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LB's "God of War 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes

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1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes

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0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes
2. Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos
6. Chapter 6 - Atlas
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

9. Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures.

10. God of War 2 Screenshot Walkthrough
11. God of War 2 Printable Walkthrough*
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God of War 2 Walkthrough
Chapter One: The Colossus of Rhodes

Part 1

You begin in a room filled with enemy soldiers. Take note of the on-screen instructions while you get familiar with fighting. Kill the enemies in the room and then approach the glowing gate on the left. When you get near it, you'll be prompted to hit "R1". Do so, and then rapidly tap the "Circle" button to raise the gate.

Go through and continue familiarizing yourself with your various attacks and magic. For magic, hold "R2" and rapidly tap the "Circle" button to increase the damage done by the attack.

Make your way along the hall and, at the end of it, jump through the hole in the wall on the left.

Here, you'll find a chest with Green Orbs which recharge your health. Open it by holding "R1". After you get your Green Orbs, break the jars in the room for some Red Orbs (used for upgrades), and then climb the ladder.

At the top, exit out through the arch and then double jump to the ground below.

At this point you'll have encountered the huge blue-eyed Colossus (the Colossus of Rhodes). He wants to squish you with his various hand slap attacks.

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The first thing that you need to do is to run to the left and double jump up to the catapult. Activate it with "R1" to fire a rock at the Colossus. He'll catch it and crumble it, showing you his excellent baseball skills and power. It's okay that he caught it, though, as this is what you want to happen. (This is also a good time to use the chest near the catapult if you need either health or magic.)

Now that you've fired the catapult, hop back down to the right, and take out the various soldiers while avoiding the Colossuses attacks by either jumping or dodging (use the "Right Control Stick"). As soon as you dodge one of his hand attacks, attack his hand. You'll be able to get a few hits in on him each time, or, if you like, you can use Posiedon's Rage (magic with "L2") to do a lot of damage at once.

After a good number of attacks, the Colossus will become stunned. This is your opportunity to fling yourself upon him. And, what better way to do that than with the catapult?

Climb up to the catapult, get onto it with "R1" and then rapidly tap "Circle" to load the ballista. You'll be shot at the Colossus and land on his face. Get ready, because you'll be shown a sequence of buttons that you need to push (a mini-game). The sequence changes, so just pay attention to what the game shows you and press the buttons that you are shown.

If you mess up the sequence, don't worry. Simply attack his hand until he is once again stunned and then use the catapult to shoot yourself back at him.

If you do the sequence correctly, you'll stab out the Colossus's right eye and will end up being tossed through a roof, landing in a pool of water.

Part 2

Time for some swimming lessons! Just follow the on-screen instructions, taking note that "Triangle" or "X" is ascend, "Square" is dive, and most importantly, hold "R1" to do a dash, which allows you to break through barriers.

Swim forward, and approach the barrier. Swim up to it, hold "R1" and dash through it. Surface and swim to the platform with the ladder. Climb out of the water and climb the ladder.

At the top of the ladder you'll find a glowing Save Point. Step into it and press "R1". Save your game.

Now that your progress is saved, approach the glowing lever and activate it by tapping "R1". This will cause the rope conveyor belt to begin moving, conveniently revealing a glowing Grapple Point. Face the Grapple Point and hit "R1" to latch on to it. Continue to hold "R1" to keep yourself swinging and then, at the apex of your swing, jump using "X" and you'll land on the other side of the gap.

Go through the archway and you'll see two ledges which you need to climb. Double jump ("X" + "X") up the ledge and you'll automatically grab on to it (if you're not automatically grabbing, push forward on the control stick, too). Pull yourself up with "X", then double jump up again, and pull yourself up. At the top, go through the gate.

You'll find yourself on a path with some enemy soldiers. Here, you'll learn about your Special Moves, which are essentially enhanced attacks. To perform them, hold "L1" and then hit either "Circle", "Square", or "Triangle". Go ahead and practice these moves on the enemies.

Once they're dead, continue forward along the path and climb up the ladder. At the top, the Colossus's foot will come smashing down on you. Time for some super button mashing! Rapidly tap the "Circle" button as fast as you can to push the foot away.

Head to the left where you'll find a Blue/Green Chest, and to the left of that chest, a Red Chest. Open them, and then locate the wall with the short ladder.

Here, you'll learn about Wall Climbing, which is pretty easy. Just jump onto the wall and you'll automatically grab on. Then, use your control stick to make your way up, avoiding the punch first dent in the wall, made by the Colossus. When you get to the left side of the wall, you can drop down to a balcony for another Red Chest. Then, go ahead and make your way up, past the second dent in the wall, and pull yourself up, where you'll find Mr. One Eye. No wonder he's so angry with you.

Drop down to the dock below. Once again you are tasked with avoiding his hand attacks, and then attacking his hands. You can do a good deal of damage quickly by using Poseidon's Rage (magic with "L2"). Remember, that when you activate magic, you can increase its damage by rapidly tapping the "Circle" button. Also, don't forget to use your Special Attacks (hold "L1" and hit "Circle", "Triangle", or "Square").

Keep attacking the Colossus's hands until he becomes stunned. At this point, you'll see him collapse across from you and you'll also see a large "Circle" icon above his hand. To get to him, use the Grapple Point to cross to the other side of the docks, and then hit the "Circle" button when you are near his hand.

It's time for another button sequence. Follow the buttons shown on the screen to slash each of his cheeks (Pan's Labyrinth anyone?).

After one successful sequence, you have to do it again: attack, stun, run to hand, hit "Circle", and do button sequence. The only difference now, is that he collapses on the other side of the docks.

After this second successful attack, he'll grab you and you'll have to rapidly alternate hitting the "L1" and "R1" buttons to free yourself. You'll stab his hand and be thrown through the roof of a palace, landing inside the palace.

Part 3

Jump up the ledge and open the gate. Follow the hall to the Save Point, save, and then backtrack a few steps and continue working your way down the hall, slicing and dicing as you go. You'll soon get to a room with two annoying archers (you can block with "L1") and a floor switch.

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Locate the eagle statue block and hold "R1" to move it onto the switch. The gate will open. Still standing near the statue block, hold "R1" and "X", thus charging up your kick. Release "X" to kick the statue block through the open gate.

Oh no! The gate has closed. Stand on the switch, which will again, open the gate, and then use the "Right Control Stick" to quickly roll under the gate.

Here, you'll find another floor switch. Before moving the block onto it, there is a little business you need to take of first.

Grab hold of the block and move it along the hallway to the right, and then forward towards the ledge where you can see three Chests. Place the block under these Chests and then attack the golden eagle on top of the block until it is destroyed. Now, you can use the block to double jump up to the ledge with the Chests.

Open the two Red Chests, and the middle Chest, for an Urn of Gaia, which you can activate in Bonus Play for a special ability.

Hop back down, and move the block onto the aforementioned floor switch which opens the gate in front of you. Go through the gate.

Head forward, hang a left at the Green Chest, fight the enemies, and then go back to the Green Chest if you need health. Otherwise, head to the end of the hallway where you'll find an lever-operated elevator. Across from it is a Red Chest. Open the chest and then ride the elevator up.

At the top, go forward and attack the Colossus's eye peering through the doorway. He'll attack, thus collapsing the floor. Head forward for a cutscene.

After the cutscene where you learn about the Blade of Olympus, jump up onto the ledge of the wall on the right. Pull yourself up, and then jump to the next highest ledge. Repeat until you're on the rounded path with the multitude of soldiers. Fight your way through them and then go through the door at the end of the path.

Use the Green Chest if you like and then break through the window. Here, you'll soon see some wooden beams that you need to traverse.

Crossing the beams is nearly impossible seeing as there are archers firing arrows at you. Drop down and clear out all of the enemies and archers below. Then, use the ladder on the right to climb back up and then cross the beams, heading toward the Save Point. If you slip off of the beam, keep tapping "X" until you pull yourself back up (yes, you really only have to hit "X" once to pull yourself back up, but this way you'll be guaranteed to pull yourself up).

Save at the Save Point and then climb the ladder.

Part 4

At the top you'll find a hole in the floor with a chain going down it. Jump to the chain and slide down. At the bottom, take out the enemies and then open the Blue and Green Chests...perfectly placed to prepare you for battle.

Open the gate between the Chests and, as soon as you go through, get ready to quickly roll across the bridge (use your "Right Analog Stick") as the Colossus smashes it behind you. On the other side you will find the Blade of Olympus and your old friend, the Colossus.

This battle with the Colossus requires that you drain your Godly powers into the Blade of Olympus, embedded in the ground in front of you. To do so, you need to go up to the sword and hold "R1". The problem, of course, is that the Colossus is attacking you, making it impossible for you to drain your power. To solve this dilemma, you'll need to stun the Colossus, run to the sword, drain your power, and repeat.

You can easily stun the Colossus one time by using the gold piece of rubble on the right side of the platform. Approach it and use "R1" to chuck it at his face. He'll be stunned. Run to the sword, where you'll get the "R1" prompt. Hold "R1" for as long as you can until you get knocked back by the Colossus.

At this point, you still have your Magic abilities, so, run up to the front of the platform and lay into the Colossus with repeated use of Poseidon's Rage ("L2"), not forgetting to increase the damage by rapidly tapping "Circle". This should be enough to stun him again (if not, you'll have to use your normal attacks on his hand). Once he's stunned, run to the sword and use "R1" to drain your power.

Great. You are becoming weaker and weaker. After the second drain of power, you are down some bare bones attacks. At this point, run back to the sword and get familiar with his attacks. He has two: the fist slam and the earthquake.

The earthquake is easy to avoid, just don't stand on a crack after he unleashes it or you'll be zapped by blue energy. The fist attack is also easy to avoid, but does take a little bit of timing. To avoid it, simply jump when the fist hits the ground.

After each fist attack, the fist is sitting there, ready to be attacked. You'll be able to get in two or three hits on it each time (try to get the first hit in while still in the air). In this manner, continue to whittle away at the Colossus's fist until he is stunned for the third time. Again, go to the sword and drain your energy.

This should be all you need in order to pull the Blade of Olympus out of the ground.

Note, also, that you may experience a glitch where you'll run up to the sword and you won't be prompted for the "R1" button, thus making the draining of your powers impossible. If this happens to you, simply allow yourself to be killed and try again.

At this point you'll notice that the Colossus has his right forearm resting on the platform. Run up to it and slash it. This will annoy him and he'll use his left arm blow torch attack. Avoid the attack by rolling out of the way and then slash at his forearm with the sword. Repeat.

After a good deal of attacks, you'll see a large "Circle" button appear above his head. Run up to him, hit "Circle" and you'll end up inside the Colossus.

Hey, this Colossus is just a wooden machine. Apparently somebody learned some carpentry from the Trojans.

Make your way up the platforms jumping gaps, climbing ledges, and fighting soldiers. Jump over the blue beam and you'll soon get to another blue beam that is blocking your path. Take the beam running toward the center of the Colossus where you'll be prompted to hit "R1", thus jamming your sword into the central shaft and clearing the path for you.

Continue along the path, wall climb the wall studs, and then jump up to the rope above. You'll grab on. Make your way to the other side where you can drop down ("R1") to the platform below.

Continue making your way along the platforms, cross another beam where you'll see a Green Chest, and then approach the blue center shaft. As opposed to last time, this time you need to slash away at the shaft (to break off a cover plate) in order to get the "R1" prompt. Do so and then hit "R1" to drive your sword in. This will bust up the shaft, allowing you to continue by re-crossing the beam and making your way up.

Once again, wall climb an outer stud wall and then approach the central circular structure. Walk out onto it, shimmy around, and then follow the on-screen instructions to drop down ("R1"), thus hanging from the ledge. While hanging, shimmy again, pull yourself back up after you've crossed under the beam, and then approach the center shaft.

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Once again, break through the plate on the central shaft and then drive your sword into it. This will reveal a rope hanging down.

Before you climb up the rope, wall climb the wall behind you which leads to a chest with a Gorgon Eye. Drop back down and then jump up to and climb up the rope.

At the top of the rope, jump to the platform and move forward to the ladder. Climb the ladder. At the top you'll see a lever and a horizontal rope above you.

Pull the lever, thus lowering a pendulum. Climb back down the ladder and attack the pendulum so that it swings. Note, the pendulum does not need to swing very quickly, just get it moving. Climb back up the ladder and reactive the lever. This will pull up the swinging pendulum.

Jump up to the horizontal rope above you and wait for the pendulum to block each of the blue beams as you make your way along the rope. Note, the pendulum may lose momentum...if this is the case, just go back down and make it swing again.

After you use the rope to cross, drop down, go forward, hop over the blue beam and attack the center shaft one last time. This will cause the mouth of the Colossus to open. After the quick cutscene of this happening, run around the platforms and jump out the mouth.

This will prompt a cutscene. After it's done, you will be quite damaged and can barely move. Make your way toward the Blade of Olympus to prompt another cutscene.

Zeus is pissed! He'll begin to attack you and there is nothing you can do about it. After a few seconds you'll get yet another cutscene which essentially gives you the motive for the game...revenge!!!

Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan

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