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Condemned Game Guide
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Chapter 9 - Apple Seed Orchard

After a long and odd car ride with Vanhorn, you'll arrive at Apple Seed Orchard.

Photograph the writing on wall in entry foyer.

Simply turn to your right and take a pic of the writing on the wall. If you're not getting the prompt to take the picture, despite having a green light, put away your camera, back up from the wall more, and retry. You're just too close.

Follow each of the 4 trails of writing.

After the phone call, investigate again. Use the UV Light to locate the four paths of writing leading away from the writing in the foyer. You need to follow each path. It doesn't matter in which order you do this.

In no particular order:

Upper Left Path

Follow the upper left path of writing. It takes you upstairs and into a bathroom. Open the closet in the bathroom to find more writing, "The Dark Path." Take a pic of it. Before you exit this bathroom, grab the Sledgehammer in the closet, turn over the bathtub for a BIRD (1 of 6), and note the Health Kits. Return to the foyer.

Upper Right Path

Follow this path to the oven in the Kitchen. Open the oven door to find the words, "Behind Which You". Take a pic. I'm going to have you take a quick side trip on your way back to the foyer. Put your back against the oven and go through the kitchen door straight in front of you. This will be a hallway. Hang a right. Go into the room at the end of the hall on the left. "Move Object" on the dresser to find a METAL PIECE (1 of 3). Return to the Foyer.

Bottom Right Path

Follow this path, which will lead you to the basement stairs in the kitchen (on the way, you'll pass a BIRD (2 of 6) on the dining room table and a BIRD (3 of 6) in the refrigerator). Go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, put away your UV Light because you'll soon be attacked by a crawling addict. When he's dead, pull out your UV Light and continue to follow the path (you can go under the stairs to find a METAL PIECE (2 of 3)). The path will soon take you past a Mirror (you'll be back here later). Take note of it. There is a BIRD (4 of 6) laying in front of the mirror. Wait by the mirror for another crawling addict to attack. Kill him and continue to follow the word trail. It ends at a utility sink. Before you take a pic, kill the crawling addict who will attack. Then, take a pic of the words, "See Yourself to Be". Return to the foyer the way you came and kill any crawling addicts that attack.

Bottom Left Path

This path takes you on a long ride, going through the hole in the wall into the bedroom on the other side (the reason for this is so that you can grab the Sledgehammer in the bedroom, if you don't have one already), and then going upstairs. Follow it upstairs. It will take you into a kid's bedroom with a locked door (in the closet is a METAL PIECE (3 of 3). Use the Sledgehammer on the attic door to open it. On the mattress in the kid's bedroom is a BIRD (5 of 6).

Go up the stairs to the attic. Follow the path to the large attic room. You can go left or right. Go right. You'll find a BIRD (6 of 6). There are also various weapons around. I suggest you pick up a Large Plank. When you're ready, head to the other side of the attic.

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The screen will turn black and white. Turn around and face where you just came from. You'll be attacked by the demon with the two sticks. As much as you want to block, I recommend going on the offensive. Keep swinging away. It'll take only two or three hits with the Wooden Plank to defeat him. He leaves behind his two sticks. Grab one. The Stick is a very powerful and quick weapon. (NOTE: If you die, you'll end up at your last checkpoint, and since you're following this walkthrough, it's in the basement. Sorry. Alter your gameplay if you want. Or, don't die.)

Pull your UV Light back out follow it. (NOTE: There may be a temporary glitch here. If the trail ends at a door covered by wooden planks, you have the glitch. Here's how mine was fixed, I don't know if any part of this is unnecessary: Go back and grab the Sledgehammer, return to the room with the blocked door and use your UV Light to follow the trail. When you get to the planks, put your UV Light directly on the wooden planks. They'll disappear.) Go back and grab the Stick weapon. Then, go through the opening which allows access to a hole in the floor. "Jump Down".

Follow the trail to the bench. "Open Bench" to find the words, "To Righteousness is". Snap a pic. You now have the complete riddle:

The dark path to righteousness is beyond which you see yourself to be.

Move the piano blocking the door and exit. Return to the first floor and head to the kitchen. Go down the basement stairs. Retrace the path you previously took. Stop at the Mirror. If you didn't figure this out on your own, Rosa will call to give you this info.

Search secret room for clues.

"Open Door" on the mirror. Go to the table with the newspaper/magazine sitting on it. Take a pic of the newspaper/magazine.

Investigate noise upstairs.

Before you head back upstairs, continue around the basement area until you find a rusty old oven against a wall. "Move Object" on the oven to discover a secret alcove. Inside is a Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) and the achievement GOLD DETECTIVE BADGE.

Head back upstairs, to the first floor. Go to the staircase up to the second floor. A piano will come crashing down the stairs, blocking your path. You need a Fire Axe to chop through the railing.

Find an axe to cut free piano and continue upstairs.

NOTE: If you found the SMG in the basement (last paragraph) use it for the next segment instead of the Stick.

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Return to the room with the fireplace. Across from the fireplace is a safe. It requires a crowbar. You are going to be attacked by an onslaught of enemies, about ten in total (the final one will have a Fire Axe). The third one has a Crowbar. If you want the Shotgun and SMG inside the safe, use the Crowbar to access it, but I recommend staying put near the fireplace and using your Stick and your Taser to beat all of the enemies. The final enemy you have to face will have a Fire Axe. Also, be patient. They'll eventually come to you, but if you want to do this quicker, explore the house to find them.

Once you have the Fire Axe, go to the railing on the left of the piano. "Use Fire Axe" to chop through the railing and then slide the piano out of the way. (Watch out for one more addict...sometimes he attacks, sometimes not.) Go up the stairs. At the top, hang a right and another right, going down the hallway. You'll soon get a black and white vision of the Torturer killing himself.

Go into the first room on the left to find the Torturer. "Investigate" using your Laser Light to highlight his fingers. 3D Scan them. Rosa will confirm that this is the Torturer.

You get the bright idea to drag the body away, put on his clothes, smear yourself with blood, and use yourself as bait.

When Serial Killer X comes in to find you, you'll surprise attack him. You have to chase after him.

It's SKX! Get him before he gets away.

Don't worry about actually catching up to him...you will soon enough and you don't have to worry about running. Exit the room, hang a left in the hall. Go to the end. Hang a right and go through the kid's room. Go along the hall and you are back out by the stairs. Go to the open area near the stairs and wait for SKX to come to you (if it's been a while, go down the hall to trigger him). You'll have to fight him. You have the Fire Poker as your weapon. Block his attack, then attack. Repeat until you are bopped on the head by Vanhorn, thus ending the chapter.

Chapter 10 - Apple Seed Orchard Processing Center

You are now being held as a prisoner. SKX cuts off your finger! Ew.

Escape burning barn.

You'll have to run through some fire to start out. Then, the path is clear until you get into a stall with a 2x4 Fire (a burning piece of wood on the side of the stall). Grab the 2x4 Fire. You'll now have a light source and the wall will fall. "Climb Through" the now broken wall. There is a BIRD (1 of 6) here. "Duck Under" the next wall. Open the door and go through.

Hunt down and destroy the one responsible for all this madness.

You are outside. You'll get a vision featuring a scary voice. When it's over, locate the shed straight in front of you. Head to it, hang a left at it, and enter the stalls. Turn left. You'll see a shadow break through the wall on the right. Go through.

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Immediately hang a left, keeping the horse trailer on your right. Head towards the fire in the corner. Go through the fence and follow the path to the paddock with the shed. On the outside wall of the shed, you'll find a METAL PIECE (1 of 6). Inside the shed are three Health Kits. A large addict will attack with his own 2x4 Fire. Kill him.

Go through the opening in the fence that the addict created. Immediately on the right is a horse trailer. "Move Object" on the trailer to find a BIRD (2 of 6). Continue forward. Follow the dirt road. On the tractor on the left is a BIRD (3 of 6). Continue until you get to the covered bridge. "Climb Over" the gate. Kill the four or five crawling addicts and the large addict. Before you exit the covered bridge, look along the left wall for a METAL PIECE (2 of 3). Continue along the dirt road.

Soon, you'll see some ground torches lighting a path going up to the right. Take the path up to the shed. Inside there is a Health Kit, a Rifle, and a Power Box. Operate the Power Box, "Turn Power On". Grab the Rifle. Shoot and kill the two large addicts who attack. Before you move on, go back into the shed and "Move Object" on one of the green storage bins to find a BIRD (4 of 6). Also, re-arm yourself with the 2x4 Fire.

Head back down the road and continue along the path. Along the way you'll hear some commotion. Turn around to find a large addict coming at you. Kill him. Continue through the next small building/open shed (there two Health Kits on the wall). You'll see a crawling addict crawl away.

Follow him. You'll be in an orchard area. Note the wagon on the right with the two Health Kits. Look for the gas fire tube sticking out of the ground. This is your first of many of these...they basically tell you where you need to go. Kill the four or five crawling addicts. Then, go through the opening in the fence.

The screen will turn black and white. A demon will attack. Go on the offensive. Don't even worry about blocking (this is assuming your have the 2x4 Fire). Attack, pulling your trigger repeatedly until the demon is defeated. He'll drop his sticks. Don't grab them. Retain your 2x4 Fire.

Head to the next structure/shed (it's in the area where the demon came from). On the wall are three Health Kits. Head to the next gas fire tube. Kill the two large addicts. Up ahead you'll see a lighted barn. You'll need to move all the way to the left and go through the barn (it's a barn without stalls).

Once through the barn you'll see two addicts with rifles. Wait for them to disperse. Go the first horse trailer on the right. Inside is a Rifle with 10 rounds and some Health Kits. Use the Rifle to kill each of the two addicts. Grab the rifle with the most ammo (either yours, or one of the two addicts').

Go to the next gas fire tube. Shoot the large addict. Go to the next, nearby, gas fire tube. Enter the destroyed greenhouse. On the right, as soon as you enter, is a table with a Sub Machine Gun, some Health Kits and a BIRD (5 of 6). Continue through the greenhouse. On a bench on the left you'll find another Sub-Machine Gun and some more Health Kits.

Grab the first SMG (if your rifle ammo is low). Most likely, you'll have about 6 or so rounds in your rifle. Use the rifle to kill the first two large addicts that attack. Then, grab the first SMG. Use it to kill the next three large addicts. Once they're all dead, move forward and grab the second SMG.

(NOTE: Alternate method. Go as far as the second SMG. This will trigger four large addicts to come after you. Start running away, back toward the area where the two addicts with Rifles were located. On the way, you'll need to kill a large addict. Once back in the Rifle area, grab a Rifle. It should still have about 7 or 8 rounds in it. Shoot the first two oncoming large addicts. Then, grab the other rifle. It too will have some ammo in it. Kill the next two large addicts. This way is better than getting holed up on the greenhouse. Return to the greenhouse. Grab either SMG. It has 20 rounds in it.)

Go through the greenhouse to the next gas fire tube. Another demon will attack. Shoot him with the SMG (it took me 6 bullets to kill him). At this point, it doesn't matter what weapon you choose because you'll be forced to use the Stick for the boss fight.

Enter the porch of the house from the right side. Immediately on the right, on a table is a METAL PIECE (3 of 3). Continue forward. You'll reach a door with a BIRD (6 of 6) stuck to it via a Stick. Grab the Stick.

You'll end up on the other side of the door. There are two Health Kits on the table with the various sticks, if you need them. Find the door and go through it. You are in an apple processing area.

Boss Fight: Super Demon

The first part of this fight requires you to beat down a steady stream of enemies. The Super Demon will remain up top, overlooking the fight. There are a total of six Health Kits on the wall. Before this fight starts, break the glass on each case so that you have easy access to the Health Kits.

There is no secret to getting through the many enemies; you just have to get good at fighting. If you're not comfortable using the Stick as your weapon, you can use any of the weapons that are in the area to start and the many more weapons that are dropped by the enemies that you'll kill. If you see your health go down, go to the Health Kits. If you have two or three enemies at one time, try to run away and let them fight amongst themselves.

When all of the enemies are dead, the Super Demon will drop down into the area. I am writing this boss fight based on the use of the Stick as your weapon. It is fast, allowing you to go on the offensive, without having to block.

Now, you are fighting the Super Demon himself. Immediately attack him. Don't relent. He may get a few shots in on you, but if you have full health, you'll be fine. Continue to beat him into whatever corner you can beat him into. After about thirty or so successful hits (or when he doesn't attempt to retaliate) back up from him. He'll drop onto his knees. Go up to him. You'll get a prompt to "Grab Shoulder". Hit the correct button (D-Pad "Up" button) to remove the metal plate from his shoulder. NOTE: If he doesn't drop to his knees, continue to beat him some more and then recheck to see if he drops to his knees.

The Super Demon will jump to the second level (loft). A crawling addict will bust through a door, moving a shelf, allowing you access to a Ladder and some Health Kits. Fill up your health and then climb up the ladder (you have to climb it from the other side).

At the top, you'll fight the Super Demon again. Repeat the same process of attack, attack, attack. After doing this for a while, back up to see if he drops to his knees. If he does, go up to him and "Grab Spine". You'll remove his metal spine.

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You now enter an alternate reality (like the swimming pool back at the school). You are still in the upper area of this apple processing room, but everything is black and white. This is the final stage in the battle. There is a Health Kit in front of you. Use it if you need to and then attack, attack, attack. Do this over and over until he doesn't fight back anymore. This takes longer than the first two stages with him. Back up from time to time to check to see if he's dazed. If he is, go up to him and "Grab Jaw". You'll rip out his jaw and kill the Super Demon.

NOTE: On the fourth time I played this level, I encountered a glitch in the final battle; the black and white area. I was able to grab the Health Kit in front of me, but I was suddenly without my Stick and I was unable to pick up the Small Pipe laying to the left of the Health Kit. If you encounter this glitch, you'll need to restart the chapter (or load a previous checkpoint if you saved one).

On the car ride back with Malcolm Vanhorn, you realize that Leland Vanhorn (Serial Killer X) is in the trunk. You get the option to kill him or to let him live (Compassion or Revenge).

If you choose Compassion (don't shoot): You'll meet Rosa in a diner. After she leaves you'll go to the bathroom where you'll see yourself transform into the Super Demon in the mirror! Looks like they left it wide open for a Condemned 2.

If you choose Revenge (shoot him): You'll get the exact same ending.

You will, however, earn an achievement for completing each ending.

Congrats! You have finished the game.

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