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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Sunnydale Zoo and The First's Lair

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Buffy: Chaos Bleeds
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7. Sunnydale Zoo and The First's Lair

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Sunnydale Zoo and The First's Lair

Sunnydale Zoo

Well, hello Buffy. It's good to have you back. You are Buffy and you are in the Zoo looking for Cassandra's Torso. Eek. Fight the Vamps that come after you, then run to the right. A couple ladies will pop out of the Reptile House, unlocking the doors for you. Kill them, but don't go in the reptile area quite yet. Instead, jump into the grassy area just past the Reptile entrance. Run to the last bush and pick up the HELL-FIRE and HOLY WATER behind it for your first SECRET. You should now be next to the African Exhibit. Enter.

Inside the African Exhibit, go through the door on your right. A force field. Great. Turn around, grab the MED-PACK to the right of the door, exit back out and pass through the door across from the entrance. Kill the Vamps in front of you, then the two who emerge from the door to your left. Once you've done this, pass through this door, then the next one. In front of you is a Vamp attacking a woman. If you save her she'll give you some HELL-FIRE or HOLY WATER. There will be many monsters coming after you. Kill what you want. To the left of your entrance, behind the bench, is another grassy area with bushes. Jump up there and get behind the upper bushes to locate many goodies, including a MED-PACK and a WATER SOAKER. This is a SECRET.

Jump down from the bushes and take the path to your left. Move past the electric fence, and you'll find yourself in a tunnel area, with some glass panels on your right. Smash through them, kill the bad guys, then work your way up the platforms. Jump across to the MED-PACK, HOLY WATER AMMO, and KEY. Collect these things. Look along the electrified fence. There's something we need on the platform across the way, but we can't get there now. So, backtrack all the way to the main entrance, and head into the Reptile area.

Kill the Vampires, and collect the HOLY WATER from the girl behind the sign...if she survived. Climb the stairs and jump into the grassy area on the right. Locate the HELL-FIRE and MED-PACK for your third and final SECRET. Now, "Use" your KEY on the door to the Reptile House.

Inside, you'll fight a couple of mean monkeys. They really don't like HELL-FIRE. Run around to the right of the entrance and break through the second set of glass panels on the wall and enter the display. Notice the wall. Push it and you will have found the Zookeeper's Entrance. Pick up the SHOVEL and the MED-PACK. Fight the Vamp, then smash through the window. Drop down.

More monkies. Ah well. Kill them. Go around the right side of the building, and you'll emerge by a car. Turn left and open the garage behind the car (there's a MED-PACK next to the car). Kill the Vamps, go through the gate, and climb the ladder next to the gate. At the top, shimmy left. The gate will slowly lower, as the one next to it rises. Jump off this gate, and scoot under the other one before it drops again. Inside collect the RELIC. Exit out the door. Turn right, then left and past the car. At the dead end, turn right and enter the caged area. Smash open the lockers and cut off the power. Now, head back past the car again, turn right, then go into the door on your right. Kill the Vamp. Here you have a slow rising fence. Hit the button and it takes her time moving. There's a reason for this. Hit the button, jump up onto the door, and ride it as it rises up. Shimmy over to your right, then jump down to the other side of the room. In the room behind you, collect the HOLY WATER AMMO and the STAKES, if you need them. Exit out and climb down the ladder.

Run forward through the tunnel. Look out for Vamps behind you, and climb the ladder at the other end of the tunnel. You are back in the African exhibit, but an area we couldn't get to before because of the locked fences. Fight the Vamps. Push the large bale of hay as far left as you can, then kick through the glass and hit the switch on your left. The switch lowers one gate and raises another, but the moved bale of hay disrupts this movement, allowing you safe passage underneath the gate, into the the other caged in area. Pass through and smash through the glass on your right. Inside you'll find a MED-PACK and a TRANQUILIZER GUN. YAY! Head left, break the lock on the gate and pass through. Look right. There's a flashing road block. You are going through the door behind this road block. You've been there before, but this time there's less power flowing through the electric fence.

Again, make your way into the cage with the platforms and the relic on the platform to a distance. Get up to the platform where you got the KEY before, and jump up to the fence. Shimmy across to the right, drop down on the platform, and grab the RELIC. Nice work. Exit out of the African exhibit to the main entrance. Head right, past the first door to the aquarium, and enter the second door to the Jungle Cafe. Inside, fight off the monkeys. You'll be shown a cutscene of a large monkey holding the third relic. Shoot him with your TRANQUILIZER GUN, and collect the RELIC. See, that was easy. Pick up the MED-PACK, exit out to the main entrance, and again, head toward the African exhibit...except this time, don't go in. Instead, turn around. Notice there's a little statue directly across from the African exhibit door. Approach it and place your three RELICS on it. You will become invisible.

As invisible Buffy, head into the African exhibit and go through the door on the right. Remember the force field? Not a problem when you're invisible. Pass through and collect the AFRICAN SHIELD. Now, it's time to go to the Aquarium. In the underwater tunnel, kill the Zombies, then equip your AFRICAN SHEILD. There is a mage at the end of the hall who will warp you back to the beginning of the tunnel if his orb hits you. Don't let it. With the SHEILD equipped, hit your "Guard" or "Block" button to block the orb. When you do this, the mage will be released and you will have to fight the Mage. Do so, then grab the MED-PACK and continue forward through the door.

Here you will meet scary, alternate reality Giles. Boo! Honestly, he's pretty easy to kill compared to our last couple of bosses. All you have to do here is avoid his fire ball attacks, and take on any of the apes he sends after you. At a point, Giles will create a few clones. This is your opportunity to fight him. Giles is always in the center of all the clones. Once you hit him, he will run. Just run after him and fight, fight, fight. Eventually, you'll wear him down to nothing. Evil Giles will be dead and Cassandra's Torso will be yours.

  • Multiplayer character Zombie Gorilla
  • Multiplayer map Quarry
  • Joss Whedon V/O

    The First's Lair

    Here you are with all of Cassandra's parts. When you put her together, you are taken to The First's Lair. Buffy must go alone to find Hope's Dagger. Inside, smash the crates behind you to get your STAKES. There's also a PITCHFORK in the Courtyard to help you with your fighting. Take out the Vamps and whatever else comes after you. Walk up to the catapult and "Use" it. This will create a hole in the front door so you can enter. But we're not going through there. Instead, jump up to the tall middle platform (you can get up there on the side nearest the fire), and pull yourself up. Jump over to the ledge on your right and pass through the unlocked door.

    Inside, fight whatever comes after you, and pass through the double doors. Again, kill, kill, kill. In this room you will find a BATTLE-AXE, two GLASS JARS, and some STAKES. The door is locked, but if you take the torch from the armor statue, the wall will open up, revealing a secret room. Kill the Zombies with the torch, then collect the MED-PACK, KEY MOULD, and you third GLASS JAR. Now, backtrack to the courtyard (you must place the TORCH back in the statue's hand to unlock the door).

    In the courtyard, jump up to the door you destroyed with the catapult and pass through. Kill whatever attacks you. Move forward. You'll go down some stairs. Pass through the dark door on your right. Go down to the base of the courtyard and find the cannon. You need charcoal and sulfur to make gunpowder. OK. Move forward, past the cannon, and through the double doors to your right. Kill the monks. In front of you is a mill. To the right of it is a lever. Pull it for fun, but we're not ready to use it yet. Head back out to the courtyard.

    Across the way there is a cart blocking some double doors. Roll it and open the doors. Kill the Vamps and enter. Collect the CHARCOAL DUST, then place the KEY MOULD by the firey vat. Go to the right side of the vat and turn the wheel. You now have a SKELETON KEY. This is useful. Exit back out into the courtyard, then head back up the stairs and inside. Head left, and use your SKELETON KEY on the second door you pass. Inside, kill the Monk and collect the CANDLE STICK from the altar. There are a couple of Baptismal bowls to your left. "Use" them to collect HOLY WATER and GORGON STAKES. Exit out the double doors.

    Outside, grab the PITCHFORK and fight the two monsters. Continue along the path and collect the CROSSBOW. Face the drawbridge. Notice a section of the wall missing near the upper right corner of the bridge. Shoot your CROSSBOW into this hole, and the bridge will lower. Kill what comes after you, and pass through the doors. Go down the stairs and fight. Once you've killed everyone, note all of the surrounding doors are locked. But there's a well. Jump into the well and you'll be lowered down.

    Immediately upon stopping in the well, go right. Here you'll find many goodies, including a MED-PACK and an AXE. These are all the first SECRET to this level. Fight the Zombies. Approach the double doors and pick up the SUNDIAL HAND. Now, pass through the doors. Kill the Zombies and work your way down the hall. Go through the unlocked door and climb the stairs. Pass through the unlocked door to your right and you will be back up at the well courtyard. Run left, past the well. Climb the debris and jump up to the level above. Pass through the unlocked door and collect the CANDLE STICK. Go through the next unlocked door, and you will find yourself above another Courtyard. This one has a sundial in the middle of it.

    Jump down the the sundial, and place the SUNDIAL HAND on it, then "Use" it. This will unlock the door across the way which is down some stairs. Inside, collect the SWORD, MED-PACK and HOLY WATER for your second SECRET. Exit back out into the courtyard. Two your right you will see three doors. One set of double doors in the middle, then single doors on either side. Go through the door on the right. Head down the stairs and pass through the first door on your right. Climb the stairs, go right, then go through the double doors on your right. Inside, you will find two MED-PACKS and a BATTLE-AXE for your last SECRET, ever! Head back into the courtyard, and pass through the single door past the double doors on your right now. Inside, pull the stone blocks out of the wall. Once they are all out, a small platform will raise in the middle. Step on it and the wooden area will lower. lower, taking you with it.

    Down below, pass through the door. Kill the Monks and pass through the unlocked double doors. Again, kill, then cross over the bridge, along the beam on the left side. Grab the MED-PACK to your right, then pass through the double doors to your left. Inside, fight the Vamp. You're in a lab. Collect the BLOCK OF SULFUR. You are told you need to grind it down. Thank goodness for that mill we saw years ago. Exit out and backtrack all the way to the courtyard with the cannon in it, then to the mill through the right door. Place the BLOCK OF SULFUR on the mill, then pull the chain to the right of it. Voila, you have GUNPOWDER. Go pack to the cannon and ignite her. She'll tear a hole in the door in front of you. Smash open the rest of the door and pass through. Kill the monks and continue forward. In the next room you'll find some scary monsters. Toast them, then work your way down to the dining room. Notice the sconces along the wall that are missing candles. Place your CANDLE STICKS in them. Pull all three of the sconces down to reveal a secret passageway. Take it. In this room, collect the MED-PACK, then kill the monsters. Pass through the next door, then just move forward, killing as you go. Pass through the double doors. In this room, pick up the MED-PACK and HOPE'S DAGGER. Objective Complete. Now, you must use the Dagger to defeat the First. OK.

    Exit out the single door to the right of your entrance. Continue moving forward and up the stairs, and you'll eventually pop up in the well courtyard. Climb the debris, get up on the ledge, and get to the Sundial Courtyard. At the far end are locked double doors. "Use" HOPE'S DAGGER on the symbol to the left of the door to unlock it, then enter. Go through two more sets of double doors and you will have come to The First's room. There is, at least, one MED-PACK in the room, along the right wall, in the front corner. There could be more, but I was too busy with the task at hand to pay attention. Anyway, here's the deal. Three monks will be placed in the Pentagrams, and they will pray. Use HOPE'S DAGGER to awaken them and to make the Pentagram stop glowing. It's a good idea to kill them while you're at it, but it's not vital. You just need to make the three Pentagrams stop glowing by upsetting the monks. When this happens, The First will shoot out a knock em down sonic something that you can jump over, if you're quick, then he'll be vulnerable to your attack with HOPE'S DAGGER. One hit and the DAGGER will fly across the room. It's glowing yellow, so it's easy to find. Repeat the process five or six times and you will have defeated The First, and the Game. WOOOHOOO! YEEEHAAAW! Nice work.

    Extras Unlocked:
  • Multiplayer character Chris (Mutant Enemy)
  • Multiplayer character Joss Whedon
  • Out-takes
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