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LB's Driver: Parallel Lines Game Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Driver): Parallel Lines Game Guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough and strategy guide, making you the ultimate driver in two eras!

All 32 story missions are included, with tips, hints, and strategies for all of the. Also included are gameplay basics and side job information. Perfect for those of you who want to get through the game, then explore NYC on your own!

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Welcome to the Lunabean Driver(TM): Parallel Lines Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. This guide covers all of the storyline missions in the game, giving advice and strategies to get you through the missions in the most efficient way possible. It does not detail the location of all of the Side Jobs (although they are generically covered in the "Side Jobs" section at the bottom) and it does not detail the locations of all 100 Star Tokens.

The order of the missions is based upon when the missions are unlocked. If you are on a mission and it seems to be out-of-place, simply jump around to find the right mission.

If you want to know the details of your Heads Up Display (the info on your screen) or how to shoot/aim, read the first few missions of this guide as they detail these items.

The Basics

Getting Around - Obviously, you can drive any vehicle to get around town. However, it is often to your advantage to use the "Relocate" feature found in any of the three Ray's Garages and your Safe House. You can warp to and from the Garages and Safe Houses as much as often as you please.

Getting Rid of your Felony (Wanted) Level - You can get rid of your vehicle Felony Level by switching cars. This can only be done if the cops don't see you. You can also pull into any Ray's Garage and choose "Clear Felony". You'll pay a price for this.

To get rid of your personal Felony Level is a bit tougher. The best way to do this is to visit your Safe House. Go up to your apartment and wait for the level to drop. If the cops are still outside, simply exit and let them kill you. You'll automatically restart in your Safe House without a Felony Level. If you are nowhere near your Safe House, the next best way to do this is to get yourself killed, start a side mission, or try reloading your Profile.

Profile, Saving and Loading - This game has an autosave feature, however, it's not very consistent. It's to your advantage, every so often, to go into the Start Menu, choose Profile, and choose "Save Profile". This is especially true before particularly hard or long missions. If you get sick of it or need to retry the mission from the beginning, you can simply "Load Profile".

Checkpoints - This game has automatic checkpoints built in to many of the missions. This means that sometimes you'll get stuck in an endless loop of dying or frustration. Your best bet at this point is to "Load Profile". Hopefully the game has autosaved recently or you have recently saved your profile.

Using Nitros - You can equip your cars with Nitro (speed boost) in Ray's Garage. To use the Nitro, double tap your accelerator button. This will activate the Nitro. Keep holding down the accelerator for as long as you want the Nitro to last. You'll notice in your speedometer area the Nitro can counting down the longer you use it.


Nickel and Dime

After watching the opening sequence you are immediately thrown into a driving situation where you're being chased by the cops. If you have any GTA or previous Driver experience you'll feel right at home; dodging traffic, driving fast, being pursued. If not, well, you'll have to get used to driving and this will only come with experience.

You are attempting to drive to the Yellow Marker. If you want to see more detail, hit your "Start" or "Pause" button to view the large map.

As you drive away from the cops you'll be told various items about your Heads Up Display (your various meters, etc.).

Minimap - Bottom right of the screen. This map shows where you are, which way is North, where you're trying to go (objectives), and other important game info like where cops are located (see "Map" in the intro for more info). The Red meter near the minimap is your felony or wanted level. The higher it goes, the more wanted you are.

Speedometer - Bottom left of the screen. This area shows your speed, how many Nitros ("N") you have (currently you don't have any), and your total miles driven (odometer). The meter next to the speedometer shows your car's felony or wanted level. This is the meter specific to driving offenses. If you get out of the car and get into a new one, it won't have a wanted level until you start committing driving offenses like running over people.

After you lose the cops keep driving toward the Yellow Marker. Pull into the alleyway where the marker is located and pull into the yellow light.

Cash Reward: $100.

You'll see a new Yellow Marker. Head to it. On your way there keep an eye on your Minimap for cops (the white fuzzy indicator). Avoid driving through there radar cone (the white fuzzy) or they'll be alerted to your presence and you'll have to go on a long chase to get rid of them.

As you approach the marker, keep an eye out for a large green wrench over a building. This is Ray's Garage, where you live. Drive into the Yellow Light inside the garage.


You'll see the Walkie-Talkie (CB) flash on the right side of your screen to indicate that you have a new job to do (this is the mission "Gunman" which is in Queens...you'll drive there after this mission). There is a Yellow Light near you. Walk into it.

You have to go get Slink's car. Hop into any car and head to the Yellow Marker. At it you'll find a beat up old car. Get into it. Drive it back to Ray's, the Yellow Marker, and drive it into the garage.

This will launch a primer on fixing up cars. Everything at this point is free, so don't worry about spending money. This "tutorial" will take you through each part of the fixing up process and the item that you are to select will be yellow and flashing; like the wrench (Repair) to start things off. Then, go through each of the steps. At one point you get to decide if you want Bullet Proof Glass, Tinted Windows, or Bullet Proof Tires. Choose what you like. I chose the tires. Keep going through menu items and you'll soon have a nice, clean, shiny, felony free car. When you're done, "Exit Garage."

Slink will now ask that you put this new car to the test. You need to go through three radar speed guns. They are not all lined up and there is not a definitive "start line" so just get near the first Yellow Marker and gun it so that you go through it at 60 mph or more. Drive to the next one and go through it at 70 mph or more. For the final one you need to hit 100 mph. This last one is on the same road as the 70 mph one so just keep it gunned and don't run into any traffic.

If successful, Slink will be impressed and gives you the car to do what you will with it.

Note the Yellow Marker in Queens. Head to it to get your next mission.


To get to the Yellow Marker, find the opening in the fence and drive into the Yellow Light.

It's time to learn how to handle a gun. The game will tell you what to do, but I'll still detail this for you as it's early in the game.

First, you have to lock onto and shoot some barrels. Draw your gun. Hold down the Auto Target button (L-Trigger on the Xbox). This will cause you to lock onto a barrel. Once locked on (keep holding down the button), you can scroll through your targets by moving the Right Analog Stick left or right. Move your target to the barrel marked with the yellow arrow and fire at it. Repeat for the remaining barrels. If you lose your lock on, just re-lock on or move the Right Analog Stick which will automatically locate the next target.

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Second, you'll be learning how to strafe (move sideways). This is as simple as locking onto a target (the car in this case) and using your Left Analog Stick to move around the target. To complete the task, strafe around the car firing at each side of it until Slink is satisfied.

Third, you'll be asked to take out the car's tires using the Free Aim Mode. This confused me a few times as I was still locking on to the car. To do this correctly, simply draw your gun. Don't hold down any buttons. With your gun out, tap the "Toggle Free Aim" button (Driver: Parallel Lines Button on Xbox). This will cause you to zoom in a tad and will make for you a nice white reticle (crosshairs of a sort). While in this Free Aim mode, shoot each of the two tires on the car.

Shoot the car until it explodes.

Fourth, you'll be taught how to drive and shoot at the same time. While driving press the "Draw Weapon/Auto Target" button. This will cause you to put your head out of the window and get you ready to shoot. To shoot, press the "Fire Weapon" button. You'll now get to practice this on a car that is speeding away. There is a Yellow Arrow over the car. Follow it and shoot it until it explodes. Don't ram it, just keep shooting it. If you lose your lock on, just get near the car again and hit the "Auto Target" button.

Pay Ray

Ray needs some money. $1,500 to be exact. This mission teaches you how to earn money by doing Side Jobs (the Red Markers). You can do any Side Jobs you want. Here is what I recommend:

Circuit Race - La Guardia

In the same parking lot you are already in. Pull into the left garage: Easy Difficulty. You may not win on the first try, but once you learn the track you'll win easily. I recommend whatever Muscle Car is in the parking lot.

Reward: $500.

Loan Shark

In Queens, not far from you. Drive there. The Loan Shark will give you 3 minutes to collect his cash. The cash is being held by a guy in a car. The Red Marker on your map is now that car. I recommend cutting through the parking lot to the right of the Stadium (Shea Stadium) to get to him quickly (yes, he does take different paths, but this will always put you in a good position). Once you have him in your sights, you can either shoot him or ram him. The point is you have to wreck his car and I find that a solid ramming then shooting works well.

Once his car is toast, he'll get out of the car and you'll be asked to "convince" him to release the money. To do this, run him over. Grab the suitcase he leaves behind and head back to the Loan Shark, the Red Marker on your map. By this time, you'll probably have some sort of cop presence on you. You need to lose the cops or you won't be able to drop off the money.

After you hear the cops say, "we lost the suspect," make sure there are no cops around and then switch cars. Then, calmly drive back to the Loan Shark.

If you were lucky, you didn't have to deal with any cops on the first half of this mission. However, if you are being chased by cops when you get to the guy with the money it can be very hard to complete this Side Job as the cops will shoot you when you get out to grab the briefcase. I recommend doing everything in your power to avoid cops on the way to the guy with the money. Part of that is cutting through the Stadium and getting to the guy quickly. The other part is keeping your eye on the minimap and avoiding any police activity that you see.

Reward: $500.

Circuit Race - Hunt's Point

Locate Ray's Hunt's Point Garage on the map; it's in the Bronx. This is the first Garage you went to. The easiest way to get to it is to go to Ray's Garage in La Guardia, exit your car, enter the Green Light and choose "Relocate". Then, select Hunt's Point. Or, you can drive there.

Entering the Green Light will also clear you personal Felony Level. Phew.

Next, hop into any fast car that you see and drive to the nearby Circuit Race. Enter the Easy Difficulty and race. This is a four lap race. Once you get to know the track you won't have any trouble.

Reward: $500.

NOTE: Alternatively, you could have returned to the Loan Shark after driving around for a bit. He has a new job for you. If you're having trouble with the races, then this may be your best course of action.

Now that you have $1,500, head to Ray's in La Guardia (remember you can warp there from any Ray's). Walk into the Yellow Light. Ray is thankful and tells you that Slink will be in touch. You'll get a Walkie-Talkie beep.

Hot Wheels

Slink needs you to frame an associate of his. To do this, you'll steal a gang car, get the cops to chase you, lose the cops and then re-deliver the car to his associate. Then, the associate will be wanted for doing all the bad stuff.

First, go to the gang car; it's not far from you. Hop in. Now you need to get the cops to chase you. A quick way to do this is to fire a few shots from the car. It doesn't matter who or what you shoot at; it'll draw the cops' attention. Lose the cops by driving fast (you've probably done this a number of times by now). After you lose the cops, drive the car back to the place where you stole it, again marked with a Yellow Marker. Park the car in the Yellow Light and get out. Run away.

You'll meet "The Mexican" and the 44H Weapon is now available in Ray's Garage. You'll also receive three new objectives, "Bread Run," "Repoman," and "Last Chance." It doesn't matter in which order you do them.

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