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LB's "Condemned 2: Bloodshot" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Condemned 2: Bloodshot Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS3) contains everything you need to complete the game with ALL Gold Ratings!

In other words, this is a 100% Completion Guide and is all you'll need to master the game!

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"Condemned 2: Bloodshot" Game Guide
(Xbox 360, PS3)


Welcome to Lunabean's "Condemned 2: Bloodshot" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. This guide will earn you the GOLD RANKING on every mission, which means that it details the locations of all Antennas, Emitters, and Responses; walks you through every Optional Objective in the game; and explains how to get a Perfect ranking on all of the Forensic Investigations.

In addition, it covers the controls and game elements that you encounter. Finally, it contains a section dedicated to explaining the game's Multiplayer mode.

This is a 100% completion guide.

How this Walkthrough is organized After the Introduction section, the walkthrough itself begins. In each mission the Antennas, Emitters, and Responses are BOLD AND ALL CAPS. Also, each one is numbered for convenience.

The secondary, or, Optional Objectives often have their own section dedicated to them. However, there are some that do not lend themselves to that format. If that's the case, the Optional Objectives are written into the walkthrough itself and bolded for ease of finding them.

The forensic investigations are also written directly into the walkthrough. Every answer that you need to give for a "Perfect" rating is written out for you.

Other than that, the Main Objectives are neatly segmented for so that you can easily find the objective you need help with. If you're using our PDF guide, please use the Bookmarks and/or the Search function in Adobe Reader to quickly and easily navigate the walkthrough.

Now go get 'em! Enjoy!


Please note that this strategy guide is based upon playing the game on the Xbox 360 on Normal difficulty. In most cases, I've been as generic as I can be when referring to buttons. If you're confused as to what button does what, please visit the Pause Menu and look at Combos, Strategies and Tips, and Forensics. You'll also be taught everything in-game as you come upon each new skill.

From the Start Menu, go to Options >> Controls to see what's available. I recommend that you Enable "Crosshairs" (unless you want the truly cinematic experience) and I'm an inverted Y axis kind of guy, so I Enabled "Invert Look".

Once in game, go to the Pause Menu and scroll through the various options...Combos, Strategies and Tips, etc. Reading these now will make them easier to understand when you are introduced to them.

01: Rock Bottom

Hang out with Bum

What a nice bum you've encountered. Lucky you. At the start you'll learn how to operate your flashlight and how to perform a PLAYER RESPONSE (1 / 6), which is essentially you pushing the button shown before time runs out.

Follow the bum and perform the actions told to you, a RESPONSE (2 / 6), in order to get through the gate. You'll then get a RESPONSE (3 / 6) opportunity when talking to the evil man on the other side of the fence.

Soon you'll need to beat up two bums and will learn how to JAB. On the Xbox 360, it's using the two main trigger buttons. To BLOCK, hold down those two buttons simultaneously. A PARRY is simply a well-timed blocked. Block just as an attack is about to hit you to Parry. This will cause the enemy to be stunned for a second which allows you to get in a few hits.

You need to go ahead an perform a Parry. After you do that you'll be told about COMBOS (mmm, I love combos...especially the pretzle ones filled with pizza cheese). To do the most basic of combos, jab with alternating fists (left then right, or right then left). After those first two hits you'll see the COMBO PROMPT appear. Like the Player Responses in this game, you have a limited amount of time to throw that third punch. Do so and you'll pull off the combo and do some serious damage. If you get hit in the course of attempting a combo, it'll reset and you won't be able to pull it off.

Of course, you can view all of your combos by going to the Pause Menu >> Combos.

Finally, you'll have to perform a Parry Combo. Do a parry, punch the enemy, and you'll see the Combo Prompt appear. Punch one more time and you'll do the combo. Finish off the enemy.

Up next in this fighting tutorial is the Melee attack. You can pick up various weapons/items and use them as weapons just as you would when punching enemies. Note that certain weapons, like the 2x4, will break after a certain number of hits and blocks. Grab the 2x4 from the garbage can. Attack the onslaught of enemies until you get a cutscene.

Note, there are two Health Kits on the TV in the corner.

Leave fenced area

Head to the gate to the right of the dumpster and wait for the gate to swing open. Head forward and you'll be told about NEWS REPORTS. These reports are aired on TVs and Radios. To tune them in, grab the antenna of the TV or Radio and twist your control stick (Right analog stick for the Xbox 360) in various directions until you get reception. Once you get reception, hold it there to listen to the entire broadcast. Go ahead and do so and it'll count as an ANTENNA (1 / 5). Soon thereafter, an old friend will say hello...with black goo.

Catch up to Vanhorn

Enter the building and head down the stairs. Beat up the enemy and you'll be alerted to SONIC EMITTERS, mysterious devices planted throughout the city that have something to do with the increased crime. You'll know you're near one when you see a lot of dead birds (the sonic emitters blow up their brains). Go to the back wall, locate it and destroy it to count as an EMITTER (1 / 3). There is also a nearby TV, ANTENNA (2 / 5), which, if tuned, will tell you about the emitters. If you need Health, there is some in a cabinet on the wall.

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After the emitter is toast watch out for the enemy back up the stairs. Head up and take him out. You'll now realize that there is another set up stairs going up. Go up them on on the way up, look to the right for another ANTENNA (3 / 5).

After pushing down the shelf in your way you'll learn about CHAIN ATTACKS. A Chain Attack is a very powerful attack initiated by double tapping either punch button. You can only do this when your Chain Attack Meter is full (this is the meter in the upper right of the screen). Once initiated, perform the series of button prompts on screen and you'll do an extrememly damaging attack.

Conveniently enough, the next skill you'll learn is the ENVIRONMENTAL KILL. When an enemy is almost defeated, stunned and on his knees, approach him. You'll be prompted to press both punch button simultaneously which will put him into a headlock. With him in your grip, walk him over to any nearby White Skull Icons (in this case I used the TV). When you're near enough you'll automatically perform the environmental kill, which is smashing him into the TV.

Kill the next enemy who smashes through the boarded up window and then go through that window. Now on a fire escape, call down to Vanhorn, a RESPONSE (4 / 6) and then drop down to the fenced-in area below. Deal with the dog (don't feel guilty...it's an evil dog) and then approach the gate next to the washing machine. Hit the on-screen prompt to open the gate and wait for it to blow open. Go through.

Head down the alley, take a right at the dead body and use the TV on the right, ANTENNA (4 / 5), to learn that there are often dead birds near Sonic Emitters. Look up to see the EMITTER (2 / 3) above the door. Throw your weapon at it (or grab a brick and throw it) to break it. To throw a weapon, hit RB on the Xbox 360.

Go through the door. You'll learn how to sprint (LB on Xbox 360). Head forward, go through the door on the far end which will place you in a small alley. Open the door across from you and go through it. Go through the door on the left which will pop you out to a larger alley. You'll see Vanhorn again and will have an opportunity for a RESPONSE (5 / 6).

Find a way into the building and locate Vanhorn

Head forward and kill the two enemies (if you need health there is a red health box on a wall near a dumpster). When they're defeated, head over to the wooden fence . When you get near it a barrel will fall. Wait for the tar to catch on fire which will then blow open the fence. Go through.

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Kill the tar monsters and then climb up the scaffold (climb it near where there is the back of an oven / range under the scaffold). Follow the scaffold until you get to the fenced-in area with the staircase going down. If you need health, go down the stairs and grab it from the locker. Otherwise, at the staircase, head left then right and work your way around the alley until you're prompted to throw a weapon at the bottom of the ladder (the fire escape ladder). This will lower the ladder...climb it.

Once on top of the roof, kill the tar monsters and then, from where you climbed onto the roof, look left to find an EMITTER (3 / 3) on a wall across the alley. Pick up a brick and throw it at the transmitter.

Head the other direction on the roof and locate the wooden pallets which are covering a hole. Get near them to get a "Move Boards" prompt. Do so and drop down into the building.

Continue looking for Vanhorn

You're now in a creepy hospital / clinic type area. Make your way to the room with the TV and tune it, ANTENNA (5 / 5). Afterwards, turn right and head back a tad while still going right to enter the control room with the glass window. Pull the lever on the box. This will open the gate on the other side and also release some enemies.

You'll learn about the HOOK ATTACK, which you perform by clicking down on the left analog stick (Xbox 360), and then punching as normal. The hook attack will push an enemy back, making it less likely that they'll be able to quickly counter.

Whatever, whatever. Make sure you have a decent weapon...I had the Brace...and go after the enemies however you see fit on your way to that open gate. Go through the gate, head down the stairs and approach the window where you see Vanhorn, a RESPONSE (6 / 6). It'll break. Climb through it. Break free of the tar monster that drops from the ceiling.

Optional Objective - Destroy all ceiling socks

Ceiling socks...my favorite kind of socks. There are 15 socks (pods) hanging from the ceiling. Punch / attack each one to release the tar monster inside. These are scattered throughout the area and you'll probably run into the majority of them. Note that there is a pile of bricks on a table in the first room with the socks. Use the bricks to throw at the socks.

Otherwise, simply keep your eye up on the ceiling as you proceed through the rest of this mission and you'll find them all. Note that when you get near the end you'll see Vanhorn in the distance and a "Use Ledge" prompt. If you still have socks to collect, don't go forward or the mission will end.

Note: 10 socks in the first area. 2 to the left of the first medicine cabinet, in a tar hallway. 1 to the right of the first medicine cabinet as you go down that hallway. 1 to the left of the "T" intersection mentioned in the walkthrough...to the left of a wheelchair. 1 in the room with the three beds and the white screens separating the beds. That's 15.

Proceed through the rooms and then the tar tunnel, killing as you go. At the end of the tar tunnel is a "T" intersection. It doesn't matter if you go left or right as they both will eventually lead around to the same room, a room with three "beds" in it separated by white screens / walls. On the left side of that room, there is a bookshelf with a SHOTGUN on it. Grab it. Head into the next room which looks a bit like this one.

Make your way right, around the "beds", and continue down the hall. You'll be attacked along the way, and in this case, the attackers will endlessly spawn from a hole in the floor. So, as soon as you see the "Use Ledge" prompt and the crucified Vanhorn at the end of the hallway, head that direction. The mission will end after an odd character grabs you.

You'll earn the Fist Weapon upgrade.

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02: Preston Hotel

Locate Vanhorn's body

At the start of the mission you'll get a RESPONSE (1 / 5) opportunity when talking to the SCU guy, Darland. After that, you'll be given a FIREARM. Use the right punch button to fire the gun. Use the left punch button to look down the sights of the gun. Press the check ammo button (Y on Xbox 360) to check the ammo. Also, in your Pause Menu >> Controls, you have the ability to add crosshairs to the display.

Follow Darland by moving under the billboard. Once inside the building you'll learn about LOCKBOXES (known in this walkthrough as SCU lockers). These are lockers containing more ammo. Once you have a GPS you can easily locate these lockboxes.

Head down the stairs to the hallway and follow it. Investigate the areas that the SCU guys tell you to and you'll be given an Optional Objective.

Optional Objective - Destroy all meth-labs

These are easily destroyed by shooting the propane tanks that mark a meth-lab. The first one is in room 512, where the SCU guy points it out to you.

The second is in a side-room off of the kitchen after you fall down the elevator shaft. Throw a brick at it. See walkthrough itself for details.

The third is found after entering room 203. Head down the hallway to the elevator lobby area. Look for the opening in the wall through which you can shoot the lab.

The fourth is located inside room 214. To access it, "Move" the piece of plywood just past the door and then shoot the thug. Destroy the meth lab.

Continue along the hallway (grab the liquor bottle and drink from it to steady your aim) and when you are blocked from going farther, look to the lower left wall. Your SCU buddy has removed a piece of plywood covering an opening in the wall and you can "Duck Under" to go under it. Kill the meth-head who attacks and make your way through the tables and into the next hallway via the broken wall. Kill the enemy here and then take ammo from him.

Continue down the hallway and enter room 507. "Duck Under" the broken wall and you'll find a TV and its ANTENNA (1 / 4). Head into the bathroom and drop down via the hole in the wall.

Open the door, head out the hallway, and go down it to the area with the elevators. You'll be briefed via your SCU PDA and will have an opportunity to ask two questions, the outcome of which will be rated and is important for getting a "Gold" ranking at the end of the mission:

1) Any officers reported in the area during the time of the call?
2) Is there a commuter train that passes near the hotel?

After the PDA is put away, talk to the SCU guy opening the elevator for a RESPONSE (2 / 5). Feel free to explore the rest of this floor. Don't feel badly about using ammo while exploring...you'll see why later. When you're ready, drop down the elevator shaft.

Of course, the ladder breaks. You have a RESPONSE (3 / 5) opportunity. "Pry" open the elevator doors.

Find the main lobby and meet up with Darland and LaRue

Your gun is gone. Rats. Head down the hall and fight the brute. He's pretty difficult. I used Parry combos and then a Chain Attack on him. Continue along the hallway and you'll learn about the SPECTROMETER. The spectrometer can detect and track sound. Access it by holding down the "Tool Inventory" button (X on Xbox 360). Once equipped, the higher the number on the screen, the closer you are to the sound source. In this case, use it to find an EMITTER (1 / 3) up high on a wall, above a shelving unit.

Continue exploring this kitchen area, where in a side-room, you'll find the second METH-LAB (see Optional Objective). There are also two Health Kits in the locker.

Backtrack and you'll discover that the door to the dining room is now open. Eek! Enter and fight the three thugs. If you back off a bit they'll do some damage to each other. Note that there is a Baseball Bat on a spotlighted table. After they're defeated, head up onto the stage and go through the open door.

Exit out to the hallway and then head through the doors to the outside. Head up the stairs, grab the Shotgun and take a swig of some booze to steady your aim. At the top of the stairs, hang a left and locate the locker against the wall. Inside is a Riot Gun, some Health, and some Ammo. Grab the Riot Gun, leaving the Shotgun there.

Head along the alley until you faintly see some thugs fighting up ahead. Let them beat up each other and wait for the surviving ones to come to you. When they do, blast them with the Riot Gun. After that brief fight, head back to the locker and resupply your ammo. Also, take another drink.

Return to where you were and proceed. Shoot anybody else who gets in your way and use the Health Kits in the next locker if you need it. Keep going and you'll see a body fall from the roof of the building. If you want, trade out the riot gun for the .38 that is on the ground near that dead body.

Head inside for a RESPONSE (4 / 5). After, use your Spectrometer to lead you back outside to locate the EMITTER (2 / 3) above the door you just came through.

Head back inside, go left and then "Slide Through" the pathway blocked by the couch and luggage cart.

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On the floor is the body of the Policeman. Here you learn about FORENSICS. Approach the dead body and hit the button on-screen to start. You need to ID the body by making good decisions. Move and put your aim over the body's face. Zoom in on the face using the "Examine" button (LT on Xbox 360). Keep holding that button down and you'll get a list of choices. In this case, it looks like an Adult Male.

Next, you'll want to do the same for his clothing, which is a Police Uniform. Finally, locate his badge next to his hand. Pick it up and select Police Badge #46. Go ahead and "Submit" your answers for a "Perfect" rating.

You'll then have to determine a cause of death. Do the same thing as above but focus in on the wound on his back. Choose Torso Area >> Gunshot Wound >> Exit Wound for a "Perfect" rating.

Finally, you'll need to determine if this is the crime scene. Investigate and then activate your UV Light (hold the "Tool Inventory" button to pull up the menu and choose UV Light). You'll see that a trail of blood leads to this location. Choose Blood Trail >> Victim Crawled (you can see the handprints) for a "Perfect" rating.

Follow blood trail

Approach the couch blocking your way and "Move" it. Although you are to follow the blood trail, take a quick side trip by going right down the hallway. Enter room 106, kill the thug there (who has a .38 if you need a gun) and then tune the radio in the bathroom for an ANTENNA (2 / 4).

Now, get back on track and enter room 105. Kill the thug here if you haven't already and make your way through the room back out to the hallway (following the trail of blood using the UV Light as necessary).

Where the blood trail turns left, down the side-hall, go straight and into the room on the right (via the broken wall). Inside, kill the thug and then use the spectrometer to locate an EMITTER (3 / 3).

Continue down this same hall (you are not following the blood trail now) and a brute will soon crash out of a wall at you. Kill him and then enter the room from which he came. Inside is a TV and its ANTENNA (3 / 4).

Now that your side-business is done, retrace your steps pick up the trail of blood (if you're out of ammo, you may want to go back to room 106 and grab the .38). Go through the "Service Elevator" door and you'll have a chance to "Study Evidence".

Zoom in on the blood splatter and choose Outward >> Vic Feel From Above for a "Perfect" rating. Pick up the 9mm pistol if you need it. "Pry Open" the elevator doors and you'll climb up to the second floor.

Follow the trail of blood using the UV Light and notice the message on the wall, "203 Stay Away." Yukka! Head to room 203 which you enter via the broken wall. Once inside, a couch will fall from its side, blocking your exit. There is a locker inside this room with a Shotgun, ammo, and Health. Be wary as there is one thug outside shooting at you and, when you kill him (shoot him), a brute who will break through the wall and attack. Of course, the brute who breaks through also creates for you an exit. Stock up on supplies and head out to the hallway.

Hang a right, go up the small set of stairs and head down the hallway slowly. A brute will attack. Shoot him. Head to the end of the hallway and make a left in this elevator lobby area. Through a wall on the right, you'll be able to spy the third METH-LAB. Also, across from this hole in the wall is some liquor.

Note, at this point I was still using the 9mm and had 3 rounds remaining. I went back to room 203 to grab the shotgun before proceeding. If you're still happy with your 9mm ammo, feel free to keep it.

Turn around and follow the trail of blood past room 207, enter 208 for an ANTENNA (4 / 4) and some health in the locker, and then enter the unmarked room across from room 209. Head through this dining room and exit to the next hallway.

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Kill the two thugs and then hang a right, going past room 214. Just past the door to that room is a piece of plywood that you can "Move". Do so. Get ready for some action as there is a thug who is shooting at you as soon as you "Duck Under". Kill him and you'll most likely also shoot the METH-LAB behind him. (Note, if he's too much trouble straight on, go back around the corner where, from a hole in the wall, you can shoot him).

Exit back out and head down the hall. You'll soon get a "Study Evidence" opportunity. Look down at the Hat on the chair. It's a Policeman's Hat. Next, look at the blood on the door of room 212. It's Exit Spatter. Submit these answers for a "Perfect" rating.

Enter room 212 and make your right, to the hole in the floor. Get ready for a RESPONSE (5 / 5). Then, jump down through the hole.

You are now tasked with determing the room number you are in. Seems easy enough except, drat, the number plate has been taken from the front of the door. Since the next nearest room is 121 and the choices, when you zoom in on the door number plate via "Study Evidence" are all numbers NOT close to 121 except for 119, well, 119 is the answer. Submit it for "Perfect".

Next, take some photos of the body. To do this, select the Camera from the Tools menu. When taking a photo, be sure to focus. First, take a picture of the body, from about the waste up. Second, take a picutre of the face by getting on the left side of the body and taking it from directly above the face.

The mission will end and you'll earn the Flak Jacket.

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03: Commuter Tracks

Regroup with team and wait for helicopter

Super. Your team has left you behind. Immediately you'll get a RESPONSE (1 / 3). Beat up the four thugs, noting that there are various weaponsa nearby if you want to use them. You may try to leave the thugs alone to see if they'll beat up each other. Alternatively, you may simply run to the make-shift bridge on the left and cross over it. It'll collapse when a thug tries to cross it.

Once inside the building use your spectrometer to locate the EMITTER (1 / 3) on a wall. Exit this room and head down the hall to the radio and its ANTENNA (1 / 2). Enter the next room and you'll see a man to the right, through the next doorway. Before you go that direction, head left and destroy the METH-LAB (1 / 2), your OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE for this mission (I'd give it its own pretty box as I have for previous missions, but since you already know how to destroy meth-labs, it's easier just to write them as I find them).

Go ahead and work your way back and towards the man. You'll probably get a bit freaked out here as the man (or is a mannequin?) multiplies and forces you out a particular door. Here on the wall you are told "do no go upstairs," which, of course, means you must go upstairs.

Do so and at the top hit the chair blocking the door to move it. Go through the door and into the hallway. Enter the room with the grunting brute, use the health kits in the locker if you need them, and then proceed forward and fight the brute. When he is toast, destroy the nearby METH-LAB (2 / 2). Head into the farther room to find a TV and its ANTENNA (2 / 2).

Locate the hole in the wall where you can see a chair blocking a door on the other side. Pick up the brick sitting on the ledge of the broken wall and throw it at the chair to remove it. Work your way back out to the hallway and go through the door you just unblocked. Head up the stairs and enter the first room on the left. Defeat the two thugs and then use the spectrometer to lead you to the EMITTER (2 / 3) in the bathroom (the one with the broken wall).

Forget the team find a way out of the area

Make your way to the balcony outside and "Use Zipline" to get to the other side of the tracks. Go through the door, kill the pig-faced thug who enters (or kill him if he's already there). Grab his .44 which has a scope attached to it. Exit the door through which he came and you'll see a train derail, taking out a few thugs. "Move Boards" to move the plywood thus giving you access to a ladder down.

Kill the thug who may be near. He'll drop the double barrel (if he didn't come up to see you he's down on the tracks). Note that there is also a normal shotgun in the locker in the room you were just in. This means that you have available to you at this point the .44, the double barrel, and/or the shotgun.

I recommend you stick with the .44, but go back inside and drink some liquor. With your aim now steadied, use the boards for cover and shoot the thug across the tracks...the one throwing bricks down at the other thugs. At this point, the thugs down on the tracks will simply continue to regenerate, so, arm yourself with whatever weapon you choose (I went shotgun with full ammo).

Hop down onto the tracks, run left to the burning train, and look through the fence on the right. Here you'll see LaRue and will get a RESPONSE (2 / 3). He'll open the gate, which is along the same fence, just back a tad.

Head through the gate, which looks like an open part of fence, (your spectrometer will also lead you here as there is an EMITTER (3 / 3) on the building wall, above the plank).

Cross the plank and give a RESPONSE (3 / 3) to LaRue. Climb the ladder and go forward, dropping down to the fenced-in area. An evil skull face will attack. If you still have ammo, shoot him dead. If not, you'll have to fight him. When he's dead make your way forward in this fenced-in area, using the left side of it to navigate through the crates. On the other side, walk up the plank. It'll crack and you'll crash through a window.

The mission will end and you'll earn the Stun Gun.

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04: Doll Factory

Inform LaRue of the type and number of tanks in the area

From the start you need to "Study Evidence" to determine where you are. Examine the "Placard" on the left wall and select Walker Doll Factory for "Perfect". Go through the door and down the stairs.

Here you are given the Forensic objective of finding the type and number of tanks in the area. Here are the details:

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1) With your back to the stairs you just came down to enter this room, to the right, in the corner, the collapsed tank: Settling Tank
2) Put your back to tank (1) and you'll see a tank in front of you, nearby: Settling Tank
3) Put your back to the garage door the bum is pounding on. Directly in front of you is a tank: Mixing Tank
4) Head to the far side of tank (3), put your back to it. Here you'll see two tanks, side by side. The one on the left: Mixing Tank
5) This is the tank to the right of tank (4): Mixing Tank
6) Head past tanks (4) and (5) and you'll see the final tank near the stairs: Mixing Tank

Get the rollup door open

Head up the catwalk stairs and pass the control panel for the garage door which has a lock on it. Head to the Manager's Office by following the catwalk to it. Inside, use the UV Light on the right wall near some doll boxes to find the lock code written on that wall. For me it was: 17, 23, 10. Go back to the control panel, use the code on the lock, and open the garage door.

Great. Exploding baby dolls. You are told that kicking them is effective. If you haven't kicked before, on the Xbox 360 you simply click down on the right control stick.

Locate the safety foreman's office and find a mask

Destroy the three Blowup Tommys and "Duck Under" the partially open garage door. In this doll storage room you'll get a RESPONSE (1 / 3). After, note that you can pick up dolls. Dolls serve as grenades. Throw them as you would a weapon. In so doing you'll pull their rip cord and they'll explode after a few seconds. This is just good to know.

Proceed through this room by going under and through the broken stair case. To the left is a room with a locker containing a stun gun battery and some health. There is also a nearby liquor bottle.

If you have yet to use the STUN GUN, which you earned after completing the last mission, you can learn how to use it by going to the Pause Menu >> Upgrades. On the Xbox 360, you push Up on the D-Pad to fire the stun gun.

Exit this room and go across to the door labeled, "Ventilation Control Room." Enter the room, "Push" the bookcase, and you'll find a handy ventilation shaft. "Crawl Through" it.

You'll emerge in a new room. Use the radio and its ANTENNA (1 / 2). Go through the door and fight the two thugs. This is a great time to use your stun gun. Note that once an thug is down you can punch them for a one-hit kill or wait for them to get up on their knees and perform an environmental kill.

Head into the assembly line room. Here you need to open two flaps ("Open Flap") of the conveyor belt to get to the conveyor belt control switch (make sure you closed both flaps as well). Activate the conveyor belt (the light will glow red) and then follow the doll box around the belt. When the box passes the stream of fire coming out of the pipe, it'll temporarily block that fire for you, allowing you to get by. If you didn't make it, go back to the switch and activate it again to send another box along the belt. If you want/need health, you can explore the room to find a locker.

Now past the fire, head down the hall and enter the room on the right to find an EMITTER (1 / 3) and a locker with health (and a few demon babies). Exit the room and enter the room across from it. Kill the thug, tune the TV ANTENNA (2 / 2), and then go through the door at the far end of the room.

Head down the hall for a nice little surprise and you'll be on fire. Follow the on-screen prompt to help put you out and then fight the thug. Go forward and "Turn Valve" to put out the fire blocking the exit in the hall. Exit and go up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs you'll be near the Safty Foreman's office, but it is blocked by a bookcase (ignore the door you can go through now). Grab a doll from the crate and throw it in the direction of the "Safety Foreman" sign (not the Safety First sign). It'll blow up the propane tanks near that bookcase and allow you to enter his office.

Do so, issue a RESPONSE (2 / 3), and go to the filing cabinet marked, "Masks." Open it to discover no masks. Rats. Also, you'll need to give a RESPONSE (3 / 3). Open the desk drawer. Rats. No masks. Head to the other desk, back to back with this desk, and open its drawer to find a mask!

Find a way out of the factory

Great, your field of vision is reduced and a fire thug will come running. Do away with him and then exit out of the foreman's office. Go through the other door (the one you previously ignored) and go forward to the fallen beam to help the person. "Move" the beam. He'll run away and the wall will collapse, blocking you. Turn around and go through the door.

This leads to some broken stairs. Go left on the stair ledge and drop down to the lower level. Make your way to the next room where there are some shelves blocking your path. Fortunately, there are also two propane tanks near the shelves. Throw your weapon (there is a wooden plank against a wall) at the top of the propane tanks and they'll blow up (this may take several throws).

Proceed forward and use your spectrometer to track down an EMITTER (2 / 3) on a wall. Head back to the valve you just passed and "Turn Valve". This shuts off one of the flames below.

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Not far from where you entered this room there is a semi-circular balcony with a ladder going down. Go down the ladder. Note that the floor here can collapse under you if you step in the wrong area. Go forward and through the nearby door. Locate another valve and "Turn Valve". This allows you to proceed between the conveyors where you'll see a thug-on-fire run at you. Back away if you can.

When he's toast, go forward again and approach the locker on the right if you need health. Otherwise, proceed left and make your way along the only way you can go. After another fire-thug the wall behind you will collapse. There is a cabinet with four health kits to the right if you need it.

Lollipop Girl

Proceed into yet another conveyor belt room, operate the conveyor belt switch (hanging from a wire), and fight lollipop girl. After getting in a few good attacks she'll retreat to the upper balcony. You'll need to toss exploding dolls at her. There is a crate of them on the left wall. You don't need to be all that accurate, just try to get them up onto the balcony. Also, you can press and hold the "Throw" button as a way to sort of aim using your extended left hand. You'll hear her scream in pain if they explode near her.

Note that she'll also be throwing dolls at you. Run away from them or take cover near the doll crate. Also, in addtion to the previously mentioned cabinet with four healths, there is another four-health cabinet in this room.

When she's defeated, the balcony will collapse, creating a ramp for you. Go up it.

In the little hallway room, grab the Lollipop Saw. Make your way into the next area where there is a health locker on the left. Proceed and two fire-thugs will attack. Soon you'll get notice to use your spectrometer to track down the last EMITTER (3 / 3). It is up the stairs and at the end of the hall, past the fire. At the bottom of the stairs is a pile of bricks. Grab one and throw it at the Emitter.

With that out of the way, go ahead and "Study Evidence" on the elevator ID number (on the right front of the elevator). Even though the thing reads 4C, the answer is 3B. Go figure.

Elevator repair

Enter the elevator and hit "Start Elevator" on the control panel on the left. Great. You need to do some wiring. Follow the wiring/piping around to the other side of the elevator where you'll see a properly wired control box. Use that as the template to rewire the control box. The answers are: Bare, Thick, Striped.

The elevator will begin moving but soon enough you'll blow a fuse and will have to replace it. The problem is, you don't have a fuse. Lucky for you there is an opening in the top of the elevator. Approach the doll boxes and face the fence that is hanging down. You need to be in exactly the right posistion to get the "Climb Through" prompt, so shuffle around a bit until you get it.

Once out of the elevator, go up the stairs, deal with the fire-thug, and "Duck Under" the fallen beam. Here you'll find an open door. Go through, grab the fuse from the work-table, and use the health kits if you need to.

"Duck Under" the beam again and a doll will really ruin your day, causing a hole in the floor through which you must drop. Do so and another Lollipop Girl will attack. This time it's just a good ol' brawl. If you still have the lollipop saw it works well. When you have her dazed, go for the environmental kill in the vice machine...ewww!

When she's defeated, "Duck Under" the beam here, and go up to the elevator. Drop back down into it, "Replace Fuse," and the mission will end.

You earn the Holster which allows you to carry a firearm of any type, and still carry another weapon.

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