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LB's "Call of Juarez"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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LB's Call of Juarez Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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"Call of Juarez" Game Guide and Walkthrough

This is a difficult mission and requires that you do a lot of sneaking...get your Splinter Cell skills ready. You can also try to play through as a silent assassin. However, the best approach is to use a little of both. Make sure you follow the directions in this section exactly as I say because it can get confusing.

Also, if you're stuck mid-way through the mission, make sure you read this entire section to ensure you haven't missed anything and that you understand the techniques being used.

From the start, head straight forward until you see the red dot appear on your compass. Then, head toward the red dot, taking out the two wolves who attack. Before long, you'll run into a raised ledge/plateau. When you get to it, head left along it and you'll find yourself on a path along side the cliff. You'll also see the train.

Head along this path and you'll reach a tree branch. Use your whip on it to cross the gap to the lower platform. From that platform, drop off to the front of it to the ground below. Continue moving towards the red dot and you'll cross over a dead Apache laying under a tree. Take his bow and arrows.

The bow and arrow is a great weapon. It is silent and easy to use. To home in on an enemy, press and hold LT. This will cause a Concentration Mode of sorts. Aim at the head of your enemy and press RT to fire an arrow. This will result in a one-hit silent kill. Also note that you can pick up your arrows after they're fired and re-use them.

From the dead Apache, turn around and head in the opposite direction. You'll soon see a log teetering on the edge of a ledge. To move the log, either walk up to it and hit X when prompted, or, use your whip to dislodge the rock holding it up. Either way, the log will roll down creating a bridge for you to cross.

After crossing the log, continue along the path, climbing up the ledge, grabbing some more arrows from another Apache and then making two jumps across two gaps (press and hold A on the second jump to pull yourself up if you miss the jump). Continue forward, grab some more arrows from another Apache and follow the path to the end where you'll get a cutscene.

After the cutscene, drop down to the ledge below, head left, collect more arrows, and then use your whip on the branch to cross the gap. Keep going to the end of the path and you'll see another branch. Although you may be tempted to use your whip on this branch to cross the gap, don't. Instead, simply use the branch as a bridge, walking on it, to cross the gap (do this very carefully and slowly to ensure you don't fall).

Continue along the path and you'll soon enter a tunnel and will get a load screen.

To sneak by enemies, crouch and move past them. While crouching, you don't make any noise. Keep an eye on the lower right corner of your screen, the Sneak Meter, which at this point shows you as black. That means you are hiding in the shadows. When lighting strikes or when near a fire, you'll be visible and this Meter will show that. To avoid being seen when lighting strikes, hide under/in bushes. Also, don't try to go too far at once. Let the lightning strike, go as far as you think is safe. Pause and hide. Wait for lighting to strike again. Repeat.

After the cutscene, crouch, and go through the tunnel. Continue up the path until you get to the camp fire on the right (in a cave/tunnel). Hide behind the rock near the tunnel entrance and wait for the only enemy who is standing to walk away. At this point, you can sneak past the tunnel, continuing along the path, which loops you around to the other side of the tunnel. As you get near the other side of the tunnel, make sure the enemy who is walking around is heading back into the tunnel and then continue along the path. (Alternately, you could use your bow and arrows to silently kill each of the three sleeping enemies around the campfire and then take out the enemy walking around...I prefer to leave no dead bodies if it can be avoided.)

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At the end of this path are some rocks that you can hide behind as you listen to the camp fire convesation below about the storm of '67. As the two enemies walk away, drop down to the ground and sneak along the right side of the camp fire, using the shrubs as cover. You'll soon reach the two enemies who walked away. They are now standing on the left, looking for the train. You need to go right, into the tunnel/cave. Make sure their backs are turned, looking out over the canyon, as you sneak behind them and enter the tunnel.

Go through this tunnel. At the end of it you'll see another campfire and two enemies talking (Eli is mentioned). The path here splits a bit, with a side-path going down and to the right. Take this little side-path and you'll see a passed-out enemy. He won't do anything to you. Watch and listen to the two enemies talking. Although you can sneak by these two enemies pretty easily, I do prefer to take them out as not only does it make the next part easier, but it allows you to grab their pistols so that you have two six-shooters, instead of your lame two-shot Dillinger. This will come in handy later.

From the passed out body where you are crouching, wait for one of the enemies to walk up the path, toward you. He'll stop near the boulder above you and to the left. Use your bow and arrow to shoot him in the head. The other enemy is still near the camp fire, with his back to you. Shoot him in the head.

Okay, this little campfire area is clear and now comes the super-sneaky part. Work your way along the left side of the camp fire, sticking close to the wall. You'll soon be overlooking a large camp below, consisting of many camp fires, tents, and lots of enemies. Wait for the enemy nearest you to walk towards the camp fire below. Then, drop down off the ledge.

Stay to the left as there is a long line of shrubs and rocks to hide behind as you make your way forward. The biggest threat to you at this point is being seen due to the lightning flashing. Don't try to go too far at one time. Instead, hide under a bush or behind a rock, wait for the lightning to strike, and then move forward for a few seconds. Again, take cover and wait for the lighting, then continue forward. The point is, you don't want to be caught in the act of sneaking when lightning strikes.

Continue moving along the left side of this area, following the curvature of the ledge wall to your left. You'll eventually reach the end of your cover and going farther would make it so you would walk right into a camp fire. At this point, backtrack just a tad and look to the right. You'll notice that there is a parallel line of shrubs creating a nice little pathway, or shrub hallway, if you will. If you're facing down this pathway, the red dot will be in the SW of the compass (this is mentioned only for the sake of orienting yourself).

Wait for one more lightning strike and then head forward along the shrub pathway. You'll soon reach a row of tents (slightly to your left). Enter the tents and go through them. As you exit the row of tents, you'll see another row of tents in front of you, however, by this time, another lightning strike is soon to come.

You'd think that you'd be safe in the tent, but you can get caught while inside, so, I recommend exiting the row of tents and taking cover under/in shrub just outside of, and to the right of, the row of tents. Safe here, wait for the next lighting strike (make sure nobody is walking near you/crossing the path) and then enter the second row of tents in front of you.

You're almost there! Head through this second row of tents and upon exiting, look forward (and to the right a tad) to see two horses. Move quickly towards them (still crouching, though) and hide in the shrub to the right of them. From here, you can hit X when prompted to slap the closer one. This will spook the horse and send it running which will either distract and/or trample the nearby enemy. Once you see him go away, slap the other horse for good measure.

Head in the direction of the horses, now sticking to the wall on the right. You'll soon see a cave entrance on the right. Enter it and head through the cave (if you were spotted at this point, stand up and run like crazy through the tunnel.)

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At the end of the tunnel, crouch and wait behind the boulder on the right. There is one more camp fire and two more enemies up ahead. You'll have to take them out. When the patrolling enemy comes towards you, use your bow and arrow to eliminate him. This leaves the enemy sitting near the camp fire. Move forward to locate him and then take him out. (Note, if you do this too quickly, you may have an extra two enemies to deal with. They are sent to check out the bridge, so if you wait and allow them to go, you'll only have the two to deal with.)

You're finally in the clear! Drop down the ledge past the camp fire and head toward the mine entrance (straight in front of you). As you cross the bridge toward it, it'll collapse and you'll drop into the raging river below. Swim to the left and you'll soon be able to climb up the river bank.

You'll find yourself on a new path. Head up the path (you can follow the red dot) and shoot (bow and arrow) the enemy walking toward you. You'll soon get to a gap in the path. This means you've gone too far. Backtrack just a touch and look to the right of the path to find a series of ledges that you can climb up. Do so, go through the tunnel, climb a few more ledges and then head forward. Jump the gap in the path and continue to follow it to the end.

At the end, you'll probably be spotted by an enemy with a rifle, above and to your right. Shoot him with your bow and arrow and then climb up the ledge. Be sure to grab his rifle. Continue on the path and drop down the ledge that you get to which will prompt a load screen.

After the load screen, go forward along the path, use your whip to cross the first gap, and then jump over the second gap. You'll soon see some logs laying on the ground and a gap that you can't cross. Stand at this gap and look to the left. You'll see a log on the cliff wall, held in place by a rock under it. Use your whip to attack the rock, thus causing the log to fall (be careful that you're not in the path of the log as it falls or it will kill you...learned this the hard way). You created a bridge! Nice work. Cross it.

Continue forward, cross the real bridge, and head right. Continue along the path and you'll soon reach a final standoff near some crates. Grab all of the ammo that you can around you.

There will be about six or eight men who come out of the tunnel across from you. You need to eliminate them all. I recommend using your bow and arrow to take out the first few who exit. Shoot each one three or four times to make sure they're dead. Using the bow allows you to slow time (hold LT) which gives you a second to think and to see who's coming out.

After a few enemies make it past your arrow barrage, switch to the Rifle. Shoot the barrels on the left, near the shack. They'll blow up and will hopefully take out a few enemies. The rifle is powerful, so even two body shots should take down an enemy. Granted, you don't have a lot of rifle ammo, so use it until it's gone. Then, switch to your pistols and take out the remaining enemies with them.

During this fight, be sure to crouch and take cover behind the crates. Also, be sure to use the red whiskey when your health is low. Finally, the shotgun sitting on the crates is nice and all, but highly ineffective over long distances. I don't even know why it's there.

After all of the enemies are defeated, the level will end. Congrats on getting through a difficult mission.

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