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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough
Niobe Walkthrough Pt. 1

Enter the Matrix
Enter the Matrix

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Enter the Matrix Walkthrough >
4. Niobe Walkthrough Pt. 1 (The Post Office - The Airport)

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1. Introduction and Tips
2. Ghost Walkthrough Pt. 1 (The Post Office - The Airport)
3. Ghost Walkthrough Pt. 2 (The Sewers - The End)
4. Niobe Walkthrough Pt. 1 (The Post Office - The Airport)
5. Niobe Walkthrough Pt. 2 (The Sewers - The End)
6. Cheats
7. Review and Resources

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"Enter the Matrix"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Niobe Walkthrough Pt. 1 (The Post Office - The Airport)

The Post Office

Closing Time

This is the time to play with your controls. The pause menu will tell you what the controls are. Get comfortable with them. Also, if you want tips for game play, go to your pause menu and hit "Tips". If there's a tip available you can find it there. Once you've played with them, head right from the entrance to the P.O. Box room where you'll get a cutscene. After the cutscene, exit out of the P.O. Box room, back into the main hall, and to the elevator (which will be to the right and past the guard station). Once there, press your Action button. This will give you a cut scene and you will be told the elevator is not accessible. You'll have to find another way. Once the cut scene is over, you'll be confronted by the guards. Kick their butts.

Run around and do some exploring. After a bit, you'll get an Instant Message telling you to go into the bathroom. At this point you'll get an arrow guiding you in the direction you need to go. Go there.

Follow the arrow to the bathrooms, and enter the Mens' Room. Here you will get another cut scene.

There is a ladder in front of you. Climb it.

Behind the Scenes

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You start off in the shower room of the Men's Lockeroom. A security guard will come after you. Take him out.

Make your way to the opened door up the stairs to the right and to the right again.

Move forward down the hallway and go through the open door on your right. There are a couple of guards who you will need to take out. Do so.

At this point you're told you are looking for the Main Sorting Room and that it's a huge room. Here you get an arrow. Take out the guards and workers who get in your way and let the arrow guide you. You'll get to a glass window into an office. You're taught how to break through the glass. Do so.

Approach the red button and hit your Action button. This opens a garage door. Jump back through the window and follow your arrow.

Here will be more guards to take out. Once you finally get to the door the arrow is directing you toward (through many doors and offices) you will get a loading point.


Now, climb the fence in front of you by simply pushing against it. Run forward and to the back of the facility. You'll get to two guards by an elevator. Take the guards out and approach the elevator for a cut scene.

Unexpected Arrival

Here you are thrown into a situation with a lot of guards coming at you. There is a machine gun on the table in front of you. Grab it and work your way down the hall and continue to take out guards (and any equipment thrown your way).

Continue working your way forward. Eventually, you'll get a cut scene of you getting tear gassed.

You're up above the room right now. Shoot any guards shooting you from below, and work your way around the tops of the shelves all the way to the gate. When you approach the gate, move forward to climb it, then use your Strafe button (or control stick) to work your way over to the shelf on the other side. (If you fall off the shelves, you can get back up there by locating the crates which create a staircase up in the room with the forklifts in it).

Continue along to the left. Right away, a section of the duct will fall and you'll fall off. Simply run to the gate this time and climb up back to the ledge on the left. Now, run along the broken duct and jump to the next one. There will be a open area on your right. Enter it, shoot the skylight, and drop down.


You start off facing and open door. Men will come at you from it so be prepared. Take them out and move forward.

Many guards will be shooting at you through a fence. Shoot them if you want. We chose to run past them and avoid their fire. Continuing to move forward, you'll get a cut scene.

The door to the PO Box room is locked. Facing the door, go left, then right into the offices. Kick through the window which takes you to the forklifts. Move forward, taking out the guards. Duck under the garage door and head left. Kill the guards and go up the stairs. You're on the conveyer belt. Nice.

Got It!

From your staring position, head left. You'll see a wall of PO Boxes. Head to the back left corner and you'll receive the package in a cut scene. Now you must escape with it.

There's tear gas around, and many guards. Avoid the gas as best you can and work your way to the elevator. When you've taken out all of the guards the elevator door will open. Pass through.

Exit the elevator and you'll find yourself back in the lobby. Run forward and approach one of the doors and hit the Action button. Surprise. You're locked in.

Now you have an arrow and many guards coming at you. Take them out and follow the arrow through the rooms behind the guard station. Work your way through the mail rooms and up the stairs. Continue working your way up until you get a cut scene.

Big Distraction

We need to get to the Manager's Office, which is by that conveyer belt all the way back on the second floor. Grr.

Move down the catwalk and run to the far end of the room to the broken fence. Pass through and follow the path through the debris and fire. You'll need to take out many guards. Do so. You will eventually get to a door. Pass through and head up the ramp.

Pass through the door and you'll get a save point.


Pass through the door and kill anyone that comes after you. Pass through the next door with your guard up, as you will be shot at immediately upon entering.

Work your way through the storage room and through the next door. More shooting here. A lot more shooting. With the large window on your right (there may be 2 guys shooting at you), what you need to do here is make a left, then make a left again. Here you will see a door with a clock above it. Approach it to pass through. Here you will get a cut scene.

City Driving

Get to the Hard Line

You are now driving. Ghost is riding shotgun as a shooter. You control him by using your Focus Button. He'll fire automatically if there is someone/something to shoot. Driving is fairly straight forward. You have an Accelerate Button, a Brake Button, and an Emergency Brake Button. Use your Left Analog Stick to steer. There are a few other driving options, but, this is all you need to know. You can also change camera angle from first to third person depending on your preference.

You have an arrow to follow. Cops will be chasing you. Avoid them the best that you can as you follow the arrow.

Eventually, you'll get an Instant Message which says that you have to "survive for two minutes." Avoid as much damage as you can and just try to not crash a lot. You'll know that your 2 minutes are up when the intense music stops playing. At this point, the gates blocking the road will raise and you can continue following the arrow. Do so and you'll get a cut scene and a save point.

City Rooftops

Answer the Phone

You are now out of the driving sequence and back on your own two feet.

Jump the gap to the next building with the skylights on the roof. There is a ladder in front of you. Approach it and push up to climb it. Go forward and run across to the next ladder. Go up and cut scene. You are shot by an Agent. You may want to read up about them in your "tips".

To the left is a ladder. Jump the gap to reach it and go up. Go forward and avoid the gunfire. Work your way around, jumping the gaps, until you see two guards come out of a door. Beat them up and grab the pistols.

Exit the room and go left continue moving along the brown/rusty roofs. Jump the gap in front of you and the wood that you land on will collapse. From where you crash down, go right and right again and work your way until you see a ladder. Jump the gap to the ladder and go up. Go forward.

An Agent will drop down. With the agent in front of you look to your left and you'll see another wooden area that you can jump to which will collapse. This time, use a Focus Jump to get there. Crash through the wood and run past the guards. The Agent will be following you also so run quickly. There is a set of concrete stairs. Go up. Go right and jump the gap. You'll see a ladder go up. Go forward and jumping gaps as necessary. On your right, you'll see a ladder. Go up and forward. Cut scene.

The Airport

Check In

You are told that security is tight and to try to get in behind the check-in desks because there is a baggage conveyer belt there that you can use.

Go right. Soon you'll get an Instant Message telling you to avoid being seen if possible and to take the escalator down to the first floor. Keep running forward and soon you'll find the escalator. Go down.

Go forward. You'll have to fight off some guards and you'll be in a large lobby area with a large round clock on the wall and a Pentium 4 and Nvidia advertisement. Nearby, there is a check-in counter. Go behind the counter and you'll get a cut scene.

The Belts

After the cut scene you'll need to turn the power back on to the various baggage belts by finding the control booth.

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You are in an area with a lot of baggage ramps. From where you began go to the far left corner and find the garage door with the green light next to it. Use your Action Button on the green light. Stay close to the wall or else the door will shut. Go through the garage door.

You are in another room with lots of baggage ramps. Go directly across the room to the next green light. Go through the door. You'll get an IM telling you to find the Control Room. You have an arrow now. A couple of policemen with shotguns will come out. Take care of them.

In this room, you'll see the Control Booth. It's near the set of metal stairs. Go into the Booth and press the button to activate the luggage belts. Exit the booth. Go up the metal stairs and follow the catwalk to a door. Work your way across the catwalk; going through doors and taking out the police until you get to the end and see Luggage Belt #10. You can walk onto belt #10. Do so. Run down it and you'll automatically duck and you'll get a cut scene.

Jackson in Steam

You'll get a message to find the entrance to tunnel 7R.

Go through the only door in the room. Go down the hallway with a bunch of pipes. Take out the 2 policemen. Continue down the hallway. You'll get to a T intersection. This is where the onslaught begins. Follow the follow direction taking out anyone who crosses your path, and looking for safe places to rest along the way (I found staircases leading up along the sides of the following halls to be the best safety spots. Anyway, here are the directions:
Turn right and run down 1L, then turn right when you get to 5A and continue forward, all of the way to 4L. Head right and down 4A. Before you reach the end of 4A locate the small tunnel to your right. Once you pass through this tunnel and turn right, you'll get a message to continue down the R tunnel until you reach 7R. More importantly, you'll get an arrow. So, just work your way forward, letting the arrow guide you, taking out anyone who gets in your way. Done. Phew.

Jackson in Steam 2

You have an Agent after you. Bad news. Your job is to run away from him, taking out anyone in your way, and make your way to 7R. Just move forward and kill people. Eventually you'll get to an open grate in the ground. Drop down, run through the tunnel to the end. Here is a Health Pack. Climb up the small ladder and continue moving forward. You will get to a ladder. Climb it and you will have completed the objective.


Now you must make it to the plane in the far hangar where Axel is being loaded.

Head left. You'll see some men come out. Use the crates as cover, and shoot the oxygen tanks to hurt the guards. Once they're dead, continue heading to the left and head to the wall. Look right and you'll see a hallway. Run down it to the next hangar. Here you will be told to find a way up to the balcony. Turn right and head toward the scaffolding/stairs on the plane. You will get an arrow at this point. Climb it and take out the guard by sneaking up behind him and hitting your Action button.

Jump onto the plane/jet. Run forward to the next scaffolding. Pick up the health pack if you need it and go up the stairs. Climb the boxes, go onto the balcony and go through the door. Follow the arrow. Go through either of the doors into another hangar.

You'll get an IM saying that there is a lift/elevator to take you to the correct floor. Don't look for it now. Instead, you should have a Sniper Rifle in you possession. Use it to shoot the men guarding the plane. Once they're cleared out, head left and locate the ladder. Climb down onto the lift. Use your action button to lower the lift. Jump over and onto the wing. Run forward and press the Action button to open the door of the plane. You will get a cut scene.

Upon arriving inside the plane, you'll be attacked, so be ready. Head right, take out the guards, and go through the door on the left.

Head up the scaffolding to kill the two guards on top, then climb down to the floor. Run to the back of the plane to the far end of the hangar. Men will approach. Kill them, then continue moving to the back of the hangar and head right, down the hall. At the end of the hallway, you'll get a cut scene and a save point.

The Bowels

You still need to stop the plane. We need to move forward through the tunnel.

When you get to a larger hall, a guard will attack. Take him out. You're told now you need a gun with an infrared scope. You have one. It's your Sniper Rifle. Simply equip it and go into first person view to get the infrared goodness. However, we found the best way to get through this level was not with our Sniper, but with our automatic gun. If you equip it an run forward, you'll see a green light in front of every bad guy. Shoot when you see it.

Just move forward, down the hallway, and take out the guards. After killing the second guard (the third if you count the very first guy you encounter), watch out. There's a small hallway and massive guards waiting for you here. I tossed a couple of Stun Grenades their way (acquired on the scaffolding on the last level), but they'll continue to come it waves. Either put yourself in a corner, or find the small hallway on the right side for protection, and shoot whenever they approach. After they waves cease, move forward.

There will be stairs in front of you and a couple of guards to toast. Kill them, and head left, down the narrow hall that says "Tarmac Access". Here you will get a cut scene and a save.

Catching a Plane

You are told to get to the ladder at the back of the hangar. Problem being, the copious guards in your way. Simply put your back up against a crate and pull out your SG-552 and shoot away. Once you've cleared out all of the guards, run to the back and climb the two ladders. You'll get a short cut scene. Follow Vector through the door, then through the next. Here, pull out your Sniper Rifle and shoot the guards below. Head left and down the ladder, then down the next one. When you get to the floor, you'll get a cut scene and save.

Agent on Board

OK. We finally have Axel, but now we must get to the parachutes. Move to the right. Some guards will start shooting you from the right. Kill them and get to their bodies. They were guarding the parachutes. Hit your Action button to pick them up and head back to Axel.

When you get to Axel, you'll get a cut scene. Axel gives a couple of middle fingers and jumps out. You, however, must kick the Agent out the back. Kick him a few times and run to the green switch on the left. Hit it and the back cargo gate will lower. Now, kick the Agent out. It's tough. Use your Focus. Once you kick him out the back, you'll get a cut scene, a save, and a nice movie clip.

After the clip, you'll find yourself in The Sewers

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