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LB's "Ghostbusters: The Video Game"
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Lunabean's Unofficial Ghostbusters(TM): The Video Game Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) contains everything you need to save NYC from an inter-dimensional disaster on your way to earning 100% completion!

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  • 100% Completion Game Guide
  • Detailed walkthrough and boss strategies
  • All Cursed Artifact Locations
  • All Ghost Scans
  • Full Video Walkthrough
  • Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies

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LB Ghostbusters Game Guide
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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Game Guide

Below you'll find a sample from our Walkthrough. If you'd like to download the complete guide, please sign up for the LunaPass.


Welcome to Lunabean's Unofficial "Ghostbusters(TM): The Video Game" Game Guide. This guide contains a detailed walkthrough of what to do and where to go, locations of all Cursed Artifacts, how to get all Ghost Scans, cheats, achievements, and trophies. It was played on "Experienced" difficulty on an Xbox 360. Controls are referenced generically when possible, so please refer to "Controls" below for your system's settings.


During the training segment, pay attention to the on-screen instructions.

The first thing you'll learn is how to move...very handy. Use your control stick and follow Egon and Ray downstairs, and then downstairs again to the basement.

You'll now get a chance to use your proton pack. Move the crosshairs over Slimer and then press the "Blast Stream" button. Of course, this will result in another ghost being released from the containment unit. Follow Ray down into the sub-basement.

Proton Pack

It's time to learn how to catch a ghost. The first thing you'll learn is a little bit about your proton pack. It contains meters for your health (green meter) and its heat level (red meter). If it gets too hot you'll have to vent it using the "Manaul Vent" button (RB on X360). If you're not watching the red lines on your pack, you'll hear an audible warning signal if you're close to overheating. To prevent overheating, just give it a quick rest every so often.

Next, Ray explains the three steps to catching a ghost: Sap 'em, Cap 'em, and Trap 'em.

Sap 'Em

Slimer is there ready to be shot at. Shoot at him and notice that there are little lines in a circle around your crosshair. These little lines disappear as you shoot a ghost, indicating the damage you've done to it. Keep shooting Slimer until he gets away. You'll then have to shoot at a Sloth Ghost. Your Spirit Guide will be updated with this entry (your Spirit Guide contains data on each ghost). You can access it via the pause menu.

Cap 'Em

Keep shooting at him until Ray tells you about the Capture Stream. You can't enter into capture stream until you have sufficiently damaged the ghost. You can enter this manually; while shooting at the ghost, hit the "Capture Stream" button, OR, better yet, you'll automatically enter into capture stream when you have damaged the ghost even more. In other words, just keep shooting at a ghost until you enter into capture stream.

Once you are in capture stream mode, your beam is locked on to the ghost. You now need to wrangle him and slam him. Wrangling is simply the term used to keep him in your capture beam using your right control stick (or Wii Remote). If he moves left, wrangle him right. If he's moving right, wrangle him left. This is fairly intuitive.

Slamming is a different story. As soon as you are in capture mode you'll see the Slam Meter. If you keep wrangling the ghost, you'll see this meter fill with mutliple "slams". To slam a ghost, hit the "Secondary Fire/Slam" button (LT on X360). Keep slamming this ghost until you have done sufficient damage to throw out a trap for him. You'll be told when to do this.

Trap 'Em

When Ray tells you, throw a ghost trap ("Throw Ghost Trap" button) in the general direction of the ghost. You'll see a beam of light come out from it which helps you see where it is. Your goal is now to wrangle the ghost into that beam of light. Use both of your control sticks (or your Wii Controllers) to move the ghost over the beam. When you have it there, the trap will open and a cone of light will come out. Keep that ghost in the cone, no matter how hard he struggles, and eventually, the ghost will be sucked up.

Once the ghost is trapped, head over to the trap and hit the "Action" button to retrieve the trap.

Hotel Sedgewick

The first segment of training is done. Now, it's off to find Slimer. Walk towards Ecto-1 (the car) and hit the "Interact" button to leave. You'll end up at the Sedgewick Hotel.

Head forward to your teammates and then follow them to the elevators. Enter the one that opens. You'll be taken up.

Exit and follow Ray down the halls until you see a green glow ahead. Keep going and then shoot Slimer when you see him. He'll run (float) away. Wait around Ray for a few moments until you are told to use your PKE Meter.

PKE Meter

Push the "Equip PKE Meter" button (Y on X360) and you'll automatically put on your Paragoggles. In this view you can see the trails of ghosts and all sorts of other hidden phenomena.

Aim at the wall where you just shot Slimer. You'll see the inner circle of your target glow. You'll also see that you can now "Scan" the wall, well, the ectoplasm that Slimer left behind. This will be entered into your Spirit Guide.

Now you can use your PKE Meter to track down slimer. Head down the hall and watch the meter itself. It'll start turning green to red as you get closer and the antennae on the sides will go up. Use it to track Slimer to the vase on the table in the hall. Scan the vase and Slimer will pop out.

Now you can try to scan him. A moving ghost is difficult to scan, which is why there are three rings to your scanner. If you scan a ghost in the outer ring you'll get a 25% scan, the middle ring a 50% scan, and if you scan him while you have the center ring on him, you'll get a 100% scan. Creatures can be scanned multiple times until you get a 100% scan, so keep at it. Getting a complete scan helps you figure out the ghost's weaknesses and also helps to complete your Spirit Guide. Scan GHOST SCAN - SLIMER (1 / 6).

In summary:
Red - Hidden ghost.
Green - Environmental phenomena.
Blue - Cursed artifact.

Go ahead and try to scan Slimer. It shouldn't be too difficult to get a 100% scan.

Follow Ray down the hall (you're still in PKE mode) and look at the vending machines (oh, Doritos, what won't you cross-promte?). You'll notice that your PKE meter is blue and if you point it at the slot on the "Cold Drinks" vending machine, you'll have the option to scan it (this may also be on the floor near the machine). Do so and you'll find CURSED ARTIFACT - GUSTAV SELF-SERVICE TRAY (1 / 6).

Cursed Artifacts earn you money and unlock bonus content.

Soon after, Peter will yell to you. He's down. You'll see his icon appear in the upper-right of the screen with an arrow. Run to him using the "Sprint" button to help you go faster. When you get to him you'll see that he's been slimed. Stand over him and hit "Revive."

Egon will chime in and you'll need to return downstairs. Approach the shiny elevator button and "Interact" with it. It'll open. Step in and ride it down.

In the lobby all heck breaks loose. There are two GHOST SCAN - BELLHOP GHOSTS (2 / 6) flying around. You need to capture both. Just keep firing at them until you enter into capture stream mode (remember, you can initiate this on your own by pushing the "Capture Stream" button). Once you have a ghost in capture stream, wrangle him to build up the slam meter, and then slam him around using the "Secondary Fire/Slam" button.

TIP - To really do some damage while slamming, try slamming a ghost up into the ceiling and then back down to the floor. Repeat. To do this, move your right control stick (or Wii Remote) up as you hit the "Slam" button. He'll go flying in the direction you are pushing (in this case up). After slamming him into the ceiling, push down and slam him into the ground.

Your partners will throw traps for you, so don't worry about it. Once you see a trap open, help your partners steer the ghost into the trap.

After both ghosts are trapped, you'll need to attack more ghosts. Use this opportunity to scan the Bellhop Ghost if you haven't already. Then, continue to fire at them until they split up.

Follow Peter and Capture Slimer

Peter is waiting for you in the lobby. Approach and then follow him. You are denied access to the Ballroom and after, are automatically in PKE mode. Follow Peter into the kitchen. He tells you to take the lead.

Use the PKE meter to scan the Black Slime in the corner. Continue on and your PKE meter will turn red as you approach the next door. It'll open. Head in and you'll soon see a ghost through the service window on the right. Scan it to find out that he's GHOST SCAN - PAPPY SARGASSI (3 / 6) (if you missed the scan you'll get another chance later). Fire at him until he retreats. A new blue ghost will rush in, quickly scan it to learn that it's GHOST SCAN - DEAD FISH FLIER (4 / 6). Destroy them.

Capture Stream to Move Objects
Peter will now move to the overturned refridgerator. He'll tell you that you can use your capture stream to move objects. Fire at the fridge and, while you're firing, press the "Capture Stream" button. You'll now be in control of the fridge and you can toss it wherever you wish. Move it out of the way and proceed past it.

Peter will want to go left, but take a quick side trip to the right. Use your PKE meter to lead you through the next kitchen room and into a side room with the CURSED ARTIFACT - STAY PUFT FIGURE (2 / 6) on a desk.

Get our complete Ghostbusters: The Video Game guide, including ALL Cursed Artifacts and ALL Ghost Scans:

LB Ghostbusters Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Versions Included!

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