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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Magic Box and Cemetery

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Buffy: Chaos Bleeds

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This walkthrough and strategy guide is free for those of you who use it for quick and occasional reference. However, we have made a beautiful bookmarked guide in Adobe .PDF format for those of you who would like to print this guide out, or for those of you who will be using this guide extensively. The $4.95 version of the guide is ad-free.

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Buffy: Chaos Bleeds - Table of Contents

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

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1. Introduction and Walkthrough Table of Contents
2. Magic Box and Cemetery
3. Blood Factory and Magic Box Revisited
4. Downtown Sunnydale and Sunnydale Hospital
5. High School and Old Quarry
6. Initiative Base and Sunnydale Mall
7. Sunnydale Zoo and The First's Lair
8. Buffy: Chaos Bleeds Review
9. Buffy: Chaos Bleeds Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough

Magic Box and Cemetery

Magic Box

Welcome to the Magic Box. Your first goal is to defeat the invading vampires in the Magic Shop. Here you are simply getting to know your controls. Kick, punch, block, guard...all of the good ones. The text on the bottom of the screen will tell you which buttons are which. Simply follow the instructions and defeat the incoming vampires. Once you've knocked them down, stake them to make them disappear.

After you've killed the Vamps, you will control Willow. You have the new objective of finding Kraus's Compendium. If you need to check your objectives, use your control pad right or left until you get to "Objectives", then press "Up" to read the objective.

Pick up the Med Pack in the corner. Climb down the ladder. Collect whatever goodies you want to collect. Facing the ladder again, head right and through the archway. Locate the KEY next to the door and pick it up. This will show you the cabinet/desk on the other side of the room. Turn around and head through this little area behind the cash register. To your left will be a small cabinet. This is not the one we are looking for, but if you open it up with your "Use" button, you will find a Health-Pack and acquire a SECRET. Continue moving through this area. To your right is a table, and farther to the right is the cabinet. Go to it and hit your "Use" button. You will have acquired the SUN SPELL. To use the SUN SPELL, simply select your MAGIC BOOK in your inventory, then look at the button combination. Use the button combinations to create the spells to use against the vampires which will now attack. However, before attacking them, you are still facing the book with the SUN SPELL. Turn around and run to the other side of the room. There's a floor lamp on the right corner. Hit it and it will drop HOLY WATER, another SECRET. Now, take out the vampires with your Willow spells.

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You are now Xander, and you have two vamps attacking you. Move forward and pick up the CROSSBOW on your right. Equip it, aim it, and shoot following the instructions at the bottom of the screen. Once you take out these guys, run to the opposite side of the room. On a table below a red poster you will find the BATTLE-AXE. Again, equip it, then use your "Hit" button to swing it. Once you defeat the vamps with both of your new weapons, you'll be taken out of this area.

Again, you're being double teamed, however, this time you're Spike. Just kick, punch and stake. When you get time, pick up the sword from the bureau, equip it, and use your "Hit" button to swing it at the bad guys. To the right of the star tapestry is a door. Approach it and hit "Use" to open it up. Inside you'll find some skeletons and vamps. Be sure to stake the vamps when they're down. Go through the next door and kill the vamps inside. Collect the goodies on the bookshelves, including the RELIC. Opposite this bookshelf is a gargoyle with a red eye. Approach it and place the RELIC in its mouth. This will open a SECRET area. Go through it and pick up the BASEBALL BAT and Med Kit. Exit out of the secret area and equip your SWORD. Notice there's a table propped up against a door. Use your SWORD to destroy the table and pass through the door, then the next door. Inside this room you'll be attacked by three pretty strong vampires. You are taught how to pick up and toss them here. Do so only if you can toss them on the wood crate, otherwise, just beat them up as best you can and stake them. One of them will drop a KEY. Use it to break the girls out of the cell.

You are Buffy again. Show them what you've got. You and Willow kick butt, go ladies. If you want, pick up the CROSSBOW and BATTLE-AXE on the counter. You're finally told Kakistos is still around. Oy vey. End of that level.

  • Multiplayer character Male Vampire
  • Multiplayer character Female Vampire
  • Anthony Head Interview


    You are Buffy and you are in the Cemetery. From the get go, you will be attacked by some vamps and things. Take them out the best way you know how. There are STAKES surrounding a tree in front of you, and to your right you will find a very powerful SHOVEL. Just kill, kill, kill. As you move along, try opening the tombs on your right. The third one is unlocked. Go inside and to the back. In the coffing you will find HELL FIRE, which is a SECRET. You will also find in this tomb a SUNDIAL PIECE. Grab it. To exit the tomb, you need to move the statue over the panel in the floor, and this will unlock the door.

    Exit out and head right. You'll see a window in front of you with light coming from it. Jump onto the coffin in front of the window, smash the window, and pass through. Inside, fight the zombies, collect the MED-PACK, and the other goodies. Move through the door and into the next section of the Cemetery. Here are some more Vamps. Kill them, then the zombies that emerge. From your entrance into this area, go through the unlocked brown door on your right. Smash open the crates and collect the goodies. This is the second SECRET. Exit out, then run across the cemetery to the other unlocked brown door. Open it up and collect the SUNDIAL PIECE here. Exit out and climb up the stairs, move through the gate, then open the big door.

    Directly in front of you is a stand for the SUNDIAL PIECES. Place the two that you have on the stand with your "Use" button, then head to the right side of the church and pick up the third SUNDIAL PIECE behind the grave (while fighting off Zombies, of course). Place the third SUNDIAL PIECE on the stand, and note the door it shows you unlocking. This door is in the area we were just in, so exit back out, move down the stairs, and head right, and go through the first door on your right (which will be open). Inside, kill the zombies and pick up the CHURCH KEY that one of them drops. Head back to the church, and enter with your new key.

    Inside the church, kill the 5 or 6 vamps that come after you, then the two mean ones that break through the door. Once you kill them, pass through the door they destroyed. Go down the stairs, kill the two vamps, then the three bugs that drop from the ceiling ("Kick" them to step on them). Pass through the door by hitting it, then smash through the next one.

    Kill the zombies, then head left. Pass by the opening on your right and smash open the crates if you are in need of STAKES. Head back now and go through the opening. Smash through this door and prepare to take on several zombies. Once this is done, pull out the crypt drawer on your right. Jump on top of it, then jump and pull yourself to the ledge above. This is the third SECRET. Collect the MED-PACK and HOLY WATER, then jump back down. On the opposite side, pull out the crypt drawer, jump up and pull yourself onto the ledge and smash through the door to your right. Move forward, collect the HELL-FIRE to your left, then jump over the hole, past the ladder. You will have some mean zombies to fight here. Do so and pick up the SWORD around the corner. This is the fourth SECRET. Now, go back and climb down the ladder.

    Here you are in a sewer area. Fight the zombies. Facing the ladder, head left if you want to pick up some STAKES, then move right and past the ladder, through the opening on your right. Run forward and avoid the steam. Run through the open Tunnel 1 across the way. Fight the zombies who emerge from the right, then smash open the crates they were guarding. Inside one of them you will find a VALVE HANDLE. Pick it up and run back into the circular room. To the left of Tunnel two is an opening with a pipe missing a VALVE HANDLE. Approach it and hit "Use" twice, once to put the handle in place, a second time to turn the handle. This turns off the steam blocking the ladder in Tunnel 1. Go back to Tunnel 1 now and climb the ladder.

    Here you will be attacked by two zombies, then some guy who pops out of the "A" shaped doorway. Kill him then enter the room he popped out from. This is the fifth and final SECRET for this level. Pick up the MED-PACK and BATTLE-AXE. Upon leaving the room, smash the crates and pick up another MED-PACK and the HOLY WATER. Across from the caged in area, notice the fuse box which is missing a fuse, and the power switch next to it. Pass on by and go through the caged area on your right. Something is behind the wall trying to get through. Smash through the wall and kill the two monsters on the other side. Head right and break open the crates for the HELL-FIRE and a STAKE, then go left into the circular overhead area. Take the left path and approach the fuse box. Here's a FUSE. Pick it up and run it back to the other fuse box that was missing a fuse. Place it with your "Use" button, then flip the switch right next to it. Now, head back out to the circular overhead area, and go right. Here's another switch to flip. This will rotate the bridge so you can cross into the tunnel on the other side. Do so. Watch out for the jerk who attacks you from the right. Kill him, then climb the ladder.

    You emerge inside of a tomb. Kill the zombies, and grab the MED-PACK and HELL-FIRE to your left. Pass through the door and you're back out in the cemetery. Kill the Vamps who come after you, then anyone else who does. Move forward and notice the Grave Excavator. Too bad you don't have a key. Across from the Grave Excavator is a locked tomb, but you are told you can get in. Notice the eagle statue to the left of the tomb. Hit your "Use" button to turn its head, and a door will open on the right side of the tomb. Enter, kill the zombie, smash the statues, and pick up the IGNITION KEY. Go back to the Grave Excavator and use the IGNITION KEY. This will break open the wall next to the machine. Pass through, then move through the tomb. Kill the zombie, then exit through the door.

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    Back outside, kill the vamps who come after you. Before heading down the stairs, collect the MED-PACK to your right. Now, head down the stairs, killing as you go. Follow the stone pathway until you get to a tomb/coffin with the lid slightly askew. There's a zombie inside. Kill him, then jump onto the coffin. Now, jump onto the tomb to your right. Get yourself onto the grate at use your "Kick" button to smash the grate and drop through.

    Again, you'll be attacked by zombies. Whatever, you know how to deal with them now. There's some HOLY WATER and HELL-FIRE hidden behind some of the tiles in this room if you want it. Once the zombies are out of the picture, pick up the UNLIT TORCH to the left of the web covered doorway, and take it over to the flame. Light it by hitting "Use", then walk over to the webs and use "Hit" to burn through them. Move forward, letting your LIT TORCH guide you. Eventually, you'll come to a well lit room with a cage door. Place the torch in the torch holder (if you will) on the right, and the cage door will rise up. Pass through and go up the stairs.

    Here is the final battle of the level, and here is Kakistos. Getting here also completes your first objecive of the level, but now you have a new one. You must defeat the zombies and destroy Kakistos's spell before it resurrects Joyce Summers (Buffy's mom). So, go crazy on the zombies who attack. If you head to the left corner, you will find a MED-PACK, so that helps. Spike is fighting with you, and you can't do anything to the orb while there are still zombies around, so, again, go crazy and take out all of the Zombies. Once that is complete, start kicking and hitting the orb. It will change colors with the damage. Once you've destroyed it, pass through the gates behind the orb. This will trigger a cutscene, and the end of the level. Off to the Blood Factory. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Multiplayer character Zombie Skeleton
  • Multiplayer map Cemetery
  • Amber Benson Interview
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