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Lunabean's DRIV3R (Driver 3) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

DRIV3R(TM) (Driver 3) Lunabean.com's Unofficial Driv3r (Driver 3) Game Guide for the PS2 and Xbox contains a full walkthrough, fantastic strategies, ALL Timmy Vermicelli locations, MAPS, Secret Cars, and more!

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Introduction and Controls


Welcome to Lunabean's "DRIV3R" walkthrough and strategy guide for the PS2 and Xbox. This guide will get you through the "Undercover" story missions, contains all Timmy Vermicelli locations with three handy maps, contains all secret vehicles, and briefs you on the Film Director. There are no cheats contained in this guide, just great strategies for completing missions.

The only settings that you may want to alter are inverting the Y-Axis and turning Auto-Aim on or off. You can do this from your start screen: Options > Settings > Controls.



On Foot

A - Jump
B - Reload Weapon
Y - Toggle Weapon
X - Enter Vehicle / Exit Vehicle/ Action
R-Trigger - Fire Weapon
L-Trigger - Crouch / Roll
Left Analog Stick - Move
Directional Pad - Move
Right Analog Stick - Aim / Look Left, Right, Up, Down
Black Button - Holster / Draw Weapon
Select - 1st / 3rd Person View
Start - Pause Menu

In Car / Boat

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A - Handbrake
B - Burnout
Y - Fire Weapon / Passenger Jump (where applicable)
X - Exit Vehicle
R-Trigger - Accelerate (Gas)
L-Trigger - Brake / Reverse (hold down for reverse)
Left Analog Stick - Steer
Directional Pad - Steer
Right Analog Stick - Glance Left, Right / Rear View / Horn (click)
Black Button - Thrill Cam
Select - 1st / 3rd Person View
Start - Pause Menu


On Foot

Left Analog Stick - Move
Directional Pad - Move
Right Analog Stick - Aim / Look Left, Right, Up, Down
X - Jump
Square - Toggle Weapon
Triangle - Holster / Draw weapon
O - Reload
L1 - Enter Vehicle / Exit Vehicle / Action
R1 - Fire Weapon
L2 - Crouch / Roll
Select - 1st / 3rd Person View
Start - Pause Menu

In Car / Boat

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Left Analog Stick - Steer
Directional Pad - Steer
Right Analog Stick (up / down) - Accelerate / Brake / Reverse
X - Accelerate (Gas)
Square - Brake / Reverse
Triangle - Handbrake
O - Burnout
L1 - Enter / Exit Vehicle
R1 - Horn / Fire Weapon (when applicable)
L2 - Look Left
R2 - Look Right
L1 + R1 - Thrill Cam
L2 + R2 - Rear View
Select - 1st / 3rd Person View
Start - Pause Menu


Istanbul? What the? I thought you were in Miami? Just hold onto your horses for a second and watch the cool movie. This is what is called foreshadowing. In fact, when you have finished the game, it's kinda fun to watch this opening sequence again. Ah, finally, Miami, six months earlier. You are introduced to your character, Tanner, (Michael Madsen) who is part of the F.B.I. attached to the Miami PD. Soon you'll get a phone call saying that you are cleared for the shooting range at the police station.

Police HQ

Use this time to look around a get a feel for movement, firing your weapon, jumping, looking at your map, and generally warming up to the controls. Take note on your map that there is Red Marker where your house is, in South Pointe Park. If you go out the patio sliding glass doors you can get into your boat and drive it if you like but it has no real purpose right now. Otherwise, take a look at your map and notice that you have to get to the Green Dot. Exit out your front door. Go to your garage and hop in the car. Drive to the Green Dot. As you approach, you'll see a Red Arrow hovering over the Police Station. Go through the open door.

From the desk, look on the wall for a yellow "Caution" sign with a rifle on it. This is the Shooting Range. Go in and go through the next open door. Time to start shooting. You need to shoot the Red Targets (enemies) and avoid the Blue Targets (civilians). It's pretty hard to fail this mission. Basically, it's just meant for you to get a feel for your gun and shooting in general. If you do fail, just retry it.

NOTE: If you're having trouble with the Y-Axis, you can Quit and go back to the Start Menu and choose Options > Controls to invert the Y-Axis.

Lead on Baccus

You need to get to the siege where Baccus is located. You'll see a cop car with a Red Arrow over it go by. Jump into the cop car in front of you and follow the Red Arrow. This mission is basically designed to get you familiar with the feel of driving. You have a long way to go and driving will become second nature to you soon. For now, if you fail, just Retry and you'll become an expert in no time. After following the cop car for about 2 and 3/4 minutes (2:45), the mission will be complete.

The Siege

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Watch the movie. Baccus is inside. He's going to escape out the back. You are told to use the side entrance, the Green Dot. There are two ways to do this: on foot first and then car, or all car. I prefer the all car method. Hop into police car and drive it around the corner to the Green Dot. You'll get a cut scene of Baccus, in his red car, jumping the dumpster in an attempt to get away. Follow him. For best results, either avoid the jump on the dumpster altogether by sneaking your car through the opening on the left of the dumpster or by going over the jump very slowly so as not to lose control.

Baccus's car has a Red Arrow over it. Also, use the map to track him. He's the Green Dot. After a little over a minute, Baccus will crash and run out of his car. In the movie, you'll kill Baccus.

Again, this mission is designed to get you comfortable with driving. It may take you a few times to get him. Remember, the most important part is to go slowly by or over the dumpster in order to retain control of your car. Once you are clear of the dumpster, just avoid traffic and stay behind him.


You need to get to the Gold Coast Hotel. You start in a car. Look at your map and drive there. The Green Dot is behind the hotel, in an alleyway marked by a blue dumpster. Drive to the Red Arrow and you'll be told to find the car inside the hotel.

Exit your car. Note that you have two pistols at this point which you can toggle between. It doesn't matter which one you use. Go up the fire escape stairs and through the blue doors. Go up the stairs to floor 2 where there is a bad guy with his back to you. Shoot him and continue up to the Roof (marked with an "R"). Go through the door that reads, "Plant Room," and then through the next door. You'll see three enemies. Start shooting, making sure to take cover when you can. Try to run over the dead bodies to automatically pick up their ammo before they disappear. When this roof is clear look for the stairs down to the next section of roof with the large gas tanks, unfortunately, they don't explode.

At the bottom of the stairs, two more guys will pop out from the behind the tanks and another enemy will show up at the top of the next stairs up. Kill all of them. Go up the next set of stairs and you'll find some HEALTH in front of you to the right of the structure/building on the roof. There are a total of 4 enemies on this section of roof. Hide behind things and pop out to kill them all and pick up their guns.

Hurrah! You now have an Uzi. Scroll through your weapons and equip it. This will make kill much easier. Look for the door near the red neon "Gold Coast" sign and find the HEALTH near the door, too. Go through the door and approach the elevator.

When the doors open, you'll be in the garage with a bunch of enemies. Stay in the elevator and kill as many as you can from here. Be sure to get the guy behind the glass in the office across from you. A couple more guys will come out of the elevator across from your elevator.

When the garage is clear go to the office, grab the HEALTH and push the control panel that is Flashing Yellow. This will open the garage door and will also create a Red Arrow above the car you are supposed to drive out of here...in the back corner.

You can't wreck the car. See the car damage meter? See the white line about 1/4 of the way on the meter? Don't pass that white line and you'll be fine. Drive the car out of the garage. Oh rats! An enemy car who will try to smash your car. Well, you can either get out of your car and shoot the driver and then get back in or you can out run him. I recommend getting out of your car and shooting him to solve that problem once and for all. Get back in your car and head to the Green Dot. Drive up to the Red Arrow and exit your car and you'll get a new movie.

Impress Lomaz

After that gruesome scene where you meet Calita and Lomaz you need to get to Lomaz and impress him. Time to use that boat of yours! Go through the glass patio doors and out to your dock. Nice view of Miami, huh? From the dock, simply hit your "Enter/Exit Vehicle" button to take control of the boat. This also works when you're swimming and near a boat. In other words, you don't have to physically jump into the boat in order to drive it. Just get near enough to it and hit the button. Also, you can use your gun while you are in a boat. Hit your "Fire Weapon" button to pull up the reticle then push the button to fire.

Look at your map. You'll be crossing the bay and heading up river to the Green Dot. When you near the dock you'll see the Red Arrow. Pull your boat up alongside the dock and hop out. Go up to Lomaz. He'll go to the white car. Get in.

The basic gist here is that you have 1:30 to destroy various parts of this construction area. The Green Dot represents what you need to destroy on the map. In the real world, you'll see a Red Arrow above your next target. As soon as you destroy one spot, look for the next Green Dot/Red Arrow to appear, and so on and so forth. This is going to take at least a few tries until you begin to learn the pattern of destruction. Don't be confused by the final target...you have to jump up the wooden ramp to destroy the barrels on the roof. Also, don't worry about the guys shooting at you. If you're driving a normal speed they shouldn't wreck your car too much.

Once you have accomplished that, drive to the Green Dot where you and Lomaz will enter the yellow car. You have to go to the Red River Bar. Bust through the gate in front of you and head to the Green Dot. Find the Red Arrow above the parking lot and exit your car.

Your goal now is to shoot up the bar. Enter the bar, kill any bad guys inside and then start shooting every bottle, pool table, pin ball machine, anything around you. Notice the meter in the center of your screen. You need to fill this up by shooting everything you can. Definitely use your Uzi.

Gator's Yacht

Ah, such a lovely day for a huge C4 explosion! This is a long mission. First, you have to get out to the stilt buildings and find the C4 explosive. Then, you have to go to Gator's Yacht and plant the C4. In both places there are lots of enemies to kill.

Look at your map. Notice that you have two triangles going out to sea. The Green Dot with the word, "Miami," near it is the first place you're going to go. Exit out the back of your house and jump into your boat and head there, toward the stilt houses. As you approach them notice that one of them has a Red Arrow above it. This is the one with the C4, however, some of the other ones have AMMO and HEALTH inside, and all of them have enemies.

I recommend pulling your boat into the middle of the three houses and then disengaging yourself from driving. While still in the boat, pull out your Uzi and shoot anybody and everybody you can at each house. Your boat will take a lot of damage but you shouldn't, especially if you remember to crouch.

Once you have everybody killed that you can see, swim to the house with the Red Arrow above it. The act of swimming up to it may cause a few more bad guys to come out. If this is the case, swim back to your boat, enter it and shoot them. Then, swim back to the Red Arrow house and climb up the ladder on the dock. You need to use your "Enter / Exit Vehicle" button to grab onto the ladder.

Once on the dock of the house, go up the stairs and get read for some bad guys. One will be on the balcony and two will be behind the door. Once they are cleared out, enter the room, grab the HEALTH and grab the first C4. Enter the next room, a bedroom, and kill the guard in there. There is also a woman in a red dress in here. Grab the two C4s in this room. OK, you're now all set with the C4. Exit the rooms and you'll get a quick cut scene showing you the Yacht.

Hmm? You need a boat, preferably one that Gator will recognize as his own. Looking at the Yacht, look left until you see the first stilt house that you see. Swim there. Here you will find a smaller, two outboard engine boat. Hop in and drive to the Yacht.

If you don't have enough HEALTH at this point or want more ammo, feel free to explore the other two stilt houses. I have about 3/4 Health and over 500 Uzi rounds...good enough.

Pull up to the back of the Yacht. Hop out. Time to start shooting lots and lots of enemies. Go up the first set of stairs and facing the front of the boat (you are in the back of the boat) take out any enemies and look down the left side for two more guys to kill. Once it's cleared, again, facing the front of the boat, go through the door to the right of the main staircase. In this piano room, kill the two enemies and grab the HEALTH. Continue forward into the dining room, kill the two guards, and then PLACE THE C4 at the flashing yellow indictor near the HEALTH. 1 of 3 C4s planted.

Backtrack out to the main staircase, go up it, and go through the white door. Kill the three guys in this lounge/kitchenette room. Grab the HEALTH. Continue forward. You'll see two doors on your right. The first one has two enemies inside. Shoot them. The second door has 2 HEALTHS and some Uzi AMMO. Exit and watch out for the guy who will pop out from around the corner. Kill him and continue forward. Go through the door to the Bridge (control center). Kill the two guys in here and PLACE THE C4 at the flashing yellow indicator. An alarm will start to sound. Don't worry about it. 2 of 3 C4s planted.

Backtrack and go down the main staircase. Remember how you went through the door to the right of the main staircase before? Well now you need to go through the door to the left of the main staircase. This leads to the engine room. At the base of the stairs, kill the guard, at the far end of the room, kill the guard and grab the HEALTH. Turn around and head past the stairs, killing the next two guards and soon you'll see where to PLACE THE C4 at the flashing yellow indicator. Yay! 3 of 3 C4s planted.

Time to get outta here! You have 30 seconds. Run up the stairs out of the engine room and hop back in your boat. Drive as fast as you can away from the Yacht. One of the prettiest water and explosions I have ever seen. Sweet. That's it. Mission over.


Egad! You're in a mall. You need to escape. Simply follow the large green "Exit" signs. Eventually, you'll get to a series of glass windows with "M"s on them. Break through and you are almost out. Once out in the city, you need to get to the Green Dot.

Watch out for the white cone Cop Radar on your map. You'll see various white cones on your map. Avoid them. If you go through one of the Cop Radar cones the cops will start to chase you. It's fairly hard to avoid them. The problem is that you need to "Lose the Tail" (get rid of the cops or outrun them) in order to successfully end the mission. Go ahead and drive to the Green Dot. If you are being tailed, this is where it'll tell you to, "Lose the Tail." My solution is not to outrun them but to simply shoot them. So, drive up to where the Green Dot is located. A cop car will probably be right behind you. Stop the car, get out of it, and then shoot the two cops that get out. Even if it still says, "Lose the Tail," drive into the Motel parking lot and the next part of the mission will start. If for some reason it doesn't, that means that you have more cops near you. Shoot them too.

Now you have to get rid of the car by dumping it into the ocean. Again, keep an eye out for Cop Radar avoiding it if you can, but it's not necessary for the completion of the mission. Anyway, drive to the Green Dot which has a Red Arrow above it. There is a ramp/jump that you need to drive up and launch yourself into the ocean. Do so. Mission over.

Dodge Island

You need to go visit Gator because there is a car that you need. Drive to the Green Dot. What's that? A motorcycle driving around? Yes, you now have access to motorcycles. Very fun. Just make sure that you have full Health when you arrive. Stop at the gates and wait for the guards to open them for you. Continue to drive to the Red Arrow and go into the door. Movie time.

Zoinks! It looks like an ambush is being set up for you. This is going to be another fairly long arduous mission. I'll take you through it step by step. You are probably going to have to replay this one several times before you learn where the enemies will be popping out. Be sure to use lots of strafing (side stepping) to make sure that you clear out an area. The ultimate goal here is to get back to the original gates you came through, taking out any enemies in the area. There is a switch near the gates that will be flashing yellow. You need to push that button to open the gates so that you can escape.

When you start, get into the car as quickly as possible. Drive through the window but don't worry about making it under the descending container crate. Instead, try to side swipe the enemy on the right side. Get out of the car. Shoot the enemy that you side swiped between the blue and green container crates. Follow the path, shooting enemies as you come to them.

Soon you'll be in the area you'd be in if your car made it under the descending container crate. Shoot the guy at the bottom of the stairs and then shoot the guy that pops out at the top of the stairs, above the blue dumpster. Go up the stairs and into the building. Sweet! Two HEALTHS. Shoot the next enemy who will either hide around the corner or behind the white air compressor. Stay behind the white air compressor and shoot the next two guys outside. Exit the building and go right.

Continue on through the crates, shoot the two enemies, and grab the HEALTH. When you get to the silver/light blue crate, a guy will pop out near you and if you stay on the left side another will pop out from the far side. Kill them both. Take out the next two guys who are brazenly standing at the end of the crates.

You'll now see a car and van pull up. Shoot the occupants as they get out from behind the blue container crate on your right. Work your way toward the vehicles shooting anybody you see beyond them. At this point, you can get into either the van or the car and take off, however, I found that it's easier and safer (if longer) to stay on foot and shoot enemies as they come to you until you get to the dump truck.

Soon you'll see a black van pull up between the two yellow crates. On your right, you'll see a large steel beam to hide behind. Do so and peak out to your right. You'll see two enemies hiding behind steel beams down a little bit. Shoot them. Pick up their weapons and you'll see a white van pull up. Look left. Near a white car there is an enemy. Shoot him.

Continue forward. Shoot anybody near you and look for the Dump Truck. Get in. Now inside a vehicle, you'll see the Green Dot indicating where you ultimately need to end up. However, the Green Dot is not the front gate. You still need to get to the front gate. As you drive around, lots of vehicles will come out at you. Avoid them if you can, smash them if you must. Soon, you'll see another Dump Truck block an exit path near the Cruise Ship. Turn left, keep the three orange crates on your right, then turn left again and you'll see a real road in front of you. The road in front of you goes either straight, or there is a right turn option. Take the right and you'll see the front gates!

Park somewhere where there is some cover and take out the guys guarding the front gates. Go up to the middle gate where on a pole you'll see the yellow flashing button to push. Push it to open the gates and hop in any car. Drive toward the bridge. When you get near it, it'll start to raise up. Go full speed and jump it. You are clear of the island.

What's this? You have to get to another Green Dot. If you're like me, then you ruined your car on that jump so you are carless. Start running toward the bridge that you need to get on to get to the Green Dot and take the first car that you see.

Be aware of the Red Enemy Radar. Just like the Cop Radar, if you breech the Red Radar Cone they'll come after you. Inevitably, you will get spotted. Go to the Green Dot and you'll be told to "Lose the Tail." Simply get out of your car and wait for the enemy to come to you and shoot them. When that is taken care of, enter the building with the large open double doors. Mission over.


You have to chase Gator's car. This is one of those missions where you are going to get very good at driving because you'll probably be playing this one over and over. First, you are supposed to take out the escort car. Using your "Fire Weapon" button (In Car Controls), you can use Lomaz (your passenger), to shoot the car next to Gator's car. Doing so early will help you out because eventually, that car will try to block you into an alley. So, try to take out the escort car quickly by staying steady and trying to keep the reticle on the car itself. You'll know you've disabled it when you can pass it.

Then, it's on to chasing Gator himself. You're going to have to follow him for about 1:30. There is really no trick here. If you crash you may as well start over. It simply takes skilled driving. Remember that in order to avoid crashes you sometimes need to use your brakes. You don't have to be directly behind him, just close enough that the mission doesn't end. After a few tries you'll get to know his route, even if it does change slightly from time to time, which will help you greatly. If you are already a skilled driver, then you shouldn't have too many problems with this segment of the mission. Also, once the escort car is taken out you can fire at Gator's car if you like although the damage will be minimal. After you follow him for about 1:30 you'll get a cut scene.

Now you are out of your car, Lomaz is with you and has a Health Meter, and there are three enemies to kill right away. Don't shoot Lomaz yourself. Kill the enemies as quickly as possible to avoid them doing damage to Lomaz. Then, there will be one guy inside the garage. Go into the garage and there will be one enemy behind the crates on the right side of the other side of the garage. Kill him. Go further into the garage and you will trigger three enemies who will come charging in. Kill them. Exit the garage and look right. Kill the guy there.

You needn't worry about Lomaz anymore. He's safe. At this point, I like to change weapons from my Uzi to the Sub Machine Gun. It is more satisfying to me for some reason. It doesn't matter what you do. Anyway, open the door and shoot the guy inside. Grab the HEALTH. Go through the next door, kill the guy, grab the HEALTH.

Now, you have to be quick. Run through the next doors into the alley. Look left, kill the two guys and quickly hop into the speed boat. Gator has already taken off in his boat and if you're not fast enough, you'll have to restart from the protect Lomaz part.

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Follow him in your boat. You can try to shoot him if you like but it's really just a waste of Ammo. He'll soon pull up to one of the Stilt Houses. Remember the routine here? Pull up alongside the dock. Disengage from driving the boat but stay in the boat, pull out your weapon and shoot the three guards on the Stilt House. Exit your boat and get onto the Stilt House.

Now, it says, "Shoot your way through." Pretty basic instructions. There are no time constraints here so take your time. Go up the stairs and slowly through the door. There is a guy with a shotgun to the left who will take a shot at you. If you sneak through the door very slowly, you may be able to get the Red Target to highlight him without him shooting at you. Either way, kill him. Approach the "No Parking" room in front of you and it will trigger a guy from the left. Go into the room and shoot the guy on the right and then grab the HEALTH. Continue down the hall, shoot the guy who pops out.

Open the door to the outside. You'll get a Gator Health Meter. You'll also have to kill the two guys who are right outside the door. Kill the guy next to Gator (Gator is wearing the black suit) and then start pumping lead into Gator. He shouldn't move other than crouching and standing so simply take a defensive position from above and lay into him. When he's dead, mission over. Onto France.

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