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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough
Ghost Walkthrough Pt. 2

Enter the Matrix
Enter the Matrix

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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough >
3. Ghost Walkthrough Pt. 2 (The Sewers - The End)

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1. Introduction and Tips
2. Ghost Walkthrough Pt. 1 (The Post Office - The Airport)
3. Ghost Walkthrough Pt. 2 (The Sewers - The End)
4. Niobe Walkthrough Pt. 1 (The Post Office - The Airport)
5. Niobe Walkthrough Pt. 2 (The Sewers - The End)
6. Cheats
7. Review and Resources

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"Enter the Matrix"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

(International and US)

Ghost Walkthrough Pt. 2 (The Sewers - The End)

The Sewers


Your goal here is to get to the exit phone to jack out. Move forward and right along the ledge. Jump the small barrier and continue to work your way around to the ladder. Climb the ladder up.

Continue moving up and around. Climb the stairs, then jump up on the control panel and climb the ladder. Move forward, then get on the platform to the right. Look around this platform and locate the ladder. Climb it and you'll be told to protect Ballard. Simply kill the guards around. Work your way forward to the next ladder and climb it. There will be more shooting. Use your Sniper Rifle if you want. Ballard killed these bad guys for us.

From the ladder, head right and cross the second bridge you come to. Locate the ladder in the central area and take it down. Exit and head right, past the ladder. Cross the big bridge, and you'll get a cut scene and save.

The Abyss 2

The phone is right next to you, but you can't answer it quite yet. You must take out the bad guys first.

Pull yourself up from the hanging position and run left toward the fan. Place yourself down the ramp so you're covered on both sides. You may have one guy immediately on you. Simply shoot him, then wait and get your health back. Pull out your Sniper Rifle and step out of your protection. Notice where people are shooting you from, then jump back undercover. Now that you know where they are, you can sneak out and snipe them. Once you've killed all of the guards, answer the phone and you'll get a cut scene.

When you get back to game play, you'll have Offensive Grenades in your possession. Use your Punch button to toss a grenade at the fan you were just hiding under. The fan will blow, and you have a new path. Take it, and you'll reach a save point.


You have an arrow. Follow it and go down the path. Before you get to the fan, hang a right. There will be men down below. Toss a Grenade to get their attention, then use your Sniper Rifle to kill them. Drop down and head right. In front of you is a gas barrel. Attract the men in the next room, then shoot it as they approach.

Continue down the path, killing bad guys as you go. When you get to the red/rusty grated floor turn left and go forward. There will be a ladder nearby. Before you go up, take out the police around the area. Then, go up the ladder.

Follow the arrow. Jump the gap. When you get to where the arrow led you, you'll get an IM telling you that the way you wanted to go is closed off.

You have to find another way. There is a ladder behind you. Go down.

Follow the path and you'll find yourself in the room that you were just in. Head forward and to the left and you'll see a small hallway/passage. Go down the hallway and you'll find a hole in the floor. Drop down.

Head out and left until you reach a chain link fence. Facing the fence, climb the shelf on the right and go up to the ledge. Take out the guard. Drop down so that you're on the other side of the fence that was blocking you.

Move forward and make your first left. Go up the small set of stairs and up the ladder. You'll be told that you can't proceed because of the steam that is blocking your way. Go back down and into the basement room with the red pipes on the ceiling. Approach the steam control panel with the red button and push it to turn off the steam.

Some bad guys will now be triggered. Fight them off and go back up the ladder. Go straight ahead then left to the hole in the floor. You'll get a Save point.

Ice and Corrupt

Clear out the room that you're in. You'll get an IM telling you to get up to the balcony. Find the rotating turbine and face it. To the left you can jump up to the ledge. Then, climb up onto the turbine itself. You'll get a cut scene of it blowing up.

After the cut scene you'll be thrown down a level. You'll start and there will be a guy on a pillar/cylinder shooting at you. There will also be a blown up and steaming turbine nearby. Take out the guy and go through the passage to the left of the pillar. Take out anyone in your way. Go right and up the stone ramp. You'll find a ladder surrounded by fencing. You'll pick up some Demo Charges here. Go up the ladder.

From the ladder that you came up go left and around the corner and find the small ledge that you can jump up to. Go up the next ledge and you'll see a reddish spinning broken gear shaft thing. There are also lots of bad guys to kill. Kill them.

You'll get an IM telling you to blow up the 3 anchors on the gear shaft. Use your Demo Charges to blow up each of the 3 anchors holding the gear shaft down. Basically, just chuck your Demo Charges in the general direction of the gear shaft. If you run out of Demo Charges the next guy you kill should leave you some.

Once the gear is blown, it will have opened a nearby air vent. Look at the wall for a large circular opening. Jump across to it. You'll get a save point.


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Move forward, drop down and turn left. Take out the two guards. On your right you'll see a ladder. Climb up it. Continue down the hall, killing anyone in your way.

Eventually you'll get to some stairs. Take them down. Be aware of guards popping out behind you. At the bottom of the stairs, go through the tunnel.

Kill anyone in your way. Once you get to the metal catwalk, go up the stairs and look left. Go down the ladder. Opposite the ladder is a flashlight. Pick it up. Head back to the ladder and look out. Men will drop down, along with a grenade. Kill the men, then climb back up the ladder (we found tossing a Demo Charge at them immediately after they drop down is the best way to kill them).

Continue along the path you were moving along before heading down the ladder. Eventually you'll get a quick cut scene. You are to follow the SWAT members, but keep a distance. Once you are out of the tunnel, turn right. You will get an IM that the SWAT team is planning an ambush. At this point, take them out in the sewer canals before they kill Wurm. You'll have to shoot them through the iron bars to do so.

Once you've saved Wurm, head in the opposite direction to the other side of the sewers, and kill the many SWAT members along the sides.

You'll eventually get another IM telling you you're about to be ambushed and to get in a good ambush spot. We simply found one of the side staircases, ducked in there for cover and for time to regenerate health, tossed a Demo Charge or two at the approaching SWAT members, then continued along killing any left over men. Once you get to the end, take the path on the right and pass through the tunnel. Jump the gap, continue forward, and you'll get a save point.

Waterway 2

Move forward and drop down. Before progressing through the tunnels, head left then left again. Here you can toast the guards who were shooting at you from below when you jumped the gap. Once this is done, backtrack and continue down the sewer.

Take out men as you come to them. When you reach the end of the sewers, jump up onto the left side ledge and find the open door. Pass through it and go down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is an intersection. Go left. At the end of the tunnel is an opening. Shoot the men below. Now, backtrack and fly past the stairs as though you took a right at the bottom instead of a left. Here there will be another opening. Drop down and kill any remaining men. Head right then drop down onto the catwalk on your right. Get to the ladder and climb down it.

At the bottom, you'll be attacked by more guards. Take them out and move in the one direction you can move. Cross the wooden plank, and jump up to the tunnel on your left (look out for the guard).

Continue forward. You'll get to a large gap. Either jump across it with a Focus, or put your back up against the wall to the right and sidle to the opposite side.

Once on the opposite side, move across the pipe. You'll get a tip about pipes here. Look up and you'll see a red/orange pipe. Approach the ledge and jump up to grab the pipe. On the opposite side you'll be automatically dropped. Drop down into the tunnel opening below you, then move forward, then left. Kill the two guards to your left, then locate the ladder to your right. Climb it.

Cross the catwalk and pass through the tunnel, killing anyone in your way. Watch out for the two guys who come from behind. Keep following the path. You'll get to a room with a hole in the floor and a guards behind each fence. Kill the guards and drop down the hole. Save point.

Breathing Room

Move forward down the tunnel. Pass through the second open door on your right. This will cause an explosion which will release some guards and open a door on the opposite side of the main tunnel you were just in. Pass through this newly opened door and drop down the hole. Move along the tunnel and you'll get to more sewers. Guards will be coming at you from your left. Take them out. Use the pillars for cover, but look out for grenades tossed in your direction. Once you've killed all of the guards, find the stairs along the right side of the tunnel. Climb them, then go left up the next set of stairs, then right up the long set of stairs. At the top are some bad guys. Kill them and move forward. At the end of the ventilation/catwalk room is a path to your right. Take it.

Now you're in another ventilation room. SWAT members will drop down. Take them out and move forward along the catwalk. Jump the two gaps, kill the men and pass through the archway.

Move forward, killing the guards below, and continue through the small passage. From the catwalk, jump down and take out the bad guys (you can run to the back for protection if you need to). Move forward. There's a hole in the floor, drop down. There's another hole in front of you. Drop down it for a Save.

Malachi and Bane

Upon starting this section, you'll be IMed with a message saying the exit is at the bottom of this room. Run straight forward and move up the ladder. Ignore the guards. At the top of the ladder, turn left and move across the pipe to the landing.

Move forward and take out the guard. Above you, you'll see a red pipe you need to jump up to and cross. Shoot the guard across the way before crossing, then get to the other side.

When the pipe automatically drops you, kill the approaching guards. Run across to the ladder to your left and climb down it.

Take the next ladder down into then sewers, then jump up into the tunnel opposite the ladder. Work your way through it and drop down. You have more sewer in front of you. Upon walking down into it, you will be ambushed. Head right and take out the guards. Continue moving forward, then right again. You'll have more guards to kill. Run forward, then left. There are more guards to kill in this area. When the music ends, you'll know you've killed everyone. Keep moving forward. At the dead end, there will be an open tunnel to your left. Take it. At the end of this tunnel is a save point and cut scene.

Malachi and Bane 2

Upon entering this area, you are told you have to climb up to a higher position. On your left you will see a ladder. Climb it, kill the guard, and pull out your Sniper Rifle. Use it to kill the SWAT members shooting at your rebel friends.

Simply kill all of the SWAT members while protecting your friends. When this is complete, you'll get a cut scene and a save.

The Chateau

Great Hall

You need to get to the roof. Facing the staircase, go through the door on your left. You'll automatically kick a chair so that you have a some Broken Wood (a wooden stake). You will automatically employ the stake when you damage a vampire enough.

You will be in a large room with a piano and stained glass windows. Kill the vampires and go through the newly opened door and go left. Open the door at the end of the hall for a Save point.

West Wing

Run straight through the dining room through the double doors. Fight the guys in the kitchen. Go through the open doorway in the kitchen. Go left through the next open doorway. Take out the vamp and go through the open door.

You'll be getting shot at...take out the vamps. You are in the Billiard Room. Go into the elevator, to the right of the pool tables. Save point.


Go through the door on your right. Go down the hall. You are in the Atrium. Take out the vamps and continue to the opposite side of the Atrium and down the hall. You'll be in a room with lots of bookshelves. More vamps...take them out. Go through the open bookcase and you'll get a Save point.

Secret Passage

Go forward and the floor will collapse. You'll fall. Continue forward down the passage and look to your right. There is a part of the wall that looks different from the rest. It has lots of horizontal wooden slats. You can climb this part. So, climb all the way up to the landing. Move forward and fight the vampire. Go through the opening he crashed through.

Climb another wall in front of you. Jump up onto the next ledge and go through the opening to an attic. You will soon be surrounded by fire. Fight off the vamps. Once they are all dead a hole will blow open in the wall. Go through. Save point.

Secret Passage 2

Head left and jump the gap across to the next balcony. Fight the vamps. Keep jumping balconies and fighting bad guys until you get to the balcony with the open window on the left. Go into the room.

There are some glass display cases in here. Fight the bad guys. Go through the open door, down the hall, down the stairs. Another gallery/display case room. Fight off the bad guys. Go forward down the hall and down the stairs. Another gallery. You get the gist. Fight the bad guys. Go through the hallways to yet another display case room. Go through the open double doors after you fight the vamps. Cut scene of mansion exploding and you diving back into the mansion. Save point.

Merovignian's Office

Go down the hall and down the stairs. Approach the door and a vampire will come out. Kill him.

Go through the open door. You'll hear the phone ringing. Go through the double doors on your left. Cut scene of a phone conversation and some talk of the Library.

After the cut scene, you'll be attacked by a vampire. Kill him. Exit out and go through the open door. Fight vamps as you go along.

Go up either set of stairs and through the door. You have to kill off all the vamps in the area for the door to be open. You'll be in a theatre. Take care of the vamps.

Go back to the movie screen, near where you came in, and go through the now opened double doors.

Approach the door and save point.

Garage Hallway

There will be some vamps to fight. Approach the right door on the opposite side of where you came in to get a save point. Another useless level.

Return to the Great Hall

A door will open. Walk forward towards the open door. That's it. Very weird. You'll get a movie sequence.

The Dungeon

Go down the spiral stairs and to the right and down the next set of stairs. You are on a raised platform in the middle of a large room. Fight the vampire dudes as necessary.

Go to the opposite side of the room to find a set of stairs going down through an archway. Go down.

You are in a large circular room. You'll have to fight Cujo. Fight, fight, fight. If you get low on energy, just run away until it refills. About halfway through the fight some more regular bad guys will come out. Cujo will now have a shotgun up on the ledge surround the ring you are in. Take out the regular bad guys and he'll stop shooting you and come back down. Continue to fight him with kicking and punching until he is dead.

Jump up onto the ledge surrounding the area. You have to do a running jump. Once up there, find the open-gated ledge that you can jump up to. Go through the tunnel and you'll get a save point.

Cain and Abel

You are in a prison area. Work your way forward and you'll get a cut scene of Niobe laying on the table.

You'll have an arrow. You'll also be told to press and hold the Action Button to pick up bodies.

Go through the door and you'll automatically pick up Niobe. Backtrack out and you'll get a cut scene.

After that, you have to fight off two nasty guys. You have to knock each one of them toward a prison cell to buy yourself some time. Pick up Niobe and follow the arrow. Cut scene. Save point.

Under the City

Twins in Pursuit

This is a driving level. Your job is to shoot anything that gets in your way like cop cars and taxi cabs. You need to take out anything that's in front of you so that Niobe can continue to drive fast. Don't let the twins catch up with you. Soon enough, you'll get a Save point.

Trinity and Ghost

You have to fight Trinity. Use lots of focus attacks. When you run out of Focus, simply run until you gain it back, and continue to attack. Once you beat her, you'll be congratulated on a job well done.

The Freeway

Chase Morpheus

Another car driving level. Just shoot the cops cars.

The Truck

Still driving, just keep shooting at cops.

The Power Plant

Reactor Construction

You start off in a large hallway. You have an arrow. Our overall goal here is to infiltrate the power plant.

You'll get to a guard who comes out the sliding doors. Take him out silently if you can. If he is alerted, more guys will come out. Anyway, approach the sliding door and, if it isn't open, use your Action Button on the keypad.

Move forward and across the large room, then to the right. Go through the halls and locate the ladder. Climb up.

Head across the bridge on the right. Drop down the ledge to the right. Take out the guards. You're told Niobe is taking Sniper fire. You are to locate the generator in order to turn off the lights and help her. Keep moving forward and dropping down ledges all the way to the ground. There will be some guards. Kill them. There will be a ledge to climb up...you will be able to hear the generator getting louder. Once up on the ledge approach the generator and use your Action button on the green light to turn it off. Here you will get a cut scene.

With your back to the generator, drop down forward and right and locate the ladder. Climb up it, up the ledges, and up the next ladder on your left. Climb it and go right. Here you'll get a cut scene.

After the cut scene, your job is to take out the Snipers to clear the way for Niobe. Simply pull out your Sniper Rifle, look forward and do so. When the Snipers are cleared out, Niobe will move across. Protect her by taking out the men approaching her.

Once you've cleared Niobe's path, you need to get moving. From your Sniping point, go left, taking out guards as they attack you. In this area you'll see some grating along a ledge. Climb it up and kill the guards. You'll get an IM to protect Niobe again. Find the ladder at the end of the wooden plank and climb up. Equip your Sniper Rifle, look down, and cover Niobe.

Facing the pit, head left and up the next ladder. Work your way around and over the ledges. You'll also have some ledges here which you'll need to drop down to. Do so and kill any approaching guards. Move forward and you'll eventually get a Save.

Reactor Construction 2

Move forward and look out. After passing the red pipes on your left, you will get shot at by some guards across the way. Take them out and continue along the path. There will be more guards to take out. Do so.

Eventually you'll reach a passage way on your left. Go through and follow the path. Climb the stacks of wood to the ledge above. Below you and to your left you will have many guards to pick off. Do so. Drop down, approach the red grating and climb up. Drop down through the gap and go through the passage behind you. Move forward and up the stairs.

In this next area you'll have more guards to kill. Do so and move forward. Work your way past the crates and you'll see a ladder off to your left a bit. Climb it and move forward down the hall.

You'll get to a room with many pillars. Work your way up the stacked wood and up to the ledge. Move forward, drop down and kill the guards in front of you. Eventually you'll get a Save.

Nuclear Shipping

Fight the 2 guards. Go through the open door. You'll be warned about the SWAT sniper covering the area.

You are in a large parking area outside of the power plant with lots of tractor trailers around. Explore until you have some police to fight, basically diagonally toward the garages. Watch out for the sniper on the Semi Truck in the middle. When you take him out, you can grab his sniper gun on the roof of the Semi. Use the cover of the Semis as much as you can. Facing all the numbered garages, go through the double doors on the far left.

Work your way through this room taking out the police. There is a concentration of police on the catwalk at the far end of the room. You can take them out if you want, but basically you are just trying to make it to the opposite side double doors.

Transformer Field

You have an arrow. Follow it. You are told to get to the top of the structure in the center of the large area in front of you.

Look for the metal staircase (actually a ramp) on the central structure. Fight your way there. Go up the ramp. Use your Action Button to activate the green light switch.

A garage door will open. You now have a grenade launcher. Go back down the ramp and clear the room. Work your way to the open garage door and go through. Just follow the arrow.

Keep following the arrow through the room and out to the next hallway and all the way down the hallway.

Transformer Field 2

Go forward and you'll be on some catwalks. Take out the guards/police. Keep following that arrow killing as you go. There will be a policeman around almost every corner in this area.

This is a long process of a lot of the same thing. I used the auto shotgun a lot. Just blast your way through until you get to a ladder. Go up. Cut scene. Save Point.

Nuclear Waste Sector

Follow the signs to the waste storage room. You are warned of multiple SWAT teams. Ah well.

Go through the door directly in front of you. You will have many men shooting at you. Take them out as you approach. Work your way forward through the sliding doors. If doors aren't opening, you must wait for the previous one to close before moving forward.

Eventually, you'll get to a room with catwalk that leads to the door you need to get to. Simply hop on up the catwalk in one of many places and work your way to the door. At the door, drop down and pass through. Approach the next door and you'll get a Save.

Nuclear Waste Sector 2

OK. This is the same story as before. We are simply working our way through the doors, killing guards as you go. You'll bet to a room where some consoles are blocking your path. Simply jump over them and move forward and through the door. Through the next door you have a little ladder. Climb it and work your way across. Move down the next ladder and go through the door. Move through the next corridor and you will enter an orange room. Here you are told you have to kill the SWAT team to move on. Do so and you'll get a cut scene and save. Core Control Room

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You are to clear the area before Niobe arrives. You only have a Sniper Rifle. Turn around and shoot out the glass. Equip your gun, look down and take out the SWAT member below. Once you've killed them, you are told there is an incoming SWAT team. Turn around and check out the room behind you. Kill any men who have come for you. Once you've killed them, you will be told Niobe needs help again. Run back to your vantage point and shoot anyone attacking Niobe. Repeat this process until your get a cut scene and Save.

Core Control Room 2

Run forward through the control room, kill the guards, and go down the stairs. You will have more SWAT members come after you. Kill them and you'll be warned of an Agent coming in. At this point, toss a grenade or shoot the servers to get some sparking action. Kick the Agent into the sparking server and you'll get a Save and cut scene.


Seraph's Tea House

You start out immediately fighting Seraph. He's pretty tough. Just use your Focus to kick the crap out of him, and run away when you need it to recharge. If you lose the fight, you'll be sent immediately to the "Onboard the Logos" final level. If you defeat him, you'll be sent to Vertigo and you still have a nice chunk of game to play before you're sent to that final "Onboard the Logos" level. So, if you don't want to play through the rest of Chinatown, simply die here and skip this section of the walkthrough. If you want to continue your journey, beat Seraph and read on.


You are told from the get to that you need to move fast. You must make it down to the street.

Head behind you, away from the elevator. Agents will be coming after you. Just run forward, climbing wood stacks when necessary.

Run while in focus. It will make avoiding the Agents' fire easier. Keep moving forward and through the door. Then, move up the stairs and step out on the scaffolding outside the window. Head right and down.

Eventually, you'll run into an agent and the wood will break, sending the two of you down a level.

Keep running. Work your way down the wooden scaffolding and back up again, all the while following your arrow. Eventually, you'll do an automatic jump and you'll get a cut scene.

You'll start in a room with an agent that you can see through the glass. There is also a Xerox machine in there. An Agent will break through the wall. Go through the hole to get a cut scene. Save point.

Smith's Trap

The objective here is to Run! Follow the arrow and run! Avoid the Agents and Run. You'll go in and out of buildings. You are told at one point to climb the chain link fence. I chose to take the stairs. Take the stairs to the top and you'll get to a point where the catwalk ends and it looks like you'd die if you jumped off. Jump off, you'll get a save.

On Foot

You are being shot at and you need to make it to the Police Station on the corner of Sell and Roch. Luckily, we have our trusty arrow. Simply follow the arrow while taking out the guards. You can get to the station either by street or sewer.

Once you get to the Police Station, you are told to check the trunk of the cruiser parked outside. Do so to pick up the grenades. Here you are told Agents are closing in. RUN! Follow the arrow through the red doors (this is a good place to heal).

Continue following the arrow, which is now pointing at a hardline phone across the town. Kill guards who get in your way and get to that phone. Pass down the street and through the red door (it won't be unlocked until you get the hardline message). Through the door, head right, then pass through the white door on your left. Run on the streets, still following the arrow, until you get to a ladder. Climb the ladder and work your way up the fire escape and through the door. In the large room, go through the white door on your right and you'll get a Save point.

Hard Line Pursuit

We're still looking for the phone. Continue following the arrow. You have a lot of guards after you. Kill them, or they'll kill you. When you approach the phone booth, slow up as it will explode. Darn. There goes our hardline. At least we still have the arrow. Follow it as we're heading for the church. The truck by phone booth will blow, too. Approach it and look left. If there are still men by the truck kill them (the guy who planted the phone booth bomb and died there left a nice gun). To the right of the truck is a health pack, if you need it. To the left of the truck there's a ladder up to the ledge above. Take it, following the arrow. Eventually you'll drop down to the street level again. Keep moving forward.

You'll get to a pier area. When a man jumps out from your left, move right, along the pier. When your arrow points right, look right. There are crates you can climb to the other side of the fence. Do so. The rest is pretty straight forward. Follow the arrow down the alley and over another crate or two and the section will be complete.

The Virus Spreads

Go through the door and up the stairs. Avoid the Agent that drops in and run. Follow the arrow.

The Church

The Agent is still following you. Run quickly up the stairs. Follow the arrow. Go up another set of stairs.

Soon you'll be on some rooftops. Cross the wooden planks and continue toward the Church...you can see the spires in the background. You'll get to a building with a blue door and a red door. Use the red door and go up the stairs.

You are on some rooftops again. Go toward the church. Cut scene, Save point, and movie sequence. Level over.

Onboard the Logos

Tunnels of the Real

This is a first person level where you protect the Logos. You may get dizzy, so grab your dramamine. You are the shooter. Simply shoot anything that looks like it needs shooting. Easy enough.

The Rabbit Hole

More of the same here. This is all fairly useless and one of the worst game endings in history, but what can you do. Simply shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot. Change between forward and backward views to get everything in your way. Eventually you'll get a cut scene. You'll be told to shoot down the Sentinel Bomb. I just kept my finger on the fire button.

If you're successful GAME OVER.

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