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Condemned Game Guide
Chapter 3, Chapter 4

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Chapter 3, Chapter 4

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Chapter 3 - Metro Station Platforms

Track down suspect.

NOTE: You cannot catch up to the suspect in this level, despite the game telling you, "There he is, go after him". If you're fast, you can catch glimpses of him, but it's not necessary to do so. So, just take your time and don't get caught by surprise.

Go forward. If you are weaponless, grab either the Conduit on the right or the Small Pipe near the utility sink in front of you. Go through the door. You are at the top of some escalators. Before you head down, grab the BIRD (1 of 6) from the green newspaper box. Go down the escalator. At the bottom, I recommend taking the white sign ("To All Subway Trains") because Signs are one of my favorite weapons.

Head along the corridor. You may get a glimpse of the suspect. Ignore him. In this corridor, there is an addict sitting on the bench in front of you (his back is to you). After you get him to come after you, note that there will be two more addicts who come out...one of whom has a gun. My recommendation for this area is to run up to the addict on the bench to trigger him. Then, run to the hallway with the soda machines and take cover there. Beat him up in this area so that the addict with the gun (who will now be entering the area) doesn't have a chance to shoot you.

One down. Near the same bench where the first addict was sitting, the addict with the gun will be waiting for you. There will also be a sign-wielding addict who will set up in various locations. Your best chance for success is to run right at the addict with the gun. If the sign-wielding addict gets in your way, Taser him, then beat him. Take cover as quickly as possible. The gun addict will most likely be hiding behind a support column. Don't play tricks with him, just charge him, Taser him, and beat him.

When the area is clear go to the bench where the first addict was sitting. On the bench you'll find a BIRD (2 of 6).

Note where the addict's Revolver is laying on the ground as you'll be back in a moment to pick it up. First, however, you need to grab a Fire Axe because the only way to proceed is through the Fire Axe door on the left side, at the end of the corridor. Go to the hallway with the Soda Machines where you'll find a Fire Axe hanging on the wall. Grab it. Break down the Fire Door. Grab the Revolver before you proceed through (if the Revolver doesn't have any bullets in it, just grab whatever weapon you choose).

To the right of the Fire Axe Door is a trash can. "Move Object" to open it. You'll find a .45 Cal Handgun with two rounds in it. Grab it if you want.

Go through the now open Fire Axe Door. There is a cabinet on your left with a Health Kit. Continue to the shelves blocking your way and "Move Object". Continue forward and open the black cabinet near the two steps. Inside is a BIRD (3 of 6). Continue forward and go through the door.

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In this hallway, the lights are flickering and there are two dead addicts on the ground. Follow the hallway until you see an addict get surprised attacked by another addict. Kill the addict (try to use something other than your gun). Continue forward until you see a room with flickering lights. Inside this room are two addicts. Sometimes one of them has a gun. Enter this room cautiously and when you see one of them, Taser, and shoot him with the Revolver (if you have it) or the .45 Cal. Otherwise, use whatever weapon you have. If one of them does have a gun, then you need to focus on that one. Taser him, steal his weapon, retreat and then use his gun against him. There is Health in the left side ticket booth if you need it. There may be a .45 Cal underneath the counter in the booth on the right.

Face the green and yellow tickets machines (the ones to the right of the liquor ad hanging on the wall). Follow the path to the right of them and find the trash can on the right (you may be getting shot at by now, if so, take cover). "Move Object" on the trash can to find a .45 Caliber Handgun. Now, take the left path and stay left as you move forward. An addict with a Shotgun will expose himself. Quickly Taser him, and, shoot him with the Handgun. If you don't have the handgun, run up to him while he's Tased and grab the Shotgun. Shoot him.

Now in this next ticket booth area (with the turnstiles), you may have seen a new kind of enemy drop in from the ceiling above the booth, don't worry about him. Grab the Pump Shotgun from the dead addict. Move forward and another addict with a Shotgun will hop over the turnstiles and attack you. Taser him and shoot him. Pick up whichever Shotgun has the most ammo in it, or, if you prefer, keep your Handgun. Either way, you'll need a Fire Axe in moment.

NOTE: Both shotgun addicts may attack you at the same time.

Before moving on, "Move Object" on the cash register in the booth for a METAL PIECE (1 of 3). To continue on, you'll need a Fire Axe for the Fire Axe door. Go back to the trash can where you found the .45 Cal Handgun. There is a Fire Axe hanging on the wall near it. Go to the Fire Axe door near the furthest booth and chop it down (there is a yellow and black "Warning" sign near the door). Then, grab whatever weapon you want.

Go through the Fire Axe door. In this office, there is a red Health Case, a BIRD (4 of 6) on the TV, and a Safe. The Crowbar to open the safe is in the black cabinet near the safe. Pry open the safe for a Pump Shotgun. Go through the door and you'll see another Fire Door. An addict will chop through it from the other side. Use your Shotgun on him. Go through the door.

An addict with a Handgun will fire on you and then chase after you. Locate him and shoot him. Head along the path...working your way down. You'll soon reach some escalators on the left. Before you hop over the chain, grab the BIRD (5 of 6) in the middle of the floor. Then, "Climb Over" the chain.

You'll be hit in the face and fall down to the bottom of the escalator. There will be three addicts in the area. I recommend running back up the escalator (one will be running down the other side) and then taking them on as they come up after you. Use a combination of your Taser and the Handgun or Shotgun that you currently have. When they're all dead, go back down the escalator.

Hang a left and another left to locate a wooden bench against a wall. To the right of it is a METAL PIECE (2 of 3). Grab it and continue in this direction to find the staircase going down. Before the staircase are some Health Kits on the wall if you need them. On the stair landing, you'll find another BIRD (6 of 6). At the bottom of the staircase, turn around and go forward to the last subway car. You'll see that the back door is open (the real back door, not the last side door). "Jump Down".

Do not "Climb Onto Train" yet. First, locate the METAL PIECE (3 of 3) on the subway wall. Then, "Climb Onto Train".

You are going for a ride and you'll automatically have a railing (piece of the train) as your weapon. Put your back to the train so that you can see any action that may come at you. When the train slows down an addict will jump from the right onto the back of the car and try to climb up after you. Beat him until he falls. Next, the little platform that you're standing on will break off. Face the car and watch as the suspect tries to break through the glass.

You'll let go and will end up on the tracks. The chapter will end.

Chapter 4 - Grid 4 Subway Tunnels

Make your way to the next platform.

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Work your way forward and you'll get a prompt to "Investigate". Doing so will lead you to a BIRD (1 of 6). Continue along the tracks until you see a lighted area on the right. There is a narrow opening you can enter. Work your way along the path. Soon you'll encounter a new enemy: the Crawling Addict. Crawling addicts can usually be killed with one zap of your Taser, however, the women versions and some regular ones will require a little more. I'll be using the term "crawling addict" throughout the rest of this guide to refer to enemies who look like them, whether crawling or not.

Taser the crawling addict, grab the Pump Shotgun near the small ladder and then "Climb Up" the small ladder. Go through the fence door. Follow the pipe/path to the next small ladder where another crawling addict will come at you. Taser him. Go up the ladder (note the locked gate on your right with a ladder behind it), follow the path and jump down the ledge. Go forward. A crawling addict will attack. Be careful because two more will attack, one from the front, one from the back. Shoot them if necessary, otherwise, use your Taser.

Continue towards the red tank where another crawling addict will attack. Turn the corner and you'll see a fenced-in area. Two more crawling addicts will attack from each side. Once they're all dead face the fenced-in area. Turn to the left and go to the back wall (the yellow beams will be on the left of you). At the back of the wall, look left a tad to find a METAL PIECE (1 of 3).

Now, you need to find the next pathway (actually, you already passed it). Go to the red tank. Go behind the red tank. You'll see a panel covering a wall. "Move Object" on the panel to open a secret room. You'll find the STATIC TV achievement and a Shotgun.

Exit out and face the red tank from the front side. Go to the right of it (yes, you're backtracking). Look along the left wall for a hallway.

Go down the hallway. This area is loop with one side hallway. There are two fenced-in areas that require a shovel. The Shovel can be found by going down the side hallway to the generator room (the big green machine). The Shovel is propped against the right wall. Exit out of this side hall and you may have to fight an addict. Kill him if you see him.

Use the Shovel to open the fenced-in area with the red Health Case, if you need health. Otherwise, use the Shovel on the other fenced-in area, the one with the ladder going up. Before you climb up, I recommend re-arming yourself with the Shotgun (if you, indeed, had the shotgun). If not, use whatever.

Climb up the ladder. At the top, you have two options, the path to the left leads to a ladder going down...this is simply a quick way back down to an area you've already been in (the reason you couldn't access it before is that it was blocked by a gate...the gate is now knocked down). Therefore, take the right path, walking along the ceiling panels. Watch out for a crawling addict. When you reach the end of the ceiling panel path, drop down into the fenced-in area that you saw earlier. There is an addict here. He'll run away.

Follow the path out to the subway tracks. Go down the small set of stairs and onto the tracks. Follow the tracks to the next subway platform.

Search subway car for clues.

Enter the subway car. "Investigate". Locate the fire extinguisher to the left of where you entered. The hand print will glow. Zoom in with the 3D Scanner and scan it. Next, grab a sample of the DNA. When that's done, note that the doors have shut. Watch the large addict wielding the Sledgehammer. Face the end of the car and wait for a female addict to enter. Shoot her. Exit the subway car by going all the way down to the end of the next car. Kill the Sledgehammer addict and then use the Sledgehammer on the Sledgehammer door. Before you go through, go back and grab the Shotgun if it still has ammo. Go through the Sledgehammer door.

Continue to track the suspect.

You'll end up in a locker room. You'll see the orange coveralls on the floor. Go to the exhaust fan. Collect evidence from the subway map. Then, kick (push down on the right control stick) the fan out.

"Jump Down" through the opening. This hallway is a loop. One door leads back to the locker room. The second door leads to room with a cabinet containing a Health Kit and BIRD (2 of 6) sitting on the floor next to the sink. The other door is a Fire Axe Door. Locate the stairs going down.

Go down the stairs. Follow the hall to the broken steam pipe.

Find valve and turn off steam.

Grab the Fire Axe from the steam pipe. Return upstairs (you'll get a phone call about the subway map) to the Fire Axe Door and chop through it. In this room, you'll see two crawling addicts crawl up via the manhole cover. Taser the first one and then watch as the female one runs away. Wait for your Taser to recharge and then follow her. Kill her. This passageway is a loop. It'll lead you back to the manhole cover. There is a Sawed Off Shotgun hiding underneath a piece of cardboard near the end of the loop (or the beginning if you went the other way). Move it and grab the Sawed Off.

Go down the ladder at the manhole cover. Follow the passageway to the Steam Valve. Turn it.

Go back up the ladder. You'll see an addict running. Follow him and he'll lead you down to the area where the steam pipe was blocking your path (this is where you grabbed the Fire Axe). Watch out for a different addict who will come from behind (this one may have a .45 Cal). The addict that was running away will escape.

Once you pass the area where the steam pipe was previously blocking you, you'll see a ladder in front of you. Go down it (or use the stairs if you continue on to the right).

Search lower train tunnels for info linked to suspect.

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"Jump Down" the next ladder and follow the passageway. You'll encounter a crawling addict. Kill him and then continue forward. On the left you'll see a room where you can "Investigate" to find a BIRD (3 of 6). Continue forward and you'll enter an area with two large turbines (wheels) above you. In this area, there are three addicts (the kind that may not go down with a simple Taser shot). When you see the first one, run away. They will all chase after you, thus making a group. Taser the lead crawling addict, which will make the others pile up behind him. One blast with the Shotgun will take out all three. Finish them off if necessary and then grab a Health Kit if you need it from the second turbine/wheel room.

Be on the lookout for one more crawling addict. After you kill him, find the ladder going up. To find it, face the Health Case on the wall. Shift right and then go forward. Hang a left, and another left to find the ladder (just follow the hall).

Climb up the ladder. In this turbine room (you are now seeing the upper parts of the turbines) there are two large addicts (one with a Sledgehammer, one with a Shovel). Attempt to take them on one at a time. I recommend: Taser, steal Sledgehammer, retreat, recharge Taser, re-Taser, hit with Sledgehammer, repeat.

When they're dead, locate the ladder next to the door. Climb up the ladder. There is a red Health Case in front of you. Use it if necessary. Go right to find a BIRD (4 of 6) and a Shovel. Don't worry about the shovel. Grab it if you want. Head the other direction and you'll find a hole in the floor, leading to the office below. "Jump Down" the hole in the floor. Open the cabinet on the left for a Health Kit. Open the other cabinet for a good scare!

For this next part, just keep heading down the various sets of stairs until you reach the generator room. Here are the details: Head down the stairs...there is a BIRD (5 of 6) on the stairs. At the bottom, continue along the path to the next set of stairs. Go down the stairs. Continue to follow the path and you'll reach another set of stairs going down. Go down. At the bottom, continue to follow the path.

You'll reach a generator room with a fenced-in area that requires a Shovel. There is also a staircase going up over the generator. Go up the stairs to the second landing where you'll find a Shovel leaning against the railing. Grab it and "Use Shovel" on the fence door. Great, you caused a fire.

Increase steam pressure to rupture pipe clearing path beyond gate.

Wait by the gate for a crawling addict to come your way. Taser him. Go back up the stairs. At the first landing, hang a right and turn the Steam Valve. Turn around and wait for a crawling addict and a female crawling addict to enter the room. The crawling addict will likely come up the stairs and attack you. Hunt down the female if she doesn't come to you. Continue up the stairs and follow the catwalk to the Steam Valve at the end. Turn the Steam Valve.

This will cause the gate that was blocked to blow open, thus allowing you access. Go back down the stairs and through the gate/fence. There are two Health Kits immediately on the right if you need them. Follow the path to the subway tracks. Hang a right and follow the tracks for few seconds. You'll see some stairs on the right leading to a door. Go through the door.

Investigate area for clues.

Go forward and pick up the Shotgun near the dead body. Go forward and you'll see several large addicts in the area. Stay back and watch and wait to see if any of them attack each other. When you feel ready, go after them: Taser, shotgun blast to face, retreat, recharge Taser, etc. Most likely, you'll have two large addicts to kill. One will have a Shotgun of his own, so be careful.

In this area there are two subway cars (a lower one and an upper one) and an upper area with a table and some shelves. On the table is a BIRD (6 of 6. Also on the table is a blueprint of a subway car. Look at it. The "Collection Tool" prompt will appear. Snap a picture of the blueprint. Lt. Rosa will tell you to zoom-in on the red circle area. Do so and snap another picture.

Break into Number 8 subway car.

Although Lt. Rosa tells you to look under the frame of the subway car, there is not a Crowbar there. There is Shotgun, however. To find it, go to the lower subway car. Go to the side of it with the platform leading to the door. On this side of the subway car, in a compartment at the bottom of the car, you'll find a Pump Shotgun.

Head back up to the landing with the table and blueprint. Go to the red Health Case with three Health Kits. Go through the door down the small hallway from the case. Inside, you'll get a vision, a prompt to "Investigate", and you'll see Crowbar laying on a table. Investigate the Crowbar with your Laser Light. Collect a sample. It's some plaster dust.

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Do not grab the Crowbar yet. Instead, still armed with the Shotgun you found under the subway car, exit the room. Kill the large addict who has appeared.

Next, a quick side trip for a Metal Piece. Go to the track of the upper subway car. Go to the end of the track where there is a boarded-up tunnel. On the middle wooden post of the boarded-up tunnel, you'll find a METAL PIECE (2 of 3).

Return to the shop room to grab the Crowbar. Enter the lower subway car via the platform leading to the door.

Look for clues inside car.

"Investigate", using your Laser Light to find the footprint on a seat/bench. Scan it. Big shoe. Size 14. Another vision will occur. Look up to the ceiling and locate the ceiling panel. "Open Compartment". Mannequin parts will fall down. "Investigate" by using your Laser Light to locate the writing on one of the mannequin arms. Snap a picture of it. It says, "Bart's Dept. Store."

Make your way back to platform.

Watch as an addict drops in on you from the ceiling. Kill him and then climb the ladder (on the wall, under the hatch) out of the subway car. You are on top of the car. Turn to find another addict coming at you. Kill him and watch as a female addict climbs the ladder leading out. Follow her.

At the top of the ladder, follow the hall and kill the female addict. You'll reach a fence/gate and you'll hear shots being fired. Before you go through the gate, take the path to the left which leads to a Shotgun. There is also a METAL PIECE (3 of 3) on the wall in this room.

Return and go through the gate. Wait a few seconds for the various addicts above to take each other out. Go up the ladder. Hang a right and deal with the two addicts that you come to (one is hiding behind a column and one may have a gun). Head up the stairs.

Follow the path (you'll pass a Sawed Off Shotgun) past the empty Fire Axe box (you've been here before) and head up the next set of stairs. You are now back in the loop hallway with a door that leads to the locker room where the suspect took off his orange coveralls. Go into the locker room. Approach the door to end the chapter.

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