the entryway of the brick wall. Order your Bazooka Team to fire on the church steeple and you'll see him pop out and fire on it, thus destroying it.

Call your Assault Team to you and have them go to the low wall part of the tall brick wall, to the left. Have them suppress enemies and make your Bazooka Team do the same.

While the enemies are suppressed, head left (east) and make your way south along the wall. You'll be able to flank the enemies from this position. Note that there is a nearby supply parachute in the courtyard area where all the enemies were.

Head up the stairs of the courtyard (toward the objective marker on your map) and you'll get a cutscene.

Clear MG Nests

You'll be in the church...alone. Head up the stairs and make your way from room to room, using the doorways for cover, and picking off the enemies. You can attempt to flank the enemies in the main hallway by going through the left series of rooms. You'll end up in the billiards room where you can flank the two enemies. Overall, though, just be patient and use cover.

When the first group of enemies is toast, head around the hallway and look out to the grand staircase (with the large chandelier). Take out the two enemies on the far side and then head downstairs. Fight your way outside to the garden and feel free to toss a grenade or two into the brick outdoor eating area to clear out the enemies.

Once the outside is clear, head south, and enter this new part of the church. Work your way along the halls and pick off the enemy manning the MG42. Grab it in place of your BAR. Continue clearing out the church, taking cover and picking off enemies as you go. You'll eventually get to some stairs going down (in the SW corner) to the outside. Upon exiting, look right to find your teams waiting for you.

Secure the Sanitarium

Have your teams follow you into the stream and under the bridge. From here, watch as the patrols of Germans go by on the road ahead. Wait for them to have their backs turned and then send either team up to one side of the low wall ahead. When they arrive, send your other team to the other side of the low wall. Crouch and head up to them.

You'll most likely not have alerted them yet. The element of surprise is on your side. Wait for the group of four Germans to walk by and then have your assault team attack them. They'll most likely toss a grenade at them, all sneaky like, and will blow them up before they know what hit them.

Quickly assign your Bazooka Team to fire on the MG in the third floor of the sanitarium. While all this is going on, use your MG42 to spray the enemies with bullets.

Head to the right side of the low wall, and have your Bazooka Team fire on the MG in the upper level of the building to the left. Then, have them fire on any enemies in the gazebo, also on the left. Join in with your Assault Team attacking that same area.

With the two MGs taken out and any nearby enemies toast, use suppression on the distant enemies as you advance both your teams to the next low wall. The remaining enemies in this outdoor area are behind sandbags. Use your Bazooka Team to fire on each of their positions to blow them up.

When it's all clear follow your compass arrow to the slightly open large wooden doors to get a new checkpoint.

Rendezvous with Hartsock

Quickly head due south and take up position behind the concrete barriers and the low wall. Use your Bazooka Team to take out the MG gunner at the top of the train station tower and then use both teams to suppress any enemies you can to the left. Meanwhile, make a sprint for the train station and take cover behind the low wall in front of it.

Face east and suppress the enemy team(s) there. Call your Assault Team to you. Have them suppress the team(s) to the east.

At this point, your main concern is the MG nest in the second floor corner of the house to the SE. You can either try to pick him off yourself (which is what I did) or you can call your Bazooka Team into the area and try to position them to take it out.

When it's clear, head to the main road and face south. You'll see two assault teams and two MG teams. Take cover behind the barriers in the road and start pounding enemy positions with your Bazooka Team while your Assault Team suppresses.

Run across the street and into the "Theesalon Banketbakkerij" shop (which translates to the The Salon Basketball Store). Exit out the back door and enter the next shoppe. From here you can ambush the first assault team. You also have a good angle on the MG nest in the road, so either suppress it and have your teams run up the road to a nearer barrier, or just take them out yourself.

Either way, once you have this first group of enemies eliminated, head across the street and into the alley to the right of the shoppe with the white and blue striped awnings. Head into the shoppe and go south to the next shoppe. Here, you'll find a few enemies. Ambush them.

You don't have a lot of choices of where to go at this point. Across the road is a brick archway. You'll be going through here in a second. First, however, I suggest that you deal with the MG nest at the end of the road.

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Take out your MG42 and spray the MG nest with fire to suppress it. If you're lucky (or good) you'll clear it out with this action. However, the goal here is to suppress it so that you can move your Bazooka Team to the nearby sandbags in the middle of the road. Then, have them fire on the MG nest to clear it.

When the MG nest is toast, head through the brick arch. Make your way through these back yards using your teams to suppress the enemy while you move along the left side, flanking them.

Continue south, clear out the enemies in the house, and enter it. Go to the other side of the house and attempt to exit it for a cutscene.

Destroy the 88

At the beginning of this objective, you'll learn about 88's. These are large artillery guns. They are vulnerable to Bazooka fire from the side.

Alternatively, if you get close enough, you can run up to one and place a satchel charge on it. You'll automatically be prompted to do this when you are near the 88.

Head to the right (west) side of the area and take up position behind the low walls. Fire on the MG teams to the left and attempt to clear them out. If that's not working, keep them suppressed while you run over there and pick them off.

With the east side MG teams eliminated, have your Assault Team suppress the 88. While they're doing that, have your Bazooka Team follow you south, staying along the right side. Take out any enemy teams that you encounter.

You'll soon be to the right of the 88 gun. Use the low wall for cover and actually, get behind the 88. Have your Bazooka Team fire on it to destroy it.

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