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LB's "God of War: Chains of Olympus" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

4. Hades - The Groves of Persephone
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2. The Shores of Attica - The City of Marathon

1. Introduction
2. The Shores of Attica - The City of Marathon
3. The Temple of Helios - Return to the Temple of Helios
4. Hades - The Groves of Persephone (below)


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Save, then climb the wall to the left of the save point. Make your way around to the left, then cross the ceiling. Use your Blades to destroy the Stalactites, then continue until you're told to drop. Do so with "R". Smash the petrified people, then jump the lava pit to the path to the right. Make your way up it, double jump to the ceiling, and cross to the two chests. Collect the Gorgon Eye, then return to the previous path.

Run to the end, then jump to the wall across the gap. Climb it right, then up, while fighting off various enemies with your Blades. At the top you'll run into a new Gorgon enemies. These ladies are just like the Sirens, except they offer a new attack, the Stone Gaze. When you see the Stone Gaze coming your way, quickly roll and do what you can to stay out of it until it ceases. If you get caught in the Gaze for more than a couple of seconds, you'll turn to stone. If this happens, quickly alternate between "L" and "R" to break the stone before you are shattered by the enemy. Also, when you see the Stone Gaze coming, don't jump. If you turn to stone while in midair, you'll shatter upon landing.

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Once you've eliminated all three Gorgons, move through the archway. Before jumping to the stairs, climb down the section of wall at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom, jump the gap to the right, then move along the narrow path to the Phoenix Feather. Backtrack, hop over to the aforementioned stairs, then move along the new path. If you need health (as I did), quickly grab it from the Blue/Green chest before your next set of enemies appear.

Fight off the Undead Swordsmen and the Cyclopses as you do best. Since I was out of magic at this points, I focused first on the Swordsmen and eliminated him quickly with the Spirit of Hercules ("Triangle", "Triangle", "Triangle"). Once he was out of the picture, I worked on one Cyclops at a time. Since the Cyclopses have a pretty powerful 1-2-3 attack, it's important to remain mobile, and not get caught in a combo. Simple Light Attacks (after the Cyclops claps his hands, the end of his 1-2-3 attack) are all you need to put forth to get them into mini-game mode.

Watch out for the second Swordsman who springs up after eliminating the first Cyclops, then the third, who appears after eliminating the second Cyclops. Don't forget your Parry (shield up right before being struck) when dealing with them, as successful execution does stun them, allowing you to get a few solid hits in. Finally, a third Cyclops and a fourth Swordsman will appear after killing the third Swordsman. I focused on the Swordsman first, then the Cyclops. Do what works best for you.

Note, here is where I upgraded my Blades of Chaos to Level 4.

When all enemies have been eliminated, continue forward along the left wall, then double jump the gap to the ledge across the way. Pull yourself up and fight the Harpies (Cyclone of Chaos). Break through the back left wall for a Gorgon Eye, and fight the Gorgon who appears.

Next, take note of the small square platform between the ruins in the middle of the area. To reach it, break down the wall on the right side of it (between the broken pillar and broken archway). It takes several hits, but it will come down. Once that wall does come down, grab the platform and pull it beneath the ledge to the right (with the Green Chest on it). Jump on the platform, then double jump up to the ledge. Collect from the chest, then jump up to the next ledge. From here, attach yourself to the wall and climb right. Dismount once you pass the two bloody waterfalls, then fall down to the area below.

Battle the Swordsmen, then enter the back room and Save. Exit back out and push over the glowing pillar. Move across it and double jump up to the above ledge. Smash the left section of wall for a Phoenix Feather, then climb the wall to the right. Pull yourself up at the top, note the closed door to your left, then run forward to the large gate (the Gates of Hades).

Fight the many enemies that appear in front of the gate. Focus on the Harpies first (the "Circle" grab works well if you're trying to avoid damage), then the Armors (remember, "Square", "Square", "Triangle" breaks the shields, as does the Solar Flare). Return to the aforementioned door and move through it, then run up the path and stairs.

Grab the Gorgon Eye (5/5), then continue into the next room. Here you'll encounter more Harpies and Armors. Fight them as you did before while avoiding the blades that move across the floor. When all have been eliminated, move through the archway and run for the Save. Ring the bell and enjoy the cutscene...as it ends in a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Charon

If your health is damaged here, don't worry too much. Simply block Charon's flying scythe attacks and evade his energy balls. Strike when you can.

Eventually, you'll die. This will either happen because you run out of health early on, or because you managed to get Charon down to 50% health, at which point you'll automatically be killed.

Follow the directions and break yourself free of the chains. Run to the bottom of the screen to Save and collect a Phoenix Feather, then make your way back up the hall. Take out your fellow torturees for health and energy, along with the two sets of chains along the way. At the fork, veer right, break the last set of chains, then fight the Swordsmen and Archers who appear. Collect from the Blue Chest up on the Archers' platform, then back track and take the left fork path. Pass through the opening for a quick cutscene.

The Depths of Tartarus

Elininate the Harpies, then move through the door to the left. Smash the three sets of chains as you make your way up the hall, and open the door at the end. Fight the Swordsmen and Archers (the "Circle" grab makes easy work of the Archers), then cross the chain and Save.

Climb the wall, then make your way to the right, then up. Fight the Harpies (these ladies divebomb, so watch out for it), and the Gorgon. Do your best to evade the Stone Gaze, as, if petrified, it's hard to break free before a Harpie gets to you. I found the Solar Flare is a great defense against the move, and does some damage to the lady with the snake head.

Collect from the chests to the right and left (if you missed a Phoenix Feather or Gorgon Eye earlier, you'll get one here), then note the three statues. Pull the right and left ones out, then turn the resulting lever. Spin until an opening appears where the middle statue was, and move through it. Run down the hall and face your next battle.

Here you'll have to deal with Minotaurs and Archers. Deal with the Archers first. Per usual, it's best to block their arrows as you approch them, then quickly take them out with the "Circle" grab. When all Archers are dead, focus on the first Minotaur, then the second. Without the Archers shooting at you, the Minotaurs are, really, quite easy to deal with. Simply evade their attacks, and hit back with a Rampage of the Furies ("L" + "Circle"). Finish them off with a mini-game.

Note, upon defeating the Minotaurs I was able to upgrade my Blades of Chaos to Level 4.

Take note of the circular pressure plate in the room, then move up the stairs to the left. Save, then fight the Swordsman. Next, break the section of wall to the right of the staircase, then step out onto the ledge. Sidle right along the back wall, then break the section of wall on the opposite side. Collect the Phoenix Feather (5/5), then pull the lever. Hop down to the level below, then move through the lowered gate.

Collect what you need from the chests, then make your way up the stairs. Fight off the Archers, then pull the next lever. Move up the stairs. Collect from the chest, then grab the Cryptkeeper's Key to the right. Next, stand in front of the glowing thrown and kick it, so it falls down to the level below. Move through the gate to the right and return to the ground level.

Pick up the body in the middle of the room and place it on the aforementioned circular pressure plate. Next, insert the Cryptkeeper's Key in the raised console, thus extending a bridge. Cross it, collect from the chests, and Save.

Enter the Temple of Zeus. Fight the Armors, then step on the twinkle in the middle of the floor. Pull the statue down to the ground, then collect the Gauntlet of Zeus.

Gauntlet of Zeus: The Gauntlet of Zeus is used in lieu of your Blades. To switch between the Gauntlet and the Blades, press the "Down" button on the control pad. With the Guantlet equipped and press "Square" for the Light Attack, "Triangle" for the Heavy Attack. Hold "Triangle" or "Square" to charge.

Try out your new Gauntlet on the Undead who attack. Hold "Square", then release, to break their shields.

Note, at this point I upgraded the Gauntlet of Zeus to Level 2.

When all are dead, exit out, then cross back over the bridge. Use a charged attack to break through the glowing door. Quickly run and break down the next wall before the spikes get you, then break down the glowing statue. Once you're back in the statue room, break the statue to the left for a chest, and the statue to the right for a new path. Move down that right path and open the door at the bottom.

Fight the Harpies then climb the wall to the right of your entrance to this room. Quickly collect from the chests, if necessary, then fight the Swordsmen and Gorgons. Focus on the Gorgons first, and eliminate them fast with repeated Solar Flares. Once they go down, smash the shields of the Swordsmen and take them out. When all is clear, smash the Chains, then turn the lever. Return to the ground and fight the Swordsmen.

Cross the large chain to the right, then climb the wall right and up. Save. Head left, break the chains, then fall down to the area below. Take out the Harpies first, then deal with the Cyclops. To damage the Cyclops, you'll have to, first, remove his armor. Use your charged Gauntlet move to do just this, then finish off the big guy. When all is clear, smash the glowing rock with your Gauntlets, then turn the resulting levers (there are two).

Cross the chains, then jump across the two circular platforms to your right (double jump to reach them). Move up the hall, smash the chains, and open the door at the top. Eliminate the Archers, then move down the hall to the right and pop open the door at the end.

Note the chained Titans, collect from the chest, then climb the wall to your left to the top. Fight the Minotaur (keep him between the Archers and you, so you don't take Archer damage), then focus on the Archers across the way. Use the Solar Flare to do as much damage to the Archers as you can (note the Blue Chest in the area). When you've run out of magic, use your shield to deflect the arrows moment before they hit you, and they'll be sent back to the Archers.

With all enemies out of the picture, smash the rock and turn the two resulting levers. Before crossing the newly tightened chain, find the section of wall you climbed to reach this area, and climb it down, then left, then up. Open the door, run down the hall (collect from the chest), and move down the ladder. Collect from the many chests down here (at this point I upgraded my Light of Dawn to Level 3), then climb back up the ladder and return to the area with the newly tighted chain. Cross it and Save.

Run down the hall and raise the door at the end. Take out the enemies, then pull the two levers. Climb the wall to the right of the levers, then cross the ceiling to the open doorway. Collect from the chests, then pull the nearby lever. Backtrack to the room with the two levers, then run to the overlook, exposed now by the moved head of the Titan.

After a quick cutscene, continue to the edge, then grab onto the wall to the left. Work your way across and down it, taking out enemies as you go. Save, then jump to the nearby platform. Take out the Harpies, then grab the lever. Pull it around the circle, and quickly eliminate enemies as they appear (the "Circle" grab is most effective). Jump to the next platform and repeat. At the end, jump off and climb up to the above ledge. Equip your Gauntlets and examine the glowing object. Follow the on-screen prompt to create a chain bridge across the ravine. Cross it and watch the short cutscene.

Continue the climb up, then move along the path. Smash the glowing wall with your Gauntlet, then enter the room behind.

You should recognize your surroundings, as you've fought here before. Kill the Harpies and Armors (or don't). If you want, punch the glowing squares in the room to stop the blades from coming. Exit via the open door and Save.

Punch open the gate with your Gauntlet and prepare for your second fight with Charon.

Boss Fight: Charon, Round II

You're fighting for real this time, so pay attention!

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When Charon first comes at you, the battle will be the same as it was the first time around. Block his scythe attacks and deflect his energy balls back at him (put your shield up moments before they hit you). Proper energy ball deflection will both damage Charon and reward you with health. Otherwise, go after Charon with quick Light and Heavy Attacks (don't let yourself get caught up in a combo, or you'll likely take damage).

This first part of the battle is fairly easy. Because Charon will occasionally give off orbs, you should be able to complete it unharmed. You will know the first part of the battle is complete when Charon moves to the above platform and refills his meter. Before letting him completely refill, use your Gauntlet to smash one of the pillars below Charon.

In the second stage your attacks should remain the same, quick and without combos. Agility is even more important here, as Charon will add an even nastier attack to her repertoire. The scythe toss and energy balls will remain the same. Deal with them as you did before. The new attack is a paralyzing and damaging laser blow. Avoid it at all costs. Either keep your distance when you see it coming (Charon's head will glow as he sucks air), or roll out of its way. I found keeping my distance to be the best option. Because of this, I used a good number of Solar Flare attacks on Charon, in addition to the regular Light and Heavy Attacks.

When Charon's meter is close to nothing, he'll return to his recharge station. Smash a pillar as you did before.

In the third stage Charon's attack will change. Instead of tossing his scaythe at you, he'll slam it into the ground. Either keep your distance, or jump to avoid taking damage. Every third scythe-slam will be in the center of the arena. This is the one you want to pay attention to. When Charon appears in the center, get relatively close to him, then watch as he pulls back his scythe. Begin a double jump at this point. If timed correctly, you'll avoid taking any damage from the slam. What's more, Charon's scythe will get stuck in the grate. Use this opportunity to hit him with your best attacks (combos, too!).

Charon will also use his energy balls during this third stage. Again, deflect them.

As before, Charon will recharge once his health meter gets too low. Pop the final pillar when this happens, then run up to Charon and press "Circle".

Collect the twinkling object on the ground to begin the fourth and final stage of the battle. At this point, Charon will float overhead and shoot energy balls at you. Simply deflect them back at him until he falls, providing you with the opportunity to engage in the mini-game that will finish the big guy off.


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The Temple of Persephone

Before getting started in this next-to-last chapter of the game, you'll be rewarded with Charon's Wrath, which is the paralyzing attack Charon used on you.

Charon's Wrath: This is the last of your Magic abilities. To pull it off, hold down "R", then press "Circle". Use it like the Light of Dawn, and aim by moving your control stick. Release the "Circle" to send the Wrath at your victim, then whack away at the poor fellow while he's in his paralyzed state.

Practice your new magic skill on the attacking Satyrs. (At this point I upgraded Charon's Wrath to Level 2.) When all is clear, cross the bridge and Save.

Enter the Temple and you'll spot Calliope ahead. Collect from the Chests, read the texts, then follow your daughter through the door at the top of the stairs. Fight off the Sabertoothed Tigers, along with the Satyrs. Upgrading Charon's Wrath will help greatly here, as it allows you to target multiple victims. Otherwise, focus primarily on the Tiger with Charon's magic, until the Tiger goes down and spawns a friend. Take him out, then deal with the Satyrs.

When all is clear, collect from the chests in the area, move up the stairs, then through the two doors. Calliope again.

Take note of the glowing heads along the right wall. These are Gorgon heads, and they will shoot their Stone Gaze your way. Since there are going to be many enemies in the area, you really, really don't want this to happen. So, start off by smashing the first Gorgon head with your Gauntlet. This will trigger the enemies (Satyrs and Harpies) to spawn. If you can take out the second Gorgon before dealing with the enemies, do so. Otherwise, don't worry about it, and just keep your fighting near the bottom of the screen. This way you won't walk into the path of a Gorgon.

Note, I upgraded The Efreet to Level 3 here.

To take out the enemies, I found it best to pick off the Harpies first ("Circle" grab), then I used Charon's Wrath and my newly upgraded Efreet on the many, many Satyrs. Once all enemies fall, smash the remaining Gorgon heads, then move through the door at the end. Collect from the chests and Save.

Bust through the door and make your way up to the next room, where you'll encounter three Cyclopses and many Harpies. Per usual, do your best to take out the Harpies first, as they can be quite the nuisance when battling the Cyclopses. They're easy to deal with. If you have magic, you may want to make use of the Efreet, as it can damage both the Harpies and the Cyclops, otherwise your Blades and grabs work just fine.

When dealing with the Cyclopses, first knock off their armor with a charged Gauntlet punch, then take them down with simple Light Blade attacks.

Move through the left door for a couple of chests (I went with Health on the Green/Blue Chest), then move through the right door to enter another Gorgon lined room. Deal with it as you did before. Take out the first head, then do your battling at the bottom of the screen. Since I was without magic at this point, I simply stood at the bottom of the screen with my shield up and used Cyclones of Chaos anytime I got the chance. This worked well. So well, in fact, that I stayed with the technique even after earning magic from the Satyrs.

Move through the door at the far end, then enter the room with the Green Chest and Calliope (again). If you need it, quickly collect from the chest, as two Mega Minotaurs will appear. These guys will be in armor, so punch it off, then begin to pick off their health. Per usual, the best way to kill the Minotaurs is by using quick and Light Attacks. Don't waste your magic, and don't get caught up in a combo. Just hit when you get a chance, focus on one at a time, and you should kill them with relative ease.

Note, this is where I upgraded Charon's Wrath to Level 3.

Next, eliminate the Satyrs who appear. I used my newly upgraded Wrath once or twice, but primarily stuck with Cyclones of Chaos. When they go down, kill the last Mega Minotaur with Light Attacks (I tossed one or two Efreets in there, too).

Make your way through the next two doors, then turn the lever to ride the lift up. As you're riding up, note the occasional cracks in the wall. If you want, break through them to fight off Harpies (Red Orbs) or find a hidden chest. Otherwise, leave them alone.

Upon reaching the top you'll be tossed into another battle. If you need it, immediately run for the chest and fill up on either health or magic before fighting the Harpies and Gorgons. Focus on the Harpies first, then the Gorgons (Charon's Wrath works well against the ladies).

When the ladies go down, they'll be replaced by a lone Harpie and a Cyclops. Destroy the Harpie, then punch the metal off the Cyclops. Remain patient, and finish off the big guy with simple Light Attacks.

Move through the right door for a couple of chests, then the left door for another glimpse of Calliope. Collect from the chests here and Save.

The Groves of Persephone

Move through the door and up the stairs to enter the Groves. Enjoy the cutscene.

When the cutscene comes to an end, grab the tree and follow the on-screen prompts to pull it. Doing so will drain you of Health, Magic, and Red Orbs. When this is done, move through the painting and enjoy another cutscene.

When you gain control of Kratos again, follow the on-screen prompt to pry Calliope from your leg. When this is complete, grab the nearby glowing figures ("Circle") to regain your Health and your Blades. From here, several enemies will enter the grassy field. Continue fighting to regain all of your powers, then fight until the shield goes down. When this happens, run toward the Save.

Note, here is where I upgraded my Gauntlets to Level 3.

On your way to the Save you'll find yourself trapped again. Eliminate the many Archers and Swordsmen, then deal with the Sabertooth Tiger. I used the Efreet a couple of times on the big cat, but, otherwise, used my blades.

Next, an Armor will appear, along with more Archers. Kill the Archers first, then focus on the Armor. Note, use your Gauntlet on the Armor to most effectively eliminate his shield and do damage. I also cursed him with Charon's Wrath to finish him off fast.

When all is clear, collect from the chests and Save.

Run to the top of the stairs for a cutscene, concluding with the Final Boss Fight.

Boss Fight: Persephone

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While we've been heavy on the Blades up until this point, this final battle is best fought with the Gauntlet, as it allows you to move faster.

The first stage of the is fairly easy. Persephone will come at you with both quick and charge attacks. The quick attacks don't do much damage, whereas the charge attacks do. She'll also summon a chunk of earth and toss it your way. The best solution is to avoid being hit by all of these attacks. The easiest way to do this is to stick close to Persephone and attack her from the air. Double jump when you're close to her, and attack her with Lighting Thrash ("L" + "Circle"). Lightning Thrash is the most effective of the attacks because it keeps you in the air as it is executed. True, it may take time to pick off the lady's health using this attack, but you're far less likely to be hit while in the air, and that's what is most important.

Feel free to use magic during this first stage, as you will soon be refilled. I opted for Charon's Wrath, as pulling it off was quite easy with the button combo so similar to that of the Lightning Thrash ("R" + "Circle" instead of "L" + "Circle"). If you're not comfortable switching things up, don't. It's more important you live through this stage that anything else.

When the lady's meter gets to the halfway mark, she'll swoop you up. When this happens, prepare for a mini-game. Pull it off successfully, and you'll be tossed into the second stage of the battle.

Persephone will appear high above you. From this position she'll throw down a few attacks. The first is a large energy ball. This is the one you want to pay the most attention to, as it's you're key to defeating Persephone. When a ball comes at you, deflect it (put your shield up right before it hits you). This will return the ball back at Persephone, causing her to fall atop a nearby pillar. It's when she's in this position that you can jump up and do the most damage to her, with the attack of your choice (I went back to my Blades and hit her with the Rampage of the Furies ("L" + "Circle"), as my fingers were used to this combo).

Other attacks that Persephone will toss your way from the air include a large green beam (run away from it), and large green pillars (again, run away). If you get caught in one of the pillars, roll out of it before taking more damage.

Continue tossing the green balls back to Persephone, then hitting her with your Blades when she falls. For extra "oomph", finish each Rampage off with a Charon's Wrath, as Persephone will carry it with her when she's out of reach.

Note, as the stage progresses, the attacks will come faster, and you'll have to play a little green ball tennis with Persephone for the ball to strike her (i.e. you'll have to return the ball to her a few times before she falls).

Eventually Persephone will fall to the ground. When this happens, stand in the middle of the gold circle and hold up your shield. Tap "Circle" as you're told, then prepare for a final mini-game. Pull it off successfully to defeat the lady and complete the game. Woo Hoo!


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