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Condemned Game Guide
Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

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Welcome to the Lunabean(TM) "Condemned(R)" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. This guide takes you through the entire game, step by step. It includes all Bird, Metal Piece, and TV achievements. All of these items are BOLDED AND IN ALL CAPS so that they're easy to find in the guide.

The guide is written based on the Xbox 360 version of the game played on "Normal" difficulty. The only difference in difficulty levels is that enemies are harder to kill and you'll die more easily (about two solid hits with the average weapon).

It is assumed that you'll have your flashlight on the entire game. It is recommended that you go into "Options" and turn "Crosshairs" to "Always On". This helps you when using melee weapons. However, if you want more immersion in the game, you can turn them to "Smart" (only come up when using a gun) or "None". It is also recommended that you have "Hints" selected.

All enemies in this guide are referred to as "Addicts". Here's how they break down. "Addict" is simply any normal looking enemy. "Crawling Addict" is one of the waifish creatures that crawl on the ground. Sometimes they walk normally, but they'll always be referred to as "Crawling Addicts". A subset of crawling addicts is "Female Crawling Addicts". These are simply female versions. Then there are "Large Addicts". These guys are simply that, large.

Any specific action that you must take, like "Move Object," will always be in quotes.

The guide mentions almost all of the many Health Kits scattered throughout the game. Use them if you need them. All Health Kits are bolded so that they're easy to find in the guide.

Rarely does the guide ask you to use a specific weapon. You can choose what you like. However, there are cases when a certain weapon is recommended. Please follow those directions for maximum effect.

Instructions for using weapons or forensic tools can be found when you first encounter said weapon or forensic tool. Most of the basics are covered in the first chapter, so if you're confused, you can refer to it. Also, all forensic tools are selected automatically for you. All you need to do is aim and zoom in/out.

Chapter 1 - Weisman Office Building

Follow Detective Dickenson to crime scene.

After watching the opening sequence you'll have to follow Detective Dickenson into the building. Walk toward the yellow tape and hit the "A" Button to "Duck Under". The "A" Button is your situational button. You'll always be prompted on when to use it. At this point, get a feel for your controls. If you need to invert your Y-Axis, go into the "Pause Menu" > "Options" > "Control Options". I recommend that you Crosshairs to "Always On". It makes aiming at enemies easier.

Follow Dickenson. His flashlight will go out. Turn yours on using the "B" button. This is your dedicated flashlight button. This guide is written assuming your flashlight is always on. Continue following. You'll pass a room on the right with some desks, chairs, and shelves. You can "Move Object" on the desk to make a rat run out. On the shelf on the right is a BIRD (1 of 6).

Investigate Crime Scene.

When you arrive at the crime scene you'll get a phone call from Lt. Rosa, your forensics contact. All calls will be automatic, so you don't have to worry about calling her. After the phone call, you'll get a prompt in the lower right of your screen to "Investigate". Hit the "X" button and you'll automatically take out the appropriate forensics tool.

You have the UV Light. Go to the woman's corpse on the floor and scan the light over it. You'll see a highlighted handprint on her neck. Look to the prompt in the lower right. It says, "Collection Tool". Hit the "X" button to take out your 3D Scanner. Use your right control stick to aim the camera at the hand print and then use the left control stick to zoom in and out. You'll know you have the correct focus and aiming when the light on the camera turns green and all four white arrows point inward. Also, the prompt will read, "Collect Evidence". Pull your Right Trigger button to take the picture.

Lt. Rosa will call and fill you in on what she knows and you'll get a flashback of the killer. You need to investigate further. Hit your "X" button. You'll be using the Laser Light. Go to the mannequin sitting at the table. Aim the Laser Light at the left side of his face. It'll glow. Move toward to the mannequin until you get the prompt for "Collection Tool". You'll now have the Digital Camera. Zoom in (left control stick) on the glowing part of the mannequin head until the light on the camera glows green and the two arrows on the right side of the camera screen are touching. Snap a picture using the Right Trigger.

Lt. Rosa will tell you some info about the suspected killer's M.O. After this, Dickenson will smell some smoke. Hmm? Who's smoking? Follow Dickenson to the room where he smells the smoke. On the desk is an ashtray. Go up to it to prompt the next scene. The killer is still in the building!

Find electrical room and reset fuse box.

You are now equipped with a gun. Officer Becker will call alerting you to an addict running around the building. You'll see him through the doorway. Go forward, through the door. The addict will charge you from the right side. Use the Right Trigger to shoot him until he's dead. If you want to check your ammo supply, hit the "Y" button. Lt. Rosa will call, explaining the addict and vagrant situation to you: essentially, that they are the crazies running around attempting to attack you.

There are three doors you can go through: left, forward, and right. The room on the right is nothing. The room in front of you has a passed-out addict whom you can kick (click down on the right control stick). It also contains a cabinet you can open for a Health Kit. The room to the left has a staircase. Go up the stairs.

When you reach the top of the stairs, go through the door. There is a blocked path to your left. Ignore it for now. Go forward and then turn left. You'll see a red tool chest on the left. On the other side of the hall from the tool chest is an open room (to the right if you're back is to the tool chest). In this room you'll see a radiator on the back wall. To the left of the radiator, on the wall is a METAL PIECE (1 of 3). Grab it.

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Return to the path and back track to the door with the stair case. Pretend you're coming through the door for the first time. Take the left path (now unblocked), mentioned in the last paragraph. An addict will attack. Shoot him dead. On the second window sill you'll find a BIRD (2 of 6). In the cabinet to the left of the next door is a Health Kit. Go through the door.

Here, you'll be told how to Sprint. Do so by clicking down on the Left Control Stick. You have a Stamina Meter to let you know when you're tired. Continue following the path and you'll soon see an addict run from right to left across a room. Enter this room. There is a hallway off to the left, where the addict ran and escaped. Look to the back right corner of this room to find a metal door (on the same side as the boarded-up windows).

Go through the metal door and you'll get a flashback. In this room is the electrical box. Go up to it and "Pull Lever". It will short out. You'll be shocked. Your gun will go flying and the suspect now has your gun. Go through the open door where you saw the suspect. Go to the wall in front of you where you'll find a Small Pipe on the wall. Grab it. You are now armed with the Small Pipe.

Track down the suspect.

You use Melee weapons the same way you use fire arms: pull the right trigger. However, you can block with a Melee weapon by pulling the left trigger. This is a timing-based move, so you'll just have to practice it. Each melee weapon has distinct characteristics like damage and reach. When you have the opportunity to grab a new weapon a list of green plusses and red minuses will appear. These plusses and minuses are relative to the weapon you are currently holding.

Go forward to the metal desk and "Move Object". Go up the two steps and hang a left. Follow the hall to the red Health Case (two Health Kits). On the floor in front of the Health Case is a BIRD (3 of 6).

Backtrack to the two steps and take the forward path into the next room. Hang a right. You'll see an addict climb up some shelving on the left, thus escaping. Continue forward to the wooden double doors. They're inaccessible. Hang a right and go forward into the next room. An addict will bust through the wall and charge you. Time to swing that Small Pipe! Do your best to swing and block, attacking the addict. At this point in the game your attacks will be rough around the edges. Things will become much easier once you get the Taser. Until then, my advice is to swing like crazy. Another addict will drop in through the ceiling. Kill him, too.

The enemies drop their "2x4 Nails". There are also two "Large Pipes" in the room. Grab whatever weapon you want and go through the opening in the wall where the addict busted through. You'll experience a sort of slo-mo flashback. Keep moving forward until it stops. Once it does, return to the hallway (narrow room) you just came through. Situate yourself in this narrow room so that your back is to the wooden double doors. Directly in front of you, at the other end of the room, is a part of the wall that is missing. To the left of that wall is a METAL PIECE (2 of 3). Grab it.

Continue along the path. You'll soon see a yellow mop bucket and a water fountain on the right wall. There is a path to the left. Ignore it for now and go forward into the room in front of you. Here, you'll get the "Investigation" prompt. You'll pull out your Gas Spectrometer, which can detect decaying flesh. As you get closer to decaying flesh, the lights on the Spectrometer will increase, going to yellow and then to red. Follow the Spectrometer to the BIRD (4 of 6). Pick it up.

Go back to the mop bucket and water fountain and follow the side path, mentioned in the previous paragraph. In the next room, to the right of the open wooden double doors is a health station. Break the glass for two Health Kits. Go through the doors and then through the open door on the left: a staircase.

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Go up the stairs. At the top, go through the door. Note the Fire Axe Door on the right ("Fire Axe Required"). You can open the cabinet across from the Fire Axe Door to get a Rebar (weapon) but it's not a very good weapon, so I recommend leaving it be. Continue to follow the path and you'll enter a room where you'll hear your name being called. Look out the window to find Dickenson talking to you. He'll throw you a Fire Axe. He'll also explain to you the Taser, your default weapon. Underneath this same window, on the floor, is a BIRD (5 of 6).

The Taser will become the most used weapon in the game. You fire it using the "LB" (Left Bumper) button. Tasing an enemy will make him temporarily immobile, thus allowing you the opportunity to either disarm him, or take a swing/shoot him. The Taser takes some time to recharge (indicated with a meter below your health meter). Generally speaking, if you aim the taser in the general direction of an enemy, you'll hit him (this is a reason why I tell you to turn your Crosshairs to "Always On" in the Options menu).

Dickenson tells you to chop your way out of the area through the Fire Axe Door that is in this room. However, before you do so, backtrack to the first Fire Axe Door you saw and chop through it. Go to the computer (actually, an Xbox 360) to "Unlock Achievement": BRONZE DETECTIVE BADGE.

Return to the other Fire Axe Door and chop through it. Go through the door and you'll have to face off with an addict (another one will run through the room). Here is a good opportunity to use your Taser. Do so, then hit the addict with your Axe. He'll die.

Before chasing after the next addict, open the black cabinet for a Health Kit. Continue to follow the hallways strewn with desks. After making a U-Turn around a corner, you'll see another Health Kit on a shelf on the left. Continue along the path and you'll eventually see an addict sabotage the electrical box, thus turning out the lights.

Get ready, because you'll have to face off with two addicts. One breaks through the door on the left and one (the one that turned off the lights) is in front of you. Go forward to bait the addict and zap him with your Taser. He's temporarily immobile. Quickly turn around to fight the other addict. When he's dead, turn around and the once immobile addict will most likely be back to normal. Your Taser should be recharged by now, so zap him again and beat him.

In this room there is a cabinet you can open. There is nothing inside, but I mention it for orientation purposes. Go past the cabinet and into the next room. Here, on a table made with sawhorses, you'll see a BIRD (6 of 6). Grab the bird and then head back to the cabinets. Face the cabinets. Slide a tad to your left and enter this next room.

In this room, there is an open door on the left and a another room on the right. To the right is a red Health Case containing two Health Kits. Use it if necessary. Across from the red Health Case there is a black cabinet with a Sledgehammer. Grab the Sledgehammer if you want and continue further into the room. On the back side of the further square column you'll find a METAL PIECE (3 of 3).

Backtrack and go through the open door. Follow the hall to the next room. In this room you'll have to face off with two addicts. Try to take them on one at a time. Zap them with your Taser and then swing at them with the Sledgehammer. The second one has opened a door for you. Go through. You'll be thwacked on the head. Dickenson and the cop come to help you. The suspect kills them both with your gun! Egad!

Chapter 2 - Central Metro Station

You have a disturbing dream. There is man in your apartment: Malcolm Vanhorn. He was a friend of your father's. He knows something and will help you. Some cops are coming to arrest you for the deaths of Dickenson and the cop.

Escape into the Metro Station

Go up to the fenced-in area and note the keypad on the fence door. It says, "Shovel Required". AKA, a Shovel Door. Continue forward and you'll find a Shovel laying against the left side brick wall. Grab it and bring it to the Shovel Door. "Use Shovel" to break the key pad, thus opening the fence door. Go down both sets of stairs.

At the bottom, continue forward along the subway platform and you'll get a flashback of someone taking pictures of your apartment. On the left, in a garbage can are some photos. You'll be prompted to pull out a "Collection Tool". Using the 3D Scanner, zoom out until the light on it turns green. Use the Right Trigger to scan the photos.

Lt. Rosa tells you that you need to track down the source of the liquid detected on the photo. Continue forward and you'll get an "Investigate" prompt. You'll pull out the Laser Light. Find the dumpster. To the left of it is some photo processing liquid. It'll glow under your Laser Light. Get close to it and you'll get a "Collection Tool" prompt. You'll pull out the Sampler. Aim the Sampler at the green liquid until all four arrows in the Sampler window are pointing inward. Use the Right Trigger to collect a sample.

Locate room where photos were processed.

To the left of the photo liquid, there is a garage door (Bay Door). To the left of that is a power box to operate the door. You need a Crowbar to open it. Turn around immediately. An addict will attack. Coincidentally, he is using a Crowbar to attack you. Taser him, hit him with the shovel, and then grab the Crowbar when he's dead. Go to the power box and pry it open. Then, open the Bay Door. Go through.

As soon as you go through the bay door, turn around. Two more addicts will attack, coming from the train tracks. Taser one, beat up the other. Taser the second, beat him up. Go back through the bay door and hang a left. You're in a room with shelving, some fence, and traffic cones. Before you go through the door, locate the fence door. Go through it and to the cabinet. Open it to find a .45 Caliber Handgun. It has 3 bullets in it. Grab it.

Exit the fenced area and go forward through the open door in front of you. Continue forward and go into the small office. On the floor is a BIRD (1 of 6).

Head back to the room with the fenced area. There is a closed door. "Open Door" and go through. In this room, there is a Health Kit on the shelf to the left of the traffic light. Go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs are some double doors. Go through them and go forward. (Ignore the path to your left.) You'll get a call from Vanhorn hinting at your "special powers".

When the conversation is over, note the staircase on your left. Before you go up it, head right, through the door into the office with the safety glass window. Once in the office, you'll see an addict through the window. Go out to the hallway and confront him. Taser him then shoot him. It'll take two bullets. Go back into the office if you need the Health Kits hanging on the wall or if you want a Crowbar ("Move Object" on the filing cabinets).

Exit the office and head up the stairs. At the top note the three doors. The one to the right is accessible and reads, "Lounge". The one in front of you is inaccessible and reads, "209". The door to your left is a Sledgehammer Door (requires a Sledgehammer) and reads, "210". There are also some soda machines.

Go through the Lounge door. Note the two Health Kits in the kitchen. Go to the TV area. "Move Object" on the couch to find a .45 Cal Handgun (2 bullets). Grab it. Work your way around to the next door (also labeled "Lounge") and go through. Here you'll find the other side of Room 209 and a staircase to your right. Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Go forward and you'll have an addict shooting at you. Take cover and when he runs out of bullets, Taser him and shoot him. You may need to finish him off if you didn't get two good head shots on him.

Enter the "DeAngelo's Employees Only" room (as opposed to the "Manager" room) and grab the Pump Shotgun on the table. Get ready, as an addict will attack from inside this same room. Taser him and then shoot him in the face with the Shotgun, leaving you with two rounds. There is a Health Kit in the back left of this room if you need it.

Exit out and find the "Room 209" door. This one is accessible. Open it and go up the stairs. You'll see an addict run from left to right and he'll escape through the ceiling. At the top of the stairs, hang a right. You'll see a Sledgehammer on the ground. Grab it.

NOTE: You're going to want to keep the Sledgehammer as your weapon until I tell you to get rid of it.

There is a Health Kit on the wall. And, you'll see two filing cabinets at the back wall. Go up to them and "Move Object" to find a METAL PIECE (1 of 3). Work your way around to the door (there is also a Sledgehammer leaning against a filing cabinet in this area) and "unlock" it to go through.

You may recognize where you are. Re-enter the Lounge and kill the addict near the TV room. Then, enter the kitchen to find another addict. When they are both dead, exit out the other side of the Lounge. Here you will come upon the Sledgehammer door that you saw earlier. Two more addicts will attack. Kill them and then use the Sledgehammer on the Sledgehammer Door (Room 210).

This is a locker room. Go through it to the next door. Open it, go down both sets of stairs, and through the door at the bottom. Inside this office there is a Safe that requires a Crowbar. You'll get a call from Vanhorn. Go up the stairs and through the next door. Leaning against a newspaper box is a Crowbar grab it and backtrack to the safe. Pry it open for a

Pump Shotgun with three rounds.

NOTE: Don't forget where you left the Sledgehammer. You'll use the Shotgun for the next two addicts in the Metro Station, and then return to get the Sledgehammer.

Go back up the stairs and "Duck Under" the half-closed security gate.

Follow trail of C-41 developer fluid.

You are now in the main Metro terminal. You'll be prompted to investigate to find a bird. Before you do that, explore the area to locate and draw out the two addicts. Taser them and then blast them with the shotgun. When they're dead, go back and grab the Sledgehammer. Then, return to the Metro terminal and investigate using your Gas Spectrometer to locate the BIRD (2 of 6) near an ATM Machine.

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Next, follow the hallway in the back right corner of the station (there is a clock hanging down, for reference). You'll reach a "T" intersection. To the right are two Health Kits on the wall if you need them. Also, you can "Move Object" one of the carts to find a BIRD (3 of 6). Head the other way and in the snack shop on the left of the hallway and you'll have to face off with an addict (there are two addicts fighting...wait for one to kill the other). Use your Taser and Sledgehammer.

Continue forward and deal with one more addict. You'll be prompted to "Investigate". Do so and you'll pull out your Laser Light. Use it to track the photo liquid on the floor to the closed gate. A dead end. Head left through the open bay door and into the hallway. (The door to the hallway will shut, not allowing you to go back, which is why I had you keep the Sledgehammer.) There is a Sledgehammer door on your right; the reason I had you keep your Sledgehammer (otherwise, you would have gone crazy wondering what's inside). Open it to find a Health Kit and another Pump Shotgun hiding between the file cabinets. Grab it. Exit and work your way around the hall, thus ending up on the other side of the closed gate. Go forward and kill the two addicts in the area.

NOTE: Upon the third playthrough of the game I located the Sledgehammer that you can use to open the Sledgehammer door mentioned in the previous paragraph (meaning you don't have to lug around the previous Sledgehammer as I told you to.) If you go to the trash can next to the soda machine and "Move Object", you'll remove the cover on the trash can to reveal a Sledgehammer.

"Investigate" again and follow the liquid down the stairs. Go through the door at the bottom, note the Fire Axe door on the right. Continue to follow the trail to the out-of-service elevator. When you get to it, you'll get the "Collection Tool" prompt. Focus in on the elevator button and use the 3D Scanner to collect the evidence.

Restore power to the elevator.

Continue forward, going up the small stairs (note another Fire Axe Door on the right), and go into the office on the left if you need a Health Kit. Continue on, past the "Keep Out" sign and note yet another Fire Axe door in front of you labeled, "Elevator Power Box". To your right is ladder down. Ignore it for now and head left, following the path. You'll get to a room where you'll see two bay doors open (there is a Health Box between the bay doors). An addict will come out. Taser him and beat him down. Use the Health Kits if you need them. Continue forward (you'll pass a Fire Axe on the wall) and deal with another addict. When he's dead, grab the Fire Axe.

Now that you have the Fire Axe, backtrack to the room with the "Elevator Power Box" door. There will be another addict waiting for you. He's wielding a Fire Axe as well. Zap him and kill him. Then, kill the next addict.

Before you hack through the "Elevator Power Box" door, there are two previous Fire Axe doors for you to open. Go all the way back to the staircase you came down earlier and break open the Fire Axe door near the bottom of the stairs for an achievement, RIPPLE TV. Go to the next Fire Axe door and smash through it. This is simply one entrance to the "Elevator Power Box" room. There is the aforementioned Fire Axe door on the other side...it doesn't matter which one you use.

Inside the Elevator Power Box room is, well, a Power Box. "Pull Lever" to restore power. Before you enter the now working elevator, go down the ladder (it doesn't matter from which side as there are two ladders. In the area where you make the turn, there is a METAL PIECE (2 of 3) on the wall, between two horizontal pipes.

Head to the elevator and enter. You'll be prompted to push "3rd Floor". Do so. Ride up. Exit out of the elevator and hang a right. Go along the path and you'll see a BIRD (4 of 6) laying on the ground near the half-circle window. Pick it up. Continue along the path and an addict will knock over some file cabinets, blocking the path.

Locate photographer's darkroom.

Go through the door on the right. Hang another right to find an office with a Safe and a red Health Case on the wall. The safe requires a Crowbar. Exit the office and continue forward. You'll have to deal with two addicts, one after another. Near the area where they attack, there is small side area with shelving. On that shelving is a Med Kit and a Crowbar. Grab the Crowbar and go back to the safe and pry it open. Inside is a .45 Caliber Handgun with 5 rounds. Make sure you have full health going into the next area.

Continue forward and you'll be attacked by an addict with a Shotgun. You'll probably take a few hits before you find him. Once you locate him, Taser him and shoot him with your gun. It may take up to three shots. Then, there will be one more addict who charges you. Shoot him with your remaining two bullets (or beat them up with whatever weapon you have).

Go through the open ripple-glass door, and, if you want, you can hang a left and enter an office with a locked red Health Case. The case requires a Sledgehammer. Work your way around to the Women's bathroom where you can find a Sledgehammer, if you want to open the Health Case. Next, enter the Men's Bathroom to find a BIRD (5 of 6) in a toilet. Exit. Continue forward and you'll be prompted to "Investigate".

NOTE: If you want a good scare, look over the railing/half-wall near the three filing cabinets.

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Soon, you'll get one of your visions of the suspect going through a hidden hole in the wall. You see him move a large cabinet to get in. The cabinet is pretty much in front of you. Before you "Move Object", hang a right and go into the small office to find the final METAL PIECE (3 of 3) on the wall.

Search hidden rooms for evidence.

Go ahead and "Move Object". Enter the hidden room and note the two rooms off of the main room. One room, to the left, is where the suspect was taking pictures of you in your apartment. The room to the right is the darkroom. Head into the room on the left. In the cabinet is a Health Kit. Note the tape recorder. You'll be prompted to "Investigate". Do so and point your Laser Light at the right side of the tape recorder. You'll see a hand print. Collect the evidence.

Exit and head into the darkroom. On one of the walls is a collage of newspaper clippings. Snap a picture of them. All 18 newspaper clippings have to do with Serial Killer's cases that you've worked on. Exit back to the main room. The screen will turn black and white and you'll enter a vision where you have to fight the Suspect in slo mo. Do so and the vision will end.

Track down suspect.

After you snap out of your haze, you'll see the suspect. Go to the half-wall-opening/window. To the right of it is a filing cabinet. Open the drawer for a Revolver, if you want it. Then, "Climb Through" the half-wall-opening/window. There will be two Health Kits on the wall on the left if you need them. Continue along the path and soon you'll reach a balcony overlooking the metro station below. On the railing of the balcony is a BIRD (6 of 6). On the left is a staircase going down.

Go down the stairs, watch out for the addict, and at the bottom, cross the metro station (as slow motion birds drop in on you), and enter the hallway that reads, "Tracks 25-31". This door was inaccessible before. Go through it to end the chapter.

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