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LB's "Dead Rising" TM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Cases

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0. Introduction
1. Cases
2. Scoops
3. Survivors, PP Stickers, Unlockables, Achievements, Endings

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In the Beginning

After the opening video, you can sit through a short helicopter ride over the town of Willamette. This is a good time to familiarize yourself with the whole picture taking aspect of Dead Rising. While on this short onrails sequence, you can use Frank's camera to take pictures of the sights, taking pictures with something interesting in the shot will earn you some points. These points that you earn will go towards Frank's level. As Frank levels up, he gets stronger, faster, more life, learns new moves and is able to carry more items. There are other ways to gain some points, but we will get to that once we are actually inside the mall. This helicopter ride is completely optional, you can press start to skip it if you're eager to bash some zombies. I suggest that you do sit through the ride so you can earn some valuable points by taking pictures.

The camera controls are rather simple; you use the B button to zoom in and the A button to zoom out. While you have something interesting in the shot, press the X button to snap the shot. Once the picture has been taken, you'll see a short summary of the shot and you will be rewarded with the points that you earned. There are a few shots that you can take during the helicopter ride to receive a good amount of points. Take a few pictures of the zombies pushing up against the school bus near the beginning once you get close enough to receive a fair amount of points. Further, a gas station will explode. Take a couple pictures of it and the aftermath to gain a fair amount of points for that. Those are the only real opportunities I noticed during the flight.

When the chopper reaches the mall, after a short conflict, Frank will jump off onto the helipad area. Frank meets a mysterious man on the roof, before proce eding through the door into the next area, take a picture of this man. To switch to your camera, hold the left trigger down and press the X button to take pictures. When you're ready, step through the door ahead leading to the security room. The security room will act as a safe room throughout Dead Rising, you can save using the green bed to the left down the stairs. Go straight and enter the door with "Janitor's Room" printed on its glass. Open the yellow door ahead and then proceed through the door marked "Staff Only." Follow the long hall and exit out into the entrance plaza.

There are some more people in here, working hard to strengthen a barricade to keep out the zombie horde that's waiting outside. You're quickly told to find some objects to help build the barricade. You can take some pictures of the people here to earn some additional points if you are so inclined. When you are ready, run down the area opposite of the door. Approach the pile of items to trigger another video sequence. Lindsay, in a foolish attempt to save her dog, pulls open the door, allowing the zombies waiting outside to enter the mall. Great. When you regain control over Frank, grab the two baseball bats near the assortment of objects and start cracking some zombies. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to save the people in the entrance plaza. You will have to fight your way to the second level of the entrance plaza. Move towards the barricade, whacking any zombies in your path, and proceed up the stairs that lead to the second level.

The door to the security room is quickly sealed. Inside you will meet a few of the characters. Feel free to save your game at this point, so you won't need to play through the opening sequence again if you end up dying at some point. When you gain control over Frank, attempt to exit through the duct in this area. Otis will hand over a transceiver and a map. Get used to talking to this Otis guy, he won't give you a break. He's constantly calling you on the transceiver, sometimes at the most unideal of times. Try receiving a call from Otis when you're running through the mall with only a stepladder as a means of defending yourself surrounded by dozens of zombies. If something happens to you, either you use a weapon or are struck by an enemy, Otis will call you right back. Sorry for being rude Otis, was just busy trying to keep a zombie from biting my head off here!

Once you've stepped through the duct, you'll find yourself on the rooftop. Hop down to the lower level and head to your right. You will meet a man named Jeff near the elevator, talk to him using the B button. Jeff will join you, and you'll learn a little bit about escorting. Take Jeff all the way to the other end of the rooftop. You'll encounter a woman named Natalie, the one Jeff is searching for. Get your camera ready, when Jeff and Natalie are reunited they will hug. Stand close to them and snap a picture of this event when the little PP icon appears over them. If you're shot was good enough, you can receive 10,000 points for this, earning you an achievement in the process.

Escorting is unarguably the best way to gain points so you can grow levels quickly. Escorts will never be as easy as this one though, keep that in mind as things sometimes get very hectic during escort missions. With Jeff and Natalie in party, lead them back through the duct and into the security room. Make sure that they're on the upper level, or they won't follow you through the duct. With Jeff and Natalie safely back in the security room, go back through the duct and take the door to the far left of the rooftop into the warehouse area. Otis gives you a call on the transceiver, he quickly explains the layout of the mall to you. Follow the catwalk and jump down onto the shelf below. Move to the end of this shelf and jump across to the shelf with the sledgehammer on it. The sledgehammer, in my experience, is a great weapon to use. It is very powerful and durable too. Try to grab this weapon each time you are leaving the security room, it'll serve you will. If you drop down from this height, you should earn the Freefall achievement just like that.

Case 1

Backup For Brad

Move to the end of the warehouse and follow the hall leading to the paradise plaza. As you approach the door, you will encounter the DHS agent that you met in the security room, Jessie. This is the start of Case 1. You must travel to the food court, where you will need to help Jessie's partner, Brad. Take the door to the paradise plaza. Press the left button on the directional pad to bring out your watch, press the A button to select "Backup For Brad." With this selected, an arrow will appear at the top of the screen, following this area, you will be lead to the food court where the mission will take place. I'm going to point out a couple of points of interest in the paradise plaza before we proceed. If you head straight ahead from the door that you just came through, you can find a set of steps to your right leading to the second level of the paradise plaza. Climb these steps and move down the walkway.

To your left is the "Colombian Roastmasters." This is a great place to stock up on some food supplies. Food restores your health, simply select the food and press the X button to eat/drink it. The orange juice that you can find here restores three squares of health, so take as many of them from fridge as you can. Get in the habit of visiting this area whenever you are in the paradise plaza to stock up on supplies. You should always have some type of food with you, you never know when you'll need to restore your health and you don't want to be caught without some way of healing yourself in a dire situa tion. Just to the right of the fridge with the orange juice, you can jump out of the window and onto the orange awning to pick up a Katana. This is a great weapon to use against the zombies, though it doesn't last very long. Hop down off of the awning and follow the arrow, it will lead you outside to the "Leisure Park" area.

This is a large, outdoor area that you will need to traverse to get to the food court where Brad is in need of assistance. Luckily, since the area is so large, it is very easy to simply run past all of the zombies here, as they are rather spread apart at most points. Continue following the area to the door leading into the food court. There is a large group of zombies just outside of here, you should be able to easily cleave a path through here with the katana you picked up earlier. Cut your way through and open the door leading to the food court. Inside, you will see Brad in the middle of a gun fight with the man you met on the helipad area when you first arrived at the mall.

Psychopath: Carlito

Psychopaths are the bosses of Dead Rising. You'll encounter plenty of psychopaths throughout the game. Your first psychopath fight is against Carlito, the strange man that you first encountered on the rooftop area. Carlito, for some reason, is attacking Brad. You need to help him repel the strange man without either of you dying. Luckily, Carlito is quite easy, this being your first psychopath battle and all. After the short video, once you regain control over Frank, you can grab some wine bottl es from the counter here, if you are low on health items. Brad has given you another handgun, so you shouldn't run out of ammo while you are fighting Carlito.

Although it may seem like a good idea, don't climb up the boxes to get up to the area where Carlito is gunning from. Carlito's gun is very powerful, so it won't do you much good since you will be stuck in place while you are being shot at. Instead, stand behind the platform that he is on and take some shots at him with your handgun. If you can manage to get some shots on his head, this'll do more damage. Carlito does move around a lot, so try to get a few shots at him as he moves between cover. Once Carlito's health is lower, he will move from the platform and take cover behind the signs above the line of food stands. While he is up there, he will be throwing bombs down at you. Aim your handgun and shoot at Carlito, when he throws a bomb down quickly move away from it, aim at him and continue shooting.

It's very easy to get a couple of headshots in while Carlito is throwing a bomb down, just make sure that you don't stand near the bomb for too long or it will go off. If you are low on health, take cover behind something and eat/drink something to bring your health back up. Remember there are some wine bottles on the bar if you need something. Once you have dealt enough damage to Carlito, he will quickly retreat.

An Odd Old Man

After the short video, follow Brad through the Food Court and outside to the Al Fresca Plaza. If you turn to your right, you can enter the Flexin gym here and save your game via the door up against the wall straight ahead to the right. Straight across from the gym, you can find McHardy's Hardware store. Inside, you will find sledgehammers as well as soon chainsaws. Chainsaws cut through zombies like a hot knife through butter, so consider grabbing one to help you move through Al Fresca Plaza. Follow Brad to the other end of this area and into the entrance plaza. Brad raises the gate for a short while, allowing you to enter the entrance plaza from this way. Follow Brad through the plaza, you will encounter an old man who has locked himself in a store. There is nothing you can do for him at this point.

A Temporary Agreement

Unfortunately you'll need to travel all the way back through the Al Fresca Plaza, through the food court, through the Leisure Park and back into the Paradise Plaza to reach the security room. The warehouse area is no longer zombie free, it is now full of zombies and the elevator is too, so be ready for that. Ride the elevator up, step through the duct and enter the security room. Step through the yellow door here to trigger a short video. That's it for the first case. You've now got some free time to waste until the next case

. It starts at 6:00AM, so you can spend some time now going after achievements or completing some scoop missions that you have undoubtedly received from Otis by now. You can view the "Scoops" section of this guide for information on all of the scoops that occur on September 19th. If you travel back to the Entrance Plaza, you can find a man named Bill in the "In The Closet" store on the 2nd level. Talk to him and eventually when he realizes what has happened, talk to him and he will follow you.

Case 2

Image In The Monitor

Case 2 begins at 6:00AM on September the 20th. Get to the security room after 6:00AM to trigger a short cutscene. On the monitor, You will witness none other than Carlito dragging Dr. Barnaby from the store he was locked inside in the entrance plaza. I'll give you a fair warning now: If you are trying to complete all of the scoop missions as the cases, you will have a lot more trouble managing your time during the second day. Some of the scoops here will conflict with your cases, depending on how fast you progress, you may need to skip some scoops for now since cases are more important. If you want to try and complete all the scoops, you'll need to use this walkthrough in conjunct ion with the Scoops section, since many of them will have to be completed while you are on a case.

Rescue the Professor

You now have to set out with Brad to rescue the professor. Leave the security room and take the door into the warehouse. Be sure to grab the sledgehammer here, you'll need it. You will be fighting Carlito again in this mission, make sure to bring plenty of health supplies and if you have killed Cletus in the Huntin' Shack in the North Plaza, take a couple of shotguns with you. To get to the Entrance Plaza where Dr. Barnaby is being held, thankfully the shutter in the Paradise Plaza that was hindering your access to this area has been lifted. All you need to do is exit the warehouse, then turn around and enter the Entrance Plaza from this opening. Here you will witness a short video. Before you proceed, you can grab an SMG that will help you against Carlito in the Paradise Plaza.

Psychopath: Carlito (2)

There's nothing you can do for Dr. Barnaby at this point. Before you can rescue the professor, you will have to defeat Carlito here. Once again, Brad is here to help you fight Carlito. When you gain control of Frank after the video, quickly locate the stairs that lead up to the second level of the Entrance Plaza and get yourself up there. Carlito has a sniper rifle this time around, so he is a lot more deadly than when you first encountered him. If you only have a handgun, it won't help you very much against Carlito this time. Melee weapons or a powerful gun such as the sniper rifle or shotgun is the way to go here. If you went into the warehouse area via the doorway, the sledgehammer on one of the shelves will help you here.

You'll need to use the various shops in this area to your advantage. Run and take cover in one of them, wait until Carlito's attention is focused on Brad, then quickly run from cover and hide in another store that is closer to him. Do this until you are close enough to run out and smash him with your melee weapon. Stay hidden in the store near him, when he is aiming for Brad, run out and hit him a couple of times. Of course, Carlito won't stay in one spot, so you will have to run after him. The sniper rifle is a very powerful weapon that can take off two blocks of your health with one shot, as well as send you flying back. Though it may not do much good, try to jump around from side to side as you are chasing Carlito, just until you come to another store that you can hide in. Find a store fast, because Carlito will turn around and focus on you once there is enough distance between you.

While you a hitting him with your melee weapon, only hit him two times at the most. When you are close to him, he will use his sniper rifle to hit you over the head, which deals a fair amount of damage to you. The sledgehammer should be able to cut down Carlito's health a fair bit, just use the standard X button attack to hit him over the head with it. If you have an SMG, sniper rifle, or shotgun, just use the same method, but instead pop out from cover and shoot him with the gun instead of running up to him and hitting him with the melee weapon.

Medicine Run

Brad is injured and you need to run down to the market in the North Plaza to retrieve some medicine to lower his fever. If you have completed the "Cut From The Same Cloth" scoop mission that initiates the 19th, you can get that erotic photo that Kent requires at this point. While Jessie is sitting down on the bed next to Brad, back up from her and take out your camera. Zoom in and focus on her crotch, but make sure that her breasts are in still in the shot. You should get 7001,000 points for this erotic photo, which can be shown to Kent to complete the "Photo Challenge" mission. Don't worry about that for now, you still have a good amount of time to show him the photo. You should also have received a transmission from Otis about "Lovers" in the Wonderland Plaza. Disregard this for now, the cases are more important. If you have enough time after obtaining the medicine for Brad, which you should, you can complete it on the way back.

The medicine that Brad needs can be found in the pharmacy in Seon's Market located in the North Plaza. This isn't too out of the way, you will have to travel through Leisure Park, which will lead you directly to the North Plaza if you have "Medicine Run" selected and you follow the arrow associated with this quest. Time is of the essence here, so move as quickly as you can to this location, just run by all of the zombies. I am not entirely sure if the psychopath Cletus is still in the Huntin' Shack on day 2 if you didn't defeat him on the 19th, but if you did kill him, consider stopping by the store to grab a couple of guns. When in the North Plaza, run past all of the zombies here and make your way to Seon's Market. Before stepping in though, stop by the Ripper's Blades store right by here. Smash the display case, grab a couple of katanas, then proceed into the market.

When you enter Seon's, head to the back of the store and grab as many drinks from the fridges as you can. To get the medicine, you will need to go through the door at the back of the store, which will lead you behind the counter where you can find the medicine for Brad. Did you really think you would be able to get the medicine that easily? Oh, you'll have to fight a psychopath before you can proceed. Keep in mind that even if you have the medicine, the timer is still going. You need to kill this guy fast enough so that you still have enough time to bring the medicine back to Brad in the security station. There are the lovers stuck in the Wonderland Plaza, too. But I'll get to that after the psychopath battle. For now, attempt to open the door leading to the medicine to trigger the battle.

Psychopath: Steven Chapman

This guy has well earned the title of psychopath. Apparently you're not allowed to shop in his store. That can't be good for business. That can't be good for anybody. As soon as you gain control of Frank after the short video sequence, you will find yourself in the path of Steven's shopping cart of pointy objects. Quickly turn to your right or left and press the A button to jump up and grab onto one of the shelves of food to avoid the crazy manager. That's not all, he also has a gun. You'll probably want to drop down on the opposite side of this shelf, to avoid the blast. This psychopath battle, luckily, isn't very tough at all. For one thing, you're surrounded by food. There are many aisles that you can swerve into to block yourself off from Steven and his shopping cart. If you are ever low on health, just run to the fridges in the back and grab some drinks as you run by. Since Steven is rushing his shopping cart around the store, you will want to use the shelves in the aisles to travel around the store. Basically jump between them, and then jump off the last section to propel yourself to a certain section of the store.

As for Steven's attacks, he has his shopping cart, which he uses to chase after you in an attempt to run you down, or he will turn it sharply when you are close to him to deal some heavy damage and throw you back. If you are using a gun, your basic strategy here is to stand behind the pillars near the shelves of food in the aisles to avoid his fire, then when he stops, come out from cover and blast him a few times. Guns also work rather well on the ground too, since there are many shelves for you to hide behind while he has his gun out. If you are using a melee weapon, you will have to be more cautious here. The strategy here is to run around the store through the aisles to avoid the shopping cart, then run out when he stops to take out his gun and hit him with the weapon. The shotgun is not very accurate, so you can simply jump from side to side to avoid the blast, then run up to him and attack him. The katana or sledghammer works well here.

While using a melee weapon, you have to be careful of the cart, because when you are close to him, he will slowly attempt to turn the cart, when he does he will attempt to hit you with it, if this connects it does a lot of damage. Luckily, you're surrounded by food, so health shouldn't be a problem at all. Steven should go down really easily if you are a strong melee weapon. When he is dead, be sure to take a picture of his body if you are after the achievement associated with the psycopath's pictures.

Now that Steven is out of the way, you need to get that medicine for Brad. Now that you have the key, go through the door that you were unable to access due to Steven's presence and run to the end of this area. Grab the medicine in the middle of this area, run out of the pharmacy and leave Seon's Food & Stuff. If you care for the Lovers scoop, you'll need to rescue those two right now on your way back to the security room with the medicine. If you don't think you have enough time to make it back, don't bother trying as the medicine is much more important as it is associated with a case file. If you want to save them, it is almost absolutely mandatory that you have defeated Adam so you have access to the secret passage in the wonderland plaza located in the ladies room. I don't think you can access this shortcut unless you have defeated him.

Ok, so you're in the North Plaza now. The North Plaza is connected to the Wonderland Plaza, look to your map if you need to find the entrance to that area from here. Move through this plaza and enter into the Wonderland Plaza area. From here, visit the book store where Tanya and Ross can be found. Take to both of them. When Ross asks for a gun, DO NOT give it to him! He'll just use it to kill himself and Tonya will refuse to follow you. When he asks for the gun, just start talking to Tonya and eventually she should agree to go with you, but you'll have to carry the injured man Ross. Assuming you have defeated Adam the Clown, pick up Ross and make your way to the ladies room in the plaza. Once there, take them through the shortcut to Paradise Plaza. You'll have to give Tonya a weapon since there will be a lot of zombies in your path. If you still have a katana from the Steven encounter, give that.

By the time you reach the Paradise Plaza, two women named Pamela Tompkins and Heather Tompkins will be in the plaza. Saving Ross, Tonya, Pamela and Heather makes things ridiculously tough. If you want to attempt this, when you first get in the Paradise Plaza via the Wonderland shortcut, tell Ross and Tonya to wait in the washroom. Heather will probably be in the middle of a pack of zombies, the only chance you really have is probably a queen. Heather should be inside the Child's Play store, while Pamela is outside surrounded by a pack of zombies. Take them back to the security room and then head into the main room to end the second case. If you manage to save both of them, lead them to the washroom with the others. Take the stairs to the right of the ladies room up and follow it around to pass a large group of zombies on the first level. You'll have to put down Ross for a moment so you can clear the zombies on the stairs. Take them back to the security room and then head into the main room to end the second case.

Case 3

Case 3 is just a cutscene. Be at the security room at 11:00AM. You have until 3:00PM, when Case 4 begins. Consider completing some scoops between now and then. Just remember you have to be there by 4:00PM, so don't stay too far away from the security when it's close to that time.

Case 4

Another Source

A short cutscene in the security room. The monitor shows Isabela, the woman that you encountered in the market, on a motorcycle. You have some more time to kill here until you need to pursue the next part of the case. You can complete some scoop missions or try to earn some achievements before you go on to the next part.

Girl Hunting

I'll give you a fair warning now, don't leave this mission for too long. Don't let the bar turn dark red. This is because you need enough time to reach the area with the psychopath and enough time to defeat her too, the time for the mission continues ticking even while you are fighting. If you want, as soon as you get this mission, go and finish it, then move on to the scoops that you have available. This mission takes place in the North Plaza. Get to the North Plaza by running through the Leisure Park area. Make sure that you have "Girl Hunting" as your selected quest and follow the arrow through here to the location of the battle.

Psychopath: Isabela

Isabela refuses to listen to you. Instead she'll go on the offense. She gets on her motorcycle and attempts to run you down. Luckily this is a very easy battle if you can find a spot where she can't reach you. She only has two attacks, she tries to hit you while she is on the motorcy cle and she also has a handgun. She will occasionally stop the driving, then she will take out the handgun and start shooting at you. All you need to kill her is a strong gun. The Huntin' Shack happens to be in the North Plaza, so you can run down there and grab a couple of guns and then return to the battleground. Isabela won't follow you all the way to the gun store, so just try to avoid her while you are running there. A shotgun works best, and a sniper is good too if you manage to get a headshot on her each time. She's easy to avoid while you are running to the Hunting Shack, just swerve from side to side as you are running through the North Plaza.

All you really need to do is find something to jump on and then just shoot Isabela with the shotgun as she drives by your location. She will occasionally take out her handgun, but this doesn't do much damage. A good place to get her stuck is in one of the under construction rooms in the narrow hallway on the way to the Hunting Shack. Go into the first door to your left. This room has a couple of boxes in the corner, just jump up onto these boxes to avoid Isabela's motorcycle. You can heal up here too if you are low on health, just wait until she isn't shooting at you. Since this is a small space, it is easy to get shots on Isabela as she drives by the boxes and crashes into the walls. Try to aim for her head to deal the most damage. With a shotgun or a sniper rifle, Isabela can be defeated rather easily.

After the battle, Isabela will finally talk to you. She tells you that she can get you an interview with her brother Carlito if you return to the North Plaza at 12:00AM on the 21st of September. If you have some spare time, this is the time to earn the motorcycle stunt achievement. Isabela leaves her bike behind after you defeat her, get on it and speed down the halls, hit one of the wooden ramps and you should earn the achievement if you fly far enough.

Case 5

A Promise to Isabela

Head to the security room for a short cutscene concerning Dr. Barnaby. After this, all you have to do is wait until it is 12:00AM and be at the room in the North Plaza near the camera store within the hour. When Isabella shows up, she is being attacked by a zombie. Quickly kill the zombie, then speak with her.

Transporting Isabela

Isabela's psychotic brother shot her, so you will have to carry her to the safety of the security room. There is a man named Kindell in this area, just outside of the room you were supposed to meet Isabela in. He's got a shotgun, so he will be very helpful if you want to make it back to the security room with Isabela in one piece. Put down Isabela and speak to Kindell a few times. Eventually the man will agree to join you. Now you must bring everybody back to the security room to complete case 5.

Case 6

Santa Cabeza

When you receive a call on your transceiver from Otis, telling you that Isabela has woken up and she wants to speak to you, return to the security room. Watch the cutscene to finish case 6. You've got some time to kill until the next case begins, try to complete some scoop missions while you wait.

Case 7

The Last Resort

When you hear Carlito's announcement to Isabela over the intercom, you should receive a call from Otis on the transceiver soon after. You need to report back to the security room before the time runs out on this mission.

Bomb Collector

Get started on this mission as soon as you can. Carlito has apparently prepared some bombs and he plans to blow up the mall. The bombs are being kept in trucks located in the Maintenance Tunnel. There are five trucks in total, each with its own time bomb. If you have completed the "Photo Challenge" Scoop mission on the second day, you will meet Kent as soon as you step out of the warehouse and into the Paradise Plaza. Kent has clearly lost it, he wants to get a picture of a human's transformation into a zombie. You can't let that happen, you will have to kill Kent. For more information on this mission, check "A Photographer's Pride" under the "Scoops" section. This will slow down your time a bit, but not by much. Be sure to bring plenty of healing items before you move on. To get to the Maintenance Tunnel, make sure that you have "Bomb Collector" selected as your active mission and head to the Leisure Park area. Follow the arrow associated with this mission and it will eventually lead you to the parking lot. Take the motorcycle from here and drive it down through the entrance of the Maintenance Tunnel.

Ignore the arrow for now, head straight and take a left. Follow this tunnel to the end, you will find a one of the trucks containing one of the time bombs as well as a truck you can get into. Switch this truck for your motorcycle, it is much more durable. Now you need to quickly follow the arrow and drive your way through the Maintenance tunnel. When you reach one of the trucks that contains a time bomb, quickly get out of the truck and approach the back of the truck. Open the doors and take the time bomb. Of course, your truck won't last forever and running down zombies will quickly wear it out. So as tempting as it may be, avoid running over too many zombies, only run over the zombies you absolutely have to. Things get much, much tougher however. Carlito, of course, will not sit by and allow you to remove the bombs from the trucks and spoil his plans. Carlito will appear in the tunnel driving a truck, which he'll use to try and run you over.

If your vehicle breaks while you are in the middle of the tunnel, things will become very tough and since you are in a rush you can't really afford that. You will find yourself having a very hard time since Carlito is still chasing you down. Press on though, continue following that arrow. If you see the light from the truck's headlights in front of you, quickly swerve off to the side, Carlito isn't the best driver so he will probably miss you and hit some zombies or the wall instead. You will need a lot of health items if you are going to make it by walking through the tunnel though. Take the time to heal when you are in a clear patch and Carlito isn't driving straight for you. When you are trying to take a bomb from the back of the trucks, Carlito will throw grenades at you in an attempt to stop you. You must move quickly because these will deal some heavy damage and throw you back. When you have all of the bombs, drive or run back to the passage that you used to enter the Maintenance Tunnel.

You will witness a cutscene at this point. If you want to get the "Snuff Shot B" achievement, you will have to go back into the Maintenance Tunnel and find Brad. Take a picture of him as a zombie and you will unlock that achievement. To get to Brad, take a right as soon as you enter the tunnel. Turn left as soon as you can, follow here and take a right. You will witness a short cutscene involving zombie Brad. When the cutscene is over, take a picture of Brad. You can enter the room at the end of this area and retrieve the Mainte nance Tunnel key if you wish.

Case 8

Jamming Device

Just a cutscene. Get to the security room before the time runs out on this to view the cutscene and move on to the next part of this case.


Apparently, Carlito has a hideout in the North Plaza. He has a computer in his hideout, Isabela believes that the group may be able to learn if Carlito has any future plans by logging in to it. When you are ready, go through the duct. Speak to Isabela and she will start leading you. She insists on taking the elevator down to the warehouse, so be ready for the pack of zombies that's inside. Isabela will lead the way, all you need to do is follow her and kill the zombies around her. She will lead you through the Leisure Park area and into the North Plaza. Follow her through here and eventually she will lead you to an empty store. Carlito's hideout is above the boxes in this area. When in his hideout, run towards Isabela to trigger a cutscene.

Jessie's Discovery

All you need to do is get to the Security Room to view a short cutscene. You can save your game in Carlito's hideout by using the rug on the floor in the area with the laptop. Leave Isabela there and get to the Security Room before the time runs out. An image on the monitor depicts Carlito being dragged into the meat processing room in the Maintenance Tunnels. Get down there and check it out!

The Butcher

You need to get down to the meat processing room in the Maintenance Tunnel posthaste! Be sure to take the sledghammer on top of the shelf in the warehouse on your way out. You will need some healing items, so stop by the Colombian Roastmasters and grab some orange juice. Taking the katana from the awning below the window to the right of the fridge wouldn't hurt. Jump down and enter the Leisure Park area. Traverse the park and get to the parking lot near the Maintenance Tunnel. Grab the car her and drive into the tunnel. As soon as you are in the tunnel, turn to your left and follow this route all the way until you reach the large open area with the door leading to the meat processing room. Get out of the car and enter.

Psychopath: Larry Chiang

Larry the butcher has Carlito, and you need information from Carlito. Larry's isn't going to give up Carlito, so either way one of you is going to have to get killed. Luckily, Larry isn't too much of a nuisance if you are well prepared. I hope you brought that sledgehammer with you, because it will aid you greatly in this battle. As with the True Eye cult leader Sean, for some reason most of Larry's attacks will complete ly miss you while you are using the sledgehammer's primary attack to damage him. Larry is more versatile than the cult leader, however. You can still use the sledgehammer to essentially negate Larry's primary attack. Larry cannot hit you with his knives if you stand directly in front of him and tap the X button while you have the sledgehammer, but he's not just going to stand there and take it either. Larry can pick you up while you are attacking him and place you on a meat hook. While you're up here, you're essentially helpless while Larry gets a few free cheap shots on you, quickly rotate the left analog stick to break free.

Most of Larry's attacks are easy to avoid. Sometimes he will take a giant piece of meat from one of the hooks in the area and either hit you over the head with it or throw it at you. This attack is very easy avoid but if it hits you, ouch. If you need to heal, you can run towards one of the counters around the area and jump up onto it. Here, you can drink to restore some health without being attacked by the butcher. Larry may also throw knives at you if you are far away. The shotgun is a great gun to use against Larry, but you should be able to finish him quickly with just a sledgehammer. His attacks do deal a lot of damage, but just try your best to avoid them and you shouldn't have a problem with this fight. When Larry dies, you can pick up his meat cleaver, which is quite the powerful melee weapon.

After the cutscene, you can get in the truck just outside of the meat process ing room to quickly drive out of the Maintenance Tunnel.

The Facts


When you receive a call on the transceiver from Isabela, quickly return to Carlito's Hideout to trigger a cutscene.

All cases closed! But...

But what? Scroll down to find out!

The Final Hours

Stuck in a mall infested with zombies with hours to spend waiting for your helicopter ride out of there. What do you do? Well, there isn't much you can do during your first few hours of free time. Try to earn some achievements perhaps? While you move through the mall, you will trigger more cutscenes. Since the jammer Carlito was using to prevent anyone from calling for help is down, Jessie can call for help. You will learn that help's not coming, quite the opposite actually. The Special Forces will show up at 12:00AM, and there's a lot of them. Take a picture of Jessie as a zombie to earn to "Snuff Shot J" achievement.

By 12:00AM, the mall will be crawling with special forces soldiers. If you want to get the "Legendary Soldier" achievement, you'll have to take out ten of these guys. The soldiers are all carrying machine guns, which makes them formidable opponents. You're probably not used to having more than one person shooting a gun at you. In some places, such as the North Plaza, you can get yourself trapped between the soldier's gunfire and unable to move until they kill you. For this reason, don't try to go up against more than two soldiers at one time. The absolute best weapon to use to quickly kill the soldiers is the katana. With a few slices, the soldier should go down. For each soldier you kill, you will receive a large PP bonus. So if you are bored, run around the mall killing the soldiers that you encounter.

If you need food, there are usually few soldiers around the Colombian Roastma sters restaurant in the Paradise Plaza. Don't try Seon's Food & Stuff in the North Plaza, it's packed with special forces soldiers. I do suggest stopping by the sword store right next to Seon's though, to stock up on katanas. The machine guns that the soldiers drop when you kill them is also good to use against them. Since you've got time to spare, you can take one of these guns with full ammo down to the meat processing room in the Maintenance Tunnel. Unload one entire, full machine gun on one of the pieces of hanging meat to earn the "Perfect Gunner" achievement. The convicts in Leisure Park have been replaced by a special forces helicopter. If you manage to shoot this helico pter down, you will earn the "Hella Copter" achievement. Use a special forces soldier's machine gun to shoot the helicopter down. Just continuously aim and shoot the helicopter when it flies over you. Be careful though, as the helicopter has some heavy weaponry strapped to it.

If you've done everything that you want to do, make your way to Carlito's Hideout. You must do this if you want to unlock Overtime mode. If you beat overtime mode, you will unlock the true ending. Speak to Isabela after the cutscene at 10:00AM. Be at the heliport by 12:00PM. Sit through the credits! All hope is lost? Not quite. Read on.

Overtime Mode

It turns out that Frank was bitten by a zombie! How unlikely! How could he have possibly been bitten? I mean, it's not like he was exposed to a large number of zombies or anything. Anyway, if Frank going to live to see another day, you must collect some items from around the mall. With these items, Isab ela will be able to make something for Frank to take to give him more time as a human. You're on a 24 hour timer here, you should have plenty of time to get everything needed to save Frank. You must scour the mall for a First Aid Kit, Blender, Coffee Filters, Magnifying Glass, Camp Stove, Developing Solution, a Perfume Bottle and Cold Spray.

The mall is still full of soldiers, apparently cleaning up whatever was left behind. You'll want to get your hands on some katanas to deal with them. There are also small sentry drones that fly around the mall. If they spot you, a car alarmesque siren will sound and all the special forces soldiers in the area will be alerted to your presence. You can use basically any gun to kill these drones, or just hit them with a melee weapon. the special forces's machine guns work quite well. You can stop by the Huntin' Shack as well as the Riper's Blades near Seon's to stock up on some guns and swords.

In Need of Supplies

Since simply going down the list of items on the mission menu in order is both tedious and a waste of time, just go after the items in the order that I cover them. You're in the North Plaza now, you can obtain the First Aid Kit in the Seon's Food & Stuff store here. Unfortunately for you, the population of special forces soldiers in Seon's is heavy. What to do? Run. Simply run past the soldiers, swerving from side to side in a seemingly futile attempt to avoid their gunfire and go through the door leading to the pharmacy. Grab the First Aid get here, it is denoted by the blue icon. Now make your way out of the store as fast as you can, grab some wine from the King of Wine section on your way out. Next stop, the Wonderland Plaza. Once you are out of Seon's, leave the North Plaza by the exit leading to the Wonderland Plaza just across from Seon's.

The Wonder Jewels on the first floor of the Wonderland Plaza contains the Magnifying Glass that you need. Wonderland Plaza appears to be sparsely populated with soldiers, so you shouldn't have much difficulty getting to the store and taking the Magnifying Glass on the counter with the cash register. Once you have that, run through the Wonderland Plaza and enter the Food Court. Here, you will encounter a few soldiers on the main area of the food court. You can find the Blender behind the counter of the Ice Cream stand. Take some wine from Chris' Fine Foods if you are low on health and need healing items. Travel through the Leisure Park area and enter the Paradise Plaza. There are quite a few soldiers here, if you are low on health you can stop by the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant and grab some orange juice, as well as the katana on the awning. Be careful though, there are likely many soldiers near the restaurant.

You can find the Cold Spray in the SporTrance store on the second level of the Paradise Plaza. The developing solution can be found in Cam's Camera, right next to the warehouse door. The warehouse is swarming with soldiers, so ignore it and proceed into the Entrance Plaza. You can obtain the Perfume Bottle in Estelle's Finelady Cosmetics on the second floor of the Entrance Plaza. The Camp Stove can be found in the Sports High store on the first level. The Coffee Filters can be found in the security room. The door marked "Staff Only" that was previously shut can now be opened! You really don't want to go through the Warehouse, so enter the security room from the Entrance Plaza instead. Now that you have everything that Isabela needs, return to Carlito's Hideout in the North Plaza and hand them over to her.

It's not over yet. Isabela needs queens to make the formula. You will need to bring ten of these queens to Isabela. You should have plenty of time left to get these teen queens, but it will still take awhile nonetheless. If you see a zombie standing in one spot with its hands flailing up in the air and its head tilted upwards, apparently this isn't normal zombie behavior. Kill zombies that fit this description and a queen will appear from them. The North Plaza and the Wonderland Plaza now have a healthy population of zombies. Basically, what you should do is run between these areas and kill any zombies you see who have the queens in them. When one area seems to be empty, move into the other, clear that area, then move back to the previous. Repeat this until you have given Isabela the teen queens that she needs. You will, of course, have to stop off at Carlito's Hideout and drop off the queens you have in your inventory to free up some inventory space. Be very careful that you do not accidentally use a queen, if you are using a weapon and it breaks/runs out of ammo, Frank will autoswitch to the next item in your inventory. Don't let this make you accidentally use a queen! Keep an eye on your weapons ammo or it's durability.

Into The Tunnel

Once you have obtained ten queens and have given each of them to Isabela, she will inject Frank with a shot of the formula she created. Frank and Isabela form a plan to escape the mall by using the tunnel in the clock tower and the antizombie perfume Isabela was able to create using the queens. When you gain control of Frank after the cutscene, save the game where you are standing. Take Isabella by the hand and lead her through the horde of zombies. The zombies will only be repelled by the perfume if they step within its aura. When they, they will be knocked back. A large iron gate is blocking your progression, stand by the gate with Isabela and lift it up for her to crawl through. You will have to stand your ground here and fight off the horde of zombies until Isabela activates a switch to open the gate so you can follow her through.

Take Isabela by the hand again and lead her through the sea of undead. When you reach the gate, open the door to proceed into the next area. Lead Isabela past the zombies and you will encounter yet another gate. Hold up the grate for Isabela, fight off the zombies and then step past the gate. The light at the end of the tunnel! Slightly obscured by the grotesqueness of the undead horde blocking your path... When you regain control over Frank after the short cutscene, save the game where you stand, then carry Isabela on your back through the zombies, take a left and head up the stairs here. Put Isabela down and flip the lever here to open the gate and unleash the zombies. Pick Isabela up again and bring her outside. Walk up next to the jeep with the mounted turret, put Isabela down and enter the vehicle.

XM3 Prototype Tank

You knew you weren't going to be able to escape the mall that easily, right? Just when Frank and Isabela appeared to be home free, the special forces reveal the final barrier. A giant, deadly looking tank. You're on a jeep with a mounted turret and you're facing off against a tank... Luckily this isn't going to be nearly as hard as it sounds. This is an on rails boss battle, so they only thing you have to worry about doing is aiming and shooting the mounted turret. The tank has a lengthy life bar, you'll need to deplete this to halt the tanks movement. The tank's body is heavily armored, but you can still damage the tank if you shoot the right parts of it.

The only two things you need to concentrate your gunfire on to damage the tank are the two boxes on the front sides of the tank. These each have a pair of flashing green lights, so they're easy to spot. The tank will attack you while it is pursuing you. When you see the little sentry unit appear on top of the tank, concentrate your fire on this. A green target seeking laser will appear from the unit, attempting to find a target for the tank's cannon to lock onto. If you destroy the sentry unit before the laser locks on the jeep and turns red, the tank won't be able to fire. The sentry unit will reappear though, so make sure that you are always keeping an eye out for it so you can destroy it before the tank is able to lock on and shoot the jeep. For each shot that hits the tank, you will loose one block of health. At this point, you should have plenty of health, more than enough to survive this encounter.

The XM3 will also employ sentry drones, which will fly towards you. Aim and destroy these before they get too close. The tank can also launch four homing missiles. These don't deal a whole lot of damage by themse lves, so try to take out as many of them as you can before they reach the jeep. Continue firing at the tank's weak points, when one is destro yed, shift your fire to the other. Do this until the tank's health bar is completely depleted and it comes to a stop.


This fight can be quite tough. You have nothing in your inventory for it. You can only use your skills to attack and damage Brock. Luckily you're health has been completely restored from you're skirmish with the XM3 tank. Brock will block most of your attacks with his fists, and his own melee attacks are quite powerful too. The trick here is to just keep on moving! Don't stand in one spot for too long trying to punch or kick Brock. Move between the tank's cannon and the tank's body. When Brock jumps down, try to catch him off guard with a flying kick while he has his back turned when he's trying to get back up the cannon. You'll essentially just be running in circles around him, jumping up into the air and kicking him.

You can also try the double lariat attack. To do this, hold down on the left thumbstick and tap the X button. Try your best not to fall off of the tank. As you can see, a hungry mass of zombies has accumulated below. If you do get knocked down, jump around and quickly climb back up onto the tank's body. Jumping into the air and pressing the X button, then pressing it again once you hit the ground to perform another kick seems to work quite well against Brock. Just do this once, then jump down to the tank's body, hit Brock again when he follows you, then climb back up onto the cannon. If you let Brock perform some of his attacks on you, they will deal a large amount of damage, so keep moving.

It's Finally Over...

That's it, you've just completed Dead Rising and earned the true ending! Congratulations on a job well done! **This page, along with all pages at Lunabean.com, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
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