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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
High School and Old Quarry

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Buffy: Chaos Bleeds

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This walkthrough and strategy guide is free for those of you who use it for quick and occasional reference. However, we have made a beautiful bookmarked guide in Adobe .PDF format for those of you who would like to print this guide out, or for those of you who will be using this guide extensively. The $4.95 version of the guide is ad-free.

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Buffy: Chaos Bleeds - Table of Contents

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

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1. Introduction and Walkthrough Table of Contents
2. Magic Box and Cemetery
3. Blood Factory and Magic Box Revisited
4. Downtown Sunnydale and Sunnydale Hospital
5. High School and Old Quarry
6. Initiative Base and Sunnydale Mall
7. Sunnydale Zoo and The First's Lair
8. Buffy: Chaos Bleeds Review
9. Buffy: Chaos Bleeds Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough

High School and Old Quarry

High School

You are Xander and you have some Vamps to kill. There are three or four STAKES in the immediate area, along with a SHOVEL. Tack out the Zombies and Vamps, then focus on the objective: Retrieve Cassandra's arm from the High School. Facing the school, notice the boarded up window to your right. Smash through it and jump inside. Read the "Cryptic Message" inside (something about "darkness"), then attack the little gremlin guys who come after you, and the Vamp. Grab the FLASHLIGHT from the desk . Exit out into the hallway and go into the room directly across from you. Fight the Gremlins and pick up the MED-PACK, the DICTIPHONE and the BASEBALL. Snyder's old safe is here, but it's locked. Exit back out into the hall.

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Move forward and some Vamps will come down the stairs after you. The second set is tough. The BASEBALL BAT and SHOVEL do some good damage to them. Move past the staircase and enter the Language Lab to your right. Kill the Vamp. You can "Use" the first computer on your right, but, right now, you get nothing for doing so. So, remember it and exit out.

Move forward again, and notice the flahing intercom to your left. "Use" it and you'll be asked for a password. Well, you don't have a password, so finding one becomes your new objective. OK. Time to head up the stairs. At the top, move right, kill the Vamp, then enter the Math Room on your right. Seems empty. Exit out and pass through the double doors.

Enter the Computer Room to your left. Collect the MED-PACK, kill the Vamp, and notice, again, there's a PC in the room that you can "Use", but to no avail. Exit out. Move down the hall and fight off the Uber Leather Bound Vamps, then enter the Physics Lab to your right. Collect the HELL-FIRE, then the UV FILTER for your FLASHLIGHT, which is on the desk. Well that's interesting. Go ahead and drop down the hole to collect the HELL-FIRE and the MED-PACK. Jump back up to the ledge and pull yourself back into the room. Exit into the hallway and go right. The double doors to your right are locked, but the solo green locker to your left has a MED-PACK inside, which is a SECRET.

So, we've reached a dead end. But now we have the UV FILTER, so start backtracking. Remember the Math Room which seemed pointless before? Go back there with your UV FLASHLIGHT equipped. You will be able to read the password. However, if you go to the intercom now, you still won't be able to pronounce it. Thank God for the Language Lab. Go into the Language Lab and "Use" the DICTIPHONE on the computer to your right. The word will be pronounced and recorded. Go back to the intercom now and "Use" it. Your password objective is now complete, and the tentacles blocking the two doors have stopped thrashing around. Nice.

Facing the intercom, go through the doors to your right. In front of you is a force field. Whatever. Enter the Costume Room to your right and kill the Gremlins. Collect the MED-PACK, the HOLY WATER, and the STAKE (if you need it). Then, "Use" the magic hat. You will pull a bunny out of the hat and figure out a way to disrupt the force field. You need to place 5 Rabbits in the 5 Pentagrams around the school. The Pentagram next to you has been fulfilled, so you have four to go.

At your entrance to the level, outside of the school, was a Pentagram. Head there first. A werewolf of sorts will pop out from behind the other tentacle door. At least it's unlocked now, but we're not dealing with it yet. Again, you're going to the entrance. Take out the TOP HAT and "Use" it. This will place a rabbit in the...huh? Wait. What was that? I place a rabbit and the gremlin eats it? Well, that hardly seems fair. Something has to be done about this. It seems we have no other choice but to go back inside through the newly opened tentacle door.

Attack the Vamps and enter the Science Lab to your left. Inside, kill, then collect the YELLOW LIQUID, the COMPUTER DISK, the HELL-FIRE, and the ALIEN GUN. The COMPUTER DISK has some info on it. Backtrack all the way upstairs and into the Computer Lab. Find the Usable PC and "Use" it. You will discover the COMPUTER DISK has a PASS CODE on it. Now, head back downstairs to outside the Science Lab we collected the DISK and LIQUID from, then move past it and enter the Library on your right. Many Vamps here to kill. Do so, then collect the STAKES, the HELL-FIRES, the HOLY WATERS, and the MED-PACKS. Notice the Pentagram behind the caged area. We can't get there now, as we don't have the Key. Hmm...but we do have a PASS CODE. What could the PASS CODE be used for? Remember Snyder's locked safe way back when? Head back there, to the Administration Principal's Office. Inside, open the safe and collect the KEY. That's what we needed. Head back to the Library and open the cage door. Collect the STAKE and "Use" the TOP HAT to place the bunny in the Pentagram.

Exit back into the hall and move through the double doors straight in front of you. If you go left, you can pick up the POOL CUE. Also, if you go through these double doors, you'll see you've found your way back around to the force field. So, instead, go right and through these double doors. You will find yourself in the Courtyard. You will be attacked by a werewolf and some Vamps. Just run directly across to the double doors across the way. Pass through the door on your right that says "Basement Generator Room". Go through the door in front of you first and kill the Gremlins. Collect the FUMIGATION BOMBS, the MED-PACK, the HELL-FIRE, the STAKES, and the SHOVEL. Exit out and go through the dark gray door to your right. Head down the stairs. Kill the Gremlins, then step into the Pentagram and "Use" your TOP HAT to pull out a rabbit...hey. What the? First the Gremlin ate the rabbit, and now the rabbit is running away? Not cool. Anyway, this one is easily correctable. Notice there's a steam pipe that leads to the hole the rabbits are escaping from. Also notice there's a valve on the pipe. Turn the valve to create steam to the bunnies can't escape, then pull out another rabbit in the center of the Pentagram. Finally, we've placed one correctly. Head back up and out to the Courtyard.

In the Courtyard, kill the Vamps and Zombies, and notice the fountain water. Green and acidy. Yum. Hit your "Use" button and you will mix the YELLOW LIQUID with the green acid to create ammo for your ALIEN GUN. Hit "Use" again to fill it up. Climb up the stairs, and jump onto the ledge to your right. Take it to the end and collect all of the goodies for a SECRET. Backtrack to the staircase, and move onto the second level. Here's a door blocked by vine tentacle things again. Shoot them with your ALIEN GUN. You may have to refill a few times before you clear them out, but this is how you do it. Once they're clear, pass through the door, then enter the English room on your right. Kill whatever attacks you, collect the SPIKE and BASEBALL BAT, then pull a rabbit out of your hat on the Pentagram. That one was easy. Nice bunny. One more to go, and you know where it is. You also now have the tools to deal with him.

So, head back to the first Pentagram outside of the school. The one with the bastard gremlin who eats your bunny every time you place him. Walk up to his hole and toss a FUMIGATION BOMB in there. This will cause him to move out and you can kill him. YAY! Now place your fifth and final bunny. The force field is down. Go get 'em.

Pass through the double doors to the gymnasium, and you will have Anyanka's ass to beat. You should first run upstairs into the open room and collect the HELL-FIRE. You need to then run around and place bunnies in the middle of all of the Pentagrams while avoiding Anyanka's attacks. She usually shocks then thows a fire ball, and you're normally safe to place the rabbit once you've avoided the fireball. Once you've placed the five rabbits, Anyanka will come down to your level and you can fight her. The kicks, kicks and the hits, hits work, but what really does damage is the HELL-FIRE. Hitting her once or twice with the HELL-FIRE will toast her completely. If you don't kill her at first, you'll have to redo the entire process, and kill some rabbit eatting gremlins along the way. Once Anyanka is dead, you will have Cassandra's Arm. Go you. Level over.

  • Multiplayer character S&M Slave
  • Multiplayer character S&M Mistress
  • Anthony Head V/O

    Old Quarry

    You are now Faith. Kill the Vamps who come after you. There are some STAKES behind the truck to complete the job. There's also a SECRET in the outhouse right where you started. Enter after the Vamp emerges to collect the MED-PACK inside. There is another MED-PACK behind the brown rocks near the truck, in what looks like a destroyed mine shaft. This, too, is a SECRET. Once you've killed all of the Vamps you'll have time to check your objectives. You are on a mission to find Cassandra's leg. Alright then. If the Vamp has emerged from the little house, you may enter. If not, wait, and he will. Before going in, go to the back of the house to collect the MED-PACK and STAKES. Inside, pick up the MED-PACK, then pull the bookcase over. This will reveal some rotted wood. Kick through it and enter the the cave.

    Run down the mine shaft, killing as you go. At the bottom, grab the SHOVEL to your left, then take the right path. Pass through the first door on your left. Inside, kill the Vamp and pick up the HELL-FIRE, MED-PACK, and DYNAMITE. Exit out and continue forward. The elevator is busted. While fighting off bad guys, go over to the barrels and find the lever. Pull it and two of the barrels will be released. Push both barrels under the elevator. Now, run all of the way down to the opposite end, where you found the shovel, and hit your "Use" button to toss a dynamite stick into the boarded up shaft. This will release water and show you a cutscene of you catching the elevator up to the next level.

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    Move off the elevator and take on all who dare approach. Pass through the door to your left and fight, fight, fight. Pick up the SHOVEL, more DYNAMITE, the MEDI-PACK, and any STAKES you may need. Run forward, then again through the door to your left. Work your way down the wooden walkway, and pass the door holding back water. Go through the door at the very bottom, collect what you need, then hit use as the central beam. This will place a stick of DYNAMITE at the base, causing the ceiling to drop down. Without the water pressure behind the door one flight up, you can now pass through. Do so. Fight the Vamps and pass through the door.

    Kill the zombies, then run across the outside bridge. Look out for Vamps. Inside again, go straight. There's a locked door with a weird indentation above it to your right. Can't do anything with it now, so just move forward through the double doors. Inside, kill what you need to kill and climb down the stairs. Run across to the coal machine and turn the valve to put coal in it. Now, run under the machine, by the exit to this area. You will find a SHOVEL and a few HELL-FIRES. Use the HELL-FIRE to ignite the coal, and the machine will start churning. Now, run up the small stairs along the machine and follow the tracks. Grab the SHOVEL along the way, if you care to. At the end of the tracks is a little car. Go to the right side of it and hit the switch to move it along the tracks. Before following it, head up to the top of the contraption and grab the MED-PACK. Now, follow the tracks back to the car, then hit the "valve" on the car. This will turn it over. Go below to the conveyer belt and pick up your creation: The EMBLEM. Remember the door with the weird mark we passed by just before entering this room. Go to it and "Use" the EMBLEM.

    Inside you will immediately be attacked by some nasties. Kill them. You'll get a new objective: Locate and kill Kakistos. Doesn't sound good. Work your way along the shaft, then move up the ladder. Inside the mansion now, collect the HOLY WATER and HELL-FIRE and pass through the door. Head left and go under the staircase to collect a HEALTH-PAK and your final secret for this level. Kill whatever comes after you. If you face the staircase, there is an unlocked door to your right, and one at the end of the small hallway behind you. Go though the one to your right first. Fight the Vamps, then collect the MED-PACK and STAKE. The fireplace is ready for fire, but we have no fire. Ah well. Now, exit out and go into the other unlocked door. More Vamps. Kill them. There's rotten wood on the floor, but you need something heavy to bust through. OK. Exit out and climb the stairs.

    Upstairs, go through the unlocked door on the far left. There's something attacking a girl in here. I accidentally killed the girl here, but everything seemed OK. So, clear the room out, then collect the STAKES and the LIGHTER on the table. A LIGHTER means fire. Go back downstairs to the room with the fireplace and hit "Use" to light her up. Head back up to the room where you got the LIGHTER and notice the smoking brick. "Use" it to reveal a secret passage. Follow the planks to the next room with the Vamps inside. Collect the HOLY WATER, HELL-FIRE, MED-PACK and WRENCH. Then approach the central glowing BOLT. "Use" your WRENCH on it to release the fixture below. This will break through the rotten floor. Head downstairs and to the new hole. Jump down.

    Follow the one path you can take, grabbing MED-PACKS as you go. Something scary must be up ahead. Oh, and look at that. Something scary is ahead: Kakistos. To defeat Kakistos, you must first destroy the three orbs in the room. It is best to work on them one at a time, and to be on the opposite side of the orb as Kakistos is...this way the orb will block Kakistos's fire attacks, the deadliest of them. I just kicked the crap out of the orbs while monitoring my health. If I needed a HEALTH-PACK, I used one. Once you destroy an orb, don't run directly to another. You don't want to get a distance between yourself and Kakistos. If you do, you're sure to be the victim of a fire attack, and you're avoiding that. Simply taunt Kakistos along so he follows at a close distance, then, again, get on the opposite side of the orb for blockage, and kick and punch the bajoongas out of it. The orbs go from blue to yellow to red, then they blow. Once you've destroyed all three, go after Kakistos. He's no more difficult to beat than one of the scary leather Vamps. Kick the crap out of him then stab him through the heart. Now that you've survived that tough battle, you're off to the Initiative Base.

  • Multiplayer character Faith
  • Multiplayer map Initiative Hangar
  • Amber Benson V/O
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