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LB's Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Strategy Guide
3. Chapters 7-12

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3. Chapters 7-12

1. Introduction and Multiplayer
2. Chapters 1-6
3. Chapters 7-12 (below)
4. Chapters 13-18
5. "Brothers in Arms" Review

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3. Chapters 7-12

Chapter 7 - Action at Vierville - D-Day +1

This your first mission where you will be in command of a tank. In this case, it's a light tank, the M5. You also have your Fire Team consisting of Hartsock, Garnett, and Allen.

Clear the Town of Vierville

Call in your team and head West along the main road until you see some Germans to your right. Take cover behind the wall and wait while the M45 Tank comes in and blows them away. You have found the Tank. Go up to it. Read the tutorial that pops up. You control the Tank just like you would your Fire Team. You can take cover behind the tank and you can also man the turret Machine Gun on the tank by going to the back of the tank. Be aware that you can switch between 1st/3rd person when manning the turret gun. The M5 Tank is vulnerable to enemy tanks and German Panzerfausts (rocket launchers). When it comes to enemy tanks, usually you can go to the back of one and you'll be prompted to throw a grenade inside. This is how you can easily destroy enemy tanks, in most cases.

The other thing to note here is that you are now in control of two teams. You can use your D-Pad to control them or you can use the "Select Unit" button to switch between teams, holding it to call them to you.

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Back to the game...head back to the main road and go all the way back down it, following your yellow arrow. Go behind the far house on the right and follow your Yellow Arrow to find a German or two hiding behind a truck. Fire on the position to take him out. Move forward and fire on the next set of Germans behind the crates. Make sure your Tank is involved and it will eventually fire its cannon on the position and blow them away.

Continue following your Yellow Arrow, taking out Germans as you go. Soon, you'll get to a half-wall with a Church in the distance. You'll have three groups of enemies to kill. They won't be a problem if you use both your Fire Team and your Tank to fire on them. When you see one group get killed, refocus your suppression fire on the remaining enemies.

Continue to follow the Yellow Arrow, just outside the Church find the anti-tank cannon and place a Satchel Charge on it just as a precaution. Then, head North to the sandbag position where you'll find a few more Germans. Focus your fire on them and take them out.

At this point there will be a German Tank to the West. Command your Tank to get the heck out of the area, hide your Fire Team somewhere safe, then run around to the back of the tank and at the back, look for the on-screen prompt to "Place explosive in Tank". Do so, and then run away from the Tank. This will destroy the enemy tank. Your Tank is now safe. Call it back to you.

Use your Tank to suppress the next German team to the West then take your Fire Team up the main road and circle in behind the Germans that your Tank is firing upon. When they are dead you'll be told to defend the Church.

Defend the Church

Run back to the Church and position yourself on East side of the Church. Many enemies will come charging. The big problem is that there is a new enemy Tank approaching on the main road. Have your Tank and your Fire Team fire on the oncoming Germans while you hunt down the enemy tank. Again, run up behind it, wait for the on-screen prompt and place an explosive inside the enemy Tank. Finish off any other Germans then meet up with your Tank to end the mission.

Chapter 8 - Dead Man's Corner - D-Day +1

Clear Dead Man's Corner

You start this mission in command of your M5 Tank and your Fire Team. Move SW down the main road. Soon you'll see two German teams ahead of you. One will cross the road. Have you Tank fire on each of their positions, thus blowing them up. Move forward and you'll see two more teams set up on the left side of the road. Have your Tank fire on one German team while your Fire Team suppresses the other. When your Tank destroys one team, refocus it on the other. Continue down the main road and look to the East to find another group of Germans. Position your Tank so that it has a clear shot and have it attack the position.

At this point, your tank is vulnerable because there is an Anti-Tank cannon up ahead. Move your Tank to a safe place behind you and forget about it for a while. Go forward up the road a tad bit more and find the East dirt path that leads to a field with lots of Germans and many dirt walls. Bring your Fire Team with you and have them suppress while you flank. Continue to take out the various teams using suppression while you flank around to the East. Eventually, you'll have this East field cleared and you'll end up at the MG sandbag nest. Call your Fire Team to you.

Across the road is the Anti-Tank cannon and another MG nest. Leave your Fire Team behind the safety of the sandbags and cross the road and toss a grenade or fire upon the two Germans near the Anti-Tank cannon. Don't go up to the cannon yet because you'll be fodder for that last MG nest. Your tank is now safe because you killed the men manning the Anti-Tank gun, so go ahead and call your Tank to you and have it fire on the MG nest. Also have your Fire Team fire on the MG. Then, flank around from the back and kill the German manning the MG if he hasn't already been killed.

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At this point you have to break through the downed-tree roadblock if facing SW on the road. Highlight your Tank and give it a "Move" command, placing the circle right on the roadblock, so that it runs right through the roadblock. Now on the other side of the roadblock. have your Tank "Assault" the MG nest on the right, then go to it and hang a right. From behind the nearby truck, have you and your teams fire on the many Germans. Avoid taking your Tank up the main road as there is an Anti-Tank cannon there. After a few of the closer teams have been destroyed, have your Tank keep firing on the Germans in the distance while you and your Fire Team move forward, taking out the next MG nest. While keeping your Tank back, call up your Fire Team, and have them take cover behind the sandbags where the MG nest is. From here, have your Fire Team suppress the Anti-Tank gun to the left (on the road) and then attack it and kill the Germans manning it and place a Satchel Charge to destroy it.

Rejoin your Fire Team at the Sandbags and call in your Tank, you may have to actually order a "Move" order to get it near you...it'll probably take the main road. Anyway, once everybody is together move forward and take out the three Germans behind the dirt wall then any other Germans in the area.

Head back out to the main road and continue following your Arrow (SW). You'll get to some supply crates where you can stock up on ammo. You'll soon get to another tree roadblock. Again, order a "Move" order so that the Tank breaks through. After the short cutscene hop onto the back of the Tank and man the turret MG. Fire on the oncoming Germans. Unfortunately, the Tank driver will be killed. Keep shooting any enemies that you can. When you can't reach any more, hop off the tank and have you and your team kill off the Germans to the left of the Tank.

When they're dead, go to the intersection and take out the remaining enemies to the left and to the right. When all enemies are dead, meet up with Mac (by the Tank) to end the mission.

Chapter 9 - The Crack of Dawn - D-Day +2

Go up to Mac and talk to him to get the mission going. This is the first time that you'll be in control of two teams: a Fire Team (upside down "T") and an Assault Team (Arrow). The Fire Team is better at suppressing enemies while the Assault team is better at attacking enemies. Basically, you'll be using both teams to suppress enemies with the occasional Assault. In general, use your Fire Team for longer range suppression and your Assault team for closer range suppression.

Clear the road to St. Come-du-Mont

From the start, follow your Yellow Arrow then go left behind the first stone house and take out the Germans in the back yard. Move through the back yards into the orchard and shoot from the side the Germans behind the overturned wagon and horse. Cross the road and look South to make sure you didn't miss any Germans. If so, kill them. Anyway, cross the road heading East and go to the fence line. Then, move North and start taking out the various Germans behind the dirt walls. After the first couple of enemies you'll get to an AA gun. There are four German around the AA gun. Toss a grenade or two near the area then pick off any remaining Germans.

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From the AA gun, with both Teams, head West, cross the road and take up position behind the half-wall. From here you'll see a MG on the second floor of the house firing down on you, a team of Germans coming from the left and one from the right. Have you Fire Team suppress fire on the MG and have your Assault Team suppress the team coming from the left (they are actually pretty close to you). Meanwhile, peek out the right side of the wall where there are some barrels and fire on the two Germans hiding behind the overturned wagon in the distance. When they're killed go back and help your Assault Team clear out the enemies on the left. When all you have left is the MG concentrate both Team's fire on it, then flank it from the left and kill the MG gunner and the other German soldier.

Defend the Outpost until Mac arrives

At the house, leave both of your Teams downstairs. They'll automatically fire on anybody coming from this side. You should go upstairs to the MG and man it. From here, shoot any Germans that you can. If they stop coming out of the field check on your guys down below because they may be having problems or have been killed. When they're all dead, meet with Mac outside the house to end your mission.

Chapter 10 - The Fall of St. Come - D-Day +2

Clear the SW quadrant of St. Come-du-Mont

To start you'll have two Teams of Germans firing on you. Have each of your Teams fire on each of the German teams while you go up the right wall and flank the first team. Then, have your Fire Team continue to suppress the second German team while you call in your Assault team to you. Take out the second German team however you want.

From here, follow your Yellow Arrow to the North where you encounter a MG nest. Suppress the nest and flank around the left side through the paddock. Then shoot the two Germans in the sandbags past the MG. Follow your Arrow to the next battle where you will have to kill some enemies in the upper level of the barn. First, take out the three Germans in the upper level then the lower level.

Go through the now cleared barn and meet up with Mac and Leggett. Mac tells you that there is a German Tank heading your way and that you need to stop it. First, however, some Germans will come into this area. Have your two teams suppress the two German teams on the right then you should patiently shoot the left side team when their heads pop up. After that, flank around to the left, around the building and go into the stalls area where the other two teams are located and shoot them from the side.

Follow your Arrow to the next courtyard where there will be more Germans and that tank that Mac was talking about. At the West side of this courtyard are some supply crates where you will find a Panzerfaust (rocket launcher). First, however, take out the Germans on the ground from the protection of the stalls and watch out for tank fire. Watch out for more Germans coming from the left alleyway. When the ground troops are killed and all you have left is the tank, stash your Teams somewhere safe, then go to the supply crates and grab a Panzerfaust. Do be aware for one last German coming from the left heading to the supply crates.

Staying crouched, use the Panzerfaust to fire on the tank. You only get one shot per Panzerfaust but you can keep going back to the supply crates to grab another. Stay crouched, poke out, take your shot on the tank, strafe back and grab another Panzerfaust, repeat until the tank is destroyed. This will take about five shots. When the tank is destroyed meet up with Mac to end the mission.

Chapter 11 - Buying the Farm - D-Day +3

To start this mission you'll be in command of an Assault Team and a M4A1 Sherman, a more powerful Tank than the M5 you used earlier.

Capture the farmhouse

Leave your Assault Team where they are. Look North and move North a bit and you'll see some enemies running up the path. Send your Sherman Tank down the path and have it Assault the enemies on the left. From where the enemies were, look out over the orchard where there are several groups of enemies. Issue a "Move" command for your Tank and place the circle in the middle of that orchard. The Tank will drive around the outside of the orchard and then come in from behind. All you have to do is keep covered and wait for the Tank to do its thing. The Tank will clear the orchard. Every so often you'll find that the tank driver may take some damage or your guys will act on their own for some reason. It's rare, but it happens. Just restart from "Checkpoint" and try again. When the orchard is clear, get your Assault Team with you and run NW to the Tank.

Leave your Assault Team here and bring the Tank with you onto the road and hang a left. Run between the overturned wagon and the wall and crouch behind the wall. There is an MG at the corner of the tiered wall (you'll take it out in a minute) and one around the corner. If you ran fast enough to this position, the corner MG shouldn't have shot at you. It is now. Stay down. Make sure the Tank is near you. At this point, don't stand up. Stay crouched. Slowly turn the corner and find the MG nest in the distance on the left of the road. Quickly issue an "Assault" order for the Tank, take cover behind the wall, and wait as it drives there and takes out the MG.

When the road MG is destroyed, stay crouched and work your way down the wall, toward and past the Tank, until you get to a break in the wall. Still crouched, go past the opening in the wall and turn the corner to the right and go up this road a tad. You'll get a checkpoint, phew! OK, now if you die, you'll start from here.

Call your Tank to you on this sloped road and watch out for Germans coming down the road at you. Kill them and send your Tank up into the Courtyard where it will take out the many Germans there. If your Tank gets destroyed (happens every once in a while) you'll just restart from nearby anyway. While your Tank is clearing the courtyard, head East between the building and the wall and shoot the German manning the corner MG from earlier, if indeed there is a German still there.

Rejoin the courtyard battle and help out where you can. Note that there are two Germans in the upstairs of the barn. Go up there and use your Sub-Machine Gun to kill them. When everybody is dead you will have captured the farmhouse.

Kill the German mortar team

Grab both your Assault Team and your Tank and follow your Yellow Arrow. You have to get to the German mortar team. They are firing on the field in front of you. The best way to get to them is to sprint there and hope you don't get hit, it's rare that you do. With everybody, start running ESE along the dirt path. When you see the red icons appear showing you where they are, have both of your teams fire on them. This will cause them to become suppressed. Meanwhile, continue South (basically staying along the right side) and flank them. Kill them with a Grenade or by picking them off one by one. Do this fairly quickly or the enemy Tank, yes you did just run by a Tank, may find you. Go to the mortar.

To complete this mission you still need to take out the Tank and the remaining three Germans. First, deal with the Tank. Use an "Assault" order for your Tank to come and kill the enemy Tank. Meanwhile, if the three Germans are near you, use your Assault Team to help you kill them. If the three Germans are still in hiding, wait for your Tank to destroy the enemy Tank and then hunt down the last three Germans using your Tank so you don't get hurt. To end the mission, find Leggett, follow the Yellow Arrow. Kind of a gruesome scene.

Chapter 12 - Alternate Route - D-Day +3

Again, you have the Sherman Tank and your Assault Team. To start out you have a new gun, a Machine Gun, along with your normal Sub-Machine Gun.

Destroy the bridge to Carentan

Move forward with both teams and take cover behind the right half-wall. Use your teams to fire on the enemies. When they're dead move forward and locate the enemy Tank on the other side of the graveyard. Immediately issue an "Assault" command for your Tank to attack the enemy Tank (or if you want you can run to the back left of the enemy tank and drop an explosive in). Meanwhile, Germans will come out and take position in front of the tank. Use an "Assault" order to command your team to suppress them. When the enemy Tank is destroyed, flank the remaining Germans behind the wall and take them out.

Regroup, cross the RR tracks, and have your Tank attack the enemies across the broken bridge. Then, look to the NNE (follow your Arrow) to find an Anti-Tank gun. Quickly fire on it to suppress it then order your Tank to attack it. Continue to follow the Arrow to the train yard with the overturned train cars. Use your Tank from various positions to take many of them out and you and your Assault Team can clean up the rest.

Continue on and you'll soon see an enemy Tank on your left. Order you Tank to "Assault" it then move you and your Assault Team to the water tower (or if you want you can run to the back left of the enemy tank and drop an explosive in). From here you'll see some enemies to the NNW along the wall. Take cover. When the enemy Tank is destroyed, send it to attack the enemies on the wall.

At this point you have to make it across the RR bridge to the North. At the end of the bridge, on the right is a MG nest, on the left is an Anti-Tank gun and the plunger you need to blow up the bridge. First, however, check out the train station to the East. Go through and kill the two Germans on the damn. Regroup and slowly make your way onto the bridge. Stay behind the train car on the left and have your Tank fire suppressing fire on the MG nest at the end of the bridge on the right (make sure to not move your Tank any further or the Anti-Tank gun will get it). Also have your Assault Team fire on the MG nest. Meanwhile, move to the left of the train car and get ready for any Germans that may charge. Next, check to see that the MG nest is suppressed by the Tank. Then, give your Assault Team an "Assault" order to charge the MG nest. Fire on the Anti-Tank gun to provide extra cover. One or two of your guys may die but usually one will succeed in killing the MG gunner.

Finally, all you have to do is kill the last two enemies behind the Anti-Tank gun. Go ahead an order another "Assault" with your remaining men and then go there and clean up anybody that's left. If you don't want to get close, use some Grenades. When all enemies are dead, go to where the Anti-Tank gun is located and find the Plunger. Press it to blow the bridge and end the mission.

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