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LB's "Devil May Cry 4" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Lunabean's Unofficial Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC) contains everything you need to master the intricate fighting styles of Nero and Dante in your quest against Sanctus and his minions!

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"Devil May Cry 4" Game Guide

Written by Nicolas Tringali exclusively for Lunabean.

Copyright (c) 2008, Nicolas Tringali.


Welcome to Devil May Cry 4! A wonderful game full of twisting tales and guns, swords, and demons, and a mystery that isn't solved fast enough. This guide will be tailored to the Xbox 360 version of the game, using its control scheme. If you are playing on the PS3 or PC, please refer to the controls section in-game for specifics.


Many controls are context sensitive, and some require a movement of your thumbstick. Also, you can do many attacks in the air, and several combination attacks with your gun and sword. Nero's Devilbringer Arm can be used to bring enemies closer to you. It can be used in the air as well, leading to sickening aerial combos.

Starting the Game

Upon starting a new game you'll be given several options:

Basic Moves


Red Queen

Most of the abilities can be found in your manual, and when bought in game it tells you the button combination. Here I will just explain the Ex-Gauge.

Exceed - You can charge up the Red Queen by using Exceed. To charge it up, press and hold LT several times which "revs" it up. You'll see the Exceed meter fill (the three red dots next to your health). You can fill up each of the three dots. Each time you swing your sword you'll notice one dot disappear. This does a good deal of damage, but is slow to charge up and, while charging, you're vulnerable.


The coolest gun ever. Six hundred and Sixty Six different combinations, all in a briefcase. The most common and useful upgrades are talked about in the walkthrough itself when you need them.

Styles (Fighting Styles)

When playing as Dante you can use the B to activate one of four style moves, which can be switched up using the D-Pad:


There are a variety of orbs in the game, each doing its own special thing.



Nicely rendered cutscene showing what happens to the Order of the Sword, Dante and Nero. Here Nero also finds a use for his 'wounded' arm. This movie also sets up a lovely mystery for the rest of the game.

Mission 1 - Birds of a Feather

Defeat Assassin

You now get to fight Dante, and you'll learn basic maneuvers of combat in DMC4. You also learn the basic Devilbringer (DB) attack, Buster. Follow the instructions onscreen to learn basic moves (if you have tutorial enabled) and see some cutscenes of Dante and Nero fighting. When fighting, smash benches for red orbs.

Note - Almost everything that isn't part of the scenery can be smashed for red orbs, just remember to take a slice at everything.

After fighting Dante, Nero disarms him, flings him into a statue, and stabs him with his sword. Dante slides himself off, comments on Nero's abilities, and remarks that he is different from the rest of the Knights. The camera pans down to show a Knight with a very demonic face. Dante leaves, and Credo and Kyrie come in, and Kyrie presents him the Red Queen, and Credo tells Nero to follow Dante.

Mission 2 - La Porte de L'enter

In this cutscene, we see the Knights evacuating the island, and demons attacking readily. While Nero is fighting demons, he saves Kyrie's life. We see many uses of the handle on the Red Queen, which can make the sword temporarily super powerful.

--==Opera House Plaza==--
After defeating the demons, go around the fountain and through the door on the right.

Inside, go down and right to the small steps. Jump, and jump again on the wall to get the gold orb.

Note - When I give a direction such as 'right' or 'down', I am meaning in the perspective of the player, not the character. This simplifies directions, as the camera has some interesting angles throughout the game. This may also refer to the map.

Break the barrels and then go up the stairs. At the top, fight the demons to unseal the Sealed Door, break everything in the room, and then head out the door you just unsealed.

--==Terrace/Business District==--
Go left here and down into the chapel.

Go down to the mesmerizing blue pillar, and use it.

Grim Grip (Grim Grab, Grab) - Certain locations in the game contain Grim Grips, which allow you to zoom across large distances. To use Grim Grip, step on a blue continuum pad (blue pad), use RB to target the Grip, and then hit B. Note that there are some Grim Grips that don't require the blue pad.

Also be aware that you can grab items, like Vital Stars, with the grab.

You'll need to try out your new skill immediately by stepping onto the blue pad just up from where you got the blue skull. This will zoom you up to the balcony. Follow it and use the next Blue Pad to clear the gap. Go through the door.

--==Terrace/Business District==--
Stand on the blue pad, target the far off target and use Grim Grab. Follow the path and you'll soon see a pillar with some symbols on it. This is a Secret Mission pillar. This is essentially a side mission with a reward of a Blue Orb.

Secret Mission 1 - Annihilation

This one is basic where you just need to kill all enemies in the time limit. The Buster does the most damage, which followed with a sword or gun attack can finish off everyone quickly. You are rewarded with a Blue Orb Fragment for completing this mission which you can find on the ground near the fountain.

--==Residential District==--
Keep following the path (You'll learn about Exceed...see "Red Queen" section at beginning of walkthrough) until you see a rather large red crystal. Start beating this up, and it will yield a decent amount of red orbs. Instead of going through the archway, go left down the alley and jump up the building. Run along a few rooftops and go left to find a Blue Orb Fragment. Drop down and continue on.

--==Port Caerula==--
Go past the boats while following the dock path. Jump across the water using Grim Grab at the Blue Pad. Continue on the path and enter the building.

--==Customs House==--
Defeat the enemies inside, and a cutscene reveals a shiny floating blue disk. Smash into it with your sword plenty of times and you'll release the blue doorway. Jump up a few times and go through the doorway. Go over to the control panel and examine it. Here we get a cutscene of Nero trying to work with technology, and voicing many opinions by shooting it. Unlike in real life, the machine sputters to life and lowers the bridge back outside.

--==Port Caerula==--
Backtrack out to the docks and go left onto a barge. Here you'll learn about Taunt. Press the "Back" button to taunt, however be careful as it may have undesired consequences. Kill off the demons. Go up the small steps and make your way right along the bridge.

--==First Mining Area==--
In this 'room', drop down into the waterway and get the red orbs. Hop up onto the platform and DB grab (Grim Grab) up once, twice, and onto the ledge. Here is a Combat Adjucator. This device requires you to get your Style ranking up to a certain ranking by using different sword combos. For now, just alternate between ground and aerial attacks. You'll need to get your ranking to 'B' to get a Blue Orb Fragment. Go right along the ledge, and you'll discover a Divinity Statue.

Divinity Statues - These statues allow you to Power Up while in a mission, as opposed to having to wait until you start a new mission.

Here you can spend Proud Souls earned from completing missions and buy new moves and skills. You don't have much currency now, so spend what you can and move on.

--==Ferrum Hills==--
Out the door and you'll emerge onto a ghost town, and see a odd upshooting of rock with some runes on it. Out emerges Berial, a demon of the Fire Hell, and about the size of a building. After trading snide remarks, you''ll have to fight him.

Boss Fight - Berial

Berial is big and his sword is even bigger. You definitely want to avoid attacking him from the front, the best way to approach him is from the back. You can also jump onto the houses and attack him from there, but he usually makes short work of the wooden shacks pretty quickly. The houses do yield green orbs, so you can use them methodically to heal yourself. Also note that Berial does have a Grim Grab on his head that you can use to zip up to his head and whack at him.

After bringing his health down to about halfway he'll turn red and his flames will start to go out. At this point, you can actually use the Devil Bringer (B button) to throw him up in the air and then toss him. You may also feel free to unload with combos and exceeding. After a few seconds however, he'll leap up and his flames will return, sending out a shockwave. He will start to do this several times, and it's hard to avoid. Try jumping and or rolling out of the way. As his health goes down further, he will send out flame geysers that track you and knock you down.

Even with all this Berial isn't too tough of a fight. After he admires Nero's skill, he retreats back through his gate.

Follow the passageways, and you'll reach the end of the mission.

Mission 3 - The White Wing

Search Fortuna Castle

--==Second Mining Area==--
Use the Divinity Statue at the beginning if you need to (I bought a Blue Orb to increase my health meter and I auto skilled up). Follow the passageway and make a left to find a red orb statue in an alcove that is boarded up; smash it to collect the orbs.

Head into the cave and jump on the ledge. From here there are a bunch of different grab points, which need to be grabbed in quick succession. Once you reach the top, drop down to get a super red orb on the left.

From the red orb, jump up and you'll see some ladder and some more Grim Grab points. At the top of this area there is a Blue Orb Fragment. To get it, use the first two Grab Point which will propel you towards the wall on the right. Jump off the wall and look above you to see another Grab Point. You have to latch onto this grab point and then continue grabbing up. Be patient and don't rapidly slam on your buttons…let the physics toss you as far as you can and make your grabs at the peak of your movements. If you're having trouble, just wait until you have the Air Hike ability and/or Snatch 2 of Devil Bringer.

Back at the first platform (with the cave opening), face south and jump across the shaft to the other side (a blind jump and you'll need the Air Hike) into the area for another Blue Orb Fragment.

When you're done playing around with the Blue Orb Fragments, head into the tunnel, fight the demons, go into the next tunnel and locate a Small Vital Star to the left. Continue along the path.

--==Fortuna Castle Gate==--
Jump to the super red orb on the left and then head along the snowy cliff. Smash the thin, unadorned pillars for orbs. Past the cutscene with the falling citadel, you'll fight frost demons. Focus on one, but the other will get you from behind. Buster's and aerial attacks work best for them.

Down the massive bridge, you'll meed Gloria, who fights very well, and now owes Nero a favor.

--==Grand Hall==--
Inside the castle, this room is known as the main room, you'll revisit it a few times. Examine the coffin and the device at the far end.

--==Large Hall==--
Go through the door on left from the entrance to enter a hallway. In the second small hallway in here, enter to go into ...

--==Torture Chamber==--

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After defeating the demons, move on to the next room, and climb the stairs along the back wall. Here is a series of grab points with a few breaks in between. Each session must be done fairly quickly, as if you fall or hit the spikes above you (in other words, stay horizontal), you will drop down and have to face a wave of demons at the bottom. Also note that the Grim Grab points will disappear and reappear and/or slide back and forth so anytime that you are on a safe ledge, wait to see the pattern, and then go for it. When you get to the other side, go down the hallway and through the door when completed.

--==Grand Hall==--
Head north along the balcony and through the door on the left, which leads you to the courtyard.

--==Central Courtyard==--
Follow the balcony all the way down, fighting frost demons.

--==Foris Falls==--
Head around the area to the door on the other side.

--==Central Courtyard / Main Hall==--
Follow the balcony inside the main hall again, but this time on the reverse side. Use your sword to release the energy in the blue disk of power, and the barriers will recede. You can now jump up and down in the main hall freely. Up on the right balcony, smash through the mirror for a Blue Orb Fragment. Go through the door on the right.

Defeat the enemies, destroy everything for Red Orbs, and head into the library.

Here you'll meet a robotic knight enemy, an Angel. His shield can fend off most attacks, so when he has it up, circle around behind him. Once he and more of them are dead, go examine the gold pillar.

Here you'll receive an Anima Mercury, which if you've examined the many Gryo Blades around the castle, you'll find a use for it.

Mission 4 - Cold Blooded

Gather the Four Gyro Blades

Gyro Blades - To activate a gryo blade, press B. To charge it up, smash it with your sword. It'll spin, but stay stationary. In order to get it to move in the direction you want it to, you must strike it with the B button. This may take a few tries to get used to.

The charged up gyro blades do intense damage and bounce around the room, so for tight spots they are useful. All of the objects you've seen that need an impact to work, well, you've found the answer. Gyro blades cannot be moved outside of rooms, so it's a one time use for each room.

Use the Gyro Blade to smash through the blue door.

--==Gallery / Grand Hall==--
So head back out and down to the main hall again, where you'll activate the gyro blade on the altar and smash down the coffin. A quick explanation on what is under the coffin, and we move on. Go through the door on the right (east) in the main hallway.

--==Large Hall==--
Move down until you find a doorway.

--==Dining Room==--
Go into the dining room, and to the hallway that has flames flying through it. Activate the conveniently placed gyro blade, which will repel the flames. Push it along until it destroys the machine. Examine the little device behind the flamethrower, for Secret Mission 2.

Secret Mission 2 - Alley-Oop

The task in this mission is to perform five Busters consecutively, in the air, without touching the ground once. At first, it may seem impossible, but it can be easily achieved. So, start by jumping up, and grabbing a demon with you. When you do the Buster, you'll notice you jump up a bit higher each time. It takes some practice, but you can snatch up another enemy, throw him back down, pull up another…and so on. Your supply of enemies is limited, and if you use up all of them, you fail. No worries, you can retry easily.

Go through the door near the Secret Mission to continue.

--==Large Hall==--
Smash the blue disk of energy to release the gate. Push the Gyro Blade down the hall, but not to the pad just yet. Note you can very easily get rid of enemies by charging up the Gyro Blade to its fullest, and just send it off down the hallway, leaving a horde of red orbs.

Push the Gyro Blade down to the very end of the hallway (past the gyro pads), and smash the blue barrier at the end to unlock the 4th Gyro Blade. Remember, you can only have one Gyro Blade active at any time, so charge up one, shoot it down the hall, and then charge up the next. In a few repetitions you can have all four Gyro Blades on their pads, which releases the gate.

Before you go through the door, you may want to use the Divinity Statue. I purchased a Blue Orb to extend my health meter and the Roulette Spin for the Red Queen.

--==Central Courtyard==--
You are now in the courtyard you passed earlier. After the interesting cutscenes, the only logical thing to do is to attack the "faries". They release a lot of red orbs, but your attacks do not do much damage.

Boss Fight - Dagon

Notice anything odd? If you haven't before, you will now.

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The real demon jumps out of the darkness, and taunts Nero. Dagon doesn't move much, so you can do a fair amount of damage. He jumps up and lands down in different areas, but he is so big it hardly matters. He can freeze you, making you temporarily unable to move, but its not for long and you can break out of it more quickly by rapidly tapping your buttons. You can avoid the freeze attack by jumping.

A few times he will retreat into the darkness, and you only see the fairies, which you can attack at pleasure. Don't worry if he swallows you, just keep attacking from inside, and he'll spit you out.

Also, during the fight, he'll fall on his chin and stick his tongue out. Use the Buster (B button) on him at this point to do some massive damage.

After he is dead, Nero will take care of a few more, and you have a nice trophy to end the mission. Exit out the left door to end the mission.

Mission 5 - Trisagion

Obtain Wing Talisman

--==Soldier's Graveyard==--
Right off the bat you are attacked by two Mephisto's, which can pass through solid objects, including your weapons. So, grab him. A simple Buster removes him of his shroud, and reveals they are tiny and you can now attack at pleasure.

Smash through the fence at the side of the exit stairs to find a secret mission underneath the stairs.

Secret Mission 3 - Nonviolent Resistance

You must raise your style meter without attacking. This is very difficult. It's best to wait for Dante and then use Royalguard, or attempt with the Table Hopper. If using Nero, use the Hold skill gained after Mission 08.

Smash through the tombstones and various statues to obtain red orbs. Go through the door at the top of the stairs to continue.

--==Master's Chambers==--
Inside are some flying robotic knights, whose shields are impenetrable. When you grab them, you fly towards them. Remember to attack from the behind. There is also a secret mission above the fireplace.

Secret Mission 10 - Puppet Master

You'll need to destroy all 5 pillars with the gyro blade in 2 minutes. Your first run, go through and check the locations. On the second try hit the gyro blade. You'll need to control the gyro blade's distance when you hit it, usually with how many sword hits you power it up with.

-==Torture Chamber==--
In the next room, smash the blue disk of power, and activate the Gyro Blade. Smash the blue statue.

--==Spiral Well==--
When you hit the bottom, kill two more Mephistos.

Use the red pillar to obtain the Wing Talisman. These red platforms act as trampolines, boosting you up to the next one. Two levels up there is a ledge with a giant red crystal. Also, on the way up, grab the Holy Water and Red Orbs.

--==Torture Chamber / Large Hall / Grand Hall==--
When you get up to the top, you'll see a familiar torture room. Kill all the puppets and some Mephistos. Go back out into the main hall (Grand Hall). Jump on the red platform and up on the chandelier. Swing your sword to activate the chandelier.

Go through the smashed painting to explore beyond. Follow the passageways until the end of the mission.

Mission 6 - Resurrection

Release the true power that resides within

--==Underground Laboratory / R&D Access==--
Grab the Blue Orb Fragment, then drop down and go through the doorway. Fight the lizard like creatures. When the ground glows red beneath you, one is about to come up beneath you. Hit one with your sword to incapacitate it temporarily.

--==Game Room==-- In this puzzle, you must move your clone to the door by hitting the die. If your clone lands on a red spot, lasers will come down and attempt to kill you, or several demons will attack you. Simply run around the outer edges to easily evade the laser or kill off all of the enemies until the die retuns.

If your clone lands on a yellow spot, he advances to the adjacent yellow spot, skipping several spaces. White spaces are normal, and blue spaces give you red orbs.

Boss Fight - Agnus

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Inside you'll have an enlightening talk with Agnus, with Nero making his usual smart comments, and of course, you are being attacked. The flying swords by themselves are easy to evade, but so many make it difficult.

Jump and/or roll to evade them. If any of them get stuck in the ground or wall use the Buster to throw them into the window (you'll automatically throw them in that direction). You can also Snatch them out of the air and then use Buster on them.

Also, many times during the fight you'll hear an alarm go off which means the floor is soon to be electrified. When you hear this, jump to avoid it (if you have Roulette, perform it to stay longer in the air).

In this cutscene (one of the most pivotal of the plot), which reveals some of the mystery around the Knights. Some very interesting things happen here, but I wont go into too much detail. The game will explain it well enough, so use it wisely.

Devil Trigger (DT) - You've earned a new sword, the Yamato, which grants you the Devil Trigger. This power is represented as the three blue dots under your health meter (for which you can buy Purple Orbs for upgrades).

Press LB to activate Devil Trigger and you'll transform into a demo temporarily. In order to activate it, you must have at least three dots of the DT gauge full (the blue dots). They regenerate as you attack enemies.

Also note that you can end it prematurely, if you wish, by hitting LB again. In other words, you can toggle it on and off.

--==Containment Room / Foris Falls==--
Swing your sword within the blue column of light for a super red orb. Head out the door and activate the blue disk of power. Go up the stairs. At the top, before you go through the door, face the opposite direction to spot a Blue Orb Fragment. I was able to retrieve it by using exStreak, which requires you to fully power the exceed gauge and then streak out to it (face in the direction of it, hold RB, push forward, and hit Y).

--==Angel Creation==--
Go through the door and kill the angels. Go to the area with three bodies in cages and swirling green orbs. On the left wall there is a secret mission.

Secret Mission 4 - Tracking Treasure

Here you have to collect all of the red orbs. Walk around until you see your hand light up, then use Buster until orbs fly out of the wall (it seems to help to have your back to the wall as you're grabbing…in other words, grab a few feet from the wall). The locations are random and there are several locations. Common areas seem to be behind the gyro blade, in the NE corner (1st floor), behind the mirror on the right balcony, and behind the blue disk of power on the balcony. It will take a few tries, but it's not hard. Be careful not to accidentally go through any doors or you'll fail.

Go up to the circular room, then drop down on the ladder, kill some more angels, and proceed on. --==Underground Laboratory==--
Jump up the passageway, and back into the main hall.

--==Grand Hall==--
On your way out get the holy water near the picture of His Holiness (to the right, up on the curved platform, wall jump and use Snatch to grab it) and smash the mirror on the right balcony for a Blue Orb Fragment (if you haven't already gotten it). Use the Divinity Statue if you need it.

Exit out of Grand Hall via the door to the right of the smashed portrait of His Holiness, up on the balcony.

--==Central Courtyard / Foris Falls ==--
Make your way to Foris Falls, cross the bridge, and into the forest entrance. You'll meet Dante again, and of course, he'll make an exit.

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