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LB's Cold Fear Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
The Oil Rig

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The Oil Rig

1. Cold Fear Introduction
2. The Ship
3. The Oil Rig
4. "Cold Fear" Review

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The Oil Rig


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Because of your accident, or, perhaps, because of the infestation, your health is severely hurting and you have lost all weapons, except for the Pistol. Nothing can touch you, or you'll die. Your mission is to Find the medicine cabinet. The objective tells you to Find the sick bay. From where you start, "Aim" and look at the crane. To the left of the crane is a door on a central tower structure. You need to get to that door by working your way around the back side of the large tower structure, avoiding the waves as you go. Approach the tower and study the waves. Wait for a wave to crash, then run past. Repeat. When you get to the "Dock Elevator" door, pass through.

In the elevator locate the wall switch to the right and activate it. When the elevator stops moving, go through the door to the right, with the blood trail leading to it.

The main drilling module

Quickly shoot the flaming Exo running toward you and work your way along the catwalk. Go up the small set of stairs and kill the Exo to the left. Here you'll find two doors: "Armory" and "Sick Bay". First, go into the Sick Bay and Save. Inside the Sick Bay you'll get a cutscene where you'll receive the Antidote.

The main drilling module

Your new mission is to Find Anischenko. Your first objective reiterates this and your second asks that you find Anischenko's eye for the retinal scanner to the Radio Jammer. You are still in the Sick Bay. Grab the SPEARGUN from the desk and heal (if you need to) at the medicine cabinet. Next, find the note about the retinal scanner on a counter-top.

Exit out the door from which you entered and you'll get a cutscene of the Scientist being killed. After he is dead, approach his body and grab the STOREROOM KEY. Enter the Armory to fill up on ammo. Exit back out and continue past the dead Scientist, down the small stairs and onto the catwalk. In the corner you'll find a body. Shoot its head off to neutralize it, then pick up the SHOTGUN.

Continue around the catwalk and you'll see two bodies. Shoot each of their heads off. Near the first body is the AK-47. Go forward and an Exo will jump over the railing and charge you. Kill him and another will come out. Kill this one and be aware of his ExoCel. Continue on to the "Storeroom" and use your Storeroom Key.


There are several bodies on the ground. Shoot all of their heads so they won't be a threat. Explore the container crates and kill any Exos you encounter. When the area is clear, find the staircase leading to the upper catwalk. Go up and find the HAND-HELD GRENADE LAUNCHER (GRENADE LAUNCHER) and some ammo near the control panel. Next, go to the control panel and activate it to unlock the doors down below. Go back down, kill the new Exo enemies, and run to the opposite end of the room, where you'll find the newly unlocked doors. Save.

The Lower Corridor

Get your Speargun equipped and move forward. Here you will encounter your first ExoShade. The ExoShades are known for moving fast and hiding in the shadows. Because of this, they can easily surprise you, and jump up on you. If this happens, try to pull off a "Critical Hit". When a Critical Hit is possible, a status bar will appear on the screen. Press the designated button repeatedly until you fill up the bar. When the bar is full, you'll be prompted to hit another button ("Shoot"). A successful Critical Hit will do a significant amount of damage to your enemy, often killing them. Note, however, if your selected "Critical Hit" weapon is out of ammo, or isn't loaded, you won't do any damage to the attacker, but you can prevent damage done to you.

The Critical Hit takes some time to perfect, so, if you don't want to just into it here, wait for the ExoShade to show himself and shoot a Spear to the ground. This will distract him. Switch to your Shotgun and take aim. Shoot and the ExoShade will fall backwards. Keep firing on him with the Shotgun until he dies.

At the end of this hall there is a locked elevator. Move down the other hall and you'll find another set of doors to your right and a door in front of you. Enter the double doors on the right. This is the "Laser Mines Room". Go to the other door in the room by going to the right of the shelves and go through it to the "Main Office". Kill off the Russian and any Exos then find the Letter to Anischenko from Yusupov on a desk. You can go into the other office if you like, but there is nothing there. Exit back out to the main corridor. The single door near the fire extinguisher is stuck, so go up the large staircase and through the doors to the left.

The Upper Corridor

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Here, you can go either right or left. Head left first and enter the "Main Security Room" door. Upon entering you'll set off an alarm. In front of you, near the dead body is the FLAMETHROWER. Quickly grab it and use it to kill all of the Exos and ExoCels in the room. Once you do, the alarm will stop. After you clear them out find the Note about the magnetic jammer. Note the locked door to the "Communications Room" here. Exit back out to the main corridor.

Continue down the hall to the double doors, leading to the "Incinerator Room". In this room there are four Exos and an incinerator control panel, to the left of the incinerator. Fire a Spear into the incinerator, attracting all four Exos to it. Next, run up to the control panel and activate it to take them all out at once. There is nothing else in this room. Exit back out to the main corridor.

Go back to where you entered the Upper Corridor and, this time, go right. You'll find a group of Russians fighting some Exos. You can shoot them directly, or shoot the red valves to the left to burn them. Either way, once you've cleared the area, find the two doors. One is a large garage door, leading to the "Heliport Module". The other is a smaller set of double doors, closer to where you originally entered the Upper Corridor. The smaller set of doors are without a name, but the number "2" is above them. These doors lead you to the SUBMACHINE GUN. If you don't get it here, you will have a chance to get it later, but, it's a fun weapon to have, and you have some nasty enemies up ahead, so you might as well just go ahead and get it. So, pass through the "2" doors first.

Technical Corridor

At the top of the stairs is a Health Pack. Grab it if you need it. Otherwise, avoid the flames and make your way down the corridor. At the end you will encounter a couple of Exos. Eliminate them, collect the AK Ammo, then move up the left set of stairs. Move along the catwalk and head down the stairs at the end. Kill the Exos and their ExoCels here, then take the path under the stairs, being sure to shoot the two enemies on the ground, or deal with them when they come to life later. Make your way to the door at the end of the hall and pass through it.

Drilling Unit

Move forward, into the flaming room, and an Exo will emerge from the flames. Let him die on his own, then look around the room. There's an elevator and some stairs leading up to a dead end. Hop on the elevator and ride it up. At the top, you can go in one of two directions. With your back to the elevator, if you move to the right you'll find AK and Spear Ammo. Grab it if you need it, then take the other path leading away from the elevator.

At the base of the stairs, grab A note from Anischenko about Bakharev, then continue up. Make your way to the end of the catwalk, then drop off. Move across the control room and drop off again. Inside the control room, collect the Health Pack from the soda machine, then hit the red button on the control panel. This will activate the sprinklers, which will put out the flames below. Exit out, go to the end of the catwalk, fall off the end, then move your control stick down to drop to the floor below. Move forward and pass through the newly accessible double doors.

Inside the Storage Shed you will find more flames. Avoid them and move up the stairs to retrieve your SUBMACHINE GUN. The gun is what we came for, so, with it in your possession, backtrack to the Upper Corridor. Back in the Upper Corridor, you are now ready to pass through the large doors to the Heliport Module. Save.

Heliport Access

In front of you is a series of Laser Mines. If you let one touch you, you will die. So, crouch and work your way under the lasers using the lower parts of the platforms to get under them. Be careful not to fall off the platform. On the other side is a garage door. Arm your Grenade Launcher and pass through.

Storage Shed

Inside this storage warehouse are several Russians and a couple of Exos. It's nasty, so do your best to stay covered. From the get go, launch a couple of grenades up the ramp to the right, to take out as many enemies here as you can. Immediately switch to your gun of choice to deal with the Exo coming at you from the left. Once he's down, collect whatever Ammo you find on the shelves, then slowly make your way toward the ramp.

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Using the shelves for protection, sneak your way over and locate the white barrel at the top of the ramp, to the right. Shoot it to eliminate a few Russians. From here, run up the ramp, shooting the enemies in the distance in front of you. Your Grenade Launcher does a good job of taking them out if you lob the grenades with skill. While you need to move fast, you don't want to open yourself up to the Russian down the hall to your left, so stop before you do. Only expose yourself to him when you're ready to take him out. Also, if you need health, this is the Russian with a Health Pack on him, so don't let his body burn. Use the shelf he was hiding behind for protection as other enemies come to you. When they've stopped coming, move away from the shelf, face the forklift and look to the barrel to the left. Shoot it to clear out the "first wave" of Russians.

When you're ready, continue along the main hall, keeping your eye out for any Russians you may have missed initially. Collect items from the dead bodies, and grab the Health Pack and AK Ammo from the shelf to the left (near the second white barrel you blew up). Once you breach the two shelves, you'll get a quick cutscene of Anischenko and the "second wave" of Russians coming at you.

Stay behind the line of the two shelves and take out the Russian who runs down the ramp. Once he's down, arm your Shotgun, "Run" across the room (if you run the gunfire won't hit you), face the upper level, and run up the ramp to the right. At the top, crouch behind the concrete barrier, face the gunfire, and start shooting with your Shotgun. All enemies should come to you, in this protected position, with the exclusion of Anischenko, himself. So, when the men stop appearing, move away from the protection of the barrier and face the back of the room, where Anischenko will be shooting at you.

Anischenko is tougher to kill than your average Russian, so be prepared to take our time with him. Grenades work well against him. Since there's some distance between the two of you, I don't suggest using the Shotgun, but the AK-47, the Submachine Gun and the Pistol all do a fine job. Simply continue shooting him until he goes down. When he does, collect what you can from the downed bodies, grab the Health Pack from one of the shelves, and approach Anischenko's body to collect ANISCHENKO'S EYE.

Storage Shed

With the Eye in hand, it's now time to Deactivate the magnetic field by returning to the Communications Room, accessed via the Main Security Room. So, continue to collect Ammo in the area and begin to backtrack. Note, you can, if you want, head up the elevator. However, you will come to a dead end (an empty Heliport) and two ExoShades. At this point in the game, the ExoShades are still fairly new and can be tough to defeat. I suggest saving them for later. Also, since you will be returning here later, you may care to leave yourself some ammo for that time. At the Storage Shed exit you will find your Save.

Heliport Access

Again you will have to make your way through the Laser Mines, but, this time, you have Exos and ExoCels to deal with. Immediately move right, behind the laser in front of you. At least one enemy should come after you, destroying the laser and killing himself in the process. Work your way forward, killing as you go, to the door at the far end.

The Upper Corridor

Once in the Upper Corridor again, make your way back to the Main Security Room (also in the Upper Corridor, on the other side of the stairs), clearing out enemies as you go. Once inside the Main Security Room, approach the Communications Room door and use your EYE to pass through.

Inside, take out the shooting Russians, collect A note about the magnetic jammer, then move down the stairs and into the back section of the room. When you move all of the way to the back, the camera will change views, showing you three green glowing consoles. Go into "Aim" mode and take them out with your Pistol. Just be sure to stand back when each one blows, or you'll take on damage. Once you've blown up the consoles, your mission is complete.

The Upper Corridor

Pay attention to what is happening in front of you as Bennett speaks to you on your radio headset, as several ExoCels will come your way. Your Flamethrower should take care of them easily enough. Once they're out of the picture, note your new mission: Find the antidote for Anna. The new objective tells you the antidote must be in the scientific module. So, you need to find your way to that module. Exit out of the Communications Room. Save.

Here you will get a quick cutscene. A sea monster who seems to care about Anna. Interesting. When the scene comes to an end you'll find yourself in front of the security TVs in the Main Security Room. Head to the exit and kill the ExoCel, then collect the ELEVATOR KEY from the scientist's body. Once that is done, return to halls of the Upper Corridor. Move down main hall, look out for the Exo who jumps out at you, then head right and down the hall leading to the Lower Corridor. Move through the door, then down the stairs. You are back in the Lower Corridor.

The Lower Corridor

Arm your Speargun, as you're about to encounter an ExoShade. Turn the corner and move down the hall. When you see the ExoShade come from the far end shoot a Spear into the ground. When the ExoShade approaches it, rail him with your Shotgun until he dies.

Continue down the hall, hang a left, and use your new Elevator Key on the Elevator. Save.

Once in the elevator, collect the Page from Dr. Kamsky's diary from the body, then hit the green elevator switch. Once you stop moving, pass through the caged door. Run across the bridge in front of you, avoiding the crashing waves as you go, and enter the Habitation Module.

Rest Room

In front of you are several barrels. Don't worry about them at this point. Instead, if you need health, run to the soda machine in the corner to collect some. Then, move up the stairs and around the catwalk to the end, where you'll find an open door. Move through it and you'll find yourself on another catwalk.

The door to your left is locked, so move down the stairs and fall to the floor below. Immediately turn left and shoot the white barrel to destroy the birthing ExoNest. Shoot any ExoCels that survive. Collect from the body near the fuzzy TV, then approach the door in the corner, covered by red intestinal goo. You will not make it to the door, as you will, instead, fall through the goo.

Technical Basement

Upon falling through the goo, you will come to a quick cutscene. Infected again. Drat! When you wake up, turn around immediately to take out the two attacking ExoCels. Don't worry about the Exo at the fence, as he'll stay there until you take him out (shooting the electrical box to the right is a fun way to do so). Face the fence and look high at the wall to your left. You'll spot an ExoNest here. Use your Flamethrower to eliminate it.

Explore the area, if you so desire, then return to the fence and put your back to it (don't get too close if you electrified it). From here, there's a tunnel to your right and a tunnel to your left. The tunnel to your right leads you back to the Rest Room. You need to move up the tunnel to your left.

Main Corridor

From the Main Corridor, you can really head straight through the large metal doors to the left, which lead to the "Scientific Module". However, if you are in need of ammo and/or health, you should check out the rooms to the side and up the stairs. There will be enemies in this rooms, but they're easily defeatable compared to what you'll meet in the Scientific Module.

First, begin by eliminating any ExoCels coming your way. Once you've done that, move forward and look for the stairs to your right. Above the base to these stairs is an ExoNest. Use your Grenades or Flame Thrower to take it out, then return to your entrance. Pass through the first door to your left, the "Security Crew Sleeping Room 2".

Inside Sleeping Room 2 you will find a door with no handle, along with many bodies. Shoot the heads off the bodies as you approach them, so they don't attack you, then search them for goods. Between the last two bunks on the left is an electrical box with a red button. Hit the button to open the door without a handle. You only have a short amount of time to get to the door with out a handle, so run to it and pass through. Inside you will find Flame Ammo, Spears, Shotgun Ammo, Submachine Gun Ammo, Grenades, Pistol Ammo, and a Health Pack. Exit back out to the Main Corridor. Continue down the hall, and head up the stairs across from the doors to the Scientific Module. Enter the "Refectory".

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Inside the Refectory you will find several bodies. Search them for ammo, then pass through the next set of doors. Here you'll find yourself in a kitchen of sorts. Note, that in the back left corner there is more intestinal goo. Don't step on it now, but note it, as this is one way to get back to the Technical Basement. Kill the enemies, search their bodies, collect the Health Pack from the fridge, if you need it, then enter the walk-in freezer. Here you will find many hanging objects. On one of the hanging bodies is the Report about contamination. Collect it, and note another Health Pack here. You shouldn't need it now, but you may need it later, so it's good to keep in mind. When you have all of these things, return down the stairs to the Main Corridor.

Pass the doors to the Scientific Module one more time, and head right. The first door on your right, leading to the "Scientist's Dormitory" is locked. So, move through the first door on your left, the "Security Crew Sleeping Room 1". Immediately to your left you'll find a Health Pack and Pistol Ammo. Move forward, searching bodies and taking out Exos as you go. Collect the Memo to Yusupov at the end of the room, then return to the main hall and cross over and into the "Showers".

Arm yourself and move forward. A couple of Exos will appear. Take them out as fast as you can, along with any ExoCels that emerge from their bodies. Once that is done, move into the actual showers and look high and left. ExoNest. Shoot a grenade at its base to take it out. You won't find much here, but you'll be coming back to this room later, and it's worth clearing out now. Exit out into the hall, as it's finally time to pass through the doors to the Scientific Module.

You will find yourself in an elevator. Hit the button to move down to the "Underwater Tunnel". Once the elevator stops, pass through the doors to the Underwater Tunnel.

Underwater Tunnel

Arm your Shotgun and move down the hall. You'll be shown a quick cutscene of an invisible monster coming your way. This is an ExoSpectre. While these enemies can be dealt with quite easily with a perfectly executed Critical Hit, you may care to simply shoot at him with your Shotgun. Note, you can spot his footprints as he comes charging at you. Simply take aim with your Shotgun and continue shooting him until he's on the ground. Take this time to shoot his head off and destroy him. When this is done, enter the "Lab's Main Elevator".

Lab's Main Elevator

Upon entering the Lab's Main Elevator, you will find an inaccessible "Ammo Warehouse Access" door, a blue control panel near the center, and a door with a large "6" on it. Pass through the door with the "6".

Lab 6

Kill the two oncoming Exos and pass through the next door. Collect the Page about experiments from the chair next to the console, then try to "Interact" with the console. Access denied. Pass through the next door.

Work your way through the next area, again, eliminating Exos as you go. Once you get to the body refrigerator, look out for the Exo with the gun at the far end of the room. Take him out, then explore the area for a Health Pack and Shotgun Ammo. Pass through the door to "Dr. Kamsky's Lab".

Once inside the lab you'll be shown the antidote on the table in front of you. Approach the table, collect the Grenade on the way, and grab THE ANTIDOTE.

Lab 6

With the Antidote in hand, your next mission is to Administer the antidote to Anna. You are told to get back to Anna, you have to take the elevator in the scientific module. OK.

If you care for a little extra gore, go ahead and hit the control panel on the table where you found the Antidote. Prepare to kill an ExoCel if you do. When you're ready to leave, collect A page from Dr. Kamsky's Diary from the control panel beneath the large X-ray display. Then, arm yourself with your Shotgun and approach the exit. Before you get there, two Exos will pop out at you. Take care of them, then exit and Save.

Back in the Mortuary, collect the CODE FOR THE EXPERIMENTAL CHAMBER PC from the floor behind the gurney. Again, arm your Shotgun and begin your walk along the body fridges. As you cross them, an ExoSpectre will pop out. Blast him with your Shotgun (if you need a Spear to distract him, use one, if you can pull off a successful Critical Hit, do so), and continue to backtrack toward the Lab 6 entrance. You will run into one more ExoSpectre before leaving the Mortuary to the Experimental Chamber.

Take out the Exo on the catwalk, then use your new Code on the PC/Control Panel. This will destroy the Exos below, and drop you down to their level. Search the uncharred bodies for items, then pass through the open door. Collect the Health Pack in the hall, the AK Ammo on the forklift, the Spear on the palette, and go through the unlocked door at the end of the hall.

Arm your Speargun and make your way past the men behind the glass. When you pass the one who asks you to, "Kill me, please..." keep your eyes peeled for an ExoShade. When you see movement, shoot a Spear at the ground in front of you. With the ExoShade distracted, take him out with your Shotgun.

When the ExoShade has been destroyed, work your way back to the blue valve and activate it to put out the fire. When the flames subside, make your way over to the newly exposed door and pass through...then don't move an inch.

Beneath you is a a pool of water and several enemies. In front of you, by the water level, is an electrical box. Shoot the electrical box to execute every enemy in the water. When the water is electricity-free, hop in and check the floating bodies for items. Head up the ramp to the computer and collect the Health Pack, then move across the small catwalk to the small lift. Step on it and "Interact" with it to move up to the catwalk above. Pass through the door. Save.

Lab's Main Elevator

Back out on the elevator, approach the blue panel and "Interact" with it to move up. On the way up there will be a security warning. Take out the ExoCels that drop down on you, then continue your ride up.

At the top your objective will tell you to reach the decontamination room. First, you must deal with a few doors. Beginning with the large garage doors leading "To the Scientific Module" and going clockwise, you have the doors leading back to the Scientific Module, a door numbered "2" (stuck), a door down a hall (don't approach it until you're ready to fight a new enemy), a door numbered "5", and a door numbered "3". Enter Room 3 first.

In Room 3 collect the Report about the exocel life cycle, and fry the trapped ExoCels, if you so desire. Exit out and enter Room 5. Collect what you can from the various bodies, and grab the Scientific log from the shelf. Exit back out. Now is the time to prepare yourself for battle with a new enemy. So, arm your Shotgun and move down the hall toward the door at the end of it. This will cause the ExoMass to break out of the central containment chamber.

The ExoMass is a lot easier to kill than he appears. Simply aim at his massive red arm and take a Shotgun shot whenever you get the opportunity. The ExoMass will charge you, if you give him the time to do so, so it's best to not give him the time. Just keep shooting. If you get to close to the ExoMass, he will slam his fist to the ground, causing you a little damage, and shaking your aim arm, so, try to keep a bit of distance between yourself and him. If you find yourself in trouble, as you can sometimes get locked into a pattern of him charging, shoot a Spear to distract him, then continue to shoot at his arm. When his arm is blasted off, the ExoMass will die. A perfect aim with the Shotgun can take him out in two shoots. However, most often, it takes five or six.

Once the ExoMass is dead, continue to make your way to the end of the short hall and pass through the door labelled, "Decontamination room access". Prepare for another small battle.

Move down the hall in "Aim" mode. As you approach the steam, an invisible ExoSpectre will pop out from the left side. He will be the first of two as you move down the hall. Again, the easiest way to deal with them is to use your "Critical Hit" on them (wait until they grab you, then follow the on-screen instructions to break free and toast him). In fact, the first time I went through here, I was so low on ammo, I had to use the Critical Hit. However, if you're blessed with Ammo and Spears, by all means, use them, and aim for the head to be most efficient. You can blast the yellow valves, if you want to see the ExoSpectres more clearly, but, if you're low on ammo, that could be considered a waste of ammo.

Near the end of the hall you'll come to a small room with a contamination chamber. From the room, collect Grenades, a Health Pack, and A note about the yellow steam valves. Continue to the "Decontamination Room" at the end of the hall. Save.

Inside you'll reach Anna and a cutscene.

Lab's Main Elevator

With Anna cured, your next mission is to Find Kamsky's laptop, which is in the scientific dormitory. To get back to the scientific dormitory, you need to get back to the central part of the Lab's Main Elevator (from where the ExoMass broke out and attacked you). You can either go out the door in front of you, which simply puts you back in the hall from where you came, or you can pass through the other door in the room, where you will encounter one more ExoSpectre. The exit out of this room (Lab 2) will also take you directly to the Lab's Main Elevator. So, take whichever path you so desire, as long as you end up in the central area of the Main Elevator.

Now, from here, the most direct route back to the scientific module would be to take the elevator all of the way back down, then return through the underwater tunnel. However, that would be too easy for the developers of this game, so they locked the door at the end of the underwater tunnel, making it impossible for you to take this simple route back. Instead, remain on the top floor and pass through the large garage doors "To the Scientific Module".

Bridge Control Room

An Exo will immediately appear to your right. Take him out. Explore the area to the left to make the second Exo appear. Once they're out of the picture, locate the control panel to the left of the bridge in front of you and "Interact" with it to extend the bridge so it reaches you. Arm your Shotgun and begin to cross the bridge. An ExoMass will drop down from the far end. If you don't have the ammo or the health here, you can simply run by him and pass through the next door. However, note that you will be using this bridge a couple more times, so, if you can clear it out now, it will make life easier for you in the long run. So, take aim at the ExoMass's massive arm and shoot the sucker off. Be sure to kill any ExoCels that emerge from his body, then pass through the door at the end of the bridge and enter the "Dock Elevator".

You should recognize this elevator, as it's the elevator you rode up so long ago, upon first entering the Oil Rig. Don't hit any buttons. Instead, simply pass through the door across the way (with the blood trail leading to it). You are now back on the path to the Sick Bay and the Armory.

Main Drilling Module

Here you'll hear from Anna. Nothing new is learned. Move forward and take out the two charging Exos. Carefully climb the short set of stairs at the end, as two more Exos will appear. One will come from over the railing to your right, the other from the left. Kill them, then stock up in the Armory (where there will be one Exo waiting for you), and heal in the Sick Bay, if you need to do so.

Once you're fully loaded, continue on your same path, covering old territory, but discovering new enemies. As you move along the bridge/walkway, a couple more Exos will crawl up from the sides, first from the left, then from the right. Take care of them and continue on.

When you come to the area with a couple of strewn bodies, more Exos will come your way. If you didn't use the barrel the last time you were here, you can use it now. Otherwise, take them out as you normally would, then enter the Storeroom.


Move forward and you'll be shown a door at the top of the room. Clearly something wants to break out. You're safe for now, so just ignore it and head to the door to the right, which will take you to the Lower Corridor.

This time, you'll only be spending a couple of seconds in this Lower Corridor, as you simply have to run straight down the hall to the elevator at the end. Inside, activate the switch and ride the elevator to the lower level, or "The habitation module".

The Habitation Module

Cross the bridge, avoiding the crashing waves as you go, arm your Shotgun, then pass through the door at the end of the hall. The barrel room, again. Move forward and an ExoMass will break through the ceiling glass above. Use the exploding barrels to your advantage, if you care to do so, but focus on blasting off his arm. Once that is done, move up the stairs, around the catwalk, and through the open doorway at the end. Drop down to the floor below, then drop through the intestinal goo.

Like before, make your way up the left tunnel (if you back is to the fence), and you will finally come to the scientific dormitories.

Main Corridor

Run to the far end of the hall. The room you need to enter, the room with the laptop, is the second room from the end, on the right side. However, that door is locked. To get inside, you must pass through the Shower room, the last door on the right side. Enter and approach the open vent along the right wall. You will be automatically placed in the Scientists' Dormitory.

The Scientists' Dormitory

Move forward and you'll spot the LAPTOP shining in front of you. "Interact" with it to complete your mission.

The Scientists' Dormitory

After speaking with Bennett about the laptop situation, you'll speak with Anna again. The two of you now share one goal, to destroy this Oil Rig. You must Find the room with the C4. You are told the C4 is in the ammo warehouse. To get to the ammo warehouse, you must make your way back to the Lab's Main Elevator, which isn't so tough now as you are able to access the Underwater Tunnel from here. However, you have to make it out of the Scientists' Dormitory first.

Move forward, then, at the corner, aim left. Destroy the man on the bed, then back up, keeping your aim on the locker in front of you. Eventually an Exo will pop out from it. Kill him, then face forward. Turn the next corner, then face the group of four lockers behind you. An Exo will emerge from the second locker from the right. Kill him, then grab A letter from Kamsky to Anna from the nearby bed. Head to the door. Exit and Save.

Head left down the Main Corridor, look out for the Exo who jumps out from the stairs, kill him and his ExoCel, then pass through the doors to the Underwater Elevator. Once inside, hit the button and ride the elevator down. Pass through to the Underwater Tunnel. In the tunnel, kill the two new ExoCels, then enter the Lab's Main Elevator. The previously locked door to the left will now give you access to the "Ammo warehouse".

Maintenance Room

Move down the hall and you'll find yourself in an eerily quiet area, with a pool and not much more. Pass through the unlocked garage door to the left to enter the Maintenance Room.

Upon entering the Maintenance Room, the automatic defense system will come to life, bringing three Exos your way (each with their own ExoCel inside), along with an ExoMass. I suggest taking out the Exos with a Grenade or your Flamethrower, so you won't have to deal with the ExoCels while dealing with the ExoMass. Take out the ExoMass as you normally would, with a few Shotgun shots to the arm, and don't forget about his ExoCel.

Work your way around the room, collecting items from bodies as you go. At the end you'll come to a door locked by an electrical system. To the right of the door is the electrical box. Shoot it and a few lasers will pop up, covering the door. To destroy the lasers, you can shoot the fire extinguisher or toss a Grenade at the base of the door. When the door is clear, pass through it. If you're told the door is still locked, you still have enemies to kill (most likely ExoCels).

Ammo Warehouse

In the Ammo Warehouse you must be very, very careful. If you make one wrong move, and allow yourself to touch a laser, you'll die. If a barrel blows, you'll die. Luckily, you won't encounter an enemy until you collect the C4 at the far end of the room, and there is a safe spot at the far end of the room where you can protect yourself from the barrel blasts. So, crouch and make your way under the lasers to the far end of the room.

At the far end of the room is a desk with a TV monitor and the sparkling C4 on it. If you failed to collect the SUBMACHINE GUN earlier in the game, there's one waiting for you here, next to the body of the Russian.

You need the C4, but the second you grab it, an ExoSpectre will come at you from behind. It's almost, if not completely, impossible to kill the ExoSpectre without blowing the room up, so you need to blow up the room before the ExoSpectre appears. If you're good, you'll be able to hit two birds with one stone here.

Face the desk and the C4, then look left and move forward. You will find yourself between the end of the desk and a protective section of wall. Wedge yourself deep into this area, then face the room and take aim at the one barrel you can spot. If you blow this barrel up, all of the other barrels will blow and the lasers will be destroyed. You can do this now, or after you collect the C4. The advantage of doing it after is that, if you're quick enough, you'll destroy the ExoSpectre in the blast, and you won't have to deal with him. However, it's easier to mess up when you have an ExoSpectre next to you. Note, no matter when you decide to blow the barrels (before or after you pick up the C4), take your shot, then press yourself up against the desk. If you stand too close to the wall, when the barrel on the other side of it blows, you'll die. Don't move until you hear the explosions stop. If the ExoSpectre is still around, take him out. Head to the exit and Save.

Maintenance Room

With the C4 in hand, you must now place it accordingly. You new objective tells you the first C4 charge goes on the marker in the underwater tunnel elevator. Easy enough.

Upon entering the Maintenance Room you'll find yourself in the middle of another security breech. Take out the two Exos and make your way to the garage door exit. Arm tour Speargun, as you will be taking on two ExoSpectres simultaneously in the next room.

Pass through the garage door and approach the pool. Two ExoSpectres will pop out from the pool. Shoot a single Spear directly in front of you, then arm your Submachine Gun. Wait for the monsters to stop at the Spear gas. When they do, shoot away. Return to the Lab's Main Elevator, then pass through the door to the Underwater Tunnel.

Underwater Tunnel

Keep your eyes on the ceiling and floor as you have three or four ExoCels coming your way. Take them out, then make your way to the Underwater Tunnel Elevator at the end. Save.

Inside the elevator, if your Resistance meter has any juice missing, let it fill up, as you'll need its full power momentarily. Check the bodies for any items, and grab the Page from Bakharev's diary from the floor. When you're ready, note your exit, which was also your entrance (back through the Underground Tunnel), and approach the red "X" on the wall. Hit "Interaction" to place the C4, and immediately run to your exit.

Once back inside the Underwater Tunnel, you're still not safe. You must run the entire length of this tunnel. Simply keep your "Run" button pressed and don't let the camera switches confuse your control stick. At the end of the hall, get through the door as fast as you can.

Note your new objective. The second C4 charge is to be placed on the marker in the scientific module bridge control room. That's not too far away! Simply ride the Lab's Main Elevator up to the top (again, use the blue console in the middle), and pass through the largest set of doors. Save.

Bridge Control Room

Head down the ramp and left. At the back of the room you'll find the second red "X". Again, make sure your Resistance Meter is full, then place your charge. As soon as you place it, run across the bridge and enter the Dock Elevator for protection.

Check your objectives. Up next, the third (and final) C4 charge must be placed on the marker in the upper corridor leading to the heliport. So, move across this Dock Elevator one more time, and make your way toward the main drilling module.

Main Drilling Module

Enter both the Armory and Sick Bay to refuel, then continue to make your way forward. If you killed everything the last time you passed through here, you should have no enemies to kill until you get to the Storeroom.


Do you remember the last time you were here? There was something pounding on the ceiling door, trying to break through. Well, he breaks through now, and he brings a friend. If you're thinking of playing chicken here and running straight to the door to the right, you'll be disappointed as it's locked. You must first climb the stairs of the catwalk, on the opposite side, and make your way to the control panel above. At the control panel, hit the button and the doors below will open up. Since you do have to do a lot of moving here, it really is best to fight the two ExoMasses at the beginning. Start with the one that drops down from the ceiling. Keep to the center and right side of the room and the other ExoMass won't bother you. Once you've killed the first ExoMass, return to the left side of the room and deal with the second one. When he's dead, open up the door and pass through.

Lower Corridor

Arm your favorite ExoCel poppin' gun and move forward. Several ExoCels will appear in front of you. Take them out, then arm yourself with your favorite ExoMass killing gun, as one will appear at the far end of the hall to your left. Take him out and continue to the end of the hall. Move up the stairs and pass through the doors to the Upper Corridor. Save.

Upper Corridor

Move forward and look right. The red "X" is directly in front of you. Your exit is the garage door leading to the Heliport, which is all of the way to the right. Once you know exactly where you're going, juice up your Resistance meter, place the C4 and run to the door leading to the Heliport.

Once on the Heliport Access Bridge, you still aren't safe, so continue to make your way across (move along the center), as fast as possible, and pass through the garage at the end.

Storage Shed

With all of the C4 charges placed and blown, you need to make it through the Storage Shed and up to the Heliport. According to your Missions, you must also Kill Kamsky along the way.

Move forward and arm yourself with your ExoMass extinguisher of choice. When you reach the far end of the room, the ExoMass will appear to your left. He'll be hard to miss as he'll be the one throwing the forklift at you. Once you've killed him, continue to make your way through the first area, and past the second area, into the lift leading to the Heliport. Ride it up.

If you cleared this are out earlier, after collecting Anischenko's eye, you can pass right through. If you didn't (and most don't), you'll have to deal with two ExoShades here. They will often come at you immediately (although, if you're lucky you'll only have to deal with one at a time). Shoot a Spear to the ground close to you, then use your Flamethrower on the ExoShades when they're distracted. Flames are a great tool to use against the ExoShades, but if you hit them as they're attacking, they can attack you while they're burning, causing you to die. So distracting them first is always a good idea. Also, feel free to shoot any barrels, fire extinguishers and/or red valves to burn them. Also, make use of the elevator door. If you step back into it, the cage will close, protecting you. Use this time to regroup and reload. Once the ExoShades are dead, search the various bodies, find the Health Pack near the end of the hall, and make your way through the door to the "Transit Room". Save.

The Heliport

Here you will meet Anna and Kamsky. Anna needs to plant a few C4 explosives on her own. You need to protect her while she does this. If Kamsky gets to her, you will fail. So, immediately take aim at Kamsky's back. This will distract him. Give him a second to turn and face you. When he charges, run directly left, to avoid Kamsky's charge attack (he swings with his right arm, so running left is your best chance at avoiding the attack). After he charges (successfully or unsuccessfully) his attention will be turned back to Anna. Again, repeat the process. Try to do it quickly, as to keep as much of a distance between Kamsky and Anna as possible.

If you're low on Ammo, check either of the two bodies planted at the base of each of the two small towers closest to the original bridge, but, be careful. If Kamsky charges you near one of these towers, he'll do a crazy spin attack and kill you.

Anna will let you know when she has only one C4 charge left. Protect her one last time and you'll get a cutscene. Anna will escape to the Helicopter, and you are left to kill Kamsky.

The only way to kill Kamsky is to use your Critical Hit, which means you have to let him grab you, then follow the onscreen instructions (for example, on the Xbox you have to tap "B" until the meter fills, then, when prompted, pull the "R" trigger). The trick, however, is to get him to grab you. The first time Kamsky charges you, you don't need to do anything tricky, as he'll automatically grab you. However, after that, you're going to have to work for the grab. The most consistent way to do this is to, once again, run left when he charges, in order to avoid his swinging arm. Once you've cleared his attack, turn around and run back to him. Kamsky will then grab you and toss you in the air. Use this time to make use of the Critical Hit. Three successful Critical Hits and you will defeat Kamsky and the game! Nice job!

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