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The Volk

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The Volk

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The Volk

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Welcome to the industrial section of town. Notice that this island is broken up into a north and south section. For now, stay on the south side and begin exploring the city, collecting Agility Orbs and unlocking Supply Points as you go.

At this point, you probably have already been briefed on Natalya Gryzunova. She migrates between the north end of the island (City Memorial Observatory) and the south end of the island (Wolfpack Riot Area). For now, don't worry about her. You'll get to her later.

In the meantime, as you explore, you'll probably run into the territory of Igor Biragov, on the east side of this part of the island. Let's start with him.

Igor Biragov

Location: City Coaches on the east side of the southern section of the island.

City Coaches is well defended and is difficult to get into unless you have a good plan. Here's what I recommend.

Start at the "Hi-Power Tower" Supply Point, which overlooks City Coaches. Equip yourself with the grenade launcher and a machine gun. Drop down one level from the Supply Point so that you're overlooking City Coaches. From here, target and fire grenades down on the enemy. If you run out of grenades, simply go back up to the Supply Point to get more.

After you've cleared out a good number of the enemies around the perimeter of City Coaches, leap to the roof of City Coaches and follow your radar toward Igor. You'll soon see that he is inside a protected garage and that there are many enemies firing on you from two stories of windows/platforms. Again, use your grenade launcher to clear them out. Then, make a run for the inside of the garage and locate Igor, who is on the second floor.

Jump up to him and, if you have grenades left, repeatedly fire them at him. If you just have the machine gun, well, lay into him with everything you've got. After he's dead, grab the MG-60 machine gun if you want it, then get the heck out of there and head back up to the Supply Point to restock ammo.

It was during this mission that I got my first upgrade for Explosives Skill. Meaning, at this point in the game, I have 2 stars for Agility, 0 stars for Driving, 1 star for Explosives, 0 stars for Strength, and 2 stars for Weapons. Just thought I'd give you a quick summary of where I was at this point.

Now that you have Igor taken out, you can focus on Gryzunova, the woman you were briefed on earlier. She'll either be in the north end of the island, at the City Memorial Observatory, or in the south end at the Wolfpack Riot Area. I suggest you wait until she's in the south end and the description below will be based on that.

Natalya Gryzunova

Natalya will migrate between her base of operations at the Observatory on the north end of the island and the Wolfpack Riot Area on the south end of the island (on the west side). She is easier to kill when at the south end of the island. Therefore, I recommend that you explore the city collecting orbs, increasing your various skills, etc., until you see her in the south end. You can check her status at any time by going to your map and selecting "Boss Locations".

When you see that she is in the south end, in the courtyard of the horseshoe-shaped building, get prepared by visiting the "Retreat" Supply Point. Equip the grenade launcher and a machine gun. From here, jump from building to building in the general direction of Natalya. After a few jumps you'll see the building that she's in the middle of, and you'll see a building to the left of it with a radio tower on top. Jump to the radio tower building, and then forward to the building with the gold dome.

From the building with the gold dome, jump south (over the street) to the building that overlooks the open end of the horseshoe-shaped building. There is a nice large brown/orange structure behind which you can take cover, yet have clear shots to Natalya, who you can see below. From this vantage point, take out any guards on the buildings around you, then, lob grenades at Natalya.

Be careful, though, as she has a rocket launcher. If you run out of grenades, finish her off with the machine gun, or, purposely die and restart at the Supply Point with full ammo.

After she's dead, be sure to go up to her and grab the rocket launcher and the machine gun and then bring it back to a Supply Point to secure it. Watch out for a hit squad that will then attack. Get out of there asap because if you die before you secure the rocket launcher, you're out of luck.

Boris Mikhalov

Location: South end of the Docks, on a tanker ship, of the south section of island.

Mikhalov is inside a well-protected tanker ship. On your way there, you'll most likely run into some enemies. I highly recommend that you take them out using your kick attack in an attempt to get at least one star of Strength Skill upgrade (if you haven't already). Doing so doubles your health bar, which is nice for this fight.

Note, if you're not getting the agency info on Mikhalov for some reason, then I suggest making sure that all four Supply Points on the island are active. Once you do that, go to the west side of the docks, where you'll find the hand and ring (volk icon) statue. You will get the briefing here.

The easiest way to get to the ship is from the water. Head to the SW tip of the island and go out onto the small section of beach. Face south and you'll see some floating mines in the water. From the beach shoot one to make it, and all of them, explode.

Now that the path is clear, hop into the water and swim alongside the sea wall. Right where the mines used to be is a ledge with a staircase next to it. Hop out of the water and go up the stairs. At the top, head east, going under the structure of a warehouse, toward the ship.

You'll soon see the ship in front of you. Head to the back of the ship where you can cross the sea wall to get to the other side of the ship where you'll see many brightly colored cargo containers. Try to avoid any suspicion from enemies at this point by paying attention to your radar.

Note the crane that extends from the cargo containers to the ship. This is how you're going to get on the ship. You'll have no problem doing this as long as you have two stars for Agility, which you should by now. As you climb the containers, you'll have to be a little creative, jumping from one section of containers to the next and back again, in order to get up to the crane.

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Also, there is an enemy amongst the crates firing a rocket launcher. If you don't have the rocket launcher yet (if you failed to get it from Natalya), then I recommend killing said enemy and grabbing the rocket launcher. If you want to play it really safe, then exit the area and head to a Supply Point to secure the rocket launcher. From here on out, I'm going to assume that you have the rocket launcher.

Okay, you're now on the crane leading to the ship. Carefully make your way toward the ship and fire on any enemies coming out of the ship's bridge (the naval term "bridge", not an actual bridge). If you have rockets, then aim for the open door leading to the bridge and fire rocket after rocket (or grenade after grenade) into the bridge. This will eliminate his guards and work to hurt him as well. If you still have rockets, then simply continue to fire them into the bridge until he's dead.

If you run out of rockets/grenades, move forward along the crane, walking up the beam and then jump over to the ship, near the entrance to the bridge. Take out any nearby enemies and then enter the bridge where you'll find Boris. Use your precision targeting to target his right arm. Shoot it to make him drop his machine gun. He'll take out a pistol, which won't do much damage to you.

Continue to pump him full of lead, leaving the bridge if your armor is damaged and re-entering after it regenerates. When he's dead, be sure to grab his machine gun (Harlington HMG-90) if you don't already have it, and then make your way out of there toward any Supply Point.

Next, it's off to Camp Johnson to take care of Rabotnikov.

Viktor Rabotnikov

Location: Camp Johnson, the land mass off of the east side of the island.

To do this mission you'll need Limpet Charges (available at any supply point) and it helps to have the rocket launcher or grenade launcher equipped. If you haven't used Limpet Charges before, they are thrown like any other grenade/explosive. However, they won't go off until you detonate them. To do so, hold "RB" after you've thrown one, or two, or three...etc.

Per usual, you don't want to try to attack this compound from the front. Instead, swim to the south side of Camp Johnson where you'll find a small beach which gives you access to large metal doors and two guard towers. Take out the guards in the two guard towers and the enemies above the doors.

Approach the doors and throw three to four Limpet Charges on the door, then back away and set them off by holding down "RB". The doors will blow open.

Enter the compound and take out any immediate threats. Note the red container in front of you, in the middle of the road. Get on top of it and turn right (east) and jump up to the ledge above the archways. Pull yourself up and you'll find yourself near Viktor...maybe too close. In fact, you'll probably be taking a ton of damage at this point.

You need to take cover and gather yourself. You can easily do this by going east, up the first set of stairs, and then turning right. Then, make your way behind the nearby shed. Wait for your armor/health to regenerate and then slowly make your way back toward Viktor. Use your machine gun on any enemies.

When you see Viktor, use your rocket launcher to blast him (which will take out any enemies near him as well). Repeat this until he dies.

It was after killing Viktor that I got my second Explosives upgrade (2 stars now), due to the fact that I killed him with the rocket launcher (an explosive).

At this point, it's worth your while to explore the Camp, killing enemies and collecting orbs. When you're ready, head back to the main island, stop at a Supply Point to restock, and make your way to the north section of the island.

Sergei Sovetnik

Location: Puregy Refinery on the north section of the island, on the west side.

Sergei is a bit of a pain to get to since he won't leave his fortified building. You need to force him out by causing a gas leak (we'll get to that later). I highly recommend the rocket launcher, and, waiting until the end of the mission to use it.

As far as getting to Sergei goes, the best way is to use the access pipe south of the refinery. To get to it, locate the south side of the refinery. Here you'll find a street, and south of the street, you'll see the water separating the island into the north and south sections.

Cross the street, heading south, and hop over the guardrail (small wall). You'll land either in the water, on one of the five large orange pipes, or on the walkway running atop the pipes. Get up onto the walkway and kill any enemies who are nearby. Then, get on the east side of the walkway and start walking west. You'll be passing over the large orange pipes as you go.

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As you approach the third orange pipe notice the hole/opening in it (there are five pipes, it's the middle pipe). Jump into the opening and you'll be inside the pipe!

Follow the pipe all the way to the end where you'll see a hidden orb. Look above to see a grate. Throw a Limpet Charge up onto the grate, back away, and then detonate it...or just shoot it.

Jump up through the opening/grate. Head west while looking up at the ceiling. You'll soon see two red "!" icons. To get your bearings, you are inside the building next to Sergei's fortified tower.

Now that you sort of know where you are, head back to the opening that you jumped up and through. Near it are some large grey pipes and a brown/orange cylinder hanging down from the ceiling. Jump up the pipes to the orange platform just below the orange cylinder. From this platform, you can jump up and through to the next floor.

Head west, killing as you go, and you'll soon see Sergei in his fortified building (off to the left) and one of the red "!". The red "!" is up the ramp from you. Go up it and you'll be told to "Shoot the switch, Agent!". Target it and destroy the switch. Watch as the floor that Sergei is on is blown up, causing him to go to the next highest floor.

From this switch, continue west and then turn the corner so that you're now heading south. At the end you'll see another ramp. Go up it.

Now, head north and then turn the corner east you'll soon see another ramp going up. Go up it. (See how you're just weaving back and forth.) Continue to locate ramps going up until you're on the top floor.

Once you're on the top floor you'll find another red "!" switch. Shoot it. Note that Sergei will end up one floor from the roof.

You have one more red "!" to take care of. Jump across to the building that Sergei is in. You'll end up on the balcony of the building on the same floor that he is on. Go around to the south side of the balcony and look south to see a red "!" at the end of a red pipe.

Here's where having the rocket launcher comes in handy. You probably won't be able to get a lock on it, however, just aim in the general direction of the red "!" and fire a rocket at it. It'll blow up, causing Sergei to go onto the roof of the building. (Note, if you don't have any rockets then you're going to have to go over to the red "!", destroy it with bullets, and then come back to Sergei's building.)

Now that Sergei is on the roof it's good ol' general killin' time. I used rockets on him. Use whatever you please.

After he's dead, I recommend collecting orbs and killing off Volk. When you feel good about yourself, exit the refinery and go to a Supply Point to refill your ammo. Then, get ready to head to the Mason's Quarry, east of you, to deal with Olga.

Olga Romanova

Location: In the middle of the Mason's Quarry, on the east side of the north end of the island.

This is one mission that I don't mind a full on frontal assault through the main gates. In fact, grab any car and drive in like a mad man. Hop out when it's about to explode and then make your way into the quarry itself (the large area with the stratified tiers). Make your way up to the second tier and then follow your radar toward Olga.

At the end of the tier, you'll see a cave entrance. Enter the cave and take out Olga. Use whatever you like.

After she's dead, feel free to explore the cave itself and then explore the quarry for orbs. Before you go and take on the kingpin, you should probably visit a Supply Point to rearm yourself.

It was after the Olga battle that I gained my third Weapons upgrade (3 stars).

Kingpin - Vladmir Golyak

Location: Exetron Oil Rig, SE extension of the south end of the island.

For your information, at this point in the game I have 2 stars Agility, 1 star Driving, 2 stars Explosives, 2 stars Strength, and 3 stars Weapons.

Equipment-wise, I recommend the Harlington HMG-90 machine gun, and any rocket launcher you have. I always like the Limpet Charges as my explosive.

Time to take down the Volk kingpin.

A frontal assault is pretty much suicide. Instead, swim to the backside of the oil rig where you'll find an opening to the interior of a very tall vertical shaft. Kill off any enemies and then enter the interior. You'll now be faced with a series of jumps. While this can be frustrating, it is easier than the frontal assault, and also teaches you jumping skills and patience, young grasshopper.

Note, however, that the small black platforms can only be used once before they fall away. This isn't a big deal, however, as you can make it to the top without them (remember, you can shimmy around corners if hanging).

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When you are nearly to the top you'll have to jump onto some pipes and then up again so that you land on the solid ground of the upper part of the oil platform. Here, you'll be battling a good number of enemies. Take your time and take cover when hurt. You do not want to die and have to jump all the way back up here. Continue to make your way up using the various staircases.

Vladimir is at the very top of the oil rig. On the level below him, you'll see two vertical pipes leading up to his level. You can jump up to the top of those pipes, which will position you just below the level he is on. I stood on those pipes, equipped my rocket launcher, and then jumped up and fired at Vlad, landing back on the pipes. I repeated this until he was dead...about five rockets.

The Volk - Final Crime

Location: In the courthouse courtyard, near the large hand and gear Volk icon statue. It is marked by a red star icon.

Now that the Kingpin has been taken down, The Volk are in chaos. You need to take out the remaining Volk in order to bring peace and security to the island.

Head to the red star icon on your radar. Take out any enemies in the area. If you get to a point where there aren't any more enemies in the courtyard area, but the red star icon is still there, then run away from the area a block or two and then return. You should find a whole new set of Volk to kill.

Once you take them out, you'll be told that the island is safe and that it has been renamed, Hope Springs. Job well done, Agent!

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