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Chapter 7 - Metro City Library

Find Rosa

From where you start, there are some Crowbar Gates to your right, you'll come back here later to get in there. Exit this room. You'll find yourself in the Library entrance. There is a large information desk. On the desk is BIRD 1 of 6. On either side of the large painting there is a Crowbar gate blocking the stairwells. Go through the archway (across from where you entered this room). Go down the hall and you'll find an elevator on the left. "Call Elevator" and then ride it down to the Basement.

You'll get a vision of somebody at the end of a subway car, just walk forward and the vision will end. Back to reality, the elevator door will open. Exit out. On your right are two Health Kits. Hang a left and you'll be facing a reception desk. To the right of it is another Crowbar door. Take the hallway to the left of the desk. Follow the hall and you'll soon meet Rosa.

Rosa will tell you about some odd things in your personnel file. Look at the folder and you'll be prompted to browse through it. Do so. At the end of it, pick up the Super Taser. Follow Rosa and you'll get a vision of Rosa down on the ground.

Find an undamaged computer terminal

Follow Rosa through the double doors. She tells you to investigate the office on the left while she goes across the hall to investigate another office. Enter the office on the left. It's labeled, "200 Collection". Grab the Paper Cutter on the left so that you have a weapon. Head to the back of the office and you'll get a vision of a demon walking through the back wall. Turn around to find that you are being attacked by two addicts. Although I think they are part of the vision, they do damage to you and you must kill them.

Head back to the office door. It is locked. Go to the window to the left of the door and you'll find Rosa. "Climb Through" the window. Follow Rosa to the other office. Go to the computer and "Use Computer". You'll discover the server is down. Exit out of the office for another vision of Rosa being attacked. Your phone will ring shortly thereafter. It's Rosa's attacker.

Rosa has been abducted. Find her!

Follow the hallway to the open double doors on the right and go through. Go through the next set of double doors. Follow the hallway. You'll pass an open gate on the right. Across from it is a BIRD (2 of 6) on a book cart. Continue on and at the corner, you'll see a Fire Axe Door. Turn the corner and you'll be prompted to "Investigate". Do so and you'll see some spots on the floor near a Fire Door (not the same as the one I just mentioned). Collect a sample. It'll be stored for later.

Rosa's phone is in the server room. Find a way in.

Turn around to witness an addict chop through the Fire Axe door. The guy with the Fire Axe will run away, but another addict will charge you. Use your Super Taser on him. This will knock him down. Use your weapon or the kick (click down on Right Trigger) to finish him off. Before you go through the now-open Fire Axe door, go to the opposite end of the hall. Locate the palette of books near the water fountain. Move object on the books to locate a METAL PIECE (1 of 3).

Proceed through the open Fire Axe door. Another addict will attack kill him. This area can get confusing, so pay attention. Having just come through the Fire Axe door, you will see some cubicles in front of you and then some book shelves further away. (There may be an addict who attacks in this area.) On the left wall are some double doors simply leading back out the hallway you came in through. On the right wall is an open double door. You'll want to go through the doors on the right. Do so.

As soon as you go through an addict will start shooting at you. Take cover on the left and wait for him to reload. Charge him and zap him with your Super Taser. To your right are four Health Kits on the wall and past them, two elevators. Don't go toward the elevators. In front of you are two desks with two filing cabinets under each of them. Go up to the right side filing cabinets and "Move Object" to find a BIRD (3 of 6). Continue to the left.

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You will be in another large room with many bookshelves. Quickly go into the office on the left. Inside, on a cubicle, you'll find a Sawed Off Shotgun. Exit out and start exploring the area. The goal here is to find the addict with the Fire Axe, because that's what you need to get into the server room. However, there are five other addicts in the area: two normal addicts, an addict with a Shotgun, an addict with a Sawed Off, and an addict with a Revolver. You really shouldn't need to fire any shots because you have the Super Taser. Zap an addict and then kick him. That will kill him. When all of the addicts are dead and you've killed the Fire Axe guy, grab the Fire Axe. Backtrack out of this area and go through the Fire Axe door that was chopped open by an addict (the door you used to get in here).

Search server room for clues.

You are back in the hallway where you took the sample. Go to the Fire Axe door labeled "300 Information Services" (Server Room) and chop it down. You'll be prompted to "Investigate". Do so and go underneath the florescent light (you can chop it and make it go out if you like...it makes it easier to see...or you can flip the light switch). Face the white boxes and the desk. Turn 90 degrees to your right and you'll see a handprint on one of the server doors. Collect the evidence. Open the server door if it doesn't automatically open and grab the Crowbar.

Find Rosa in Rare Books

Exit out and backtrack down the hall to the open gate on the left. Go through the gate to the next, locked gate, and use the Crowbar to open it. You'll see three addicts go into the elevator. "Call Elevator" and go up to the first floor. Hang a right and follow the hall back to the main entrance of the Library.

Slowly peak out from the hallway, looking to the right, to see three addicts near the large information desk. Leaning against a book palette is a Shotgun. Grab it. This will alert the others. These three can be nasty because one of them has a Sub-Machine Gun. The one that is armed normally will chase you into the hallway. Super Taser and kick him to kill him. Wait for your Taser to recharge. Then, slowly peak out again, making both of the enemies fire their weapons while you take cover. The Sub-Machine gun guy will soon run out of ammo and will charge you. The other one may as well. Taser one, shotgun the other, then finish them both off.

Now the Library entrance is clear. Before you go up either staircase to the left or right of the large painting, go back to the room where you started this chapter and use the Crowbar to break through the gate. Inside, find the BIRD BATH TV achievement.

Return to the main entrance and use the Crowbar on both the right and left gates leading to the stairwells. Grab any weapon that may be laying around; the Shotgun still had ammo for me, so I grabbed that.

Go up the left side staircase (it really doesn't matter which one you go up). Some furniture will be thrown down at you, run back to avoid it. Go up the stairs. Kill the two addicts. They both have guns but aren't difficult. Behind the reception desk is a Sawed Off if you want it.

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Head through the archway across from the reception desk. You are now in Rare Books. You'll be prompted to "Investigate". Follow the Gas Spectrometer to the BIRD (4 of 6). Through the gate, you can see Rosa laying on the ground. Near the bird and book palette, there is a Sledgehammer. Grab it and, if facing Rosa, head to the right. Follow the wall bookshelf until you see a ladder. The ladder is locked to the wall. Use the Sledgehammer to break the lock and then Move Object. The ladder will move to the left. Climb the ladder. On top of the bookcase, you'll find another BIRD (5 of 6). Walk across the corner of the bookcase so that you can "Jump Down" into the area where Rosa is located. Rosa will use the nearby computer terminal to access the stored evidence that you sent.

Head down to the basement with Rosa to find the school records.

Follow Rosa. She'll unlock a double door. Go through and enter the "Hamilton Reading Room" with all of the scaffolds. Walk to the other side of the room and go through the double door. Enter the small hallway. Rosa will note that this is the part of the Library that suffered the most damage. She also mentions a staircase.

You'll be at the entrance to a room with lots of book shelves. The next few rooms can get confusing, so follow this guide step-by-step.

From the double doorway at the entrance of the first room, hang a right and follow the wall to the last left you can take. Take a left and follow the path straight to a book palette. Hang a right at the palette and you'll notice that you are now behind the reception desk of the Rare Book room. Here you'll see two book palettes. "Move Object" on one of them to find a METAL PIECE (2 of 3). Continue to the other side and enter the hallway on the left.

You'll reach the next room. You'll see a crawling addict go from right to left. From the entrance to this room, hang a left (there will be wooden desks on your left). Go forward to the wooden desks piled up in the corner. Hang a left. Go straight and follow this path until you can go no further.

Hang a left. Approach the metal bars (looks like a jail cell door that is open). You'll crash through several floors.

Meet Rosa at door leading down to the basement.

Your flashlight broke. Rats. Wait for Rosa. While so doing, you'll get a vision and will be attacked once, but there is nothing you can do about it. Rosa will soon be there, on the other side of the metal bars. She gives you her flashlight.

Put your back to the metal bars. Go forward (the only path). At the wall, hang a right. Go to the desk that is overturned, thus blocking your path. Hang a right and go down the book shelf aisle. You'll see a crawling addict. He hides. At the wall, hang a left. Go straight forward to the chairs/desks (you'll be seeing crawling addicts here and there during this time).

At the chairs/desk, hang a left and go straight to the wall. Hang a right. Head to the corner and hang a right. Go forward. You'll be attacked by a crawling addict. Kill him. Nearby, on the left wall, is a cubicle partially blocking a double door (I say this for orientation purposes).

Place yourself so that your left shoulder is touching the double doors. Oriented as such, go diagonally forward and right, heading toward the book shelf with the red and blue books. Two crawling addicts will pop out. Kill them.

With the red and blue bookshelf on your right, go forward to the wall. Hang a right and then do a u-turn, so that you're walking the other direction, on the other side of this same book shelf. Work your way through the book shelves (there is only one path to take at this point). When you emerge, head right. You'll see Rosa across a gap in the floor. "Jump Down" through the gap in the floor.

There are two Health Kits on the wall near where you land. Go through the only opening (an open doorway) which will place you in the next room. You'll see a crawling addict crawl away.

The first bookshelf you see is partially lined with red and blue books. Put this book shelf on your left and walk forward all the way to the cubicle blocking your path. Hang a left. Go one bookshelf and hang a right (in other words, make a quick left and then a quick right). Go forward down this aisle. A crawling addict will attack near the end of the aisle. Kill him. Facing the wall, hang a right and follow the wall until you are blocked by a desk. Hang a right. Here you are in an open area. You'll see the metal bars (jail door). Two crawling addicts will attack. Kill them. On the table in this area is a BIRD (6 of 6).

Put your back to the metal bars (jail door) and go forward to the wall. Hang a right. Go forward until you reach the corner. Hang a right at the corner. Go forward. There will be two addicts and a crawling addict who will probably be killed by the addicts. Kill both addicts (there may be a third addict) and note the open double doors on the left. Go through the doors to get a METAL PIECE (3 of 3). It is hiding behind one of the desks on the left. "Move Object" to find it. Watch out for another addict who may attack.

Exit back out. Place the double doors (and the wall) on your left. Go forward, keeping the wall on your left. At the corner, hang a right and continue to follow the wall until you run into some desks blocking your way. Hang a right, go forward and hang a left. You'll see Rosa standing there. Go to her. Follow Rosa (you'll pass three Health Kits). She'll take you to a staircase.

Lead Rosa downstairs to the basement.

Go down the stairs. Go through the double doors. You'll get a cutscene. The suspect will have overheard everything.

Secure stacks making it safe for Rosa to reach exit.

When you start back up, you'll be attacked by four addicts. Kill them. Rosa will make a run for it, heading to the exit door. It's marked with a red lighted "Exit" sign. Follow her. After a quick conversation, the level will end.

Chapter 8 - St. Joseph's Secondary School

Malcolm Vanhorn will find and talk to you. You'll enter the school.

Find missing teacher linked to Carl Anderson, a.k.a. The Torturer

You are in a hallway. Go through the third door on the right to find a BIRD (1 of 6). Exit and continue forward to the locked gate at the stairs. It requires a Sledgehammer. Hang a right. You'll get a vision and the items blocking your way will disappear. Go through the farthest door on the left. Grab the Paper Cutter on the desk (or whatever weapon you like along the way). In this same room, on a wall behind a desk, you'll find a METAL PIECE (1 of 3). Continue forward and "Duck Under" the hole in the wall. You'll reach a door. Near the door is the Sledgehammer. Grab it. Go through the door. This takes you back out to the main hallway. Use the Sledgehammer on the locked gate at the stairs. I recommend going back to grab the Paper Cutter before you go up the stairs.

Go up the stairs. A crawling addict will crawl away. At the top of the stairs, go through either door (they both lead to the same class room), and witness the Chef playing with the bunsen burner. Two crawling addicts will attack. Kill them. Enter the room with the bunsen burner. There is a Health Kit on the wall if you need it. Go through the door.

Cross the hallway and enter the next classroom. Three crawling addicts drop from the ceiling. Kill two of them and then hunt down the third in the adjacent classroom. Go through the door in this classroom.

Search for clues leading to Mr. Tibbits whereabouts.

Now in another hallway, first locate the two bathrooms on the right. Go into the further, yellow, bathroom. On the floor, in the middle of a pool of blood is a BIRD (2 of 6).

Exit the bathroom and go through the only door. Taser the addict writing on the chalkboard and then "Investigate" the "Loose lips sink ships" chalkboard. Take a sample. It's the gym teacher's (Samuel Tibbits') lips. Ew. Grab the Shotgun on the desk and then make your way back to the door. You'll fall through the floor.

Kill the crawling addict in this classroom. There are two doors. Put your back to the chalkboard and go through the door on the left. There's a red Health Case with two Health Kits. Use them to get full health. Enter the next room, a small cafeteria with a window where meat is hanging down. Kill the crawling addict that attacks.

NOTE: Pay attention to the next two paragraphs. I'm trying to get you a gun with the most ammo possible as it'll come in handy in a bit. You'll have a choice between a .45 Cal with 8 rounds, a Pump Shotgun with 5 rounds, and, if you killed a particular addict quickly enough, a SMG with anywhere from 0-20 rounds. Personally, I prefer the Shotgun, but if the other two suit you better, that's fine. The point is, you want to be armed and have a good amount of ammo for a later part.

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Enter the kitchen and kill the two addicts. Then, "Climb Through" the partially opened service window (it's a half-way lowered metal barrier). Don't move. Wait for an addict armed with a .45 to cross the room from right to left and stop to the left of you (he may already be set up there, depending on how long it took you to get through the kitchen). Quickly Taser him. Grab his .45 Cal. If you were successful, he didn't get off any shots, and you should have 8 rounds in the gun. (NOTE: In this room, on an upside-down table, there is the aforementioned Pump Shotgun with 5 rounds.)

Go through the next door, but be ready to run right back in for cover. There are three addicts in the hallway; one normal, one is armed with a Sub-Machine gun and another with a handgun. Wait for them to run out of ammo and come to you. Taser and kick them to kill them so you don't waste any ammo. (NOTE: if you are able to kill the Sub-Machine gun guy and he has more than 8 rounds left in his gun, then it's better than the .45 Cal. Otherwise, hold onto the .45 with the 8 rounds or use the Shotgun.)

Before you head up the stairs, you should get full health. Facing the stairs, go right and into the side room. There are two Health Kits here. Return and go up the stairs. Go through either door.

You are now on the upper level of a gym. Turn to your right to see an addict charging. Taser and kick him. Go through the "Exit" door, down the broken stairs, and then "Jump Down" to the floor. Immediately turn around to find a crawling addict coming at you from underneath the stairs. DO NOT use any ammo on him whatsoever. Taser and kick.

Before you continue forward, take the hallway behind the stairs to find a BIRD (3 of 6). Return and proceed forward. Note the Fire Axe door on the left. Go through the door at the end of the hallway.

You are in a kitchen. Go through it and enter the walk-in refrigerator. Two crawling addicts will come at you on meat hooks. There is usually enough time between them to recharge your Taser. Taser each of them.

Mini Boss Fight: The Chef.

NOTE: The Shotgun is the best weapon to use on the Chef. It takes three face shots to kill him. If you don't have the Shotgun, but some other gun, then follow the paragraphs below.

The Chef uses a Meat Cleaver and can kill you with three successful hits. This is the reason why I had you retain as much ammo as possible. Make note of where you killed one of the addicts. There should be a Small Pipe or other weapon under the meat hook track. You will have to retreat to this pipe after you pump him full of lead (bullets).

The plan here is to locate the chef, retreat so that you're near the Small Pipe (so it's right there when you need it), Zap him with your Taser, and then pump him full of lead (if you have the .45 or the SMG) as quickly as possible (try to aim for the head). This won't kill him and you'll be forced to grab the Small Pipe. Do so. Now, it's just a matter of blocking, attacking, blocking, attacking. His attack is nothing surprising. When he swings, block. While he reels back, attack with the Small Pipe. Repeat. Just be patient and he'll go down soon enough. Grab the Meat Cleaver that he drops.

Go to the back of the kitchen to find a Fire Axe still being gripped by a dead crawling addict. Use the Meat Cleaver to chop off his hand and then grab the Fire Axe. Exit out, kill the crawling addict, and then return to the hallway where you passed the Fire Axe door (there are two Health Kits on the way out of the kitchen if you need them). In the hallway, kill the crawling addict. Then, chop down the door.

Before you go through, I suggest you go all the way back and grab the Meat Cleaver. It is a fast and powerful weapon.

Now through the Fire Axe door, you'll be in the gym. Find the sparking circuit box and "Turn Power On". This will lower the basketball net. Go to it and "Investigate". Use your 3D Scanner to scan the arm of Tibbets. Ew, again.

Head to the other side of the gym. The basketball net here will break off and go through the floor. "Jump Down" through the opening in the floor.

Before you go along the hall, locate the METAL PIECE (2 of 3) near the desk. Follow the hall to the room with the red Health Case. There is a ladder to the left of it. "Climb Up" the ladder. You are behind the stage curtain. Go either way, which leads to a staircase. Before you go up the staircase, go down the staircase. Follow the hall to the TEST PATTERN TV achievement. Also down here is a BIRD (4 of 6). It is laying on the ground next to the door that is laying against the wall.

Next, head up the stairs, all the way to the top, and go through the door.

You are outside. Go forward and through the fence/gate. You are on a playground. Locate your own dead body laying on the ground. You'll get a phone call and a vision. Near where your body was located, there is a wall with a hole in it. Go to the left side of it to find a door into the inside. Here you'll find a Health Kit and a Rifle. Grab the Rifle.

Exit out to trigger about six addicts who will flow into the area. The Rifle will one-hit-kill the addicts if you get a head shot. Use the Rifle until you're out of ammo and then kill the other addicts using whatever method you choose. If you're lucky, you'll be able to grab a Sub-Machine Gun from one of the addicts with some ammo still left in it. Since I don't want to assume that you were lucky enough to get it, I suggest going back into the room where you found the Rifle and re-equipping yourself with the Meat Cleaver (if that's what you had prior to grabbing the Rifle). When they're all dead, head to the other side of playground from where you entered. "Jump Down" the basement window.

You are back inside. The stairs in front of you are worthless...they simply lead to a locked door going outside, where you just came from. Move along the hallway. You'll get a vision of the tortured Mr. Tibbits.

You'll be prompted to "Investigate". Do so and locate the blood smear on the left wall, underneath a "Fire Extinguisher" sign (not an extinguisher itself). Collect a sample. Continue forward. Go through the gate/door (it'll fall weirdly). To your right is a locker room.

Enter. A door on your left will swing open. Go in to locate a BIRD (5 of 6). Exit out and continue through the locker room. Follow the path until you can "Climb Through" the opening to a small room with two Health Kits on the wall. Once inside, "Move Object" on the screen. The screen will fall. "Climb Through". You'll be attacked by three crawling addicts and an addict. Kill them all.

Move forward to the section of lockers with the working light above. You'll be prompted to "Investigate". You'll find more blood on the locker. Collect a sample. Then, "Open Door". It's Mr. Tibbits. Take a picture. Rosa asks for a close-up shot. Zoom in and take another picture. He's alive! (I wonder where his lips went...just kidding.)

After you talk to him, he'll fall and die. Rosa will talk to you about a dangerous insecticide and an apple orchard. Grab the Shovel that is laying next to Mr. Tibbits.

If you don't have full health, "Climb Through" into the area where you came from to use the Health Kits. Then, continue to follow the path out of the locker room, through the showers, and into the hallway where you'll eventually be blocked by steam. Use the Shovel on the Shovel Door to open it. Turn the Steam Valve.

Go down the now steamless hall and go through the door on the left. You are in the Swimming Pool. Go down the ladder.

Mini Boss Fight: Lots and Lots of Crawling Addicts.

Mr. Tibbits body (which disappeared if you went back to check on it) crashes through the ceiling and into the drained pool. You'll soon get a vision.

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In the pool there are two Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs). You'll be using both, most likely. Both SMGs are hanging down into the pool, still being gripped by dead addicts. There is one on the left side of the pool and one at the far end of the pool. Each SMG has 20 rounds. If you're careful with your ammo, and use your Taser effectively, you'll only need one SMG, but it doesn't matter if you need both.

When the fight begins, immediately run to the SMG on the left. Grab it. Taser the closest crawling addict and then start shooting any others that you see. It'll only take about three bullets to kill each of them. Remember to aim for the head. I suggest moving toward the second SMG as you're killing crawling addicts. That way, if you run out of ammo, you are close to the second SMG.

(NOTE: If you didn't have full health and you keep dying you're not out of luck. When you reload the checkpoint, don't move forward. The door you came through should still be open (it closes as soon as you go forward). Backtrack to the health mentioned earlier and go from there. You may want to set a new checkpoint after you have your health so you don't have to keep backtracking.)

When all of the crawling addicts are dead, the vision will end. Climb out of the pool.

Meet Vanhorn in front of school

Now out of the pool. You'll see two doors: a normal one and a Fire Axe door. Go through the normal one, locate the Fire Axe, exit out, kill the addict and then chop through the Fire Axe door.

Follow the path into the locker room. Before you exit the locker room, go to the back left of the locker room to find a Sledgehammer. Grab it and use it on the Sledgehammer door across from it. You'll find a METAL PIECE (3 of 3).

Exit out of this small room and go to the other side of the locker room where there is an open doorway where you can exit (there are three Health Kits on the wall if you need them, before you exit). Head through the bloody shower room, go through the bathroom, and go through the door.

You'll hear children laughing. Great. Very spooky. Go through the next shower room. Just past the shower stalls is a BIRD (6 of 6) on a table on the right. Grab it and then approach the counter. You'll get a vision. I'm guessing it's from the perspective of a deranged bird. When you wake up you'll get a phone call from Rosa. Go forward to the glass doors where Vanhorn is waiting.

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